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Getting Ready for Blastoise Mega Battle

A flashback special! The story of a pair of anti Night March decks from Japan! Read how the writer came up with two distinct decks.

02/23/2017 by Eye on Japan

Hello, 60cards fans! Who does not remember the Night March era? Today we will go back in time with this special flashback! The story of a pair of anti Night March decks from Japan! Read how the writer came up with two distinct decks.

Getting Ready for Blastoise Mega Battle

Hello readers, my name is Takashi Nakanishi and I'm a player from Japan. I have been playing the Pokémon Trading Card Game for more than four years now and I belong to a team called Team L.O.L.I.

This year I was finally able to qualify for Worlds at the Blastoise Mega Battle in Fukuoka. My results were Top 16, so I wasn't able to play in Japan Nationals but I would be playing from Day 1 in Worlds. In this report, I will be talking about the decks I used, why I chose them and how the tournament went.

I started preparing after the release of Fates Collides in Japan. One of the significant cards in this set was Mew, a Pokémon which could use an attack of your benched Basic Pokémon. Night March was one of the good decks to play in the end of BREAKpoint, so I knew that Night March decks would still do well if Mew could join in the deck. Also, the return of N allowed players to play many variants of decks even if they don't want to play Shaymin-EX since N can refresh all of your cards from the beginning of the game.

The Blastoise Mega Battle Tournament in Fukuoka was the very last tournament in the Season, and the meta looked like this:

Tier 1

Night March

Greninja BREAK / Octillery

Genesect-EX / Aegislash-EX / Bronzong

Tier 2
Trevenant BREAK / Mega Alakazam-EX

Vespiquen / Zoroark BREAK / Yveltal

Melecie BREAK / Medicham

Tier 3

Giratina-EX / Darkrai-EX / Yveltal

Yveltal-EX / Yveltal / Zoroark

Mega Rayquaza-EX / Jolteon-EX / Hoopa-EX / Shaymin-EX

Zygarde-EX / Melecie BREAK / Vileplume

Taking a look at this meta, since most of the decks belong to Tier 1, it was difficult for other decks to win. Tier 1 decks can run really quickly, and if the player either had a good draw or a great skills playing it, Tier 1 decks can take over the other decks.

Also, when it gets to mirror match with the decks that belong to Tier 1, whether the player goes first or not may affect the result. For example, when having Night March mirrors, the player who goes second would have the advantage while player who goes first would have the advantage when playing against either Greninja BREAK or Bronzong decks. Therefore, I came to a conclusion that it would be hard for me to get a higher winning average when it gets to one point, so I decided to design a Deck that would have good match up against three of the decks that belong to Tier1 -- Garbodor!

So why is it Garbodor? This is because all of the three decks that belong to Tier 1 rely on Pokémon’s Abilities, so I assumed that being able to stop those Abilities would give me an advantage. However, winning against Night March decks would be difficult with just playing Garbodor, so I decided to add some more counterplan to Night March. 


4 Combee, 4 Vespiquen

The main attacker of this deck. I usually use 2 to 3 Vespiquen, but because Combee has only 40 HP, it can easily be KO’d with Shaymin-EX or Seismitoad-EX with a Fighting Fury Belt. Combee must evolve as soon as possible, and Vespiqueen must be ready by the middle of the game, so I had four of them each so I won’t have much problem if one of them gets prized.

4 Zoroa, 3 Zoroark, 1 Zoroark BREAK

The second main attacker of this deck is Zoroark, but the damage done will depend on how many Pokémon the opponent plays down to his bench, so I thought that Vespiquen would have more chances to roll than Zoroark and I decided to go for 4-3-1 line. However, when it gets to match up against Giratina-EX and Mega Evolved Pokémon, Zoroark BREAK would be a great card to counter back. I wish I could have played 2 Zoroark BREAK.

2 Yveltal (Oblivion Wing)

Yveltal is played when attacking to the main attackers in Night March, and Mega-Evolved Poké- mon. Basic Energy cards may be attached to the benched Pokémon, and is effective to Night March decks so I run 2 to make sure I can play it.

1 Yveltal (Pitch Black Spear)

A counter card for Fighting Fury Belt. Hit off some Damage with other Pokémon, and then send this Pokémon as Active to draw the prizes. This could be also effective to Night March decks -- Shaymin-EX can hit 30 damage with Sky Return and it can take down opponent’s Joltik with a Fighting Fury Belt when Yveltal is sent out after Shaymin-EX returns to your hand.

Also, this card can be effective agains decks with Mega Pokémon since Spirit Links may be disabled when this Pokémon becomes active.

2 Trubbish, 1 Garbodor

A Garbodor is played to win against Greninja and Bronzong, and to have advantage against Night March. To tell you the truth, I wish that I had played 2 Garbodor but I couldn’t find a second space for Garbodor. Although I only play 1 Garbodor, I can get Garbodor activated with a Teammate unless Garbodor gets prized, so it is still pretty handy.

2 Shaymin-EX

I play 2 so that I can play Shaymin-EX at least once.

4 Professor Syacmore, 3 N, 1 Teammates, 2 Lysandre, 1 Xerosic

I have more N than other Vespiquen / Zoroark decks since this deck includes Vespiquen, Zoroark, and Garbodor which I would like to keep in my deck than to discard them in the beginning of the game. Also, since my Pokémon will be KO’d pretty constantly since they all have low HP, I need to keep on attaching Energy cards constantly so I play Teammates to pick up the cards I need from the deck. Teammates is especially handy when I’ve got the evolution cards that I wouldn’t want to discard.

4 Ultra Ball, 4 VS seeker

Must be 4 each.

2 Battle Compressor

1 Battle Compressor for discarding Supporters that I only run 1, and the second Battle Compressor for discarding the Pokémon I won’t need in the game to add more damage to Vespiquen’s Bee Revenge.

3 Muscle Band

I run 3 Muscle Band so that I have advantage against Night March decks. When it gets to match up against Night March decks, it is important to attach the Focus Band to Yveltal (with Oblivion Wing) or Shaymin-EX to KO those attackers.

2 Float Stone

I run 2 Float Stone(s) for activating Garbodor. When I activate Garbodor, I use Teammates to search Float Stone and Garbodor at once. I sometimes attach Float stone to Zoroark so that it can “Stand In” and “retreat”.

1 Super Rod

Since there are 3 Evolution chains running in the deck, I sometimes need to put Pokémon back to my deck. Therefore I run 1 Super Rod.

5 Darkness Energy

At least 5 Dark Energy must be played in order to attach Energy when using Oblivion Wing.

4 Double Colorless Energy

The attackers in this deck need 2 Colorless Energy in order to attack, so there won’t be any other reasons than running 4 Double Colorless Energy.

M Manectric / Garbodor

4 Manectric-EX, 3 Mega Manectric-EX

The main attacker of this deck. Since I don’t run any Hoopa-EX, I play 4 Manectric-EX so that I can play them quickly.

3 Trubbish, 2 Garbodor

Same as Vespiquen / Zoroark / Yveltal / Garbodor, I play Garbodor in order to win against Greninja and Bronzong, and also to have good match up against Night March. I wanted to play Trubbish as fast as I could, and attach Float Stone to it. Therefore I play 3 Trubbish.

1 Jolteon-EX

This is the main attacker when it gets to match up against Night March. When it gets to the end of the game, I play Garbodor and N with it, and sometimes I played it against Zygarde-EX. (Though Carbink BREAK is too tough.)

1 Glaceon-EX

This is the main attacker when it gets to match up against Vespiquen/ Zoroark, Carbink / Medicham. I never had a match up against Melecie / Medicham so I didn’t have the chance to play, since Manectric-EX is enough to take over Vespiqueen / Zoroark.

1 Jirachi

A Pokémon that could be played in the beginning of the game. This Pokémon is played when having game against Night March, to save some turns in order to Mega-evolve Manectric-EX.

1 Shaymin-EX

An insurance since I don’t run so many Supporters.

4 Professor Sycamore, 3 N, 1 Skyla, 2 Lysandre, 1 Xerosic, 1 AZ

I play the minimum number of Supporters in tis deck. When playing Manectric-EX decks, there are certain points in the game where you need a certain Item, such as Max Potion or Mega Turbo. This is why I run a Skyla so that I can pick up any Trainer Cards when I need them.

4 Ultra Ball/ 4 VS Seeker

I won’t go for any other numbers for this deck either.

2 Battle Compressor

I would use the first Battle Compressor to discard the Supporters that I only run 1. Then, I would discard Energy cards in order to play Mega Turbo.

3 Manectric Spirit Link

I wish I could have played 4, but I didn’t have enough space for it. This deck needs Mega Manectric-EX at early point of the game, so I sometimes pick the Manectric Spirit Link by Skyla.

3 Float Stone

Not only for playing Garbodor, but to also reserve Energy. This is why I can play Jirachi, and disrupt Night March decks.

1 Super Rod

Since there are few evolution chains in this deck, I sometimes would need to put evolutions back to the deck. Therefore I run 1 Super Rod.

1 Max Potion

I wish I could have played 2, but I actually didn’t have space. This card is to keep Manectric-EX on the field as long as I could.

1 Mega Turbo

If I got a bad hand, this card may be a recovery card. I usually play this card from Skyla.

2 Rough Seas / 1 Parallel City

The Rough Seas are played since it can be handy when playing against Trevenant(s). Also, Parallel City is played when I need to discard the Benched Shaymin-EX since it may be KO’d easily, while I can use it to Greninja and Bronzong decks so that my opponent won’t be able to play many Pokémon.

7 Lightning Energy

The least number of Energy needed when playing Manectric-EX. To tell you the truth, I would prefer playing 8 or Professor’s Letter.

3 Water Energy

There’s 3 so that I can activate Glaceon-EX.

So these two were the decks I played: I chose Vespiquen / Zoroark BREAK / Yveltal / Garbodor which can sometimes give a bad hand but be a good deck to play since it has advantage to many decks so on the First Stage and the Second Stage. For the Premium Stage and Climax Stage (Final Stage), I played Mega Manectric-EX / Garbodor although it has a bad matchup against Zygarde-EX decks.

Tournament Report

Second Stage 

The deck I used: Vespiqueen / Zoroark BREAK / Yveltal / Garbodor

First Try- Game 1 VS Greninja BREAK/ Octillery / Jirachi

This game was against my teammate. I actually made a huge error through the game, but because I had Garbodor in play, I didn’t have much problem winning the game.

First Try- Game 2 VS Jolteon-EX / Lugia-EX / Garbodor

My opponent basically accelerates Energy with Max Elixir and hits off big damage. When it gets to this type of deck, Zoroark BREAK comes in handy so I got Zoroark BREAK ready as quickly as I could, used Foul Play to KO my opponent and got the last prizes with Vespiquen’s hit.

Premium Stage

The deck I played: Mega Mancetric-EX / Garbodor

First Try-Game 1 VS Night March

As I have been practicing previously, I played Jirachi and used Star Dust to hang on for a while in the beginning of the game. When I got Mega Manectric-EX ready, I was able to have more advan- tage so I got Jolteon-EX and Garbodor ready, used N so that my opponent would have fewer hands and won the game.

First Try-Game 2 VS Greninja BREAK / Octillery

My opponent had trouble playing Supporters, so I was able to get Mega Manectric-EX ready, and KO’d all of my opponent’s Pokémon with it.

First Try-Game 3 VS Vespiquen / Zoroark BREAK / Yveltal / Garbodor

My opponent looked like he didn’t have a good start. Meanwhile, I got Mega Manectric-EX ready. I couldn’t play Glaceon-EX, but I was able to play a few Mega Manectric-EX and KO’d all of my op- ponent’s Pokémon.

Climax Stage (Final Stage)

I assumed that many players got to the Final Stage by playing Night March, so I decided to change my list a little.

The cards I took out:

1 Glaceon-EX 3 Water Energy 1 AZ

The cards I added
1 Jolteon-EX
3 Double Colorless Energy 1 Pokémon Center Lady

So the list would look like this:

Game 1 VS Mega Manectric-EX / Garbodor

I didn’t really expect that I was going to have a game against my Teammates, who also knew my list. I thought I would have a tough game since I was going second, but my opponent couldn’t attach Energy on the first turn so I was able to step ahead with that 1 Energy. Therefore, I was able to take all of the Prizes.

Game 2 VS Mega Audino-EX / Yveltal

I actually thought that I would have more advantage with the matchup, but my opponent took 5 mulligans and went first. For my part, the Basic Pokémon I was able to draw was Shaymin-EX, and there wasn’t much I could do since I had a terrible hand and no Supporters. This game ended as an auto-loss.

Game 3 VS Genesect-EX / Aegislash-EX / Bronzong

My opponent looked like he had a terrible hand, and couldn’t get a single Pokémon out. For my part, I was able to get Mega Manectric-EX out so I took down 1 Aegislash-EX and ended the game.

This day, I had 11 games in total but all of them were so fun. I was able to meet new players and have the chance to talk to them while I play the Pokémon Trading Card Game. Although I couldn’t achieve my main goal of taking part in Japan Nationals, I am very happy that I can now take part in Worlds in San Francisco! I am now looking forward to have fun in Worlds, and I am looking forward to have a match with you.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone who had a game with me, my teammates and other players who supported me!
See you at Worlds!

Written originally by Takashi Nakanishi (Reine) Translated by Majyo / Madoka Uehara

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