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Eye on Japan: A Complete Blastoise Mega Battle Recap

Today, we will be reporting on the Blastoise Mega Battle.

08/18/2016 by Eye on Japan

Hello to everyone from all over the world! My player name is Akira, and I live in Tohoku Area in Japan. Whenever there are any official tournaments, I wear yellow, funny-looking-glasses to amaze other players. I belong to a team called Team.L.O.L.I, as we have the National Champion in 2015, Japan as our teammate.

Today, I will be reporting on the Blastoise Mega Battle, held in May 2015, which was held for 5 days in total. For the whole month, I was eager to qualify for Worlds. I felt the meta changing, decided which decks to play in each tournament, playing many different decks and tried my best to the very last moment. 

1. What’s the Blastoise Mega Battle?

The Blastoise Mega Battle was held in 4 Cities in May in Big city Halls. We also had card shop tournaments called Blastoise Gym Battle in April. Players who had good results (up to 3rd Place) in this tournament were given some advantage in Blastoise Mega Battle. Therefore, it wasn't a surprise to see more than 50 players waiting to participate for the tournaments in a small shop. Also, there were tournaments which started from 8 PM, still with over than 48 players. However, the good news was that this advantage was valid for only one Blastoise Mega Battle tournament, so most of the players who already won the card shop tournaments did not take part in the latter tournaments.

The Tohoku Region I live in has fewer players than cities in Kanto such as Tokyo, so we also had fewer Blastoise Gym Battle held in our region. As such, many strong players from all over Tohoku showed up every single time we had the tournaments. Luckily, I was able to end up as 2nd Place in the beginning of March, so I was able to spend the rest of time preparing for Blastoise Mega Battle.

Also, Fates Collide was about to be  released on the 18th of March, so many players were eager to win up to 3rd Place in Blastoise Gym Battle before there were big changes to the meta and to the deck lists. We were maybe alarmed about unseen cards of the set, but what caught us the most was the return of N. As most of you had probably experienced, N was a very strong Supporter released in the Black & White series. Close cards to N such as Ace Trainer and Judge were released in the XY format but there's no need to explain how N can BREAK an opponent's plan. That's why many players were eager to win the Advantage Pass before N came back.

2. How does the Blastoise Mega Battle work?

We had 5 days for the tournament:

Nagoya held on 5th of May,

Osaka held on 15th of May,

Chiba (nearest to Tokyo) was held on 21st and 22nd of May,

(However, the format for the tournament held on 21st was BW-on.)

And Fukuoka was held on 29th of May.

The winners in each tournament may play in Nationals in Japan, which was held on 19th of June.

In the Blastoise Mega Battle, we had 4 stages-

1.    First Stage

If you win once, you may move on to the Second Stage. If you lose in this stage, you need to challenge until you win.

2.    Second Stage

You'll need to win twice in a row to move on to the next stage. If you lose during this stage, you will be starting from Second Stage again. Whether you had a win or not, you must win two times in a row to pass this stage.

3.    Premier Stage

If you pass the Second Stage, you will be moving on to the Premier Stage. In order to pass this stage, you need to win 3 times in a row. Once you win 3 times, you may play in the Final Stage, which is the Climax Stage. This means that made it to the cut.

If you lose in any games in this Stage, you will be starting from the Second Stage again.

4. Climax Stage (Final Stage, only for Day 1 in Chiba)

Unlike other Climax Stages, there were only 16 players who were able to play in this Climax Stage. Players who won up best 4 may play in Nationals and from Day 1 at Worlds.

4. Climax Stage (Final Stage, for all tournament days except for Day 1 in Chiba)

There are 32 players in this stage, split up into eight groups of four. You will play games with each player in the same group as you. Your final scores will depend on how well you perform in the group, and if you get in First Place in your group, you are invited to play in Japan Nationals and play from Day 1 at Worlds. (There are no other ways of playing in Nationals than making First Place in this tournament.) Also, if you come in 2nd Place, you will be qualified to play from Day 1 at Worlds although you may not play in Nationals. However, if you end up as 3rd or 4th place, you won’t get anything special.

What makes things complicated was that Pokémon Japan had their own original system to calculate out the places. (I will not be talking much about this calculation stuff today.)

Note: players are welcomed to switch decks or cards in the deck while they are not playing in any stages. (This includes time when players are waiting in line to play.) I thought that the fact that players may switch decks made it hard for me to choose which decks to play. (It is true that many players switch their decks in each stage.)

Also, the existence of the Advantage Pass made things hard to decide. As I stated above, players who were able to win an Advantage Pass in card shop tournaments must first send their request about where they would like to use the Advantage Pass, except for Day 1 in Chiba. I’m pretty sure that players who were going to play in only 1 city didn’t have a hard time deciding where to use it, but players like me who decided to take part in every single city must have had a hard time deciding where to use. I also took time deciding which city to use, while I felt that many players had chosen to use the Pass in Chiba and Osaka, since these two are the cities where we have the most participants.

3. My prediction of the meta

Before I get on to any tournament Reports, I would like to list the type of decks seen. I thought that there were many types of deck played, not to mention about the decks played outside of the meta. The list below is the decks that I thought Blastoise Mega Battle in Nagoya would be like.

Tier 1:
Night March 

Tier 2:
Trevenant BREAK/Mega Alakazam-EX
Trevenant BREAK/Shaymin-EX 

Tier 3:
Greninja BREAK/Octillery
Bronzong BREAK/Aegislash-EX/Genesect-EX

Tier 4:
Carbink/Medicham or Zygarde-EX
M Rayquaza/Shaymin-EX/Hoopa-EX/Jolteon-EX
Vespiquen/Zoroark BREAK/Yveltal
Mega Sceptile-EX/Ariados

Though this list had a little bit of change in the latter Blastoise Mega Battle tournaments, there weren’t many significant changes. There were many types of Night March decks being played throughout the season, and the meta was made up by it.

I bet that many players had mirror matches when using Night March decks, tested and trained many times so that they can win in mirror matches while some players decided not to play Night March since mirror matches occurred too occasionally. For my part, I felt that I should play some other decks than Night March because there are too many mirror matches that occur, so I decided to play something different although I personally like this deck.

So why does Night March perform so well? I have many opinions to this question, but if I explain, it’s going to take forever to explain so I’ll shorten it into 3 sentences.

1. This deck is easy to pilot for anyone.

2. Easy to arrange while keeping the main concept of the deck.

3. Although it might have tough matchups with some decks, its raw power is still enough to win some games against them.

So, with these thoughts in my mind, I made many decks. I usually have 16 decks in stock, without any proxy cards in them. Therefore, it wasn’t so hard for me to grab any deck to play at any time.

However, there was one deck that I decided not to build - the Trevenant BREAK deck. In Japan, when we decide who is going first, we do rock-paper-scissors instead of rolling a die. That’s what I hate. I never win rock-paper-scissors. Also, when you win rock-paper-scissors, you have to go first. You can’t go second. Therefore, I usually end up going second, which isn’t good news when using Trevenant. The main concept of the Trevenant deck is to get Phantump Active and use Wally to evolve Phantump to Trevenant to Item-lock your opponent before their first turn. If you tend to go first often, then it is clear that Trevenant would be a good choice to play. Also, although I admit that Item-locking is really effective, I prefer to play hard-hitting decks such as Night March and Mega Rayquaza decks. I think that this choice was correct even after I finished the whole season.

4. Blastoise Mega Battle Nagoya (5.5)

I decided to use the Advantage Pass in this tournament since I would probably lose my mind if I knew I had the advantage left. Therefore, I was able to skip First Stage and start from Second Stage.

First Stage - Bye

Second Stage

I used Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal-EX, since I thought that many players would be playing Trevenant BREAK decks although I knew many other players may be playing this deck.

For my part, I asked for help with testing from a player named "MAZAI-BOY TANAKA,” so I was pretty confident with the list.

First Try - Game 1 vs Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal/Zoroark

My opponent also had Malamar-EX in his deck, and he played Giratina-EX, and a Zorua, which was an enough evidence to tell me that I was going to have a mirror match. Because I made my deck pretty simple, I was able to show how fast my deck works to grab a win.

First Try - Game 2 vs Zygarde-EX/Regirock-EX/Landorus/Hawlucha

This boy (he was probably in the Seniors Division) was going on his 2nd try in his Second Stage. He told me that he lost the first game because he opened Shaymin-EX and couldn't do anything. This time he did it again, so I honestly thought that this would be an easy match. However, things seemed to turn out differently when I saw him attaching a Fighting Energy. 

After playing Sky Field, he played a few Regirock-EX and Zygarde-EX with a Fighting Fury Belt or a Focus Sash attached to them. Not that it made it hard to KO them, but things made it worse when my opponent played Max Elixir to attach Energy quickly and started recovering with Cell Storm. My Pokémon were KO'd very quickly and I was left with no attackers. 

Now the only way I would be able to win the match was to deck out my opponent. I used Lysandre to pull the Benched Regirock-EX as Active, prayed that he doesn't have anything to retreat, but it was useless. He had a "Switch" in his hand and KO'd my Pokémon to get his last Prize.

Because I lost this game, I was able to calm myself down a bit to look around what was being played- it looked like Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal was a still good decision to play, so I decided to carry on with it.

Second Try - Game 1 vs Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Hydreigon-EX/Yveltal

We opened up our Actives to see Giratina-EX on both sides- maybe this was one of the most popular decks in Nagoya. 

My opponent plays Hoopa-EX on Bench, calls 2 Hydreigon-EX and a Darkrai-EX pretty triumphantly. However, my opponent couldn't do things much after I use Parallel City. He looked like he had Shaymin-EX in his hand, but because his Bench was already full, he couldn't play it. He played Hex Maniac and ended his turn, so it was easy for me to control the field to a victory.

Second Try - Game 2 vs M Rayquaza-EX/Shaymin-EX/Hoopa-EX/Jolteon-EX/Promo Jirachi

This time, it was against a father who came from Kansai Area (like Osaka). He said that he wasn't used to playing this deck, but playing Hoopa-EX, he showed me how fast this deck can run. 

For my part, I used Xerosic to discard a Double Colorless Energy card attached to one of my opponent’s Pokémon right around the time when my Giratina-EX was ready to hit Chaos Wheel. Therefore, my opponent switched his attacker to Jolteon-EX since all of my attackers were Basic Pokémon. Flash Ray is definitely the attack that makes things difficult for me, but I had no worry since I run a Hydreigon-EX. It’s attack Shred does not depend on the effect Jolteon-EX has got, so it can hit off some damage. It looked like my opponent did not know the Shred, so he quickly switched his Active to Jirachi to use Stardust. Although I got a Double Dragon Energy discarded, it didn’t really matter because I still had one in my hand. I attached a Double Dragon Energy again to Hydreigon-EX, and used Shred again to KO Jirachi. My opponent now was getting Jolteon-EX ready, so he played Hoopa-EX to hang on a while. This didn’t matter to me again since I had bunch of Darkness Energy on the field, so I retreated Hydreigon-EX, used Giovanni’s Scheme, attached Fighting Fury Belt, and attacked with Darkrai’s Dark Pulse to OHKO Hoopa-EX. On the next turn, I used Lysandre to pull out Mega-Rayquaza-EX to OHKO it. After I took 4 Prizes, my opponent used Jolteon-EX’s Flash Ray for a few turns so I tried to strike back with Shred. Then, I was able to draw a card that let me access Lysandre, so I used Lysandre just in time to OHKO my opponent’s Shaymin-EX with Giratina-EX’s Chaos Wheel with Fighting Fury Belt attached, and drew the last 2 Prizes. To tell the truth, I would have been in big trouble if my opponent had used Hex Maniac since a Stadium was left in the Prizes, so I was glad that my opponent didn’t use it.

I had 2 wins in the Second Stage, so this meant that I could move on to the next Stage, the Premium Stage. The 3 matches I had in Second Stage gave me a feeling that I should change my deck - to Carbink/Regirock-EX/Medicham/Lucario-EX/Zygarde-EX.

This deck was one of the decks that I deeply thought about. At first, I didn’t seriously consider actually playing this deck for a tournament, but I found out that this deck was my type after testing a few times. Probably, comparing to other Fighting decks, this deck has many types of cards in the list. When I played this deck, many players were surprise to see so many types of cards in the list, that they ask me why I have so many types of cards in this deck.

Also, this deck had a good matchup against Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX. Now it was time for me to beat ‘em.

Premium Stage

First Try - Game 1 vs Trevenant

Yes, I lost the rock-paper-scissors thing, so I was going second. When my opponent flipped over their Pokémon, it was a disaster—my opponent already had a Phantump as Active and on the Bench. However, lucky me, my opponent failed to get a turn-one Trevenant, so I was able to do a little damage with Zygarde Land’s Pulse with a Fighting Fury Belt. (I wish I could have drawn a Strong Energy, but I just didn’t have enough luck.) A few turns passed, and now my opponent had 2 Trevenant BREAK ready, hitting with Silent Fear and Tree Slam on my Zygarde-EX. I actually had 2 Carbink BREAK and a Medicham ready on the Bench as a trap, but they were KO’d by a few hits from Silent Fear before they even attacked. My Zygarde, on the other hand, was actually pretty tough, recovering by Cell Storm and had +40 HP from Fighting Fury Belt. Despite the fact that this robot was my lone attacker, the small HP recovery was making my opponent struggle to KO it. My opponent ended up drawing too many cards searching for Energy disruption and I won the game as a result, but I think I was too lucky this time since I was able to attach Fighting Fury Belt to Zygarde-EX before Trevenant got ready.

First Try - Game 2 vs Night March 

My opponent this time was a university student who came from Tokyo. My opponent had Joltik and Pumpkaboo on the field, so it was easy to tell that he was playing Night March. His first turn was amazing. He was running the deck really fast, but seeing his Startling Megaphone flipped up from Town Map was great news for me. Although I didn’t draw well, it was easier for me to plan the game and how I should attach my Tools.

While attaching Fighting Energy to Medicham by Carbink BREAK’s Diamond Gift, I got ready to Yoga Kick my opponent’s Pokémon. I also had a Zygarde-EX with Fighting Fury Belt ready by the end of the game for a win. I actually don’t know what would had happened if I hadn’t seen the Startling Megaphone Prized at the beginning of the game.

First Try - Game 3 vs Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Hydreigon-EX/Yveltal

As I was waiting for my opponent to show up, I was surprised to see Bazoo-San, a man who owns a card shop called Dice Roll in Nagoya. This guy is a pretty good player who has won to the cut many times in the tournament, so I tightened my feelings to defeat the last boss- This was the last game for the cut, so I was eager to win.

We both didn’t have good draw at first, but my deck contains cards that can give me the advantage. I played Korrina, chose an Enhanced Hammer, and discarded my opponent’s Special Energy. This was really effective to my opponent, although he noticed that I would be playing this card. He looked pretty painful at this point.

Bazoo-San played Supporter Cards such as Lysandre and Hex Maniac so that he can hang on, while I also couldn’t do so much since I didn’t have a good hand either. A few turns later, I was finally able to get away the circumstances- I drew a Professor Sycamore!

I got a Carbink BREAK ready while my opponent was playing Yveltal, so we both were accelerating Energy with small damage.

 Another chance came to me when my opponent accidently hit Sky Return on Carbink BREAK with an Ability “Safe Guard”. He never makes this kind of mistake usually, so he was completely puzzled. To cover his mistake, he picked N by VS Seeker a several times, but it wasn’t hard for me to get over it since I had Lucario-EX that can hit Screw Blow to pull a few cards from the deck. When I had 2Prizes left, I finally had the chance to start a turn when holding Lysandre in my hand. My opponent’s Pokémon had damage on them, so I was able to KO an Yveltal-EX with Lucario-EX’s Screw Blow to win the game. We had a handshake after the game.

I had 3 wins in the Premier Stage, this meant that I can play in the final round. I debated what decks to play- the other decks that won to the cut were Trevenant and Greninja decks. These two decks makes it hard to decide what decks to play. For example, I would definitely not choose Carbink BREAK since it’s a terrible match up. Also, I didn’t choose to play Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX deck since I didn’t have much time to test- I actually didn’t think I can win up against Greninja decks. Also, I hate it when I lose because there weren’t anything I could have done.

I had 16 decks in my box. I already have decided which one to use if I got stuck choosing the deck but I wasn’t so sure. “Is this the right choice for sure? Won’t I regret? I thought to myself.” I couldn’t get the answer so I watched the players in the Premium Stage until I decided that I won’t regret using the deck. I handed in the deck whose sleeves had a Hoopa holding a doughnut.

Climax Stage (Final Stage)

Pulling a ticket that said C-2, I got to the seat. I saw Hawa-San, sitting behind me, Jonny-San who is a player from Kansai Region, and Kenji-Kun, a player who became the National Champion last year in Rayquaza Mega Battle. At this point, I was very happy to see all these great players in the group, but the other players who were watching the games thought that this group would be the toughest group.

By the way, the deck I decided to use for this stage was:

This is a Mega Rayquaza deck which contains Banette with a Tool Concealment and an Yveltal, so that’s why I named it “Conceal Rayquaza”. When this deck faces against Night March, it would be acting a little bit different from other Rayquaza decks. Honestly, out of 16 decks I have, I knew that this deck is the fastest deck. When it gets to the combination of Rayquaza and Tohoku Region, we get image of one player- Tia-San. This guy gave me the Hoopa with the doughnut sleeves so that’s why I mentioned about the sleeves previously. I was ready to win this tournament with my Original Mega Rayquaza deck.

Final Stage - Game 1 vs Greninja/Jirachi (Jonny-San)

My opponent was going first, having 2 Froakie on the field while I had an Yveltal as Active. I couldn’t wait until my turn, so that I can show the power of this deck. I played an Ultra Ball, played Hoopa-EX on Bench, summoned Rayquaza-EX and Shaymin-EX to show off the great speed. I loved to see my opponent’s face, which he showed the dislike towards Rayquaza. I used Lysandre to pull out the Benched Froakie, used Oblivion Wing, and attached a Darkness Energy to Rayquaza-EX. My opponent’s Froakie evolved to Frogadier in the next turn, played a Jirachi and used “Water Duplicates”. Now stuff changes how well I can hit Hex Maniac after this turn. After I took down a Frogadier with Emerald BREAK, my opponent would of course send out Jirachi to discard a Special Energy Card. Guessing that my opponent would only run 1 Jirachi, I switched my attacker to Yveltal, when all of a sudden my plan was disrupted- he was playing a second Jirachi!! I was so surprised that I got a funny voice coming out from me. My opponent played a stadium to discard the Sky Field and got 2 Greninja BREAK ready. He used Shadow Stitching, which made me unable to use Shaymin-EX’s Ability “Set Up”. I also couldn’t draw a Sky Field, so now I couldn’t OHKO Greninja BREAK. My opponent completely controlled the game, and I knew I won’t be able to win the game even if I carry on. (Maybe I might have had some chance if 1 of the cards I needed weren’t Prized though) Unlike the rules in your countries, we cannot scoop or stop the game in the middle of the game, so I used the Battle Compressor and N so that I won’t have any card left in the deck. This would be an auto-loss, and must be done since the number of Prizes will affect the result. My opponent noticed that I was going for an auto-loss, so he used Giant Water Shuriken to KO as many Pokémon as he could. So the results were: He took 3 Prizes while I took 1, and I lost because I had a deck-out.

After the game, he told me that he had 2 Jirachi so that he can find a way to win against Rayquaza decks. This fact told me that it wouldn’t have been an easy match even if I had played a bunch of Hex Maniac(s).

0-1 (took 3 Prizes) 

Game 2 vs Bronzong BREAK/Genesect-EX/Aegislash-EX (Hawa-San)

I’ve seen him a few times, and have heard from other players that he is good. I was a bit frowned, but I told myself that I should do what I need to do with the best effort.

I was going first, played Hoopa-EX, searched three Pokémon-EX, and Mega Evolved my active Rayquaza-EX. For my opponent, he had a start with a Shaymin-EX which was hurting him. He used a Supporter to try to play more Pokémon, but he couldn’t draw any balls. However, he was able to draw a Bronzor, so he attached an Energy, attached a Float Stone to Shaymin-EX, and used Iron Defense! He flipped a coin and that was heads!

For my part, I didn’t have anything to do, so I checked my resources, and hit Emerald BREAK with more than 200 Damage. (Though it doesn’t give any damage) My opponent plays N in his next turn, but he still couldn’t get much. He used Iron Defense and he gets Heads again! Due to this coin result, I thought that it was a better idea to KO Shaymin-EX first. I used Emerald BREAK on Shaymin-EX using Lysandre, and KO’d Bronzor and Bronzong.

The very last Pokémon that made a little trouble was my opponent’s Aegislash-EX with 2 Energy attached. My opponent had trouble attaching Energy but he had played Parallel city, facing the blue side on me, and N. I got a Shuppet, and a Sky Field in my hand, so I hoped that I would get a good card from top of the deck and drew a card… Here comes Shaymin-EX!

Playing Sky Field, and then Shuppet and a Shaymin-EX, I drew 6 cards, playing Yveltal and a Hex Maniac. I was able to hit 180 damage on Aegislash-EX, to take the last 2 Prizes! I was proud of myself that I won this game, since Hawa-San had previously won the game by taking all 6 Prizes while he didn’t let his opponent take any Prizes. This game result made me feel that chances can be given to anyone in the group.

Game 3 vs Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX/Slowking (Kenji-Kun)

Again, I’ve seen him a few times but never had the chance to talk to. In Japan, we only have 2 divisions- A division for Junior, and B division for both Seniors and Masters mixed. Therefore, it is said that it is pretty difficult for a Senior to win up to the cut because Masters usually take most of the cut. From these facts, I can tell that he was a high skilled player despite his age. However, he did not have a good result today- He already lost the game twice, so there was no way he can end up as first or second place in the group. He looked ashamed but I had a handshake with him, saying “Let’s have fun until the last minute of the last game in Nagoya!”

We opened up our Pokémon and saw a Seismitoad-EX and a Benched Giratina-EX, I had a Shuppet as Active on my hand. I was alarmed to see these 2 Pokémon- They were worse than Greninja and Jirachi. Keeping the Energy Cards so that my opponent won’t be able to discard them, I retreated the Active Shuppet, called the opponent’s Benched Giratina-EX as Active by Lysandre, and Mega Evolved Rayquaza-EX. My opponent attached a Double Dragon Energy to Giratina-EX, which was a great problem for me, while he also attached 2 Head Ringer to my Pokémon. The Head Ringer wasn’t a big problem for me because I knew that Banette was not Prized, but what should I do with the Active Giratina-EX? There’s no way I can use Xerosic and Hex Maniac in the same turn, so I shifted my plan into disrupting my opponent’s pace. I used Lysandre again to pull a Seismitoad-EX, so now he started playing Team Flare’s Grunt and an Enhanced Hammer, attached Double Colorless Energy to use Quaking Punch. OK, I knew this would have happened. So I decided to attack with a Shaymin-EX’s “Sky Return-Loop” so that I can prevent the Energy Disruption. When I was about to KO Seismitoad-EX, a sudden Cassius was played, and Seismitoad-EX and a Double Colorless Energy were retreated in to the deck. WHAT A HEART BREAKING. Now Giratina-EX was in play, ready to hit Chaos Wheel. My opponent kept on hitting Chaos Wheel, which there was no way for me to get away with. I had 4 Double Colorless Energy in my hand, all of the Darkness Energy was either Prized or discarded. With Yveltal unable to attack, there was nothing I could do. Now my opponent was playing Slowpoke, which told me that this game was impossible for me to win. I know both Seismitoad-EX and Giratina-EX aren’t a good Pokémon to play against with when Playing Rayquaza decks, but when my opponent gets bunch of heads in coin flips, that Slowking made things worse than those 2 Pokémon.

I, hating the fact that my opponent was hitting Chaos Wheel for the whole time, used Xerosic to discard the Double Dragon Energy. This wasn’t a bad news for my opponent at all, he counted how many cards were left in his deck, he played Shaymin-EX and Professor Sycamore to draw the Double Dragon Energy, attached it to Giratina-EX, used Chaos Wheel, and took the last Prizes. I was completely defeated by the Former National Champion in Junior Division, but I was very grateful to the fact that he gave me a handshake back. 

In the table behind me, Hawa-San and Jonny-San were having the match. It looked like Hawa-San won the game by taking 6 Prizes while Jonny-San couldn’t get any. The number of Prizes taken in the lost games depend the result, but both of these players took the same number of Prizes when they lost. Therefore, because Hawa-San won this game, this meant that he will be playing in Nationals.

I looked around to see the results of the other groups- Night March, Trevenant BREAK/Alakazam-EX, Vespiquen/Zoroark, and Yveltal/Zoroark BREAK were having great scores. This fact told me that my group was completely out of the main meta. I became pretty emotional to the original rules and the ruffles now then.

The final results were called out, and I was in the third place since I had won a game and lost twice. I didn’t have a good result, but I really appreciate to my Mega Rayquaza-EX deck for showing really quick runs. I do not regret my decisions, and I felt that I must win the next tournaments and the Nationals. 

The list of decks that won the 1st place in each group:

1 Bronzong BREAK/Aegislash-EX/Genesect-EX/Shaymin-EX

2 Vespiquen/Zoroark BREAK/Seismitoad-EX/Jirachi (Promo)/Unown/Shaymin-EX

3 Yveltal-EX/Yveltal/Mew/Shaymin-EX

4 Mega Alakazam-EX/Trevenant BREAK/Shaymin-EX

5 Mega Alakazam-EX/Trevenant BREAK/Jirachi (Promo)/Shaymin-EX

6 Vespiquen/Zoroark BREAK/Yveltal/Yveltal/Ariados/Shaymin-EX

7 Vespiquen/Zoroark BREAK/Yveltal/Yveltal/Unown/Shaymin-EX

8 Joltik/Lampent/Pumpkaboo/Milotic (Primal Clash)/Shaymin-EX

5. Blastoise Mega Battle in Osaka

This tournament was held 10 days after Nagoya, but I caught a cold during those days. I was in a terrible condition that I had a sheet on my head that cools me off, and wore a mask. Many people were asking if I’m alright, but more people were asking me if I was OK with the results in this tournament.

First Stage

First Try - Game 1 vs Rayquaza-EX/Mega Audino-EX/Shaymin-EX/Hoopa-EX/Manaphy-EX

Because I had used the Advantage Pass in Nagoya, I had to start from First stage from now on. Vespiquen/Zoroark came on the spot after it showed great result in Nagoya, so I practiced using the deck and decided to play it in this stage. Nothing special is inside my deck, but I had a Reverse Valley in my deck so that I can have an additional 10 damage. This will come in handy when facing Greninja decks. 

I was going second as always. I had a little trouble in the first two turns since my opponent used Hex Maniac for two turns in a row. However, I thought that I had a better advantage than my opponent so I had a plan to KO 3 Pokémon-EX. Now opposed to my thoughts, I had a trouble again since my opponent took 2 Prizes when KO’d my Pokémon with Mega Audino-EX’s Magical Symphony.

When my opponent had 1 Prize left, I used N, and hoped that my opponent won’t draw a Double Colorless Energy. If he couldn’t, then I would win the game. He drew the top card from his deck- That was a Double Colorless Energy, which meant that I lost the game. We had a good game so we had a handshake saying “Good Game!” to each other.

Second Try - Game 1 vs Camerupt-EX/Flareon-EX/Entei

I changed my deck to Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal this time.

Although I wasn’t so confident last time, I tested this deck afterwards so now I was pretty confident with it. The list hasn’t changed as I mentioned above.

However, I was surprised to see my opponent’s deck- I actually didn’t expect to play against this deck at all. Giratina-EX’s Chaos Wheel wasn’t effective at all, and my opponent used Blacksmith every single turn. Camerupt-EX’s Explosive Jet became strong enough to OHKO my Pokémon. Nothing could be done to stop it, so I eventually lost the game.

Third Try - Game 1 vs Night March

Oh no, here comes a mirror match up! Since I had trouble winning in the first stage, I decided to change my deck to Night March (with Milotic and a Mew). I needed a deck that can run really fast and a deck that I can play correctly. Nothing special is in my list:

So this time, I was having a game against a pretty young women. Since I was very tired because of not feeling well and not having good results at this point, I made a mistake I normally wouldn’t do- I completely forgot that Milotic was in the discard pile and used Ultra Ball for it. I realized that Milotic was not in the deck the moment I took the deck. I was shocked to the fact that I had made a mistake that I said “OHHHH I MADE A MISTKE!!” out loud. I didn’t miss the point where she had a bitter smile.

She knew that a mistake in Night March Mirror match would be fatal, and I couldn’t do much to cover the mistake which led me to losing the game.

Fourth Try - Game 1 vs Darkrai-EX /Giratina-EX/Yveltal

I decided to switch back to Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal deck, since this was the deck I was mostly confident with. I was confident with mirror matches so I was finally able to move up to the Second Stage.

I used Enhanced Hammer before my opponent used Chaos Wheel, and took the game.

Finally, I was able to reach the Second Stage- Honestly, I didn’t expect that it was going to be this hard to reach the Second Stage. I was cracked up by the result, but I had to carry on. 

Second Stage

First Try – Game 1 vs Trevenant/Crobat/Gengar

I thought that Night March would be the most deck played at this point, so I thought that decks that can lock up your opponent would be the best shot. However, I didn’t want to use Trevenant, so I used Seismitoad-EX instead.

“Why do I have to have this matchup at this point?” I thought to myself when we started the game. We were shutting out the Item(s) completely because we were both playing Pokémon that locks opponent’s Item(s). It was a very long game, but it was a fairy interesting match. Because we did not have Item(s) in play, things what each players had to do were clear so we had pretty quick turns. However, my opponent was able to use Item(s) in the last few turns so I didn’t have any Energy left on the field, while the rest of the Energy Cards were Prized. Super Rod was already in the Discard Pile, so I couldn’t do much to keep the cards in the deck. I lost the game by deck out.

Second Try - Game 1 vs Mega Rayquaza/Shaymin-EX/Raichu/Altaria

I swapped my deck to Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal again since there weren’t much time left. I guess I chose to play this deck more because of the irritation towards Trevenant decks.

I used Chaos Wheel before my opponent could do anything, so I was able to win.

Second Try - Game 2 vs Trevenant BREAK

I was having a game against a young women again. She said she hasn’t been playing long, but what she had as Active and Benched was 2 Phantump. Not only she used Wally and went first, but she used Red Card. I had 4 Item cards in my hand- WHAT A BAD DAY.

However, the good news was that my Active Pokémon was Yveltal. I kept on using Oblivion Wing, although neglected a little when my opponent attached a Bursting Balloon on Trevenant. “There’s no meaning if I neglect to Bursting Balloon when I’m using Dark-Type decks!” I thought to myself, so I decided to KO it with Oblivion Wing. I took over the Stadium sometimes, and luckily, my opponent couldn’t draw a Dimension Valley which made it difficult to attack. I had an Yveltal-EX with a few Energy card attached so I was able to win the game.

Two wins in the Second Stage, so I could finally move on to the Premium Stage. As I mentioned previously, there weren’t much time left so I decided to carry on with Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal deck.

Premium Stage 

First Try – Game 1 vs Mega Rayquaza/Zoroark/Shaymin-EX/Hoopa-EX/Altaria

My opponent was a girl who came from the Chubu Region. My opponent started with a Zorua, while I had a Giratina-EX as Active. My opponent would of course won’t have a smile when she saw a Giratina-EX as active. I actually couldn’t tell she was going to play Rayquaza-EX until she got things settled on her Second Turn. I used Lysandre to KO every single Pokémon that has a Dark Energy attached and used Chaos Wheel so that my opponent would have trouble. My opponent couldn’t do much so I was able to win the game.

First Try – Game 2 vs Bronzong BREAK/Aegislash-EX/Togekiss

This guy was a player from Hokkaido, the very north region located in Japan, named Honda-San. He was a player who also traveled around to play in Pokémon tournaments.

It was not the first time that we were having a conversation, but the first time we were going to have a match

When the game started, my opponent had an Aegislash-EX and a Bronzor, while I had a Giratina-EX, Darkrai-EX, and an Yveltal. Aegislash-EX would be a bit tricky since I’m playing Double Dragon Energy, but I actually had the plan to KO it by using Darkrai-EX’s Dark Pulse. However, my opponent looked like he was struggling in the start. He used 2 N, but it looked like he couldn’t play any other Pokémon than Aegislash-EX and Bronzor. For my part, I was able to add more Dark Energy Card to the field by using Oblivion Wing.

Things seemed to change when my opponent suddenly played a Togepi- I still remember that I was so shocked to see a Togepi that I asked my opponent to see the card text. In the next turn, Togepi evolved to Togetic, and evolved again to Togekiss by Delta Evolution. He used Togekiss’ Ability “Serene Grace” to attach Energy Cards, but he missed it. Only 1 Metal Energy was attached to one of his Pokémon. He used a Devolution Spray to devolve Togekiss, and evolved by Delta Evolution again- Here comes “Serene Grace”! I finally noticed at this point that Aegislash-EX wasn’t the main attacker, but Bronzong BREAK was there to attack. He probably had this type of deck mainly to beat Night March, but I was given a start to see this type of deck. Unfortunately, he missed it and only 1 metal Energy was attached. My opponent was ashamed that he couldn’t attach much Energy, while I thanked to the luck that he didn’t get much Energy attached.

After this big event in the game, I had Darkrai-EX use Dark Pulse, while I also had a Surprising Giovanni’s Scheme in play. My opponent didn’t have Energy Card left so I was able to win the game. I had a wonderful game, and had a handshake. I could get to the cut if I win the next game in time. 

Game 3 vs Yveltal-EX/Zoroark BREAK

We only had a few space left for the Final tournament, so I was pretty anxious when waiting for my opponent to show up. I was surprised to see my opponent, it was Kato-San who also played in the Final tournament in Nagoya. Although we were both playing in the different group, I remember him well since he was sitting right next to me when we were playing the games. We hoped that we could finish the game in time.

However, the call that the final tournament was full was made when the game was in the 3rd turn. There was no point continuing the game so we decided not to carry on. Even if I carried on, I knew it would be a tough game for me to win, so I left the stage. I was a bit ashamed that my opponent who I wanted to cheer for wouldn’t be able to play in the Final Stage. 

Looking back at myself, I had a heartbreaking tournament result because of not feeling well and having a difficult time winning as I mentioned previously. Having and keeping good conditions is required for tournament players, but I failed to do it this time. I could tell that my deck couldn’t perform well also because of my mental conditions.

However, the fact that I never gave up made a great effort to move up to Game 3 in Premium Stage though I had lost 3 times in the First Stage. I appreciate that the other players showed envy towards this effort, so I once again felt that I should keep the toughness I have, and make it to the cut in the next tournament. 

The Top 8 decks that won 1st Place in each group:

1 Greninja BREAK/Seismitoad-EX/Shaymin-EX

2 Greninja BREAK/Octillery/Jirachi

3 Zygarde-EX/Lucario-EX/Carbink BREAK/Vileplume

4 Zygarde-EX/Medicham/Carbink BREAK/Regirock-EX/Hoopa-EX/Shaymin-EX

5 Mega Alakazam-EX/Trevenant BREAK/Shaymin-EX

6 Night March (with Milotic and Shaymin-EX)

7 Jolteon-EX/Lugia-EX/Glaceon-EX/Zapdos

8 Mega Manectric-EX/Zoroark BREAK/Yveltal-EX/Yveltal/Shaymin-EX

6. Blastoise Mega Battle in Chiba (2 Days)

Chiba Day 1 (BLW-on format)

Out of 5 days, these 2 days were the third and the fourth day of Blastoise Mega Battle tournament. As I mentioned, the first day's format was BLW-on, and this was the only day we had the BLW-on in Blastoise Mega Battle tournament. I actually won the first place in last season’s tournament in BW-on format so I was eager to have a good result. However, because the other 4 tournaments were held in XY format, I was more into XY format.

The 2 decks I used in BLW-on were Vespiquen/Vileplume and Night March.

Vespiquen/Vileplume aimed to break my opponent’s heart, while Night March had a Life Dew (ACE SPEC), Hex Maniac, and a Red Card which would be a little rare type of Night March. I was running Red Card in both of my deck since I knew that this card would give a punch to my opponent especially in the BLW-on format.

Overall, I thought that both of my decks did a good job although I didn’t have much time to work on it. Especially for Night March, I thought up this deck while I was taking a bath. An interesting-concept can born anywhere anytime, though I usually find them when I’m taking a bus or a train when I’m on my way to work.

I got a pretty good run up to the Premium Stage, but I couldn’t make it to the cut. Although I don’t like playing decks like Trevenant as I’ve mentioned for so many times, this day gave me a great chance to play decks that I won’t normally play. I guess I don’t have much to talk about for both the tournament report and the deck, so I’ll skip it.

On to Day 2! 

Day 2 (XY-on format)

So we are back to Day 2 again!

First Stage

First Try – Game 1 vs Vespiquen/Zoroark BREAK/Yveltal/Banette (Item Concealment)/Bunnelby

I was playing Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal. The list is the same as I listed previously. I had the thought that this deck can still go well, so I decided to play this deck.

My opponent’s Vespiquen/Zoroark deck had a little trick by playing Banette. I was careful not to forget about Banette’s Ability “Item Concealment”, and KO’d Pokémon that would be attacking with a Double Colorless Energy or Pokémon that would be attacking in 2 turns by attaching 2 Darkness Energy with Lysandre. Chaos Wheel was effective, so I won the game.

Second Stage

First Try – Game 1 vs Trevenant BREAK/Mega Alakazam-EX

I thought that I won’t lose this matchup, but I lost this one.

My opponent had a great skill when using Alakazam-EX’s Ability Kinesis. He perfectly knew where to put the damage counters. When my opponent had 3 Prizes left, I hit N to wash away his hands, but this wasn’t effective at all. Including the draw in the beginning of the turn, he had a Psychic Energy, Mega Alakazam-EX and a Hex Maniac in his hand. Since my Giratina-EX already had 20 damage, this meant that my opponent could KO my Giratina-EX. There was nothing I could do to stop my opponent although I used Giratina-EX, Darkrai-EX, and Yveltal where I need them.

I didn’t feel too bad when I lost against this deck since my opponent was playing in good manners, but I do admit that Trevenant became one of the worst cards I hate.

Because I lost, I had to line up again for my second challenge in Second Stage. I decided to play the same deck since there was no need to change the deck.

Second Try - Game 1 vs Night March

I tried to hit Chaos Wheel from the start, but I didn’t have a good hand. I had Yveltal hit Chaos Wheel to give some pressure to my opponent. However, the fact that I couldn’t hit Chaos Wheel gave my opponent some chance to attack. Also, my opponent had a Jirachi (Promo) on Bench, and I was almost about to lose. Luckily, my opponent rushed and used Time of Puzzle beforehand, which gave me chance to wash away the cards again by N. I gave great effort to draw the cards I need in order to hit Chaos Wheel which I succeeded. Being unable to attach Special Energy, I was able to win the game. 

Second Try - Game 2 vs Bronzong BREAK/Genesect-EX/Aegislash-EX/Mew

From the begging of the game until the end of the game, my opponent had trouble drawing an Energy. Since he had a slow game, I was able to attach a whole bunch of Energy cards to my Pokémon. Eventually, it became enough for Darkrai-EX to give a big punch to opponent’s 2 Aegislash-EX and Genesect-EX. 

I was now off to Premium Stage. The deck was giving a great shot so I decided to carry on to the next stage.

Premium Stage

First Try - Game 1 vs Trevenant BREAK/Mega Alakazam-EX

Here comes the nightmare again! I was able to see what type of Trevenant deck was going to be played since I took a mulligan. I was pretty confident this time.

My opponent had a good start having Trevenant and Alakazam-EX on the field, but it looked like he had trouble drawing an Energy and the Dimension Valley. Meanwhile, I used Yveltal’s Oblivion Wing to peck Trevenant BREAK, and the Weakness was effective enough to KO all of the Trevenant(s) on the field. I KO’d rest of the Pokémon with Giratina-EX’s Chaos Wheel and Darkrai-EX’s Dark pulse. Unluckily, my opponent couldn’t draw the Dimension Valley until his last turn. 

First Try - Game 2 vs Night March

My opponent settled things pretty quickly while I had trouble drawing a Double Colorless Energy. Therefore I had a troublesome turns where I couldn’t hit Chaos Wheel. Also, things looked pretty hard for me to keep on hitting Oblivion Wing with Yveltal or Mew.

As I mentioned before, I hated giving up, so I granted that I can do something with N. I had 4 Prizes left while my opponent had 2 and yes! I was able to draw the cards I need, and was able to hit Chaos Wheel for a few times in a row, which made my opponent unable to attach Double Colorless Energy. Therefore, I was able to win the game.

First Try - Game 3 vs Greninja BREAK/Octillery

If I win this game, I would be able to play in the Final Round for the second time in this Blastoise tournament. I kept on waiting to see my opponent. Oh what a beautiful mother she is…

"I can tell she must have great playing skills because we're in the very last game where we may play in the Final Stage if we can finish the game on time,” I thought to myself and concentrated on the game.

I thought that I had luck in this game, since my opponent had a terrible hand from the start. I was able to hit Hex Maniac from the start so my opponent couldn’t set up well. Then, I used Two Shaymin-EX to have a quick run in the game. I was able to draw a VS Seeker at this point, so I picked a Hex Maniac. Then, I played Parallel city so that my opponent would be playing only 3 Pokémon(s) on the Bench. At this point, my opponent had 2 Qwilfish and a Froakie on Bench, so it was good enough to prevent my opponent from playing more Frogadier(s). This made me unable to Discard Shaymin-EX, but I knew that attacking would be the best defense. I kept on attacking with Yveltal, using Oblivion Wing and Darkness Blade. My opponent tried to stop me by using Froakie’s Bubble, but all of the coin-flips were tails. My coin-flips when using Darkness Blade were all heads when I used it for 3 times in a row. I finally got tails when I used Darkness Blade for the Fourth time, but it didn’t matter me much since I already had a Darkrai-EX ready which would be hitting big damage anyways. I took my last Prize when I KO’d Greninja BREAK with Darkrai-EX’s Dark pulse, with 230 Damage. I was the 25th player to get to the cut.

I was very happy to the result that I could play in the Final Stage again, after the loss for 3 times in a row in the First Stage in Osaka. I was extremely happy with the result that I cried with joy.

However, now that I was going to play in the final round, I had to decide what deck to play again. This time, Greninja BREAK made it hard for me to decide. Also looking at the results for Aichi and Osaka tournaments, I could tell that Metal decks were having good results so I had to play a deck that can win against both of these decks.

Then, I looked at my Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal deck again and thought that I should play this deck in the Final Round. I had practiced this deck after the tournament in Aichi, and I had a few more special statements I would state later that made me feel that I should use this deck.

After a while, TAMA-San, a player who also lives in the same Tohoku Area, who I mentioned in the very beginning of the article came up to me and told me that he also made it to the cut. I was very happy to hear the news that we had a hug. I’ve seen him having trouble around March, so I was very happy that he was able to make it to the cut with the Advantage Pass.

Climax Stage (Final Stage)

As we had the ruffles, I got to Group H. My table would be located where a lot of other players who won’t be playing in the Final Stage could watch my game. I was pretty used to being watched, but when it gets to playing in Final Stage, things would be different. The 3 other players in Group H was Yanagibuson-San, Hosoya-Kun and Yuri-San. I knew the latter two players before, but it was the first time we had a chat. We had the announcement that Final Stage was about to start, so my challenge to win the first place in the group for the second time was about to start.

Game 1 - vs Vespiquen/Bronzong/Swellow/Tornadus (Yanagibuson-San)

I guessed that he would be playing Vespiquen since he’s Twitter profile has a Vespiquen. He showed me the 7 cards he drew since he couldn’t find a Basic Pokémon in his hand to start with, and BINGO, he had a few Battle Compressor’s in his hand! However, I had a pretty bad start, with Shaymin-EX as Active, and an AZ in my hand. I never had this type of start so I was a bit panicked. My opponent on the other hand, had a Taillow as Active. I usually don’t see Taillow or Swellow as an Attacker, so I was a bit surprised. Another surprise came out a little later, and now he was playing Tornadus. It looked like he has his own type of Vespiquen deck.

My opponent was going first, used a few Battle Compressor to keep a few Pokémon on the discard pile and settled a Combee and a Bronzor. Then, unexpectedly, he used N. This resulted to have an awful hand. I was able to play other Pokémon on Bench, but I couldn’t attach an Energy. I had to end a turn without attacking. I was able to use 2 Max Elixir, but I missed both of them. I had to discard the Super Rod by using Professor Sycamore, so I didn’t have a good pace at all.

The turning point in the game came when it became a situation where I had to leave Yveltal-EX as Active. I used Shaymin-EX’s Sky Return with Muscle Band attached, giving 50 damage to my opponent’s Pokémon. I also had a Fighting Fury Belt attached to Yveltal-EX, so I thought that my opponent won’t be able to KO it so easily. I heard an alarm when my opponent asked me how many cards I have in my hand. I answered that I have 4, and while my opponent had a few more, he used VS Seeker to pick Xerosic up, used it so that he could discard Yveltal-EX’s Fighting Fury Belt. Then, he used as many cards as possible to make the number of cards the same as mine. Then, Tornadus became Active and gave a Twister Shot. My Yveltal-EX was KO’d! I was surprised to get a hit from where I didn’t really expect, and moreover I was amazed how he played it.

I tried to retaliate, but I couldn’t do much since I couldn’t draw what I need. I had 2 Double Dragon Energy in my hand, so I thought that I could use Hydreigon-EX’s Shred if I could get a Darkness Energy attached to it- I thought to myself. I used a PP Max, hoping that I could attach Darkness Energy, but missed! My opponent used Lysandre to pull Darkrai-EX out, used Bee Revenge for 200 damage. My opponent took the last 2 Prizes left, so I lost the game.

I was very shocked with this result- I was confident playing against Vespiquen, but I drew too many Darkness Energy from the start, but couldn’t draw Double Colorless Energy. (The 4 cards I had in my hand in the very last turn were 3 Double Dragon Energy and an Yveltal.)

Game 2 – Yveltal/Zoroark BREAK/Lugia-EX (Hosoya-Kun)

Probably this game was the only game that I could say “I had a match”.

He was a High School Student who previously used Darkness deck and won 1st Place in big tournaments.

If it’s just a normal Yveltal/Zoroark/Lugia-EX deck, then I won’t have trouble if Giratina-EX can hit Chaos Wheel. Also, to get a better advantage, I had an Enhanced Hammer so that I can discard my opponent’s Special Energy. However, my opponent’s deck was a bit different- he ran many PP Max so that a Lugia-EX with Muscle Band attach can hit a big damage. My opponent was using Lysandre to pull out a Giratina-EX I’ve been preparing on Bench, and hit Aero Ball. Normally, it would take at least 2 turns for a Giratina-EX to hit Chaos Wheel, while it only gives 100 damage which won’t be much effective to Lugia-EX at this point. It looked like my opponent wanted to KO Giratina-EX quickly.

So, if my opponent was going to attack my Pokémon with many Energy Cards attached, then I should switch my Attacker to Yveltal-EX with Fighting Fury Belt attached. I used Evil Ball to KO a Lugia-EX, but my opponent got another Lugia-EX out in play, with 4 Energy Cards already attached. This means that my opponent may already hit Deep Hurricane, with 170 damage. Although my Yveltal-EX won’t be KO’d at this point since it has a Fighting Fury Belt attached, it would automatically be KO’d if Yveltal (BREAKthrough) came out Active due to its’ Ability. I used AZ to return Yveltal-EX, but now I had trouble drawing a Supporter. My opponent’s Yveltal (BREAKthrough) now became Active and used a Pitch-Black Spear for a few turns and KO’d My Pokémon.

Looking back at this game, I noticed how well my opponent had played. He knew what I hate being done. He was a well-skilled player for sure.

Game 3 - Bronzong BREAK/Genesect-EX (Yuri-San)

We both lost the other 2 games at this point, but I saw 2 Great Cheerleaders for Yuri-San- It was his wife and his child! His child was born this spring but was already holding Dedenne Doll which looked like the child’s favorite Doll. For my part, a smile was gone since I lost two games in a row.

We drew our first seven cards to see the news that I was going to start with a Shaymin-EX again. I was not panicked at all, but I just couldn’t understand why I don’t have so much luck. My opponent on the other hand, had a great draw using a Supporter and Shaymin-EX. He had 3 Bronzong ready by turn 2, which shocked me since he told me that he had a terrible hand in the former 2 games. Genesect-EX had a Muscle Band Ready, being able to hit 180 Damage using Rapid Blaster in a row. Which made it impossible for me to stop it. Moreover, Giratina-EX’s Chaos Wheel won’t make a big meaning to my opponent since he didn’t run any Special Energy. Also, there weren’t enough time for me to increase the damage for Darkrai-EX’s Dark Pulse. This reminded me of the Camerupt-EX/Flareon-EX/Entei deck I played against in the First Stage in Osaka, which was also an unstoppable deck. This matchup was an auto-loss. 

All of our games ended, while Hosoya-kun became 1st place since he had 3 wins, and Yanagibuson-san 2nd with 2 wins. Yuri-san was in 3rd, and I was in 4th. Despite the fact that I cried with joy when I made it to the cut, I was terribly ashamed that I lost 3 times in a row. I didn’t have any tears, but I was just too shocked to see everything around me. It looked like that my teammates and a few others were having a Dinner Party afterwards, but I was too shocked with the result that I decided not to take part and left Tokyo.

By the way, the Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal deck was a same deck that I’ve been using from Nagoya and Osaka. This deck was a deck that MAZAI-BOY TANAKA made, and I still think this was the best deck. We had been testing together for this season, and I only swapped 1 card. This deck was definitely the best Darkness deck especially when against Trevenant decks. I was eager to win with this deck especially because I wanted to show MAZAI-BOY TANAKA the moment I win. It is true that I usually change decks between Stages, so many other players asked me why I chose not to Change this time.

Although my results turned out terrible, I don’t regret that I chose this deck. I could say that it was my fault that my deck couldn’t run well enough and give a win. I noticed that I just need more practice. The last tournament will be held in Fukuoka, which would be my last chance to revenge. I just needed to win next time. 

Tournament Results for Chiba Day 2

1. Night March/Octillery/Zebstrika/Mew/Shaymin-EX

2. Night March/Octillery/Shaymin-EX

3. Night March/Mew/Shaymin-EX

4. Night March/Mew/Shaymin-EX

5. Zoroark BREAK/Lugia-EX/Yveltal/Shaymin-EX

6. Mega Rayquaza-EX/Jolteon-EX/Hoopa-EX/Shaymin-EX

7. Mega Manectric-EX/Jolteon-EX/Glaceon-EX/Garbodor/Jirachi (XY-Promo)/Shaymin-EX

8. Greninja BREAK/Octillery/Jirachi (XY-Promo)

7. Blastoise Mega Battle Fukuoka

First Stage 

For the very last day, I decided to play a new deck. This deck Concept was taken from Yuri-san’s Bronzong/Genesect-EX deck. Also, Hawa-san’s (the player I had a game against in Osaka) List is used as reference. 

This deck has 8 Balls in total so that I could quickly get Bronzong in play. With many Bronzong in play, I could get Genesect-EX hit 180 damage Rapid Blast in a row. In the latter part of the game, I would use Bronzong BREAK’s “Gold Rain” to KO the rest of the Pokémon. The concept was pretty simple, but because I knew I would see many Greninja BREAK as well, I had 2 Hex Maniac so I could stop their Ability as well. So, this was “My Metal deck”.

First Try - Game 1 vs Night March with Milotic (HIRO-San)

This guy was a father who led his two sons who were World Champions: the World Champion in Senior division in 2009 and the World Champion in Junior division in 2012. It has been 3 years from the last game we had in an official tournament.

Hiro-San’s Night March deck looked like it had a little trouble from the start. He didn’t use any Supporter’s in the start, but he might show how fast a Night March deck could run, so I was alarmed. I had a few Bronzong ready, and attached a Fighting Fury Belt to Genesect-EX as to let my opponent guess that I would be attacking with an Aegislash-EX. My opponent looked relieved that I had a Bronzong BREAK in the discard pile, and played 2 Feebas on Bench. Being happy that he was tricked, I got a Bronzong BREAK on Bench. My opponent was surprised to see a second Bronzong BREAK, but I used its’ Gold Rain to KO 2 Feebas and a Joltik in no time. Then, I played a Parallel city so that I can play 3 Pokémon on Bench, while discarding a Shaymin-EX. I took the game by Genesect-EX’s Rapid Blaster, and I was glad that this deck worked out well to against a strong player. 

Second Stage

I decided to change my deck to Vespiquen/Zoroark BREAK/Yveltal. The list for this deck is the same as when I used it in Osaka, and nothing is too special. I kept my deck simple so that I can win the games simply.

First Try - Game1 vs Zygarde-EX/Lucario-EX/Carbink BREAK/Regirock-EX

This player was a player from Kyushu Region. I was happy to see 2 Zygarde-EX while my opponent had a frowned face when he saw 2 Combee. Because Zygarde-EX had weakness to Grass Types, it was not too hard to win the game. 

First Try - Game 2 vs Vespiquen/Flareon-EX/Entei/Charizard-EX

It was a rare type of Vespiquen deck. For a player playing Vespiquen, seeing a Fire-type Pokémon on opponent’s field made things hard to decide.

I had an amazing start at first, playing Zoroark as an Attacker and passing the baton to Vespiquen. However, when it comes to using an attack, I couldn’t choose Vespiquen since I knew my opponent could KO my Vespiquen easily when playing Fire Type Pokémon. My opponent tried to KO Vespiquen at this point, but he couldn’t draw an Energy Card although he played two Shaymin-EX to get it. This gave me a great advantage so I was able to give a shot for a win.

The two wins in the Second Stage meant that I may play in Premium Stage. I looked around and saw many Night March decks and a few Greninja and Manectric decks. I felt that I should use the Bronzong/Genesect-EX deck in the Premium Stage. 

Premium Stage 

First Try - Game 1 vs Night March

My opponent was a father from Kansai Region, and told me that he was using this deck because it is easy to play.

My opponent started first, used N, but surprised that he had a great start although he used N. He looked like he used Professor Sycamore instead of N, but I think this happened because of Night March decks. For my part, I had a few Bronzor out, and had a plan to KO all of the Attackers with Bronzong BREAK. However, my opponent used a Startling Megaphone to discard all of the Item(s) attached to my Pokémon. This meant that a Genesect-EX with a Fighting Fury Belt could be easily KO’d. As I expected, my opponent dragged a Genesect-EX out by Lysandre and KO’d it by Night March. It didn’t take long for my opponent to draw 4 Prizes.

Meanwhile, I got a Bronzong BREAK ready, used a Startling Megaphone to discard all of the Fighting Fury Belt(s). I attacked all of the Night March attackers and drew 3 Prizes. The only other card I would like to use was N since I wanted to wash away all of my opponent’s hand. My opponent, in the next turn, used Teammates to draw 2 Time of Puzzles and picked 2 Pumpkaboo out, attached a Double Colorless Energy, and KO’d my Bronzong BREAK. If there was a way to settle Bronzong BREAK in the next turn and attack, things would have been better, but I couldn’t since I still needed 2 more Energy Cards in order to KO it. I was able to KO one of the Pumpkaboo, but I couldn’t KO the second one so I lost the game.

By the way, I remember that my opponent told me that he was just very lucky that day. He had advanced to the Final Stage on that day, but he told me that he was actually pretty close to losing the game in the 3rd game of the Premium Stage. When his opponent used 4 Super Scoop Up, all 4 of them were tails. If his opponent could get 1 Heads, then my opponent would have lost the game. Therefore, I would say that he had great skills as a player, but he also had excellent luck as well. 

Second Stage

As I have written previously, if you lose a game in any Stages after Second Stage, you will need to start all over again from the Second Stage. I thought that Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal was an excellent deck to use, so there weren’t any changes from the very first Blastoise Mega Battle tournament.

2nd Try - Game 1 vs Zygarde-EX/Lucario-EX/Carbink BREAK/Vileplume

My opponent went first and got a first-turn-Vileplume ready. Of course it would be impossible for me to get started, Luckily, I was able to get 2 Yveltal and an Yveltal-EX out, so I used “Oblivion Wing”, “Pitch-Black Spear”, “Evil Ball”- but it was not enough to get my Benched Pokémon ready. Things could have been different if I was able to get a Hydreigon-EX out, but it was also impossible to both draw and attach the Double Dragon Energy Card under the item lock- by the time I got it out, all of my Double Dragon Energy was gone to the discard pile. At this point, I knew that the only way I could win was to deck-Out my opponent, so I used Lysandre to drag Vileplume out, but my opponent got away with AZ every single time. Lucario-EX came out in the very end and KO’d my last Pokémon. 

Although I was losing a few games when using this deck, I still couldn’t gave up winning with this deck. I decided to carry on with this deck. 

Third Try – Game 1 vs Yveltal-EX/Darkrai-EX/Zoroark BREAK

So, when it gets to this match-up, I won’t lose if I can hit a Chaos Wheel from the early point of the game. My opponent’s deck type wasn’t a quick runner like the one I had a game with in the Final Stage in Chiba tournament. It wasn’t so hard to do things that my opponent would probably dislike, such as hitting Chaos Wheel pretty quickly, and not letting my opponent swap the Stadium. My Darkrai-EX was able to hit a 210-Damage Dark Pulse in the end for a win. 

Third Try - Game 2 vs Night March/Octillery

My opponent had a Remoraid in the start, so I thought it was a Greninja deck. But my opponent got a few Night March attacker and a Mew, so I realized that Remoraid was there to support Night March. I was able to get a turn 2 Chaos Wheel with a Hex Maniac, so my opponent couldn’t get settled much. (Maybe he was just playing Pokémon for the whole game, which could sometimes happen to Night March.)

Again, I was able to get 2 wins in the Second Stage so I was able to move on to the Premium Stage. I knew that if I lose in any games after this, it was impossible for me to play in the last stage. I decided to use the deck I was going to use in the Final Stage, in the Premium Stage. 

Premium Stage

So the deck I decided to use in this stage is Carbink/Medicham/Lucario-EX/Zygarde-EX. The list is exactly the same as Nagoya. In Tohoku Region, I was known as a good pilot when it gets to Fighting decks. Therefore, this was the deck I was most confident with the list, so I wanted to win with this deck. I already knew its power since this deck had already taken me to the Final Stage in Nagoya.

Second Try - Game 1 vs Night March

It was the first time I met him but he already knew my name. He was a father who also played Pokémon with his Child.

As we opened our Pokémon, I saw a Night March attacker which I wasn’t surprised at all. I attached a Focus Band in a pretty good point where my opponent would dislike being attached, taking out a Joltik, 3 Pumpkaboo and a Shaymin-EX by Carbink BREAK’s Diamond Gift, Double Yoga Kick twice. I love it when Yoga Kick hits 110 Damage! 

Second Try - Game 2 vs Night March/Milotic

My opponent was a player who played in Worlds in 2008 and 2010. He plays in Kyushu Region, and a pretty famous player, so I concentrated in this match.

I played Carbink BREAK to accelerate Medicham, but my opponent played Startling Megaphone and a few Lysandre to take Medicham down. I thought that my opponent would not have enough resources by the end of the game if he played that way because he was also hitting N, but he had a Milotic to cover the problem. He picked 2 Puzzle of Times, so he didn’t have much problem with the resources at all. Another amazing fact about my opponent was that he also didn’t have to play Shaymin-EX to draw what he need- this actually wasn’t a good news for me at all since this meant that I won’t be able to take another extra Prize. It wasn’t enough for me to win by just hitting Diamond Gift and Yoga Kicks on Pumpkaboo, Joltik and Mew.

The sudden news that I lost came up to me when my I opponent made sure that there were 9 Night March Cards on his discard pile, used 2 Shaymin-EX to draw as many cards from his deck as he could, attached an Energy, used Target Whistle to summon my discarded Regirock-EX, and used Lysandre to drag out the Regirock-EX. This Game was such a fun game that I got to my opponent and said “Good Game!” I was able to have a comfortable handshake although I lost the game.

Looking at my deck list, this looks like it has a bad matchup against a Night March deck. Probably the weakest point of the deck was that it would be difficult to discard Lucario-EX in the discard pile since it can easily be summoned by Target Whistle. However, I was confident with this deck even if it gets to Night March match up since I tested this match up many times- There were moments where my opponent would dislike when Fighting Fury Belt was attached to a Zygarde-EX, or a Focus Band got attached. The fact I lost told me that this was not enough to defeat an opponent with great skills. Of course, he won the next game and went up to the Final Stage.

Hoping that I have another chance, I once switched my deck to Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Yveltal deck.

Second Stage 

4th Try - Game 1 vs Greninja BREAK/Octillery

I was pretty familiar with my opponent’s face since I had seen him in other events. However, this was my first time having a game with him. We opened up our Pokémon to see a Froakie and a Remoraid on my opponent’s field, while I had a Hydreigon-EX. I knew that if we have a long match, things would be difficult for me. Since I had an AZ in my hand, I thought of losing the game so I can restart. Opposing to my thoughts, my opponent played N so now I had a refreshed hand with no Supporters and no Ball. I had an Yveltal, Giratina-EX, Double Dragon Energy, and a Dark Energy, so I was able to use Shred from the second turn. However, I still couldn’t draw any Supporters so I was able to take one Frogadier down but lost the game after my opponent gave 2 hits of Moonlight Slash. Well, the results were what I wanted it to be.

On to the Second Stage again!

5th Try - Game 1 vs Greninja BREAK/Octillery/Jirachi

My opponent had a Froakie and a Remoraid, which were the 2 cards I think I have saw in the previous game. I couldn’t gave up this time, so I decided to take this one seriously.

When I play this deck, I have an image of playing Yveltal first, attaching Energy Cards to Giratina-EX, play a Parallel Stadium having the red side towards my opponent, settle Darkrai-EX by hitting Hex Maniac. Playing so, I dragged out a Greninja BREAK when my opponent was able to have only 1 Greninja BREAK. Also, it is important to tell when to attach the Fighting Fury Belts so it would be hard for my opponent to take down my Pokémon-EX.

Things looked I was piloting my deck the right way until my opponent suddenly played a Team Rocket’s work. I had used Professor Sycamore in the previous turn, so I thought I only had 2 cards left in my deck. My opponent flipped a coin. HEADS. Taking my hand out to my opponent, my opponent looked surprised.

“You still have a card left in your deck, you know”

I looked back at my deck again, and saw another card. He flipped his second card and that was TAILS. I was able to recover the number of cards in my deck using N so I was able to win, but it was true that I thought that I lost the game. Looking back at this game, I noticed that my opponent had a few unordinary cards for a Greninja deck, such as Steven and Team Rocket’s Handiwork.

5th Try - Game 2 vs Night March/Latios-EX

We opened up our Actives to see that we both had Mew. I had a Darkrai-EX Benched, but I saw a Joltik and a...Latios-EX! Many People had thought of combining a Latios-EX and a Mew, but it was the first time I’ve ever seen a player playing it. A Psychic Energy was attached to Mew, and used First Raid.

I had a Darkrai-EX as Active so that I can settle Giratina-EX. Attaching a Fighting Fury Belt to Giratina-EX, I used AZ to recover Darkrai-EX. I was able to get a Turn 2 Chaos Wheel, so now my opponent won’t be able to attach both Special Energy and an Item Card. My opponent, completely forgetting about the effect, discarded 10 Night March Cards, tried to attach Muscle Band and hit 220. I told him that he can’t attach the Item, and that fact messed him up. He was now only drawing the cards from his deck and giving turns to me.

So having 2 Wins again, I was now going up to the Premium Stage for the 3rd time this day. I don’t really think I could win 3games in time, but I decided to do what I can do. I decided not to change my deck.

Premium Stage

2nd Try - Game 1 vs Trevenant BREAK 

I took a mulligan so I was able to see that my opponent was playing Trevenant. I thought this was a fine matchup until I saw a Shaymin-EX. I lost the Rock-paper-scissors, so I was going second, and what made worse was the fact that my opponent got a turn-one-Trevenant using Wally.  I turned completely blank.

Then, the announcement that 32 players had made to play in the Final Stage was called. I don't remember what happened after this, but probably it was hard for me to win the game since I only had Xerosic. The game was treated as an invalid game after all since my opponent had no energy left to play since he was also a player who was trying to make it to the cut.

Since this tournament was the last chance for me to get qualified for Worlds, the announcement made me stunned. I stayed in the corner looking up the ceiling for a while- this was the end of my Blastoise Mega Battle Challenge.

I had 6 games with a Night March, and my last game ended with a Trevenant who locked me up. These matchups were definitely common throughout the season.

The final results were:

Night March/Garbodor/Shaymin-EX
Night March/Mew/Shaymin-EX
Night March/Mew/Jirachi(XY-Promo)/Shaymin-EX
Bronzong BREAK/Aegislash-EX/Genesect-EX/Jirachi (XY-Promo)/Shaymin –EX
Greninja BREAK/Octillery/Jirachi (XY Promo)
Zygarde-EX/Medicham/Carbink BREAK/Regirock-EX
Mega Manectric-EX/Jolteon-EX/Glaceon-EX/Seismitoad-EX/Garbodor/Shaymin-EX
Trevenant BREAK/Shaymin-EX

8. Conclusion

Last year, I made a goal to take part in Japanese Nationals and be qualified to play in Worlds. I used a lot of time, money, and energy to achieve it, but I couldn't reach it although I had made the best effort more than anyone.  Although I was ashamed with the results, I was very happy that I was able to make to the cut for 2 times, stepping closer to be qualified. This fact became a self-confidence, therefore I don't think that what I have done throughout the year was wrong.

Of course there were parts I regret, such as reading the wrong meta and for not including the cards I should have ran, but I know that any decision can make any regrets any time.

In this season there were many points where I had to make up decisions. Not only making decision for “What deck should I use?” and “How should I run this deck?” I had to make decision on what I should do prior to the tournaments. Sometimes I asked my fellows who I rely on to help me decide. As a result, I couldn't get qualified, but 2 of my friends Ryu-Kun and Rikuto-Kun were qualified to play in Worlds in Junior division.  I was very happy with this result, since it also proved that what I had been doing was correct. Not only they became a hero in Tohoku region, but they gave me the dream of playing in Worlds too.

However, surprisingly, Rikuto-Kun became the National Champion in the Video Game Section, which reminded me of Sejun Park for his excellent achievements.  Due to this result, Rikuto-Kun will be playing in Video Game Section this year in Worlds. Also, 4 of my teammates living in other parts of Japan were qualified too. I am very proud of my teammates, and that I was able to make the best effort to achieve this result.

From now on, I will start preparing to take part in next year’s Worlds. To tell you the truth, I am still ashamed with myself that I couldn't get qualified, but I know myself that I am type of guy who can't give up a dream so easily.  Although Worlds would probably be my first time that I would be going outside of Japan, I am looking forward to taking part in Worlds and maybe have a game against you, readers! See you sometime!

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