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This special Eye on Japan article covers the two Blastoise Mega Battle tournaments in Nagoya and Fukuoka.

07/19/2016 by Eye on Japan

Greetings from Japan!

My name is Ippo Kito. My player's name in Japan is Chip, and I'm in a team called "TEAM L.O.L.I". I live and play mainly in Nagoya, which is in the Aichi prefecture which is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Tokyo using Shinkansen. (It's a very fast express train)

As for my achievements, I was qualified to play in Day 2 at Worlds 2015, although I couldn't win the travel award. This year, I won the Blastoise Mega Battle in Fukuoka, which is one of Japan's biggest Spring tournaments. I've been qualified to play in Worlds 2016 and Japan's Nationals due to this result. I could have won the Travel Award if I had finished Top 4 in Japan's Nationals, but I failed again.

So, getting on to the main topic, I will be reporting on the two Blastoise Mega Battle tournaments held in Nagoya and Fukuoka since I made the cut in these two tournaments. 

Blastoise Mega Battle Nagoya (May 5th)

Nagoya was the very first place where the Blastoise Mega Battle was held. As I said previously, Nagoya is where I live, so I knew the meta around this place perfectly. I wanted to be qualified for Day 1 in this tournament since I wouldn't need to travel around if I won.

My tournament schedule started at 5:30, lining up for the tournament. Unlike tournaments in any other countries, we have to wake up early to play from the start since there aren't so many tables. I was around the 20th person to line up, waiting in line and having a chit-chat until I was able to take a seat at 8:50 AM. Since I already won an Advantage Pass in a local tournament, I got to start from the second stage. The tournament finally started at 9:10 AM.



1st try, Round 1 vs Vespiqueen/Night March

The deck I used was Night March. I took more prizes than my opponent at first, but I had Shaymin-EX on the field while my opponent didn’t. My opponent took down my Shaymin-EX in the middle of the game, and that was a good shot since it got my opponent ahead in the Prize race. I couldn’t draw anything that would help me stop my opponent, so my opponent got away with it. I ended up losing the game.

2nd Try, Round 1 vs Yveltal/Yveltal-EX/Mew

If you lose in First Stage, you will start from the First Stage again. If you lose in Second Stage, you may start over from the Second Stage whether you have the Advantage Pass or not. If you lose in the Third Stage, you'll need to start from Second Stage again. So anyways, I’ll have to start again from the Second Stage.

I had a hard start since Mew and Yveltal both used Oblivion Wing, but I was able to get 2 Yveltal-EX out with Captivating PokéPuff. I got one KO’d with Lysandre, but the other one went back to my opponent’s hand with Super Scoop Up. My opponent had two Super Scoop Ups in his hand, and now that Yveltal-EX was in the discard pile from my opponent's Ultra Ball, there were no Pokémon-EX on my opponent's field. With two copies of Puzzle of Time, I picked up a Captivating PokéPuff and a Lysandre. I missed the Captivating PokéPuff since my opponent didn’t have any Pokémon-EX in his hand. Since that was the only way I could win, I lost the game. (I actually regret that I didn’t run any Target Whistle in the list when I lost this game in this way.) 

3rd Try, Round 1 vs Night March

Talking about what tools my Night March deck runs, I had Bursting Balloon. On the other hand, my opponent only had Muscle Band. This means that as long as my opponent can’t get Bursting Balloon away, my opponent’s Pokémon will be KO’d whenever they attack my Pokémon with Bursting Balloon attached. This was a great advantage for me to take the Prizes, so I was able to win. 

3rd Try, Round 2 vs Night March

My opponent avoided the Bursting Balloon with Lysandre, and used Lysandre again to KO Shaymin-EX on the next turn. However, my opponent took so many Prizes they now had trouble avoiding Bursting Balloon when he had smallher hands after I played N. I was able to catch up with my opponent on Prizes and used another N, so my opponent would probably have trouble drawing an Energy card. My opponent had to pass, so I was able to take the last Prize for a win.


1st Try, vs Night March

Now I decided to use Golurk (Ancient Origin with a Theta Stop)/Bronzong in this stage. This is the list:

I was able to get Golurk with Focus Band ready although my Opponent already had taken a few prizes. I was pretty cautious with the Stadiums my opponent played, but it looked like he only ran Dimension Valley. Now that was good news for me because Golurk was Psychic type, so I was able to attack with Golurk whenever I got three Energy cards attached. My opponent had only one Prize left after he KO’d my Golurk, and he had 2 Pumpkaboo with Double Colorless Energy attached. I used N,  attached 4 Metal Energy to Bonzong BREAK, and used Metal Rain to KO both of the Pumpkaboo at once. I prayed that my opponent wouldn't get an attacker and Energy, and he just drew a card and passed. I KO’d Shaymin-EX and I was able to take all of my Prizes to get a win.

1st Try, Second Round vs Night March

I started with a Heatran, attached a Fighting Fury Belt and a Double Colorless Energy and used N. I drew a Lugia-EX so I played it, but there was nothing else I could do. My opponent used 2 Battle Compressors, and drew a Double Colorless Energy and took my Heatran down. (I only had Lugia-EX on the field, with no Energy attached. I thought it was the end of the game at this point.) However, things changed when my opponent accidently drew 2 Prizes since he thought that he KO’d a Pokémon-EX. I called the judge to decide what could be done. My opponent had used Town Map during his turn so he was able to choose any Prize at that point, but the judge told him to shuffle his hand and put 2 cards in his Prizes again, and from those 6 cards he picked a Supporter. (Although both of the cards were chosen randomly, they were both dead cards in his hand.) I was also able to draw a card from my Prizes which gave me a little luck since I drew a Bronzor. A little more luck was added since I was able to use Shaymin’s Set Up and used Professor Sycamore, and now I had Shaymin-EX ready to Sky Return to KO my opponent’s Active. After a while, I was able to set Golurk up with Focus Band attached, used Bronzong BREAK's Metal Rain to get another win.

1st Try, Third Round vs Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX.

One more win and I will make the cut!

I went first, starting out with a Golett. I attached one Energy to the Active Golett, Benched Bronzor, and ended my turn. My opponent attached an Energy to Darkrai-EX and a Fighting Fury Belt, used Max Elixir, and got a hit. Yveltal-EX was Benched at that time, so it got an Energy attached, but nothing more happened since both of them couldn’t attack. I was eager to KO Darkrai-EX, so I prepared a Double Colorless Energy and a Dimension Valley in my hand, and Evolved to Golurk. I was also able to attach a Fighting Fury Belt and used Superpower. Darkrai-EX was KO’d so I was getting a good start. On the other hand, my opponent used Xerosic to discard my Fighting Fury Belt and used Yveltal-EX’s Evil Ball to KO my Golurk. I wasn't worried about the fact that my opponent KO’d Golurk since it was a great advantage for me that my opponent actually used a Supporter to KO Golurk. I was able to KO the Yveltal-EX with  Heatran's Steam Blast and Lugia-EX’s Aero Ball, drawing another 2 Prizes. Darkrai-EX appeared, so I got some damage on it and KO’d it with Bronzong BREAK's Metal Rain.

My 3rd win in the third round meant that I got to play in the final round. Though I had lost 2 times in a row in the second round, I was the 13th player who won up to the final round. (32 players may play in the final round so I wasn't too fast or too slow either.)

In the final round, I had to hand in my deck and the deck list since the staff would be checking if everything was correct, that the sleeves were unmarked, and that my deck had exactly 60 cards. I still had 1 hour left until the deadline, so I went out to have a rest and decide my deck.

As I was taking a lunch break, I thought about today's meta.  I saw many Night March, Darkness decks, and Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX decks. I was mostly eager to check what Team Achamo (Torchic) was using, and I saw that everybody in the team was using Vespiquen/Zoroak. I was sure that they wouldn't be using the same deck in the final round since they were a bit flashy. I came to the conclusion that they would be playing their own favorite decks such as Night March and Darkness decks.

After I saw all 32 players who would be playing in the Final Round, I forecasted who would be playing which deck from what they were using in local tournaments.

2 Night March, 2 Trevenant/Alakazam-EX, 1 Darkness deck, 1 Bronzong deck, 1 Rayquaza-EX/Shaymin-EX, 1 Delphox/Lugia, 5 players from Team Torchic (since they don't play in card shops before official tournaments, it's pretty hard to forecast perfectly what decks they will be playing. My prediction was: Night March, Darkness decks, and Greninja, although 2 players might still choose to play Vespiquen/Zoroak.) For the rest of the players I don't know, I guessed that they would be playing Night March, Darkness decks, and Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX.

From these decks above, I was eager to play Jolteon-EX. In the final round, the number of Prizes taken by my opponent matters a great deal, so Jolteon-EX was a perfect card to not to let my opponent draw Prize cards. I thought deeply about what card I should use to attach Energy to Jolteon-EX. My first option was using Mega Manectric-EX, but if there were many Night March decks, I thought that it would be easy to hit 210 damage. If Mega Manectirc-EX gets KO'd before it hits Turbo Volt, then I wouldn't have the time to set up Jolteon-EX. This meant that I may loose the game without taking a Prize, probably ending up with no invite for Worlds. My second option was attaching Energy by Bronzong's Ability, and that looked better. I decided to play 4 Lightning Energy and 7 Metal Energy. This was the deck I played:

Handing in my deck, I drew a raffle. There were 8 groups of 4 people. If you get into first place in the group, you may play in Japan Nationals, and if you finish in second place, you will be qualified for Day 1 in Worlds. My group had 2 fathers, and a member from Team Torchic. Being announced that we should get everything settled for the game, we started our games at the same time.

Final Round, Game 1 vs Delphox/Lugia

As I said previously, I was using Bronzong/Jolteon-EX. This player was a father whose child also plays PTCG, and I knew him pretty well. I assumed that he has been using this deck for more than 2 months, and I've never seen him playing anything else so I knew he was using this deck. (I actually never saw him using any other decks either.) If I knew I was going to be in the same group as him, I wouldn't have chosen Bronzong.

My opponent was going first. He attached an Energy to his Active Lugia, and Benched Fennekin and ended his turn. I used up all of my cards in my hand and used Set Up, drew six, and used Ultra Ball for another Shaymin-EX, and drew 2 more cards from my deck. Apparently, there was nothing else to do, and so I ended my turn with only Pokmon-EX in play. My opponent attached a Double Colorless Energy to Lugia and used Rare Candy for a Delphox. Using Rising Burn, my Jolteon-EX got 120 Damage. Nothing changed my situation in the next turn so I Retreated Jolteon-EX and got the other Jolteon-EX out and ended my turn. Then, my opponent’s Lugia evolved to Lugia BREAK, attached Muscle Band and KO’d my Jolteon-EX. (However, I was able to draw a Prize since my opponent had made a mistake.) Then, he used Lysandre to KO Jolteon-EX, but again, he made a mistake so I was able to draw a Prize. Finally I drew an N, used it, and was able to KO Lugia BREAK with Manectric-EX’s Assault Laser. Although I tried my best to catch up, Delphox did 400 damage to Genesect-EX after I KO’d one of my opponent’s other Pokémon.

Final Round, Game 1 vs Trevenant/Alakazam-EX

This player was also a father whose child plays Pokémon, and I knew him.

I went first so I attached a Float a Stone to Genesect-EX, played Ultra Ball for Scizor-EX, and attached Energy to it. My opponent, in surprise, used Xerosic first. The Float Stone attached to Genesect-EX was discarded, then my opponent's Phantump came out and evolved to Trevenant. Now I can't use Items, so I used Lysandre to pull out Shaymin-EX so I can use the Items. I used Ultra Ball and pulled out Shaymin-EX from my deck, and ended my turn since I couldn't do anything with the cards I drew. My opponent also ended his turn since his Active Shaymin-EX couldn't Retreat or attack. Nothing changed my situation in the next turn, so my opponent got a few Trevenant BREAK ready, and Alakazam-EX was also ready by the time I KO'd all of the Trevenant. My opponent took all of his Prizes while I took 4.

Final Round, Game 3 vs Vespiquen/Zoroark

This game was against a member of Team Torchic. I got the information on what decks the members of Team Torchic were using, and what other decks were being used in other groups before this game began. I was surprised by the news that all of the team members except for one were using Vespiquen/Zoroark.  I regret my foresights, and I was fascinated with how well they've made up the deck.

So, back to the tournament report, my requirement for winning the qualification was to win this game. However, I had a terrible start. My opponent had 2 Vespiquen and 3 Zoroark by the beginning of his 2nd turn. For my part, I had no Energy. It would be hard for me to strike back for a win once my opponent takes too many Prizes. My opponent had already drawn 5 Prizes while I had none, so I was trying to get a beautiful comeback but failed. I ended this game without drawing any Prizes.

As a result, I had 3 losses so I was in 4th place in the group.

Below is a list of decks that made to the first place in each group:

Night March
Vespiquen/ Zoroark
Aegislash-EX/Genesect-EX /Bronzong

Looking at the result, I was in despair. I thought I made a deck that could win against these decks. I guess I didn't have luck since I was matched up against a Delphox, but on the other hand, I was eager to go to every single tournament until I was qualified.

Unfortunately, although I lined up at 5:40 in the morning in Chiba and Osaka, I didn’t make it for registration. As May came to an end, we arrived at the very last day for Blastoise Mega Battle, held in Fukuoka. I stayed overnight in a hotel near the venue and lined up at 5:30 in the morning as usual.

My teammates were also lining up with me this time, so we had a little conversation over decks. 3 of my teammates were pushing Garbodor this time so I borrowed a few cards that I didn't have with me, and also foresighted what the meta woud be like today with my other teammates. I did what I could do.

We were able to get inside from 8:30 AM, got a table, and started our games at 9:10 AM.

First Stage, Round 1 vs Night March

I was using Vespiquen/Zoroark so I used Yveltal to swipe my opponent's Pokémon. It was not too easy though.

Second Stage, Round 1 vs Wailord-EX/Zoroark

I wasn't able to foresight my opponent well, and couldn't prepare my attackers. I lost the game.

Second Try - Second Stage, Round 1 Lucario-EX/Zygarde-EX/Vileplume

I was able to go first, but my opponent managed to set up Vileplume on his first turn. Although I didn't have a bad start, I couldn't keep up well enough with Vileplume's Ability activated so I lost the game.

Third Try - Second Stage, Round 1 vs Night March

I was able to take my Prizes in great tempo, so I was able to win.

Third Try - Second Stage, Round 2 vs Yveltal/Zoroark

We both played Target Whistle in our decks, and Zoroark was there to KO the summoned Pokémon. My opponent's Yveltal couldn't KO my Active so I had my Active left and I was able to KO it in return. That was how I took my last Prize.

First try - Third Stage, Round 1 vs Greninja

I decided to carry on with my Vespiquen/Zoroark deck. The game wasn't so tough at the beginning, but my opponent's N made things different. I had scenes where I only had Zoroark Active and no Benched Pokémon. However, I was lucky that I was able to use Shaymin-EX's Set Up and drew a Professor Sycamore to draw a Double Colorless Energy and a Muscle Band. I KO'd my opponent's Greninja BREAK and won the game.

Third Stage, Round 2 vs Trevenant/Alakazam-EX

My opponent didn't have any Basic Pokémon in his first seven cards, so I was able to see what he plays and I got a clear clue that he was playing Trevenant. I had Yveltal and a Zorua in my hand so I played them both.

In my first turn, I was able to attach Muscle Band to Yveltal and pull out Zoroark from my deck with Ultra Ball since I was going first. My opponent didn't play N on the next turn so I was able to evolve Zorua to Zoroark, hitting off damage with these 2 Pokémon from the beginning of the game. It wasn't hard deal with Alakazam-EX since I had Vespiquen left as an attacker, and I won the game.

Third Stage, Round 3 vs Night March

Night March has the power to KO a high-HP Pokémon from the first turn, so I already had a Pokémon KO'd during my opponent's first turn. When I had 4 Prizes left and my opponent had 3, my opponent had 2 Shaymin-EX left. I went for a Shaymin-EX using Lysandre, and now I had 2 Prizes left. My opponent on the next turn thought whether to use AZ or N and picked N. Taking a look at what 2 cards I drew from my opponent's N, I was able to draw Double Colorless Energy, so I was sure that I could use Sky Return since I also had Shaymin-EX on the Bench. I was also able to KO my opponent's Shaymin-EX again, so I prayed to pull either Lysandre or VS Seeker. I grabbed the top of my deck and YES!! IT WAS VS SEEKER!!! I picked Lysandre, pulled out Shaymin-EX, KO'd it, and drew the last 2 Prizes.

It took me about a month to get back, but finally I was playing in the Final Stage!! Below is the list I used:

Again, I still had 2 hours left to submit my deck and the list, so I was thinking what deck I should use. I was very nervous at this point. Last time, I thought too deeply about what people's decks would be like. I am sure that there would be Night March and Greninja decks, so my option was to use Manectric-EX/Garbodor. But I was not sure if Fighting Types would be played. 

Since I didn’t have a Manectric-EX/Garbodor deck, I needed to run around to borrow some cards so that I could make one. This didn’t look like a clever idea since I wanted to save time, but things changed when I found my teammates. I asked for opinions and they told me that I should not use Night March and use something different, such as decks that I can feel confident when I’m playing. Then, one of my teammates came up to me and handed me a deck - it was Manectric-EX/Garbodor! The perfect deck I wanted to use came to me, so there was no reason to refuse. I changed 2 cards from the list and handed in the deck and the list to the staff, having a comfortable waiting time until the Final Stage started. I was eager to win the qualifications for both the Worlds 2016 and Japan Nationals.

Final Stage, Round 1 vs Carbink/Zygarde-EX/Lucario-EX

I felt terrible when we both flipped our Active - I was playing Manectric-EX while my opponent was playing Lucario-EX. My opponent was playing a few Regirock-EX and Zygarde-EX on the Bench, so I was forced to set up Jolteon-EX. I was doing my best by using Jolteon’s Flash Ray, but Zygarde-EX’s Attack Cell Storm was making it difficult to KO it since it recovers 30 damage every single time it attacks. When my opponent took 4 Prizes in total, I used AZ so that I wouldn’t have any Pokémon left on Bench. I thought I could push away, but my opponent was now playing Carbink. I stayed patient and played Trubbish and Shaymin-EX but did not help. My opponent used Escape Rope to send my Shaymin-EX Active and KO’d it to take his last 2 Prizes. I was able to take 2 Prizes in this game, but I had to win the last two games. (The other game in the same group was tied.)

Final Stage, Round 2 vs Night March

I was going second, so I attached a Muscle Band to Manectric-EX, used Overrun to KO the Active Joltik. After my first Manectric-EX was KO’d, I had another Manectric-EX ready. Using Manectric-EX’s Assault Laser and Garbodor’s Ability, N did a great job of stopping my opponent for a while. My Manectric-EX evolved to Mega Manectric-EX at the very end and endured Joltik’s 200 damage. I was able to take all of my Prizes this time. (On the other hand, my opponent in the previous game won the match, so we each had 6 points, 3 points, 1 point, and 1 point)

Final Stage, Round 3 vs Night March

I was going second again. My opponent started out with a Shaymin-EX, and attached Float Stone, played Joltik on the Bench and ended his turn. My first draw was a Max Elixir, so I Retreated my Active Jolteon-EX, sent Seismitoad-EX Active and used Max Elixir. I drew a Lightning Energy so I attached it to Jolteon-EX, used Olympia to send Jolteon-EX back as Active, and attached Double Colorless Energy to Jolteon-EX, and used Flash Ray to KO Shaymin-EX from the start. My opponent couldn’t discard many Night March cards, but had 2 Joltik that had Double Colorless Energy attached. Therefore, I attached another Double Colorless Energy to Seismitoad-EX and used Quaking Punch to KO Joltik. Now being unable to use Item cards, my opponent used Night March and did 80 damage to my Seismitoad-EX. I used VS Seeker to re-use Olympia, healed 30 damage from Seismitoad-EX, and used Quaking Punch again a few times. By the time Seismitoad-EX was KO’d, I used Lysandre to grab my opponent’s Shaymin-EX, and used Jolteon-EX’s Flash Ray to KO it, drawing the last 2 Prizes. (I didn’t have the results for the other match, but I was pretty sure I was able to win the qualification for Worlds.)

Waiting for the result for 30 minutes, finally the staff started to call out the names from A division. (Juniors Division.) When my staff called the 1st place in Group B in B division (which is Seniors and Masters Division combined), I was surprised to hear my name. I first couldn’t believe what was happening. My friends were also very happy to hear the result, and congratulated my victory. My 2 other teammates succeeded in winning qualification for playing from Day 1 in this tournament, so 4 people from my team will be playing in Worlds this year. I am very excited to see players from all over the world again, and hope to have great games with you.


Ippo Kito, Translations done by 魔女, (Majyo, Madoka Uehara)

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