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Insight on Japan - Lost Thunder Decks

This article looks over some of the top performing decks around local shop tournaments in Japan. These lists feature Lost Thunder Cards so you can start your testing early!

10/25/2018 by Eye on Japan

Hello from Japan

Hello 60cards readers! This series of articles is aiming to give the world the opportunity to peek at decks as they experience success in Japan! This series of articles will be originally written by Yuki Fujimori / PokeAd Team and it will be elaborated by Zach Lesage.

Also shout out to Limitlesstcg and their owesome feature generating japanese proxie. If you have not tried it check it out!

Together we hope that you learn more about the upcoming metagame and enjoy reading about what is going on in Japan. The article today will be focused on some local tournament winning decks that feature cards that will be released in our Lost Thunder set. Hopefully you find a new deck to try out in this article and enjoy this refreshing content. 


Blacephalon GX / Naganadel

Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null)  / Naganadel (SM8) (JP; null)  recently won the MINT Sannomiya local tournament in Juniors, Seniors, and it placed second in the Masters division. With this level of success, the deck has attracted plenty of attention in Japan and is seemingly a strong choice for players worldwide as Lost Thunder gets released. The deck focuses on using Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null)  to do massive amounts of damage with its Mind Blown attack and has a supporting cast of cards to make the deck work all game long.

Naganadel (SM8) (JP; null)  can get these Energy in play with its Charge Up Ability, Beast Ring (FLI; 102)  can quickly get Energy Cards attached to your Ultra Beast Pokemon, and you can always attach an Energy from your hand per turn. In order to make sure that you have Energy in your Discard Pile to use Naganadel (SM8) (JP; null) , this deck places a priority on Sightseer (SM7/SM8) (JP; null)  to allow this deck to work. All of these cards work together to make sure that Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null)  is always getting those big attacks off all game long. Let’s look at the deck list that was played at the local tournament.

The changes that might be made in this deck are enhancing the Supporter cards in this deck to make it more consistent. This may include adding additional cards such as Cynthia (UPR; 119) , Lillie (UPR; 125) , Sightseer (SM7/SM8) (JP; null) , and Guzma (BUS; 115) . I have seen some lists that have included Plumeria (BUS; 120)  as another way to get Energy Cards in the Discard Pile, but it is more of a metagame call. Team Rocket’s Harassment (JP; null)  is similar to the N from our Expanded format, but it is not as lethal. Again, the Supporter line here could see some work, but this looks like a great base list to start your Lost Thunder testing. 

Decidueye-GX / Alolan Ninetales-GX

Decidueye GX (SUM; 12)  / Alolan Ninetales GX (JP; 132)  is a new take on a Decidueye GX (SUM; 12)  deck that recently placed well at the MINT Sannomiya local tournament in Japan. With the ban of Forest of Giant Plants (ANO; 74)  and the loss of important partner cards such as Vileplume (ANO; 3) , Decidueye GX (SUM; 12) took a dip in popularity. However, with new consistency boosting cards like Alolan Ninetales GX (JP; 132)  and Garbodor (BKP; 57)  being rotated out of Standard, Decidueye GX (SUM; 12)  stands to be a true contender.

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