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60Cards Tournament Series - June 2018 results

Results from our 11th monthly tournament of the 2017-18 season. Format - BKT-FLI 70 Player Swiss

07/24/2018 by Seth Budrik

Top Cut Bracket:
Swiss Standings

Meta Share (70 Participants)
Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX: 9 (12.85%)
Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar: 8 (11.42%)
Buzzwole/Buzzwole GX: 6 (8.57%)
Lapras GX: 5 (7.14%)
Necrozma GX/Malamar: 5 (7.14%)
Dusk Mane Necrozma GX Variants: 5 (7.14%)
Greninja BREAK: 4 (5.71%)
Zoroark GX/Lucario GX: 4 (5.71%)
Garbodor/Zoroark GX: 3 (4.28%)
Gardevoir GX: 3 (4.28%)
Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX: 2 (2.85%)
Sylveon GX: 2 (2.85%)
Garbodor/Espeon GX: 2 (2.85%)
Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt: 2 (2.85%)
Xerneas BREAK: 1 (1.42%)
Volcanion EX: 1 (1.42%)

Rogue/Other: 7 (10%)

“I just wanted to play Greninja BREAK because it's rotating out. You either run hot with it or you don't.

The exact 60 cards list credit goes to Alex Schemanske from Madison Regionals. I felt like his version was the best to play against Buzzwole and Zoroark variants due to the Enhanced Hammers and Counter Catchers.”

“I picked Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX because I think the deck is really well positioned in the current meta. This was of course before people knew quad Zoroark GX being a thing.

It auto-wins the Necrozma GX and Ultra Necrozma GX match-ups, which I expected to see quite a lot of. It's Buzzwole match-up is not as bad as most people think. They usually get to three prizes before the can really swing back at you. At that point, Mewtwo and Mew EX can just clean up the game. With Lycanroc GX you can very easily pull up the Octillery mid game, and N them down to a low hand size. Zoroark GX mirrors are mostly skill based, so if you can outplay your opponent, you usually win.

As far as card choices go, I think this list is pretty standard. While most people only played two Parallel City, I played three. In my opinion, the third Parallel City makes the Malamar match-ups a lot better. Playing it down during your first turn gives you such an edge over your opponent. I decided to only play two Tapu Lele GX because starting with Tapu Lele GX is obviously not ideal, and since Zoroark GX has so much draw power on it's own, I figured I could get away with only playing two. While this worked out fine, I would rather play a third Tapu Lele GX over the Evo Soda. I think the added consistency it gives you is worth it. Plus, it doubles as a great attacker in most match-ups.

I chose Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX over other Zoroark GX variants because in my opinion, it is the one best against random decks, such as Xerneas BREAK and Dusk Mane Necrozma GX.”

“I chose Buzzwole GX because the deck is inherently powerful. Not much needs to be said about this deck that hasn't already been said in the past two months of this format.

The only question with this deck is the counts. I tried 2-1 Lycanroc GX, and while it's not bad, 2-2 is better. Three baby Buzzwole to two Buzzwole GX is good, but four to one works too, with three to one feeling risky. I like the tenth fighting energy because hitting early Max Elixirs wins games. Even with Malamar and heavy counters in the meta, just play-test to find the counts you like, as this deck will likely never be a bad choice going into a tournament.”

“I decided Ultra Necrozma GX/Malamar because I prefer decks that can get big knock-outs and like the way the deck functions. The Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX and Hoopa match-ups can be tough, but most other decks are favorable or 50-50.

I play the deck quite aggressively and will try to turn use Professor Sycamore turn one as often as possible. For this reason, I prefer to keep the 4-4 Malamar line but would consider dropping the Brigette for a fourth Guzma.

I included single copies of Oranguru and Mimikyu which are both great for the mid to late game. I believe Oranguru is essential for the deck as it helps you out of awkward late game situations. Mimikyu can pick up great revenge knock-outs on all major GX Pokemon that aren't in Zoroark GX decks. Mimikyu is also an okay Pokemon to start if going second as Filch is a very useful and underrated attack. “

“I picked Xerneas BREAK because I felt it had the most 50-50 match-ups across the board. In addition to that, this is unexpected so I felt that others wouldn't tech for or, wouldn't know the best ways to beat it. Lastly, I picked this deck because I feel non GX attackers are very good in the current Format.

The deck list that I played is pretty unusual. The 4-3 Xerneas BREAK line worked well, as I never felt that I needed a fourth Xerneas BREAK. The Xerneas GX was helpful, but in the future I would rather play a Mewtwo from Evolutions to improve the Buzzwole match-up. Two Brigette was enough in the deck, I think three would just be excessive. Diantha was the MVP in the deck for me, I wish I could find room for a second copy in the deck. Three Counter Catcher was fantastic in the deck because you go behind on prizes ninety percent of the time. Also, when you are ahead on prize cards, you almost never need to switch your opponent's active Pokemon anyway.

Overall, the deck is great and I recommend others to play it.”

“I picked Lapras GX because I thought it would be a bit under the radar. I tested it a little bit and it played well for me, so I decided to play it.

I think it needs to switch out energy switches for for Float Stones because getting the turn one attack off was just too hard but with Float Stone the percentages would go up quite a bit.

I was happy with how the deck did. If you can get ahead with Lapras GX, it is very hard for your opponent to come back.”



Once again, I would like to thank all 70 players who participated in our June 2018 tournament. If you would like to join us for future tournaments and free prizes, please click the link below, where you can win playmats, PTCGO codes, and Tournament Points(TP for short), towards the 60Cards Invitational, where the winner of that will earn more codes and even a trophy. All tournaments are free and anyone of any skill level can join.

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