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60Cards Tournament Series - February 2018 Results

Results for our Seventh Monthly Tournament of the 2017-18 Season Format - BKT-Ultra Prism

03/14/2018 by Seth Budrik

Top Cut Bracket:
Swiss Standings:

Meta Share
Gardevoir GX Variants: 7 (10.92%)
Greninja BREAK: 6 (9.37%)
Garbodor Box Variants: 5 (7.82%)
Zoroark GX/Buzzwole GX: 3 (4.68%)
Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX: 3 (4.68%)
Buzzwole GX/Garbodor: 3 (4.68%)
Magnezone/Dusk Mane Necrozma GX: 2 (3.12%)
Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt: 2 (3.12%)
Zoroark GX/Lycanroc GX: 2 (3.12%)
Volcanion EX Variants: 2 (3.12%)
Zoroark GX/Decidueye GX: 2 (3.12%)
Lapras GX: 2 (3.12%)
Tapu Koko GX: 2 (3.12%)
Aloloan Dugtrio: 2 (3.12%)
Wobbuffet: 2 (3.12%)
Zoroark GX/Golisopod GX: 1 (1.56%)
Golisopod GX/Garbodor: 1 (1.56%)
Gourgeist: 1 (1.56%)
Sylveon GX: 1 (1.56%)
Silvally GX/Psychic Box: 1 (1.56%)
Hoopa/Wishiwashi GX: 1 (1.56%)
Glaceon GX/Zoroark GX: 1 (1.56%)
Garchomp/Lucario: 1 (1.56%)
Empoleon: 1 (1.56%)
Rogue/Other: 8 (12.5%)

“I chose to play Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt for the event just because I wanted to play something that could work with little to no cards from Ultra Prism. At the time lists were due I was still preparing for the Oceania International which was before Ultra Prism, so I had not yet tested a single game or collected any new cards from the new set. The deck seemed like the best deck I could play without worrying about new cards so I simply added a Cynthia and went with a fairly basic list.

As for techs the only cards that aren't really basic were probably the second copy of heavy ball, which was just to increase my turn 2 Vikavolt chances, and the Octillery line instead of Oranguru because drawing up to 3 cards in this deck is only ever useful if you get N'd to a low hand, while drawing up to 5 helps almost every turn as well as against N. Also, being able to get out Remoraid when your opponent has brooklit hill can be quite handy.

I am not too sure about what edits I would make. I feel like I would cut the second heavy ball for a third field blower as Garbodor is starting to become popular again. The only other thing I would consider is swapping around the supporter counts a little. Cutting the second Brigette for a third Tapu Lele GX is something I would consider as Tapu Lele GX is useful at all parts of the game while Brigette is only good during the first turn or two. Other than that I would want a fourth Guzma, but I am not sure what I would cut for it.

I really enjoyed playing in this tournament mainly because I was able to play against a variety of different lists I was not too familiar with from the new format, as well as being able to try out the format for the first time. I had many really close games against players who I have enjoyed playing against in the past and I got to meet some more people as well who were all really nice.”

“Since the last event I decided to play Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt, anticipating the new tournament to be filled with Zoroark GX and Buzzwole GX variants, which in my opinion the deck has a decent match up against all of them.

I do not play any Charjabug and the deck relies only on Skyla to find rare candy. I also run three field blowers which helps a lot against Garbodor variants and against parallel city. Throughout the tournament I faced a few Buzzwole decks and having three Choice Bands and two fighting fury belts made a big difference in getting the Knock Outs. After all the games I played, I like this list, but if I had to change some cards I would take out Professor Kukui and the fourth Grubbin for a Mew for Psychic weakness and a Oranguru for the draw ability.

I really enjoy playing in the monthly tournaments because it gives me the opportunity to test out new decks and meet amazing players from all over the world, which in turn makes me a better player from playing and learning from them them. I am happy with my performance and reaching the finals is no small feat. Hopefully in the future I will win a tournament, but having fun and being passionate about Pokemon is the real goal. Thank you for the opportunity and see you guys in the next one.”

“For the February Tournament I played Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX. I've been playing different variants since Lycanroc came out in Guardians Rising, and with all the success this deck has seen all over the world, I opted to play it for this tournament. Playing something I was comfortable with was important with Ultra Prism being legal, since I was not able to get my hands on too many cards before the tournament started.

The actual list is pretty standard, with a few exceptions. I ran a 1-1 Carbink BREAK line, taking a page from the successful Buzzwole GX/Garbodor lists that have popped up during the last month. Diamond Gift is recharging your big hitters and I needed a non GX/EX attacker for the potential Hoopa or Aloloan Ninetales. Did not end up seeing either of those cards during the tournament, but it still did end up helping me throughout the tournament.

One Cynthia was purely due to only being able to get one copy prior to the start of the tournament. Plus, I had never tested the card before and was not sure if I would like to use it more than Sycamore. I found myself reaching for it pretty regularly each game when you don't want to discard resources or refresh your opponent’s hand. I will add at least one more copy in the future.

In the future I will be looking to add a second field blower with the return of Garbodor. Most decks that are not playing Buzzwole GX are play Mew EX, Mew, or Mewtwo to counter it, so I would consider a Zygarde in the future as well to potentially make the weakness less painful. Jordan Palmer's Mew in his Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt deck was particularly nasty.

I thought the tournament went really well and I was pleased to have finally cracked the Top 8 ceiling I seemed to continually hit during these tournaments. This deck is certainly a contender for me as I prepare for the Portland Regionals at the end of the month. Thanks again for the great tournament!”

“I played my Gardevoir GX list with a 2-2 Octillery line and with 2 Gallade to take advantage of the insane draw power. The double evosoda helps with speed and consistency. I played Giratina Promo to help with the Greninja BREAK match, as I was confident I could beat anything else in the current meta. In the future, I would probably add some max potions to take advantage of Gardevoir's defensive capabilities.

My tournament experience was really positive and I had no issues at all.”

To see Olliver Barr's full thoughts on the deck, please click the link here


“This was an incredibly fun deck to pilot. My friend, Seagrove, is actually the one who convinced me to play Lapras GX for expanded format at Daytona Regionals. With the addition of Glaceon GX from Ultra Prism, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to play it in standard. The real strength of the deck is how quickly you can set up, and how easily you can bounce back from a dead board state with no threats to taking a Knock Out in just one turn.

Professor Kukui was a must in the deck because of the 20 extra damage, which allows Lapras GX to hit for 210 with choice band attached. I also added a copy of Cyrus, which did win me two games. I also really liked Tapu Koko, because in addition to the free retreat it provides, especially combined with Guzma, it also helped soften up benched Pokemon. The inclusion of White Kyurem gave me an answer to Tapu Bulu GX. Zoroark GX/Golisopod GX was the one deck I dreaded the most. The only card I would add is Unit Energy(GFW), which can activate the bench damage for White Kyurem's first attack.

Overall, it was a fun, fast hitting deck.”

“I enjoy playing decks that are a little different, stuff that my opponent hopefully is not expecting in order to get a slight edge. I noticed that Choice Band and Promo Lurantis can help Tapu Bulu GX hit some very nice numbers to One Hit Knock Out, so I thought I would give it a crack. Vikavolt has already been done, but I needed something that could charge up a Tapu Bulu GX just about as quick: enter Venusaur.

So, that was the basic idea and it evolved as I tested it. A shining Genesect as my non EX/GX attacker, since Energy Reload is also great in games where I am slow to set up Venusaur resulting in my attackers having extra energy attached to them. Pheromosa GX was just a bit of fun at first until I discovered how great it was in the first few turns of the game, as was as Beauty GX potentially hitting 300 off of 1 energy when the stars align. The jury is still out on Lurantis GX, since it was an easy inclusion since I was already running Promo Lurantis and it offers me a lot of utility, but it is definitely the least used card in the deck.

The list is really tight, so any changes I make to improve certain match ups seem to hurt the consistency so much that it can't keep up with the top tier decks, which are already tough for this deck. Garbodor/Buzzwole GX in particular is a nightmare, as there is no Lycanroc GX for easy for Knock Outs, and two Field Bowers and a couple of Guzma is not enough to deal with Garbodor's Garbotoxin. I wish I could fit in one more max elixir, and possibly another pal pad. I am in love with two rescue stretcher in this deck, as they put in a lot of work, allowing me to play a bit more aggressively, as well as helping to recover fallen Venusaur and getting away with so many Pokemon that I only play 1 Copy of.

There are no easy games with this deck and lot of the time I had to drop a supporter trying to get multiple specific cards so I had to have had a lot of faith that my numbers were correct. The tournament was great and I played against some skilled opponents. I am keen to give this deck a go at some local events in the near future.”





Once again, I would like to thank all 64 players who participated in our February tournament. If you would like to join us for more great tournaments and free prizes, please click the link below, where you can win points towards the 60Cards Online Invitational, playmats and PTCGO codes. It's free and anyone is welcome to join.

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