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60Cards Tournament Series - November 2017 Results

Results for our Fourth Monthly Tournament of the 2017-18 Season

12/13/2017 by Seth Budrik

Hello, for those who do not know me, I've been playing since the 2012-2013 season. At the start of the 2015-2016 season, Cody Kressmann created a group for PTCGO because of how our league could not always go out to play and a lack of online tournaments. He added me to help him out and we continued to grow the Facebook group. In March 2017, we partnered with 60Cards to begin offering prizes to our top finishers.

November Tournament
This tournament is our fourth monthly tournament of the season and our first expanded monthly. 42 participants entered. The lower participants were expected, as Expanded is not as popular in other countries or regions. This was also the first monthly tournament to use the Crimson Invasion Expansion, taking place right before London Internationals and San Jose Regionals. It is interesting to note the amount of different decks, with the most popular decks not having more than 5 people pilot them. All and all, this tournament was very diverse, and the final standings even show as much.

Meta Breakdown
Garbodor - 5
Volcanion EX/Turtonator GX - 4
Golisopod GX - 4
Gardevoir GX - 4
Darkrai GX/EX - 3
Zoroark GX - 3
Tapu Koko/Dusknoir - 2
Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt - 1
Trevenant BREAK - 1
Gyarados - 1
Wailord EX/Hoopa - 1
Night March/Zoroark GX - 1
Lapras GX - 1
M Rayquaza EX - 1
Sableye/Garbodor - 1
Zoroark GX/Lycanrock GX - 1
Buzzwole GX/Lycanroc GX - 1
Greninja BREAK - 1
Seismitoad EX/Crobat- 1
Flareon/Vespiquen - 1

Rogue/Other - 4

Hex Maniac
0 Copies: 30/42
1 Copy: 12/42

0 Copies: 34/42
1 Copy: 8/42

1 Copy: 18/42
2 Copies: 21/42
3 Copies: 2/42
4 Copies: 1/42

Field Blower
0 Copies: 7/42
1 Copy: 19/42
2 Copies: 16/42

0 Copies 33/42
1 Copy: 9/42

Swiss Standings


Top Cut Bracket


Final Standings

With all X-2s or better making Top Cut, only 3 decks were represented more than once, and despite the fact Garbodor GRI was the most popular deck, none made Top Cut with it. Golisopod GX variants did not fair well either, while Zoroark GXand Darkrai GX decks had some success. Of those who made top 8, half of them were the only one to play their deck of choice, which proves that expanded is unpredictable. Let's hear from those who piloted the decks that made top 8, shall we?


“I picked Sableye/Garbodor because it’s so good, as it seems to have answers to almost everything. If piloted correctly, the deck can run anything out of resources except for Greninja. I played a fairly standard list, aiming at milling your opponent out, of course. One thing to note is my list is suboptimal. This deck needs to have a Gladion and a counter catcher in there, but I forgot they existed when I made the list and turned it in.

Some notable cards were Latias EX, which was there for the Trevenant match up, and Head Ringer, which was there for Volcanion and Turbo Dark. Everything else is fairly standard to discard energy or whatever else your opponent throws at you (also setup and consistency cards). You use Trashalanche almost as a way to rid your opponent of energy, as if they get too built up on something you kind of have to just kill it (plus mill kinda puts tons of items in the discard). I’d like another trick shovel, so the 'perfect lock' can be achieved (when your opponent has no useful things in hand and you continuously double trick shovel to ensure that stays that way). I also want the Gladion and counter catcher of course.

My general experience was that this deck is hard. It took me a few rounds to really get used to it. The tournament went extremely well as soon as I figured the deck out completely, only messing up enough to lose me a game once against James Horvath’s Night March in top 4. It was a great tournament and I’m happy I got to avenge my finals loss last month."

“I picked Koko/Dusknoir because I felt that it would be a very strong surprise play, as well as being a deck that is just ridiculously fun to use. Flashfire Duskull has a great free attack but I included one burning shadows Duskull to prevent a bench snipe from Ho-Oh. Mimikyu didn't get used too often but is great for punishing hard hitters like Turtonator and it has decent free draw support. It could easily be replaced with something else. Mew is the real MVP of the deck. It can take on the role of every other attacker on the bench, and with counter energy, can potentially swing for massive damage if need be. I should have run 2 of these instead of a Mimikyu. Counter energy is a wonderful addition, useful as fuel for spread attacks as well as giving the option to use more powerful moves if the opponent is being shy about benching Pokemon.

I'd like to give a shout out to my friends in the Six Prize Syndicate for helping me build this deck!”  

“I picked this deck because Zoroark is very good, especially in expanded due to Sky Field and it's draw with propagation Exeggcute. I played it with Lycanroc partially to help with the mirror match, the Lysandre effect of the ability, and for a big GX attack. The Pokemon choices include Alolan Muk to stop basic abilities like Sudowoodo's Roadblock, Exeggcute for the draw support, Oricorio for Night March, and Sudowoodo for the mirror. Puzzles are very good in a Zoroark deck because of all the draw support and for recovering cards like Double Colorless Energy or choice band for an important knockout.

Credit to my husband and the Six Prize Syndicate for the deck!”  

“So, going into the tournament, the only deck I seem to do well with in expanded is Night March. I really loved the addition of Zoroark. It gave some extra draw support and it was a massive help in the Karen/Trevevant match ups.”  

“I chose Darkrai GX because it's a fun deck to play and has some decent match ups against the more popular decks in expanded. Darkrai GX is the main attacker in this deck. Choice Band plus Virbank City/Hypnotoxic Laser hits 190 and Dead End GX hits anything for KO with a Laser. Dark Patch and Max Elixir enable you to power it up quickly so you can start taking prizes turn 2. Darkrai GX’s base damage of 130 is also good against Garbodor. Darkrai EX is a good attacker against decks like Night March and Gardevoir but is mainly used for the Dark Cloak ability. Oricorio makes the Night March match up close and also helped against Vespiquen/Flareon. Sableye is a good counter for Sableye/Garbodor, recycling patches/elixirs and Super Rod to keep energy in deck and power up a benched Darkrai; It's better for forcing the 7 prize game against decks that have trouble overcoming it like Turbo Dark and Turtles.

Overall the deck performed well. I hit a few rough patches as far as hands go and made a couple misplays along the way but it has the resources to go off. I don't know any of them personally, but the deck is 59/60 of the one played in Daytona so shout outs to Zach Lesage and Hunter Butler for creating the list and Daniel Altavilla for profiling it. I switched a Max Elixir out for an Escape Rope based on a suggestion from the aforementioned profile. The deck ran fantastically when I was testing it out and I feel it's fairly well optimized with the current card pool so I didn't see the need to try and 'improve' it." 

“I chose to play Gardevoir-GX for this tournament because it has good match ups across the board. It has good match ups against Zoroark GX variants, Turbo Turtonator, Garbodor Toolbox, Turbo Darkrai, and many other random decks. It has 50/50s with Night March, Trevenant, Seismitoad Variants, and many more. It doesn’t have many bad match ups and no auto losses. I chose to play Sylveon-GX because I liked being able to put all of the pieces in my hand and having the option to use Plea GX which won me one of my matches. I chose to not play max potion because I believe it isn’t influential enough in any match ups. I chose to play Seismitoad-EX to help in the Night March match up, which I never ended up playing. I would make a lot of changes to the list if I were to play it again. Overall I think it was a good play and it was a fun deck.“ 

“I picked Greninja because I expected a decent amount of Night March and Zoroark/Lycanroc. You just do Ninja stuff and pray that you don't get donked every game which happened in my top 8. Just used the old build for Ninja without Talonflame but with Tapu Lele instead. Brooklet Hill for Silent Labs for Giratina promos and early slow down. I played a 1 of battle compressor because it's just a great card in almost any deck to help thin out your deck. Also a 1 of XY Greninja to help the Night March match up. The deck is always fun to play and it would have decent match ups across the board for most of the time.” 

“The card choices are kind of obvious, but being able to search for your Gyarados and Octillery lines with dive ball is huge! A 1-1 line of Shaymin and Tapu Lele for support is a must, as you will mostly play 1 per game, and they also help with strange match ups. I got paired up toad-viper and won game 2 with Shaymin loop and Tapu Lele combo.

The deck did not fail to me at all, I failed more, misplaying on my last round by placing an energy on a Magikarp that I just played instead of the one able to evolve was crucial, losing that entire game. I ended up losing my last swiss round against the finalist with his Tap koko/dusknoir, a auto loss match up.

One last note, Octillery was MVP, as the deck comes down to building the pieces of the puzzle (Stadium/benching Magikarps/DCE/evolving) so Octillery + teammates ensures that you get those 4 pieces every single turn.”


Once again, I would like to thank all 42 players who participated in our November Tournament. Our December tournament is currently underway. If you want to join for more great tournaments and free prizes, definitely click the group link below, where you can win points towards the 60Cards Online Invitational, PRO Memberships, Play mats and PTCGO CODES. It is free and anyone can participate.


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