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60Cards Tournament Series - August Results


09/11/2017 by Seth Budrik

Hello, for those who do not know me, I've been playing since the 2012-2013 season. At the start of the 2015-2016 season, Cody Kressmann created a group for PTCGO because of how our league could not always go out to play and because of a lack of online tournaments. He then later added me to help him out and we continued to grow the Facebook group. In March 2017, we partnered with 60Cards.
August Tournament
This tournament started right after Burning Shadows was released and right before Worlds, and was the first tournament of the 2017/2018 season with the post-worlds format(BREAKPoint onward). Surprisingly, there was not that much experimenting as most people played what was already thought to be good in this new format. In particular, a large amount of people were either playing Volcanion EX/Turtanator GX, or playing decks that were thought to have good match ups against it.

Volcanion EX/Turtanator GX - 12
Alolan Ninetales GX - 8
Metagross GX - 5
Greninja BREAK – 5
Gardevoir GX - 4
Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt - 3
Garbodor/Espeon GX - 2
Garbodor/Tapu Koko/Necrozma - 2
Passimian/Mew - 1
Lapras GX - 1
Other/Rogue - 5

Tapu Koko Promo Counts
0 Copies: 33/46
1 Copy: 5/46
2 Copies: 7/46
3 Copies: 1/46

Lists with Sudowoodo: 3/46

Standings Going into Top Cut


Final Standings

As you can see above, half of the people who played some variant of Volcanion EX/Turtanator GX went 4-2 or better and made cut, while only 2 people who played some variant of Aloan Ninetales did as well. Another deck that was said to have a good Volcanion match was Greninja variants, with 3/5 making cut. Metagross GX and Tapu Bulu GX/Vikavolt did poorly because of the amount of Volcanion, with only 1 Metagross GX deck making cut. Gardevoir GX and, surprisingly, Garbodor/Tapu Koko/Necrozma took the remaining spots. But let’s hear more from the People who did well.


“I picked Alolan Ninetales because I feel like it has pretty good match ups across the board, and it has a lot of tools at its disposal. It's very consistent with Octillery and Beacon from Alolan Vulpix, so you almost always get set up. It has the ability to do spread damage with Tapu Koko and Ice Blade, high damage with Blizzard Edge, and act as a wall with the new baby Ninetales and the big Ninetales' GX move. With this versatility, you can adapt to each situation depending on what you draw and how your opponent is playing. Energy acceleration with Aqua Patch is also really nice to pay for the big attack costs. As for the specific techs, Enhanced Hammer is for the Gardevoir match up. Getting rid of a DCE at the right time may make the difference between getting knocked out and living enough to get an Ice Path GX off, but it's still a good card for against other decks that rely on DCEs. 2 Kukui is important to hit 210 damage, and Pokemon Center Lady was for Espeon GX, Greninja, and Lapras. PCL is definitely the 60th card, so that could be cut for a tech if you really want something else.

Also, shout out to the Six Prize Syndicate for helping me make my list!"


“I choose Volcanion because it's very straightforward. Attach energy, progress your board, and do damage. Baby Volcanion is really the MVP since it's such a good one prize attacker. Also turn one Kiawe to Ho-oh or Turtanator is really strong early pressure. As for the techs, enhanced hammer was for Gardevoir, and 3 choice band 1 belt split was for decks like Tapu Bulu and Gardevoir. By applying pressure with power heater, it forces them to take smaller prizes and it sets up easier knockouts with bigger attackers. Forcing the prize race in your favor wins you the game at that point. The only thing I would change is one switch to an Acerola so you can pick up hurt Volcanion and get your energies back to steam up.

Also, shout out to the Six Prize Syndicate for helping me make my list!"

(And yes, she is the wife of Vlad Gamalie. Lol)

“I am always trying to invent new decks. This one, I thought, would be pretty unique, but we saw a few different versions (more focused on energy denial than acceleration) show up at the world championship, with one even making top 8. It was pretty cool to see that some of the best players in the world had also come up with the same deck idea. I came up with the list after I decided I wanted to play something with Garbodor (garbotoxin) because of the strength of ability lock in the new format. I liked the idea of a spread deck, and the psychic energy allowed me to play trashalanche and use Necrozma’s first attack. I believed the new concept of the deck would take many opponents by surprise. It definitely worked out as I ended top 4 and my testing partner, who only changed a couple cards, got top 8! The ideal goal of the deck is to spread damage around with Po town and koko and then take multiple prizes at once with Necrozma’s GX attack. Often, you end up using the GX attack earlier and then use your assorted attackers to finish of your opponent’s GX and EX Pokemon (or devolve with Espeon EX).

I never considered the possibility of energy denial until I saw the worlds lists, but without ninja boy, I think the acceleration of max elixir is more important. It allows you to power up a Necrozma in a single turn instead of leaving it vulnerable to Guzma on the bench. I chose to play super rod instead of rescue stretcher to ensure my late game elixirs. I played only one trashalanche because of the loss of vs seeker in the new format, but I think 2-2 garbotoxin trashalanche is fine. Po town in combination with Koko and Espeon is amazing against evolution decks, but it really hurts your Volcanion match up. I am currently testing a list with no Po town. I have tried 1 and 2, but I think you need to play 0 or 3 so that you can find them early.”

“I picked the Gardevoir deck because I wanted to try it out before the first Regionals take place in Europe. That was still before Gardevoir won Worlds in Anaheim. I liked the idea of playing a Sylveon line in this deck because it provides three useful attacks and can be setup consistently thanks to Eevee. Tapu Koko helped against Pokémon with 190 or more which would be hard to KO otherwise. I played two copies of Fairy Garden to improve flexibility for the different attackers.”


 Now, let's look at two decks, that while did not do as well, are still interesting to look at.


 “When going into the tournament I listed all the top tier decks. Greninja won against most of the popular decks like Gardevoir, Volcanion and Ninetales. But I predicted that there also would be a lot of Golisopod, so I teched in Talonflame Break. I still felt that the deck needed reliable energy recovery, so I put in Starmie. I replaced the dive balls I previously had with more Ultra Ball, 1 Evosoda and 2 Timer Ball. The reason I chose Timer Ball over 3 Evosoda was because of the 1 Rare Candy that I ran in my deck. But now I needed a better way to get Froakies, so I added 2 Brooklet Hill. I knew Garbodor was going to be around, so I kept the 2 Field Blowers, unfortunately I ended up losing to Garbodor in Top 8. The 1 Random Receiver I played in the deck was almost like a 9th draw supporter if I didn’t hit a Guzma. This was really good because Greninja has troubles setting up sometimes. I played a 1-1 split of Rescue Stretcher and Super Rod. Looking back at the list it is probably the thing I want to change the most. There was some matches where I just really needed another Rescue Stretcher. The reason I played Super Rod was to make sure that I had access to Energy even in games where Staryu or Starmie was prized or if I needed more than 2 Energy. It helped a lot since they were prized some games. The reason I played 2 Max Potion was to take advantage of the bulk of my 2 Breaks. 170HP + ability lock is a lot of HP. The reason I won the mirror match against Roel Carlet was because of these cards. I play 3 Choice Band because it makes the numbers much better. The Supporters I play are 2 Guzma, 4 Sycamore and 4 N. You usually only get to play 1 Guzma per game because of constant Ultra Ball/Sycamore, so playing 2 makes the odds better. I feel like draw supporters only really are necessary mid/late game, so I only run 8+ 1 Random Receiver instead of more. I am comfortable with 6 Water energy because of Starmie, so I chose to play 3 Splash in addition since it helps making your opponent KO 6 Greninja instead of running out.”



“When Metagross GX came out, I knew that the deck could work. It's just incredibly powerful, being able to one shot everything with the addition of choice band as well. It's just a matter of being able to set up, which is why the Brigitte & Vulpix combo is so good.

Unlike most Metagross builds, I use Solgaleo as my main attacker and aim for the one hit knock outs. Metagross is the support, and is used to take KOs on the non EX/GX so that I can preserve the Solgaleo. Since the Solgaleo hardly ever gets KOd, and having the Metagross as well, I opted for just a 2-1-2 Solgaleo line. I then went with a 3-2-3 Metagross line, rounding it out with the four rare candies to kind of speed up the process.”


 Once again, I would like to thank all 46 players who participated in our August Tournament. Our September tournament is currently underway. The new season has just gone underway, so it is exciting to see who else does well!

If you want to join for more great tournaments and free prizes, definitely click the group link below, where you can win points towards the 60Cards Online Invitational, PRO Memberships, Play mats and PTCGO CODES. It is free and anyone can participate.
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