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60Cards Tournament Series - 2017 Invitational Results


08/03/2017 by Seth Budrik

Hello, for those who do not know me, I've been playing since the 2012-2013 season. At the start of the 2015-2016 season, Cody Kressmann created a group for PTCGO because of how our league could not always go out to play and because of a lack of online tournaments. He then later added me to help him out and we continued to grow the Facebook group. In March 2017, we partnered with 60Card


2017 60Cards Tournament Series Invitational
This event features the top 12 players with the most amount of points throughout the season for our tournaments, along with those who won the January and June tournaments (each receiving a round 1 bye). Because these are the best players throughout our entire season and because this was a couple of weeks after US Internationals, almost all of the lists are refined and very thought out. As you can see in the Meta below, it was very Volcanion heavy, and most decks that were chosen had fairly solid matchups across the board, making this a fairly even playing field.


Volcanion EX: 6
Decidueye GX/Ninetales GX: 3
Greninja BREAK/Talonflame: 2
Darkrai EX: 1
Umbreon GX/Zoroark BREAK: 1
Zoroark BREAK/Drampa GX: 1



As it turned out, most of the people who decided to play Volcanion ended up one side of the bracket, while all Greninja and Decidueye players ended up the other side. In fact, 75% of the Top 4 (except for Omar) played the mirror match for their respective deck choice. It is also interesting to note that all four players who made Top 4 played different decks, and it seemed like anyone could have won it,. Let's hear what the Top 4 had to say about their lists.


Winner: Tyler Vaughn – Decidueye GX/Ninetales GX

“So, I'm gonna be honest, I didn’t test a lot of decks. I had been playing Vespiquen for most of the season and with Karen and Oricorio, I scrubbed out of the last tournament and didn’t think my favorite deck was viable. So I tested Volcanion and Decidueye/Ninetales. I played about 30 games with Decidueye/Ninetales and just kind of settled on it because it has so much utility.

The card choices were fairly straightforward. The Mewtwo was for Espeon GX. I didn’t use it much. The Koko wasn’t used much either, but the free retreat was nice. The max potions led to slightly less consistency, but it did win me games, especially in the mirror.”


Runner-Up: Austen Vance – Volcanion EX

“I felt that Volcanion had amazing match ups going into this tournament especially when Drampa/Garbodor and Decidueye dominated US Internationals. Volcanion got new tools like Turtanator and field blower which made the deck good. I just used Ryan Sabelhaus's list and it worked out pretty well. Starmie is so clutch in this deck and won me all my games.”

Top 4: Connor Pedersen – Greninja BREAK/Talonflame

“I played Greninja/Talonflame because I felt comfortable with it. Although it might win me the tournament, I thought I could get a pretty good placing with it, which I did. It generally had good match ups all around, although it did lose to Decidueye. The reason why I ran Talonflame break was to give me at least a fighting chance against Decidueye. I'm a big fan of Talonflame actually because when you start with it pretty much means your going to get a good setup no matter what.”

Top 4: Omar Alnemer – Darkrai EX

“Since this tournament is only a single elimination tournament rather than a swiss-then-cut type, I thought I should target certain expected parts of the meta rather than the whole meta. I felt Darkrai/Garbodor is the deck to choose to beat the three decks that I'm expecting: Garbodor, Volcanion and Decidueye. The list is straight forward and to the point, with small techs to edge out against Volcanion and Decidueye. 1-1 Garbodor line was enough even without a way to retrieve any Pokemon, 2 Tapu Lele and a fan club to ensure that setup if needed. Hex was a late addition to the list to have an extra out against Decidueye since they usually can deal with Garbodor easily. 1 Shaymin and 2 Trainer's Mail were added to increase consistency and keep up the tempo against these speedy Volcanion lists, and I already feel that I have an edge over Garbodor so throwing a couple of Mails shouldn't hurt. 3/3 tools were sufficient for me. I know the majority of Darkrai lists play at least 7 tools, but I felt I usually drew awkward hand with the high number of tools. Also, I like to keep my field with 1 or 2 tools max at the same time and manage my board accordingly.”



As a bonus for the Invitational, we're also going to include the rest of the lists used in this tournament.


Top 8: Austin Drake - Zoroark BREAK/Drampa GX

“I played Zoroark BREAK/Drampa GX for the Invitational because I wanted to play a deck that gave me at least a 50/50 shot against most decks. As for card choices, playing 4 Choice Band is definitely one of my favorite choices that I made. There are many situations where having a Choice Band can make all the difference. A great example is against Alolan Ninetales decks, which can punish you with Ice Path GX if you can't one shot them. Using Foul Play with Zoroark Break to copy Ninetales' attack with a Choice band and Professor Kukui is one of the best uses for Choice Band. There's a ton of scenarios where Choice Band helps numbers, and I can't see myself dropping to 3 copies of it. If I could cut one card from the deck, it would be the Oricorio. There were no Vespiquen decks in the tournament, and while it definitely has its uses in other match ups, I never used it once. I would definitely add a second Hex Maniac in its place, as every deck on my side of the bracket relied on abilities, and hex would have given me a better match up against all of those decks.”

Top 8: Ole Stognief - Volcanion EX


Top 8: Daniel Punshon - Volcanion EX


Top 8: James Horvath – Volcanion EX


Top 14: Vlad Gamalie – Decidueye GX/Ninetales GX


Top 14: Jordan Palmer - Decidueye GX/Ninetales GX


Top 14: Roel Carlet - Volcanion EX

Top 14: Sten Carlet – Volcanion EX


Top 14: Steve Zhang – Greninja BREAK/Talonflame


Top 14: James Hart – Zoroark BREAK/Umbreon GX


Once again, Congratulations to Tyler Vaughn for winning our Invitational! And Congratulations to everyone who earned their invite to our Invitational this year and thank you to everyone who participated for the 2017/2017 season! The 2017/2018 season is now underway with a couple of fun format mini tournaments.

If you want to join for more great tournaments and free prizes, definitely click the group link below, where you can win points towards the 60Cards Online Invitational, PRO Memberships, Playmats and PTCGO CODES. It is free and anyone can participate.
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