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Isaiah  Bradner

The Face Of Fighting In Expanded - Lucario for Dallas

It’s Isaiah back again to talk about the new Expanded meta that has shaped up since Anaheim.

01/08/2019 by Isaiah Bradner

Happy New Year, 60cards Readers! It’s Isaiah back again to talk about the new Expanded meta that has shaped up since Anaheim. To no surprise to anyone, Zoroark-GX has once again taken the front seat. While I have historically been a huge fan of Buzzwole-GX, I personally believe that currently, Lucario-GX is our best bet to combat those pesky foxes.

This list was based on Israel Sosa’s which he recently got top eight at Anaheim with. With multiple copies of  Focus Sash (FRF; 91) and Acerola (BUS; 112) , the deck has all the tools it needs to stand up the popular decks right now.

Why Lucario over Buzzwole?


As many of you know, I have been a huge fan of  Buzzwole GX (CIN; 57) ever since it’s release last year. Unfortunately, I believe that  Lucario GX (BW; 100) is now the optimal fighting deck in Expanded. The reasoning for this is that Lucario-GX can take advantage of Focus Sash and Acerola to give it favorable trades vs most of the format, while Buzz has to play Choice Band (GRI; 121) . Lucario is also a lot more aggressive than currently Buzz is due to the lack of Max Elixir (BKP; 102) . Finally, Lucario has more space to play supporting Pokémon such as  Octillery (BKT; 33) and Oranguru (SUM; 113) . Due to it keeping the fighting typing that makes it good against the ever-so-popular Zoroark-GX, Lucario keeps extremely favorable matchups vs the format while adding a level of consistency Buzzwole didn't have. Without further ado, let's get into my vastly different Lucario list.

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