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Silent But Deadly - Trevenant in Expanded

Isaiah goes over the Trevenant list he recently used to get second at Anaheim Regionals

12/28/2018 by Isaiah Bradner

Hey 60cards readers! I'm back with a report on my finalist finish at the Anaheim Regional Championships with a deck many considered a non-contender for the event, Trevenant.


Why Trevenant?

I chose Trevenant because I believe it has a favored matchup vs everything except for Zoro/Control, a deck that is not very popular in seniors. 

The List:


4-4-3 Trevenant - I wanted the maximum chances of starting  Phantump (BKP; 64) so I could consistently get off an Ascension on turn two. I played four Trevenant (XY; 55) because if you only play three, Prizing you two can instantly lose you the game. Three  Trevenant BREAK (BKP; 66) is the standard count in most lists, and it makes your goal of getting two Trevenant Break out very realistic.

1-1 Ditto/Muk - This inclusion to the deck is what made the deck playable in my opinion.  Alolan Muk (SUM; 58) fixes a lot of the deck's mediocre matchups and  Ditto Prism Star (LT; 154) gives you a one-retreat starter that it can evolve into. Muk turns off Rush In on Keldeo-EX in the Archie's Blastoise matchup, Klefkie and Tapu Lele in the ZoroGarb matchup, Diancie in the Buzzwole matchup, and much more.

1 Espeon EX (BKP; 52) - This was mainly included for the Zoro/Garb matchup, the ability to devolve combined with N can often steal you late game win you wouldn't otherwise get.


Tapu Lele (BW; 45)  - This was a card I tried in my list for a while but didn't end up doing anything in practice. Often the games it won you were favorable board states anyways, and to me, it often seemed like a win-more card.

Marshadow (SLG; 45) - Although the pseudo-judge effect can be very strong, the combination of an additional starter that wasn't Phantump and that you can also often dead draw off of four cards, I excluded the card from my list.


4 N-supporter (DE; 96) /3 Professor Sycamore (PHF; 101) /4 Mysterious Treasure (FLI; 113) /4 VS Seeker (PHF; 109) /4  Dimension Valley (PHF; 93) - These cards are maxed out to allow you to execute the same game plan every game, set up multiple Trevenant and disrupt your opponent's board enough to buy you time to win with Silent fear. Dimension Valley is especially important because it allows you to turn one item lock if you don't start Phantump.

1 Ace Trainer (ANO; 69) - This card was the MVP of the weekend and allows you to set your opponent down to three cards as soon as they've taken a knockout! This effect is even more insane when paired with Counter Catcher and Enhanced Hammer, and can completely lock your opponent out of games.

Brigette (BKT; 134) - This is your ideal turn one supporter now that Wally has rotated, and it makes your setup run a lot smoother when you're able to use it. One key factor of Brigette is that it is the only card in your deck that can search out Ditto.

Guzma (BUS; 115) - This card has to be included in your deck for the sole purpose of being able to move Muk. It helped me stall out targets such as Diancie, but was ultimately included as a safeguard against decking out.

4 Enhanced Hammer (DE; 94) /0  Faba (LT; 173) - These counts may confuse some, but the reasoning for them is quite simple. Against Zoroark GX (SLG; 53) / Garbodor (DR; 54) you want to be using N or Ace Trainer every turn, and if you do that you'd rather have item based special energy removal that can be played at the same time.

3 Counter Catcher -  Counter Catcher (CIN; 91) is good in essentially every relevant matchup this format. Some specific examples are pulling up a Blastoise in the Archie's matchup, a Garbodor with a Klefki (STS; 80) in the ZoroGarb matchup, and  Diancie Prism Star (FLI; 74) in the  Buzzwole GX (CIN; 57) matchup.

4 Rescue Scarf (DR; 115) /1  Super Rod (DRV; 20) - These allow you to constantly stream Trev throughout the game. Rescue Scarf is especially important early game on the Phantump who just used Ascension because it can guarantee you set up Multiple Break on the next turn.


My Matchups:

R1: Buzz/Fighting Box - WW

Game one I started with an extremely awkward hand including two Rescue Scarf, two Dimension Valley, a VS Seeker, and a Sycamore. I started Phantump and was dreading the game ahead until my opponent flipped over a Buzzwole GX (CIN; 57) . This matchup is extremely favorable when played right and not even playing  Giratina (BW; 184) (As my opponent did) makes much of a difference. Game one he prized his  Zygarde EX (FCO; 54) and I was easily able to run over his board by using Silent Fear to skip  Beast Ring (FLI; 102) altogether! Because the newest variant of the deck doesn't play Max Elixir (BKP; 102) , he had no way to power up more attackers and lost.

Game two he immediately used  Korrina (FRF; 95) for Zygarde and attached a Strong Energy (FRF; 104) . I responded with Enhanced Hammer, and then N'd him into a dead hand and soon won the game with Tree Slam.

R2: Buzz/Roc - WW

This matchup was much scarier than the last because my opponent played both Max Elixir and Lycanroc GX (GRI; 74) . Game one I prized two Phantump and had one killed Early which caused me to not develop a Silent Fear until late in the game. By the time I finally had two Trevs established, he only had two prizes left. Luckily, an N to two plus Counter Catcher on a 0 energy Lycanroc was able to stall me enough time to win.

Game two my opponent simply drew passed for a few turns while I set up Trevenant. He had to use Dangerous Rouge on a Lele very early on which reduced that to a non-threat, and the combination of Muk, Counter Catcher, and N would prove too much for him.

R3: Archie's Blastoise - LWW

Game one I lost the coin flip and my opponent had an insane turn one consisting of an Archie's Ace in the Hole (PRC; 124) , getting a  Keldeo EX (BC; 49) and putting four energy on it, and discarding nine items with Battle Compressor (PHF; 92) . Unfortunately for me, I whiffed Brigette and had to N. Off the N I missed a Phantump and scooped to game two.

In game two he whiffed the turn one Archies, so when I got Forest Curse active he basically lost.

Game three was a little bit more of a normal game for me. He started off with an Archie, and I started with a Brigette for two Phantump and a Ditto. I used Ascension into Trev and passed. He then went in with his Keldeo and knocked out my Trevenant. I immediately shut him out of the game by Counter Catchering his Blastoise, Evolving into Muk, and playing Ace Trainer. I established Item lock and started Silent Fearing while he drew passed for the rest of the game.

R4: Archie's Blastoise - WW

Game one and two were pretty much the same. He took a kill on a Phantump, I hit Counter Catchered Blastoise, evolved into Muk, and used Ace Trainer. He then drew passed until he eventually lost to Silent Fear.

R5: Zoro/Garb - LWT

Game one went how I generally expect the matchup to go. He took a kill on my active Trev, I used Enhanced Hammer and N while setting up more Trevenant. He hit a second DCE and attacked my Trev, and I once again responded with an Enhanced Hammer N. After he missed a DCE, I simply de-evolved all of his Zoroark (And a Garbodor) for 4 prizes, I then Guzma'd  Shaymin EX (ROS; 77) for the game next turn.

Game two was going as planned until I was Red-Carded into a hand without supporters and drew-passed until I lost.

Game three didn't have enough time to finish, giving me two win and ins for the final two rounds.

R6: Archie's Blastoise - LWW

This round was a mirror of the first round of the day. Game one he got Archie's and rolled over my board. Game Two he missed Archie's and soon scooped. Game three I went Counter Catcher Blastoise, evolve into Muk, and Ace Trainer to three. Once again, he dead drew for the rest of the game and lost.

R7: ID

This game I took an intentional draw with my opponent to guarantee me a spot in top eight, and hopefully give me a high enough seed to miss the other Trevenant that made it. Luckily, I got a top cut bracket where I would not hit a Trevenant mirror until finals.

T8: Zoro/Garb - LWW

Game one was an unfortunate game where I lost the coin flip and my opponent got an  Professor Elm's Lecture (LT; 188)  turn one. I simply had to N and only hit one Phantump to bench, and also missed a Rescue Scarf. My opponent hit 2 Zoroark, a DCE, and a Garb +  Float Stone (BKT; 137) (Sidenote, I think that activating Garbotoxin is almost always a misplay in this matchup because it shuts of Trade which is often more important than items.) I then missed a Phantump or Enhanced Hammer off of Ace Trainer, and my opponent proceeded to roll me.

Game two was the opposite of game one, I got Brigette turn one and he was forced to Sycamore. I established Muk and two Trevs and N'd him. Off of the N, his hand was completely dead. This allowed me to Silent Fear twice which cleared his board of Zorua, and he scooped soon after.

In game three he started Ditto and I started with 2 Phantump and a Ditto. Unfortunately for him, his start was just a Colress to two. On my turn, I had a Sycamore in hand but also my only copy of Muk. I decided that it was worth holding the Muk for next turn and I simply used Acencion to end my turn. He topdecked Sycamore into Zoro, DCE, and two Pokemon to take the kill on my Trevenant. I evolved into Muk and played the Sycamore, off the Sycamore I hit Enhanced Hammer, Mystery Energy (PHF; 112) , Phantump, and a Trev. This let me retreat into a Phantump that I had benched this turn using the Mystery energy, evolve the benched Phantump, and Ascension the active. My opponent missed a DCE off of his trade and simply had to pass. I responded by using Counter Catcher to bring up a benched Klefkie and using Ace Trainer to limit his hand size. I hit Trevenant Break and Psychic which allowed me to put the pressure on with Silent Fear. Put down to only 3 cards and under Item and basic ability lock my opponent dead drew for the next 7 turns, and in that time I took 6 prizes with Silent Fear. 

T4: Archie's Blastoise - WW

This was a very un-interactive series where my opponent missed Archies both games and I item locked him out of the game. Unfortunate that it went this way, but there was nothing my opponent could do. 

Finals: Trev 60 card mirror - LL

This matchup was vs a good friend of mine, Lucas Xing, who played the same list as me. The games have a high amount of variance and much less skill. Game one Lucas opened with a dead hand but my only supporter was an N. Instead of waiting to see who would top deck first I decided to press my advantage and play the N. After multiple turns of Tree slam trading, I Guzma'd up a Trevenant with 0 energy and started to spread. His only draw supporter was N and I was able to buy enough time to wipe all the energy off of his board. Sadly, one turn before I was going to kill his only Trevenant in play he topdecked an energy and killed both my Trevenant with Silent Fear, leaving me with no energy on board. I still had a chance in the game If I could've hit an energy off of my own Ace trainer, but I missed.

Game two I got off a turn two Tree Slam against his Trevent. He found a Break and was able to respond with a Tree-slam of his own. I then missed a Trevenant Break of off a Sycamore and steadily fell behind in the game.



I hope that this insight into my rounds has given you a better understanding of how Trevenant works and why I played it for the regionals. I do think the deck is favored vs everything except for Zoro/Toad, and I would highly suggest it for any meta with a small amount of Zoro/Toad. I will be at both Dallas and Australia internationals inFebruary,

if you see me come say hi!



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