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Isaiah  Bradner

Buzzwole Makes Another Impact

Isaiah recaps his last two major tournament finishes, a Top four Brazil and Top Eight Virginia Report with a Standard Buzzwole-GX deck.

12/10/2018 by Isaiah Bradner

Hey 60cards readers! I’m back again with a report on the Latin American International Championships and the Virginia Regional Championships, both of which I was able to top cut. And of course, all this success was with the hottest Buzzwole list out there now.


What's the Play?


Entering Brazil I (per usual) had no idea what to play for the event. Going in I had Zoroark GX (SLG; 53) / Decidueye GX (SUM; 12) / Alolan Ninetales GX (LT; 132) , Sceptile GX (LT; 22) , and Zoro/ Lycanroc GX (GRI; 74) all as potential plays, none of which I felt extremely confident with. I continued to feel lost after Thursday’s testing, and to make matters worse, I finished 3-2-1 at the Friday cup with Zoro/Deci/Tales, all but eliminating that as an option. At this point, I and some friends (Rowan Stavenaw and Lucas Xing) went back to the hotel to finalize our plays. After finding out that  Zoro/ Magcargo (CLS; 24) had issues with time, I had ruled that deck out as well. So, with nothing else to turn to, I messaged Alex Shemanske asking for his Buzz/Roc/Tales list he was cruising through day one with. After playing a few sets against Zoro/Control and Blacephalon GX (LT; 52) / Naganadel GX (FLI; 56) , I was sure this was the deck I would play.

After essentially locking in my deck, one last question remained, which version of the Buzz deck should I play? Ian Robb and Alex Shemanske were both crushing the competition with unique variants of the deck, both with their own pros and cons. After much debate and theorymon, I settled on the Ninetales/ Custom Catcher (LT; 171) variant for the added consistency and help vs random counter decks (such as Alolan Exeggutor (FLI; 2) / Sceptile (CLS; 10) ). After sleeving up 58 cards of the list Wes Hollenburg sent me (Huge shout out to him, he deserves all of the credit for the list) I went to bed feeling confident for the morning.

The List:

Here is the list I settled on playing. I won't go as in-depth into it because I already did that in my article here; check that out if you haven't read it!

Interesting cards to note are 3-2 Ninetales, No Lycanroc. Even though I said I preferred Lycanroc in my last article (And I did through most of my testing) the added consistency that the Ninetales variant gives you was too appealing to turn down for such a large scale tournament. The way that this variant increases "consistency" is that you only need one bench spot/one evolution to get either the effect of Ninetales (grabbing Switch (SUM; 132) , Multi Switch (GRI; 129) , Beast Ring (FLI; 102) , etc) or the effect of Lycanroc (Custom Catcher). This means you don't have to get both basics down turn one. It also gives you a better Blacephalon matchup because you don't have to find a Lycanroc to be able to use Sublimation on a benched Blacephalon.

Another interesting card is Marshadow (SLG; 45) . I realized through testing that you NEEDED hand disruption in the current format, and Marshadow was the best form of that available. The card was insane throughout the two weekends and definitely deserved a spot in the list.

Brazil Internationals:

R1: Alolan Exeggutor/Sceptile - WW 1-0

I was extremely discouraged once my opponent flipped over an Exeggcute, and I was sure I was going to begin with, the dreaded 0-1 start. However, I was able to put enough early pressure on with Ninetales to put myself too far ahead in the prize race for him to catch up. He had to bench Shuckle (LT; 16)  turn one both games, which was an easy target for a two prize turn with Ninetales. After he killed the first Ninetales, I went in with  Buzzwole (FLI; 77) and took two prizes with it, allowing me to simply announce Knuckle Impact once for the game.

Both games were fairly simple and undetailed. I used  Professor Kukui (SUM; 128) to kill  Grovyle (LT; 21) to prohibit Sceptile-GX whenever I could, and he was never to keep up the pace with all the spread; and Baby Buzzwole being unable to die was too much for him to deal with.

R2:  Granbull (LT; 138) - WLT 1-0-1

This was another unfavored matchup for me, and with how hot he was drawing in the first game, I was sure I was going to lose. Luckily for me, he made some critical misplays which allowed me to steal the game. Game two went how the matchup generally does, and he easily rolled over my Buzzwole. Game three was much closer than the other two because I was able to eliminate his  Oranguru (SUM; 113) and  Magcargo (CLS; 24) early. This caused him to miss many attacks in a row, giving me a clear route to victory. I was up on the prize trade when time was called but unable to finish the game in the extra three turns.

Your general plan vs Granbull should be to  Lisia (CLS; 137) turn one for Beast Energy Prism Star (FLI; 117) / Diancie Prism Star (FLI; 74) to take an easy kill on whatever is in the active. After turn one, you should target down Magcargo and Oranguru. Killing those removes their draw insurance, and stops them from having access to Diantha (FLI; 105) . You should take this kills with a Buzz-GX or Ninetales, so that you can also spread damage onto Magcargo/Granbull. You, of course, should try to abuse Baby Buzz and use your spreading ability to take double kills. Another cute play you can make is using Custom Catcher to bring up one Magcargo, using Kukui, and using Snowy Wind for a knockout on both Magcargo.

R3: Zoro/Control - LWW 2-0-1

This match had a weird game one which consisted of me draw - passing for two turns, him establishing two Zoroarks and a  Alolan Muk (SUM; 58) with an  Oranguru (UPR; 114) attacking, and then me immediately scooping to the second game. In game two, I led Buzz-GX and was able to kill two Zorua early. This caused his setup to stumble, and I easily ran over him with my arsenal of Kukui, Custom Catcher, and Beast Energy. Game three was the most interesting of the series. In this game, I once again lead Buzz-GX, and I put early pressure on his Oranguru with Kukui. Next turn he had to leave a Zoroark with 30 active, and it quickly fell prey to a Kukui+Diancie+Choice Jet Punch. I then killed another Oranguru with Kukui and finished off the game with a Beast Energy + Custom Catcher + Diancie Jet Punch on a Zoroark.

I believe this matchup is generally very favorable but requires extreme patience to play correctly. You want to keep your bench open for at least two  Alolan Vulpix (GRI; 21) and a Diancie. Because they have no accelerated way to mill, you can draw-pass until you get the combo pieces you need to take a big kill. Generally, your game plan should be - Kukui kill 2 Oranguru, Beast Energy kill one Zoroark, and Kukui kill a Zoroark or kill 2 Zorua. Make sure to be wary of  Team Skull Grunt (SUM; 133)   discarding Beast Energy, and never use Custom Catcher to take a single prize.

R4: Zoro/Control - WLT 2-0-2

Game one he flipped a good bit of crushing hammer tails, which allowed me to pressure Knuckle impact on his Zoroark; and that was too many prizes for him to give up. Game two was an unfortunate game where I was down to one prize but had no way to take it. Fortunately for me, time was working on my side and I thought that the game one win would be able to take me the entire way, but he was able to win on turn three of time.

R5: Rayquaza GX (CLS; 109) / Vikavolt (SUM; 52) - LWW 3-0-2

Game one I went first and he started Ray to my Vulpix. I attached a Unit Energy FDY (FLI; 118) , played Cynthia (UPR; 119) , and passed. He used a  Volkner (UPR; 135) to get a  Nest Ball (SUM; 123) for Grubbin (SUM; 13) , benched a second Grubbin, and used Tempest GX. I knew that all I needed was a Ninetales to take control of the game (I could search for  Choice Band (GRI; 121) and do 200 due to fairy weakness) so I played another Cynthia searching for the mystical fox. Unfortunately, I missed a Ninetales and was forced to retreat, but he hit  Rare Candy (PRC; 135) + Vikavolt +  Guzma (BUS; 115) kill off of his Tempest, which put me too far behind in the prize trade to win. Game two was unfortunate for my opponent, and he drew passed with a  Dhelmise (CLS; 22) for 3 turns before I finally was able to donk him.

Game three started off the exact same way as game one, where he went for a GX and I had a Vulpix with an energy ready to sweep his board. Lucky for me, this time I found a Ninetales and took a turn two KO on his Ray with Snowy Wind. He didn’t have a good response to the Ninetales and was forced to simply Energy Drive it. I evolved into my second Ninetales and searched double Custom Catcher to kill a benched Ray, and used Guzma in conjunction with Sledgehammer to win on the next turn.

R6: Blacephalon/ Naganadel (LT; 108) - LWW 4-0-2

This matchup was one I was excited to see, and that I felt generally favored in. Game one he went first and set up his board with two Poipole (LT; 107) , attached to the active Blacephalon, and passed. I got out two Vulpix, one with an energy, and passed with a Buzz-GX inactive. He used Bursting Burn, and I responded by using Sublimation on his Blacephalon. He then came up and Knocked out my Ninetales with Mind Blown while Marshadowing me to four. Unfortunately, off of the Marshadow (SLG; 45) , I drew a dead hand, and he quickly overwhelmed me with his Beast Ring.

Game two I was able to go first and get an energy on Vulpix as usual. He missed the turn one Burst-GX because he started Poiple, so he ended up just passing. This left me with a huge window, and I was able to Custom Catcher Sublimation a Blacephalon to get ahead in the prize trade. He once again used Mind Blown to kill my Ninetales, but could not find a Marshadow to go with it. This allowed me to kill him with a Baby Buzz which put me down to two prizes. In addition to taking the kill, I also used Ninetales for 2 Beast Ring to benched Buzzwole. Next turn he killed a Buzzwole and I simply Guzma’d up his Tapu Lele GX (GRI; 60) for the game.

Game three he opened up with a lone Blacephalon, benched 2 Poiple, and passed. I then Lele’d for Lisia to put two shot pressure on his Blacephalon and was also able to find a Vupix. His top deck was dead as well, which caused him to simply Bursting Burn my active. I was able to Ninetales for a switch to take the kill and go ahead once again. He then used two Beast Ring to Poiple and killed my active Buzzwole. I, per usual, brought up Baby Buzz and used that to go down to three Prizes. At this point, he finally top decked a supporter, but off of it missed a Beast ring! This forced him to commit all of his energy to an active Naganadel. After he killed my Baby Buzz, I used Sublimation-GX the Naganadel for KO, reducing his energy on board to 0. In the last two turns of the game, I two shot his Lele and confidently advanced to a win-and-in.

R7: Zoroark/Ninetales/ Weavile (UPR; 74) - WW 5-0-2

This matchup was by far the easiest of the day, as he had no good way to deal with a Buzzwole-GX. In game one I jumped off to an insane three prize lead by Jet Punching a Zorua and then using Lisia to grab Beast/Diancie to kill a Zoro. He responded by using Sublimation to kill the Buzzwole. I missed the Kukui I needed for KO and was forced to two shot him with Sledgehammer. Luckily, he also missed a KO opportunity and reluctantly had to Snowy Wind again. I then killed the active to go down to one prize. That left me with two fully powered Buzzwole and no way for him to respond. He tried to make a comeback through Judge (FLI; 108) , but I hit one of my many outs to Guzma.

Game two lasted a mere two turns for me. He used  Professor Elm's Lecture (LT; 188) turn one to grab  Zorua (SLG; 52) Zorua… And then found out that both of his Vulpix were prized. This forced him to grab a Ditto Prism Star (LT; 154) , which he attached an energy to before ending his turn. I started with Buzz-GX energy GUzma and was able to place 30 on a Zorua while eliminating the threat of Ditto. His only supporter left in hand was Judge, and he had to play it with no Zoroarks yet established on board. He didn’t hit a Zoroark off of the Judge, which forced him to simply retreat to Weavile and pass. I hit Guzma energy off of Judge and removed both his Zorua from play, and my opponent simply scooped.

That final win put me into day two as the #4 seed, and I would face off vs Passimian in top eight.

T8:  Passimian (SUM; 73) - WW

I was extremely nervous coming into this game, as it had proven to be a tough matchup the night before. In game one I went first, got an energy on to a benched Vulpix, and passed. He started off with double nest ball for a Passimian and Blitzle (LT; 81) , and then simply passed. I then Guzma killed his Blitzle with Ninetales three turns in a row, and he scooped.

Game two he started with two passimian, played a Cynthia, benched a Koko, and passed. I used Lisia for Beast Energy and Diancie and spread 80-30 with Jet Punch onto his two Passimian. He attacked with Team play, and I used Guzma to KO both passimian with Jet punch. He whiffed a Stretcher to take a kill and had to Flying Flip for the turn. I then Jet punched the  Tapu Koko (BW; 31) for KO while setting up Baby Buzzwole on the bench. He finally took a prize on the heavily damaged Buzz but had to sprint away two DCE in order to do so. This left him with only  Counter Energy (CIN; 100) in his deck, and I set it up to where I would take two prizes in a turn, rendering them useless.

T4: BuzzRocTales - LL

Unfortunately, I matched up with a mirror match in top four. I believe that I had a slight advantage in this matchup due to my consistency, but unfortunately, I didn’t draw as well as I hoped.

Game one I started with an attachment to Vulpix (Crazy right) and a Cynthia. He simply attached, benched  Rockruff (FLI; 75) and Vulpix, and used Jet Punch. I immediately evolved into Ninetales and Grabbed a Switch, making the only thing I needed to kill his active Buzz a basic fighting. Unfortunately, I missed a fighting off of the Cynthia and was forced to pass. Weirdly enough we both ended up missing energy for a turn, and I was still able to kill the Buzz-GX and advance in the prize trade. Although I was able to kill the Buzz, I missed Beast Ring on the crucial turn. This caused him to have a much better end game than me, and I was unable to find a way to take my final two prizes.

Game two I started Buzz-GX and was forced to simply pass the turn. Luckily he missed a Vulpix, and with a top deck Kukui, I was able to set up a Vulpix and  Diancie Prism Star (FLI; 74) to keep me in the game. He decided to just set up his board rather than go with an aggressive Sublimation, which allowed me to get back in the game by Knuckle-Impacting his Buzz. He responded with a Lycanroc and Beast Ring, leaving him with one Buzz-GX as a powered up target. Unfortunately, I needed to take my 2nd Ninetales or Diancie off of my first two prizes to be able to kill his benched Buzz-GX and essentially seal the game. I did not draw either of those which gave him another turn of Beast ring and allowed him to get too much energy on board for me to respond to.

Another great international run came to an end just short of a championship. Luckily, this performance (along with my quarter one regional finishes) pushed me to #1 NA, earning me a travel award to the Australia international championships. But alas this victory was short-lived, as I had Virginia regionals just a mere week away.


Virginia Regionals:

This tournament was much less stressful because I felt very confident going in with Buzzwole. I did test a variety of decks leading up to the regionals, but nothing beat the consistency and power that Buzz offered. So, I sleeved up the same 60 cards once again and hoped for the best.

R1: Buzz/Roc/Tales - WW 1-0

My round one opponent was a friend who I knew was playing Buzz as well, and it was not a matchup I was looking forward to. In game one I opened with the idealistic Unit to Vulpix and passed. He simply benched a Rockruff, attached an energy, played Cynthia, and Jet Punched. I took a quick advantage with Sublimation-GX to kill the active Buzz-GX. He didn’t have a good response to that kill and scooped a few turns later.

Game two started much the same way, except for that he was able to Rouge kill the Ninetales after it used Sublimation. This allowed me to go into Sledgehammer to set him up for a Jet Punch kill next turn. He was forced to Claw Slash my Baby Buzzwole, which gave me another turn of Ring and an easy Jet Punch out to win. I capitalized on this opportunity and set up two Buzzwole with two energy each, and then Guzma’d up his Lycanroc to Jet Punch kill his Lycanroc. He responded by killing one of the Buzzwole, but I had a second to easily clean up my last two prizes for me.

R2: Granbull - WW 1-0

As mentioned earlier, Granbull is usually a horrendous matchup for the deck and is usually only winnable through them dead drawing or misplaying. Luckily in this set dead draws kept him from going very aggressive. In game one he started  Snubbull (LT; 137) and Ditto, then passed. I immediately killed Ditto, reducing any plans he had for next turn useless. He then topdecked Apricorn Maker (CLS; 124) to stay in the game. He grabbed double Nest Ball for Snubble and Slugma and simply passed. I was able to double Custom Catcher the Slugma which put me up two prizes, and I was able to finish the donk on the next turn.

Game two looked better for him from the start. He opened Apricorn maker for double Nest Ball and searched Slugma and Ditto on turn one with an active Snubble. I opened with Lele for Lisia which allowed me to kill the active and spread 30 to the benched Ditto. A Smooth Over and Instruct later my active Buzzwole-GX was hit for 160. Last turn, I had put 30 on the active Granbull to use, and with Professor Kukui I was able to hit 100 for a knockout on the active Granbull. He then easily killed me with a Fairy energy and set up another Snubble. The turning point in this game came when I used Guzma to pull up an Oranguru, and used Marshadow to limit them to four. Due to the bench sniping of Jet Punch, I was able to kill both the active Oranguru and a benched Magcargo, bringing me down to two prizes remaining. Without Oranguru and Magcargo to support the constant card draw Granbull needs,  he quickly fizzled out and missed many attacks in a row. This was exactly the opening I needed, and I easily closed out the game.

R3: Ray/Vika - WW 3-0

Game one I opened with a hand of Buzz-GX, Alolan Ninetales, Professor Kukui, Switch a Unit Energy, and two Basic Energy. I went first and was able to Kukui into a Vulpix and immediately establish a Unit on it. He was able to set up two Grubben turn one and used Ray’s GX to widen his options for the next turn. I evolved into Ninetales and grabbed Choice Band and Ultra Ball off Mysterious Guidance. I then KO’d his active Rayquaza, leaving him with only one energy on board and no way to kill the immediate threat. After a Candy Vikavolt, Cynthia, Pass turn from my opponent I guzma up another Ray for a free two prizes, and he instantly scoops to game two.

This game was even uglier than the first. He ended up using  Lillie (SLG; 62) for four on his turn one but was only able to bench a single Grubbin, which gave me an out to get far ahead in the game. Luckily for me, I had Beast Energy/Diancie/Guzma in hand to kill the Grubbin, which set him on the back-foot for most of the game. He, unfortunately, had to Tempest-GX out of his dead hand, giving me another free Jet Punch on his active. Off of the Tempest he finally found Rare Candy/Vikavolt to start his energy acceleration, but once again was short to knockout my Buzz by one energy. This allowed me to Jet Punch the active for a knockout, bringing me down to a mere three prizes remaining. He finally took a prize with Dhelmise on my damaged Buzzwole, and I responded by using two Beast Ring and KOing the active. He had no way to remove all the threats I had established, and I won with Knuckle impact on the next turn.

R4: Zygarde GX (FLI; 73) /Lycanroc/Buzz - LWW 4-0

Game one, he started off with a Zygarde-GX, Ultra Ball’d away two Fighting for Rockruff, and used Lillie to fill his hand up. He finished off the turn by Brooklet Hilling for Diancie. My first turn was lackluster, and I simply used Kukui, benched a Vulpix and Diancie, and passed. This let my opponent get very far ahead by using Cell Storm to knock out my Vulpix and establish a threat at the same time. Unfortunately, I don’t have a great way to deal with a Zygarde which forced me to Jet Punch after using  Brooklet Hill (GRI; 120) for Baby Buzzwole. He attached a second energy to his Lycanroc, used his smooth over, and used Verdict-GX to kill my Buzz-GX while receiving immunity from all GX damage during the next turn. I played Cynthia and unfortunately whiffed the Beast Ring to kill his Zygarde, and scooped to game two.

Game two I went first and got an attachment to a benched Vulpix, then passed on to my opponents turn. On his turn, he got a DCE on a benched Zygarde, and Guzma hit for 50 onto my Vulpix. I then evolved into Ninetales and grabbed Choice Band to two shot the Zygarde. He responded by finding Daincie which allowed him to hit for 70 on my Zygarde. I Used Brooklet Hill to grab Baby Buzz and killed his Zygarde-GX with Snowy Wind while also spreading 30 to the benched Magcargo. He responded by taking the kill with Baby Buzz, putting me in a spot where all I needed was Beast Ring off of a Cynthia to seal the game. Unfortunately, once again, I missed a Beast Ring. I was forced to simply Sledgehammer for one prize going down to three remaining. Knuckle impact on my Buzzwole, going down to three prizes himself. Faced with yet another dead hand, I used Custom Catcher + Kukui, and hit Diancie for 90 and killed his Magcargo, going down to two Prizes. Here he made a mistake that would cost him the game. He used Brooklet Hill to put down Rockruff, which gave me a 70HP Pokemon to kill with Ninetales, while at the same time killing his Magcargo to win. He used Guzma to take out a benched Pokemon with Knuckle Impact, and I had Guzma to finish the game off with Snowy Winds.

I was nervous heading into game three, but was sure that it was winnable after taking the second game with suboptimal draws. He started Zygarde and used Brooklet Hill for Rockruff, attached to it, and used Cynthia. After Cynthia, he benched a Slugma and passed to my turn. I used Lele to grab Lisia for Diancie and Beast and attached Choice to the active. This allowed me to hit 110 to the active and soften up his Slugma for later in the game. He once again used Cell Connector for a mere 70, giving me a huge chance to jump ahead in the game. On my turn, I was able to find a Vulpix, Brooklet for Baby Buzz, and KO the active while putting 30 more on Slugma. On his turn, he would respond with Sledgehammer and a Beast Ring to a Buzz-GX. Because his only energy left on board would be on a Baby Buzz, I felt confident that killing the Buzzwole-GX would guarantee me the game. In order to do so, I was able to pull off Kukui+Diancie+Choice Band+Double Custom Catcher in order to take the kill with Baby Buzz. He had no response to my sledgehammer, and I was able to Guzma his benched Tapu Lele for the game next turn.

R5: Buzz/Roc/Tales - WW 5-0

On my win-and-in I hit yet another mirror! Luckily this wasn’t the Zygarde version, so I felt decently favored. Game one I had a two energy on a Vulpix and used Cynthia, simply needing a Ninetales to control the game. Unfortunately, I whiffed and was forced to retreat and pass. On his turn, he found Beast + Guzma which allowed him to kill my Vulpix while at the same time developing a two energy Buzzwole. I was forced to just leave a Vulpix in the active and Beacon. He hit a Lycanroc to bring up my Lele and kill it. I felt that I was too far behind to reasonably win this game, so I conceded to the second game.

The second game was the polar opposite of the first, and I established a quick lead by using Sublimation on his Buzz T2. He responded to my Ninetales with a Knuckle impact kill. He went down to four prizes, allowing me to use Ninetales to find two Beast Ring, which essentially sealed me the game on board.

In game three he opened with a dead hand and was forced to just attach and pass with the active Baby Buzzwole. I used Cynthia, got down Diancie and Vulpix, and hit for 50. He still had a dead hand, benched a Diancie, and attached to the action to set up for Swing around. I attached to Vulpix, and hit for 50 again, putting his active to 100. He put a third energy on the active and used Swing around for the kill. I evolved into a Ninetales and searched for double Custom Catcher, brought up his benched Diancie, and killed the Buzzwole while putting more pressure on his board. He benched a Buzz-GX and passed. I set up more Vulpix and a Buzz-GX on the bench then killed his Diancie. He was able to top deck a Cynthia into Beast Ring + Energy + Choice and he also benched a Rockruff, then killed my active Ninetales. I drew a Beast Ring and set up a Buzz-GX to kill him, taking him off of Beast Ring. Without a response on board, he was forced to Marshadow and hope I whiffed Guzma. Luckily for me, I hit it.

R6: 60 Card mirror - ID 5-0-1

R7: Malamar - ID 5-0-2

I decided to ID both of my last matches, not seeing an advantage in playing out either.

T8: 60 Card mirror - LL

Unfortunately, my run came to an end in top eight. Game one He was able to Kukui kill a Vulpix on T2 with his Buzz-GX. I started well and got a Sublimation GX off on his Buzz-GX. He responded by using Sledgehammer, leaving my Ninetales with 10 HP remaining. I killed one of his benched Vulpix, put a second energy on a benched Buzz-GX, and used Snowy Wind for the kill on the Vulpix. He promoted Vulpix and played Cynthia, needing a crazy combo to seal the game. Off of the Cynthia, he was able to hit Ninetales, Beast Ring, and Multi Switch which allowed him to gust up my Marshadow and Snowy wind for two kills. This both skipped my Beast Ring and set his board up much better than mine. I couldn’t deal with both the Ninetales and the Buzzwole and scoop to game two.

In game two, I once again got an energy on Vulpix, set up Diancie and Buzz-GX, and passed to my opponents turn. He played Lillie, benched a Diancie, Marshaodow’d us both to four, and hit for 50-30 to two Vulpix with Jet Punch. I was forced to bench a Marshadow off of his Let Loose but was eventually able to use Sublimation to kill his active. Unfortunately for him, he missed a way to attack with Baby Buzz and had to pass. I used Kukui and Choice Band to put his Buzzwole at 120 from a Snowy Wind. He played Guzma and hit Lele for 140 with Baby Buzz, setting up to skip Beast Ring. To bring this to a game three I simply had to have one of my 4 Guzma, 2 Lele, and 3 Ultra Ball I had in the deck. Sadly, I did not have one of my many outs in hand I tried to Guzma stall his Diancie, but he had the Guzma in hand to seal my defeat.



I think that this deck is much more powerful than it is given credit for. The deck has no terrible matchups and has a chance against anything in format, I would strongly suggest it for any upcoming cups.

I will be at Anaheim next weekend, and at Dallas after that. If you see me at either event, feel free to come to say hi!


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