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Let's Win Some League Cups

Happy Holidays, 60cards readers!! Today I will be bringing you the gift of helpful advice for getting down with the nitty gritty and grinding out League Cups.

01/03/2018 by Aaron Tarbell

With Memphis Regionals out of the way, the U.S. competitive scene is about to enter a lull without any more standard regionals before the next set drops. This, coupled with the next big tournament also not happening for a month, might lead some players to take the time for a much needed reprieve from the game. But, for players that have been struggling to keep pace for a World's invite this season, this month will be a crucial time to grind out points from League Cups to catch up to comfortable point totals. With this in mind, we will be exploring the now-familiar standard format. In order to decide what we should play at these tinier events, we will first analyze the results of both Memphis Regionals and the 2017-2018 European Intercontinental’s, then we will explore how we can position ourselves best to metagame players that have reached similar conclusions.


1. Zoroark Domination

The first thing we will explore is Zoroark’s dominant position in the standard meta. For both of the large standard events from this format, Zoroark managed to take home, not only the gold, but also many of the top 8 spots of each event. Another thing to note is that the two most-hyped players currently are the two that managed to win these two events with this deck. Tord Reklev and Micheal Pramawat, having back to back success with the Trade ability speaks to the mechanics nature of rewarding the more skillful players in game. Although these two have had a ton of success, neither is really in the position to play whatever they want and win large events, given the nature of the game. This can be seen from Pram making top 32 at Intercontinentals with Max Potion Gardevoir and top 64 with Volcanion in Hartford as well as with Tord missing top 8 at worlds coming off of his first Intercontinentals win.

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