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"School of Fish" - Wishiwashi in Standard

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09/29/2018 by Jay Lesage

Goodmorning 60Cards readers! My name is Jacob Lesage, and Dragon Majesty has just released! I had just done a set review of what I think are some of the most promising cards in the set, and let me tell you – there are quite a few of them. There are a lot of puzzle pieces just waiting to be glued together, mainly those interesting Dragon-type support cards, such as Zinnia or Lance, but the one card that caught my eye was Wishiwashi. Wishiwashi-GX was a card that was released in Guardians Rising, and saw very little play: it was ran alongside in Wailord-EX in Expanded, and alongside Hoopa in Standard this last season. Being primarily utilized in mill-style decks, it looks like alongside this new Wishiwashi, it could finally see the light of day in modern Standard as an…. attacker? Let’s take a peek at what the new Wishiwashi does from the newly released Dragon Majesty set!


Wishiwashi – 30HP 

Ability – Meet Up:

Your Wishiwashi-GX in play get +20 HP, and their attacks do 20 more damage to your opponent's Active Pokémon (before applying Weakness and Resistance).

(W) Water Gun – 20

Weakness: (L)

Retreat Cost: (C)

The all-star from the upcoming set, Wishiwashi (DM; 31)  is proving to offer a lot to its GX predecessor. The main selling point of this card is the ability – if you have four Wishiwashi in play, that means you can consistently pump out +80 damage on attacks, and also receive a buff of +80HP on your Wishiwashi GXs! Being able to dish out 100 damage turn after turn while having that much HP can put massive stops on your opponent’s strategies, so we need to find a way to swarm these fish and keep them alive. That 30HP seems to be a massive problem, as two Tapu Koko Flying Flips will score our opponent four Prize Cards, and a hefty amount of damage on our active Wishiwashi GX (since it is weak to Lightning). That leaves us with ultimately two options we can utilize to protect ourselves against the opposing Pokemon.. 

The Protectors

Machoke GRI

Machoke has the ability Daunting Pose, which prevents all attacks and abilities from our opponent that target our bench. That means that our Wishiwashi on the bench are safe from Tapu Koko, as well as outliers such as Decidueye-GX with that Feather Arrow ability. The con to playing Machoke is that it eats up a bench space – I learned very quickly that while this is an option that is effective, it is not the most efficient as we’ll need an ideal field of four Wishiwashi, and two Wishiwashi-GX (one in the active, one on the bench). 

Sky Pillar

Sky Pillar makes for a very effective counter, provided we can find the Stadium out of our deck. We need to make sure that we can find it before their first Flying Flip, that way we can reduce as many attacks as possible. The one major difference between Sky Pillar and Machoke is that Sky Pillar is a Stadium – if our opponent can bump our Stadium before attacking, it becomes a major issue as the attack targeting our bench will go through. Machoke ensures that the damage is blocked regardless until Machoke leaves the field. However, Sky Pillar can be retrieved with Lusamine, and does not require a bench space. 

After I climbed the mountain of deciding how I was going to protect my bench, I then inched forward onto how I was going to protect my active Pokemon, Wishiwashi-GX. Here’s the list I belted out. 

Wishiwahi Deck List

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