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Jay Lesage

"Brick Squad" - Glaceon-GX/Champions Festival

Glaceon-GX is an emerging deck in Standard that can take on any contender.

09/14/2018 by Jay Lesage

Hello 60Cards readers!

My name is Jacob Lesage, and welcome to the 2018-2019 season! There’s a lot going on, as I’m finally moving into my new apartment after a very long period of time. For those that have been following, they know that it has been a long time coming in terms of my move coming to an end. I’m finally settling in to the big city of Ottawa, and I’m just gaining the wiggle room I need to participate at some upcoming events. I’m very excited to be competing in some upcoming League Cups and Challenges, but unfortunately I’ll be missing out on the Philadelphia Regional Championships coming up soon. However, even though I’ll be missing out on it, that means I can spill the beans on a potentially spicy play that’s in the current stage of testing. That’s the best part about upper tier players missing out on events — they don’t mind letting out secrets about what they were thinking of playing. In this particular case, I wanted to play a deck that was able to capitalize on beating many upcoming decks form this format — this deck in particular is Glaceon-GX!


The deck’s initial phase all kicked off when I was pondering about most matchups in Standard — most players are complaining about losing a lot due to bricking (drawing into no draw Supporters). It was upsetting for me, because that’s not how Pokémon should be. No players should REALLY anticipate beating certain matchups due to them bricking, because let’s be honest — it’s not a deserving win. As a veteran of this game though, I must contest that it is possible, it happens a lot of the time, and we take those. That’s why today, I’ve built a concept around the ideal “brick scenario”, and finding ways to manipulate it and cast it onto our opponent. The idea stems back shortly to our most recent World Championships, where myself as well as many other players played Marshadow SLG in our Rayquaza-GX decks. The idea behind it was to give an extra out to drawpower for yourself, all the while reducing our opponent’s hand to four cards on turn one. That way, they either brick completely, or they have a vastly reduced amount of choices throughout the rest of the game. I asked myself how I could expand on this topic, and a brainchild was born completely from this hellbound way of losing. I present to you, Brick.dec!

Glaceon's Strategy 

This deck is aimed entirely around bricking our opponent as early as turn one, which will buy us enough time to spread damage and take KOs using Glaceon-GX. Our early turns will include the following steps in any sequence of sorts:

• Find a way to get Eevee into the active spot

• Using Eevee’s ability, Energy Evolution, attach a Water and find a Glaceon-GX

• Using either Marshadow’s Let Loose ability or Judge, and get your opponent’s hand to four cards

• Next turn, find Double Colourless and begin attacking

• Stockpile healing cards in hand, such as Lana or Champions Festival

This sequence of stuff is actually very easy to pull off, as long as you play the proper order of cards. Mysterious Treasure is really good at finding our Psychic support Pokémon, and Nest Ball is super handy at grabbing the essential Eevees that we’ll need to fire up at the beginning. If you can ever Marshadow Let Loose into a Lillie, you’re very likely to pull of this turn one combo. I’d say you can get it around 90% of the time provided it is played out optimally! 

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