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"Ray Ray Ray, All Things Ray" - A Look at three Variants of M Rayquaza-EX

Jose reveals three variants of M Rayquaza-EX that can put up good results at upcoming events in both Standard and Expanded.

04/03/2017 by Jose Marrero


Hello again, 60cards readers! With Oregon Regionals out of the way, players can now focus on Standard events. The next Expanded Regionals is not happening until Toronto, Ontario, Canada in May. But before I forget, congrats to Israel Sosa for winning his fifth Regional Championship; I believe he now has the most wins in Masters (if I'm not mistaken). He actually won them all with Dark variants, which is incredible to think about. There have been lots of debates on what US Master has won the most Regionals, and with the highest being four by multiple people, Israel Sosa shows us why he's one of the elites.

Now with five more Standard Regionals ahead of us, including the Brazilian International Championships at the end of the month, players will surely look to see what has been performing the best at past Standard events--mainly the bigger ones such as, the Australian International Championships--but if you are a veteran player you know metas can change quickly which can ultimately favor your deck choice or cripple it. For this article, I want to go over a few ways you can run M Rayquaza-EX in both Standard and Expanded with recent lists that have been successful. For each list I go over I want to also talk about different additions you can potentially play depending on your play style or what you think the meta will shape up to be or looks like.

Metal Version/Standard

With that said, I'll start with the Metal variant two buddies of mine used to win League Cups this quarter.


This was my list before I decided to try it with Espeon-GX. I gave the list to two friends which one of them won two League Cups with and the other one won one League Cup with on three separate weekends.

2-1 Rayquaza-EX (2 Dragon 1 Colorless)

I see a lot of players opting for all Colorless Rayquaza-EX, which is fine. I play two Dragon because they can be useful just in case you have to stall, and the extra 10 Hit Points can make a difference, not to mention that they are not weak to Lightning types. The way I see it is if you are attacking with a non-Mega Rayquaza-EX then you are in trouble. However, the Colorless one does have an attack called Intensifying Burn which can be helpful against Giratina-EX since you can at least do 120 damage to it until it goes down because all that attack takes is a Basic Energy. It most likely won't matter which you decide to play; it's just a personal opinion.  I still play one Colorless just in case since you don't really know when it will come in handy.

2 Hoopa-EX

I see some players running three Hoopa-EX--I can't stress how odd that is because you do not want to open with it as your starter. You don't usually need more than two Hoopa-EX in a game anyway. Plus, dropping the third one means you now have room for a different card you may have been trying to fit. I recommend playing two Hoopa-EX in any M Rayquaza-EX build and not any more or any less.

1 Dragonite-EX

This card does wonders in this deck, especially against Parallel City. Getting benched down to three Pokémon can be troublesome at times so having Dragonite-EX as insurance to get back two Basic Pokémon is ideal. All you need is to find Sky Field so you can then fill your bench up again and do lethal damage once again. Let's not forget about it's only attack, Hyper Beam. This attack has honestly been useful a number of times because 130 is a solid number and auto-discarding an energy is always good and can be clutch at times. I actually single-handedly beat a Lurantis-GX/Vileplume deck with Dragonite-EX taking all six prizes.

1 Magearna-EX

This card helps against Jirachi XY Promo and it's also useful against Espeon-GX since now they can't Confuse you. Magearna-EX is also a great answer to Glaceon-EX because you can one shot them with Soul Blaster.

1 Jirachi XY 67 Promo

Jirachi istrictly for Giratina-EX so you can then play your Tools, Special Energy, and Stadiums once again. Usually once they miss the Double Dragon Energy attachment, you win, since then your window to Hex Maniac and KO them is now open.

1 Oranguru SUM

I think this card is needed in all builds since it makes you less prone to N. You can't use it under Silent Lab, but if that's the case you aren't limited to three bench and if it's a different stadium then Oranguru can save you from late game N plays. Oranguru can also come in handy against Regice since it can one-hit KO it.

3 Professor Sycamore

In Standard you want to play Professor Sycamore since you don't have access to Colress or Battle Compressor, meaning the only way to discard Basic Energy for Mega Turbo is Ultra Ball or Professor Sycamore. Just be careful on what you discard since you want to preserve Puzzle of Time. Running at least three helps against item lock as well.

1 N

There are times where I wish I played two when I'm drawing bad and I know an N can easily make a comeback. Playing just one means you may not find it since the deck doesn't play Battle Compressor. But then there are a lot of times where you hate N because you take quick prizes meaning late game N is not useful for you.

2 Lysandre

Two is a must in this deck since it is so fast you want to be able to pick your prizes at a moments notice. Going around Yveltal BKT is another reason you want to play two Lysandre.

1 Skyla

The only reason this card is in the deck is because of Puzzle of Time, otherwise, it would probably be a second N or third Professor Sycamore. Opening with Skyla is all you really need to get going since it can grab an Ultra Ball or really anything you need at the time.

2 Hex Maniac

Before I only had one in the list but now that Vileplume has been getting more and more popular you have to play at least two. Hex Maniac also helps against Volcanion, which sees a good amount of play. Not to mention the mirror match since a turn one Hex Maniac can cripple the mirror.

4 Puzzle of Time

I know many players hate this card because they think it's inconsistent. But I just think people don't know how to use them correctly. First off you want to play Skyla if you are playing Puzzle of Time because you can Skyla for one of them once you have one in hand already. The second thing people forget is that once your first Puzzle of Time is discarded, you can Puzzle of Time for any one card and the third Puzzle of Time this way the fourth one isn't useless and now you at least get any three cards from discard instead of two if that makes sense. I've done that plenty of times which ultimately has won me games. You have to learn to preserve them if needed or else you will be dry on resources if you don't.

2 Float Stone

Even though I play one Escape Rope, I still want to have the option to blow up turn one and running two Float Stone can ideally help with that. You also don't want to get Lysandre-stalled, seeing as Dragonite-EX has a hefty retreat cost. You don't know how many times using Skyla for Float Stone has been clutch for me. That's why I'm running two in case the first gets used up too fast.

1 Super Rod

I personally like Super Rod over Karen and Brock's Grit simply because it doesn't take up your supporter for the turn and it's reusable with Puzzle of Time, making Parallel City less stressful. However, if your meta is Vespiquen then maybe going the Karen route is more ideal.

1 Escape Rope

This card is mainly a means to get past Fright Night because we all know how annoying that ability can be. You also have the option to reuse it with Puzzle of Time. Having the option to bring up a benched Pokémon your opponent doesn't want active can be game changing. Or a play for when your opponent has you locked with Regice or Glaceon-EX. You can Escape Rope then Lysandre that Pokémon up to break the lock and KO it.

1 Trainers' Mail

Honestly, it was fine running only one of these which may seem odd. But M Rayquaza-EX is one of the most consistent decks no matter if you run Trainers' Mail or not. Between the supporters, four Shaymin-EX and Puzzle of Time you can get away with running a low count of Trainers' Mail. I know a lot of players hate Puzzle of Time, and if you are one of them then drop them for more Trainers' Mails.

Other card options

(These additions can be said the same for the other two variants as well)


Having a GX option is nice in any deck, however, you're most likely wanting to one-hit KO the active Pokémon anyway, meaning Tauros-GX isn't all that great other than the fact that it is a very good answer to both Regice and Glaceon-EX, but the deck already has answers to those.

Zoroark BKT:

Great against the mirror match--enough to win it because your opponent will be trading an EX for a non-EX seeing as they need a bench of eight to one-hit KO an opposing M Rayquaza-EX which is enough for Zoroark to revenge KO.

Rattata EVO:

Having the option to discard Fighting Fury Belts to make for easier one-hit KOs can be clutch, however, you honestly don't need Rattata because Turbo Darkrai-EX is in your favor anyway.


If your meta is tons of Vespiquen variants, then playing Karen over Super Rod might be the way to go, however, if they play Jolteon then Karen isn't as good because they also get back Klefkis.

Professor Kukui:

Only really useful against Lunala-GX and Solgaleo-GX since they have 250 Hit Points. However, you probably beat those decks without Professor Kukui anyway simply because M Rayquaza-EX is faster.

GX Version/Standard

Now, this next variant is the one I used to win a recent League Cup with which implements Espeon-GX with M Rayquaza-EX.


This list as you can see is pretty similar to the Metal variant. However, there are differences: The addition of Espeon-GX is the most obvious one. The more I played with the Metal variant the more I realized that Magearna-EX most likely won't matter against most matchups. However, by adding in Espeon-GX you now have a GX attack and a backup attacker that can help against basically every matchup. With Eevee having the Energy Evolution ability you can evolve turn one which is awesome. It's first attack, Psybeam, comes in handy against a lot of Pokémon that otherwise are troublesome for M Rayquaza-EX--such as Giratina-EX, Regice, Glaceon-EX, and even Klefki. When I realized that Psybeam is a great answer to Giratina-EX I immediately wanted to try it out because Giratina-EX is one of the deck's biggest threats. If they flip tails on Psybeam you can then KO the Giratina-EX because they take 30 from Psybeam then another 30 once they flip tails for Confusion. Psychic is the attack you follow up with because you are doing 180 damage to a Giratina-EX. Even if they have a Fighting Fury Belt they still get KOed. Against Regice it's the same scenario except you can just attack into it since Espeon is a GX and not an EX.

However, against Glaceon-EX you can only Confuse it without them taking damage since Espeon-GX is an evolution Pokémon of course. So once they too flip tails for Confusion you can one-shot it if they don't have a Fighting Fury Belt attached. Espeon-GX's third attack, Divide GX, can actually do damage to Glaceon-EX since you are placing damage counters. Having the option to put ten damage counters wherever you want is very good against non-EX based decks, as well, such as Vespiquen because you can potentially take a double KO on two Combee or an Eevee and a Combee. Let's not forget that Espeon-GX is a great attacker against M Mewtwo-EX decks because they are weak to Psychic types and Espeon-GX can one-hit KO a M Mewtwo-EX if they have just two energy attached or one Double Colorless Energy. The fact that Espeon-GX doesn't care about Parallel City makes it that much better against M Mewtwo-EX. You can also Divide GX and KO Garbodor since most lists have been running just one Garbodor.

Another change I decided to try was dropping one Professor Sycamore for one Lillie. This is because there are times middle- to late-game where you have a Puzzle of Time in hand and you can't afford to discard it, so having Lillie can come in clutch in those situations. Opening with Lillie can also be great if you are going for a turn-one KO even though most of the time you prefer to Hex Maniac depending on the matchup. Those are the changes I made since the last list, with the energies obviously being Psychic over Metal. You may be asking why change to Espeon-GX if the Metal variant already has success. Well, that's a good question. However, the meta can change at a moment's notice so trying out more variants makes you prepared in most metas. You can then decide which variant best fits that meta so getting used to a number of variants is ideal. I may toy around and drop two Puzzle of Time for two more Trainers' Mail just to see how effective running two Puzzle of Time can be by upping the consistency with more Trainers' Mail. Usually in a game you only really use two Puzzle of Time successfully and playing two means you are less likely to open with them and if you do just try to save them as long as possible. I still will keep Skyla just in case because it's just an overall solid card in this deck since it can pretty much search out anything.

Other card options

Jirachi XY 67 Promo:

As I mentioned it's great against Giratina-EX but if you are running the Espeon-GX variants above then you don't need it. Espeon-GX is a much more effective solution to Chaos Wheel in my opinion.

Top 8 Standings

1. M Gardevoir-EX (Despair Ray) (Runner-Up)

2. M Rayquaza-EX/Espeon-GX (Winner)

3. Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Salamence-EX (Top 4)

4. Yveltal/Wobbuffet (Top 8)

5. M Rayquaza-EX/Espeon-GX (Top 4)

6. Turbo Darkrai-EX (Top 8)

7. Mew/Passimian (Top 8)

8. Decidueye-GX/Vileplume/Jolteon-EX (Top 8)

The fifth seed M Rayquaza-EX/Espeon-GX list was the same list as mine except he played two Colorless Rayquaza-EX instead of two Dragon and a third Professor Sycamore instead of Lillie because I forgot to tell him the changes. It most likely should have been double M Rayquaza-EX/Espeon-GX in the finals since D' Angelo scooped to Rahul in Top 4 since he wasn't going for points. But you can see Top 8 were a variety of decks. The Yveltal/Wobbuffet deck was interesting since he didn't play Garbodor but instead played multiple Wobbuffet. This is probably due to Vileplume being huge in Standard right now thanks to John Kettler. As you can see, it lost to M Rayquaza-EX/Espeon-GX; without Garbodor you have no chance because you can't stall with Wobbuffet forever. You can also see that the Turbo Darkrai-EX deck lost to Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Salamence-EX strictly because of Salamence-EX which does wonders against Turbo Darkrai-EX. Salamence-EX could take at least four prizes before it goes down so it's no shock that Turbo Darkrai-EX lost to it. Rahul won a very close game three against Decidueye-GX/Vileplume/Jolteon-EX, ending up just one card shy of decking out as he pulled out the clutch Brock's Grit to stay in the game. My Top 8 match is reported next which went fairly quickly since I was able to see a lot of the other Top 8 games.

Tournament Report

Round 1 - Lurantis-GX/Vileplume: W (1-0-0)

Going into this match I was fairly confident since it wasn't Decidueye-GX. I decided to open with Dragonite-EX on purpose because it's attack is pretty good against Lurantis-GX. Turns out it was the right call because Dragonite-EX took all six prizes. My opponent made a couple questionable plays which ultimately gave me the edge. For example, my opponent forgot about his GX attack. He did 40 damage to Dragonite-EX one turn, then attached two more Grass Energy onto the active Lurantis-GX then I hit it for 130 and discarded one of his energy hoping he didn't have another. He attached a third energy to his Lurantis-GX and used Solar Blade which put my Dragonite-EX at 160 and at this point I was confused on that play. This made Dragonite-EX take another two prizes since my opponent tried focusing down my Shaymin-EX's.

Round 2 - Nick South - M Mewtwo-EX/Espeon-GX/Garbodor: W (2-0-0)

Nick is a good friend of mine and he played first with turn one Trubbish and Float Stone with a couple benched Mewtwo-EX and an active Mewtwo with a Psychic Energy on it, then passed the turn. Nick did toss away Garbodor on the first turn and I know a lot of lists only play one so I was surprised he tossed it. Anyway, I took my first turn of the game and started digging and digging and I eventually turn one KOd his Mewtwo-EX. Nick took his turn and didn't have much so I used Lysandre to bring up another Mewtwo-EX for the KO and Nick knew he was done for as he scooped.

Round 3 - Volcanion: W (3-0-0)

I was getting destroyed in this game since I was dead drawing in the beginning. My opponent was up three prizes but eventually, I drew out of it and KOd one of his Volcanion-EX while playing Hex Maniac at the same time. He hit me with a baby Volcanion and I simply used Lysandre on two more EX's to win the game. My opponent actually made an odd call on his first turn of the game because instead of powering up his Salamence-EX he chose a Volcanion-EX. On his first turn of the game, he had three energy on a Volcanion-EX and he could have had that energy on his Salamence-EX which would have likely steamrolled me with my poor draws. But he didn't so I made a nice comeback.

Round 4 - David Sakovich - Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Salamence-EX: W (4-0-0)

Going into this game I knew I had to use Espeon-GX to confuse his Giratina-EX should it threaten me. Unfortunately for my opponent, he never got one attacking so I took a fairly easy game with one-shot after one-shot as he didn't draw too well.

Round 5 - Rahul Reddy - M Gardevoir-EX (Despair Ray): ID (4-0-1)

Rahul and I were the only 4-0's so we just IDed knowing we were in the cut.

Round 6 - Bobby Steeble - Mew/Passimian: ID (4-0-2)

My opponent was 4-1-0 and offered the ID so of course, I took it since no point playing it out anyway.

Top 8 - Bobby Steeble - Mew/Passimian: WW

Game one my opponent prized a Passimian making him have to three shot M Rayquaza-EX with Mews. Because of this, I was able to take multiple prizes before a M Rayquaza-EX went down. My opponent tried going around M Rayquaza-EX since he knew he couldn't one shot or two shot them so he KOed Espeon-GX one turn which I was fine with since eventually, I used Hex Maniac to shut off Mew's ability which then I took game one. In game two my opponent was drawing poorly and scooped pretty quickly.

Top 4 - David Sakovich - Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Salamence-EX: WW

This match is a rematch from round four. Game one my opponent dead draws and I win a quick game one with KO after KO. I even Hex Maniac a Fighting Fury Belted Giratina-EX for the KO since it didn't have any energy from my opponent dead drawing as I said. However, game two is actually a game. I notice my Eevee is prized and I immediately see my demise coming since my opponent attached a Double Dragon Energy turn one on his Giratina-EX then promoted it active so I was foreseeing a turn two Chaos Wheel. Luckily Chaos Wheel didn't go off until turn three but now my opponent has me locked with Parallel City as well. I was about to scoop since I didn't think there was a way for me to win since I didn't have access to Espeon-GX. I decided to play it out and used Intensifying Burn two times to put his Giratina-EX at 120 damage. He then KO's my Rayquaza-EX then I use Dragon Claw since I had a Double Colorless on it before Chaos Wheel to put him at 150 damage.

Now is when my opponent makes a mistake and instead of retreating to a Darkrai-EX and one hit KOing my active Dragon Rayquaza-EX because at this point my opponent had a ton of energy in play he instead just hits into my Dragon Rayquaza-EX for 110 damage with Giratina-EX but does have the Fighting Fury Belt so I can't finish it off with another Dragon Claw. I was hoping he attacked into the Dragon Rayquaza-EX because I retreated into my benched M Rayquaza-EX and used Hex Maniac and because Parallel City was in play I could only do 90 damage which was fine since it was enough to finish off the Giratina-EX. Now the prize count is 4-4 prizes. I was assuming that my benched Dragon Rayquaza-EX was surely going down since then my opponent could just Lysandre a Shaymin-EX for his last two prizes. However, to my surprise my opponent's hand was dead so he just attacked into my Mega and at this point I know I've won the game. I simply one hit KOed back to back Darkrai-EX to take game two and the series. Who would have thought four shotting Giratina-EX would win me the game.

Finals - Rahul Reddy - M Gardevoir-EX (Despair Ray)

Rahul knew he had a bad matchup so he scooped so we could leave earlier. Immediately after I won my Top 4 match Rahul goes "Okay I'm scooping" I was shocked since I figured we were playing it out which I would have been fine with since I was very confident in the matchup. Rahul actually bested me in the finals a week ago with Night March in Expanded though with me playing M Rayquaza-EX so we both have a 1st and 2nd for this quarter which is awesome. This win now puts me at 415 CP as I said which I'm well on my way to my fifth consecutive Worlds invite.

Expanded Version

This next list is for the Expanded format. 


I actually took second at a League Cup with a similar version to Alex Wilson's list. The list I took second with compared to the list above is dropping Magearna-EX and all three Metal Energy for a third Hex Maniac and three Water Energy so not too much of a difference. I figured since the Water Energy are irrelevant that if I added Magearna-EX it would at least be another answer to Accelgor.

3 Rayquaza-EX (All Dragon)

There are a couple reasons on why I think playing all Dragon Rayquaza-EX is best in the Expanded format. The first is that when you open with Rayquaza-EX against Night March they need more to one hit KO it which you can also Dragon Claw to one shot Joltiks. Another reason is because of Raikou/Eels in case you have to stall with them for whatever reason. The extra 10 Hit Points may come in handy you never know. I just feel like if you are personally attacking with the non-Mega you might be in trouble anyway so why not take advantage of the Dragon one since it has a better weakness and more Hit Points as I said.

1 Keldeo-EX

This card helps to not get stuck in the active spot and to get out of status conditions such as, Hypnotoxic Laser since it can Poison and Sleep as well ass Accelgor's Deck and Cover attack which can Poison and Paralyze. These reasons are why you need to play Keldeo-EX. It also makes attacking turn one easier since you can just Rush In and out at any time once you have a M Rayquaza-EX ready to go.

1 Magearna-EX

This addition was basically for Accelgor since it got Top 8 in St. Louis. But can also help against Jirachi so it doesn't remove your Double Colorless Energies. It's attack, Soul Blaster can potentially one hit KO Shaymin-EX and Glaceon-EX so it's not the worst attack. It's ability Mystic Heart actually stops Trevenant BREAK's Silent Fear damage assuming you have a Metal Energy on Pokémon.

 1 Jirachi-EX

The deck plays a number of one of supporters making Jirachi-EX fit nicely for when you have to search out a supporter of your choice. Jirachi-EX can be searched out with Hoopa-EX which makes the deck more consistent in that sense.

1 Exeggcute PLB

This card helps for a number of reasons. Exeggcute makes it so that you don't have to discard too many resources with Ultra Ball and Computer Search since you can just keep reusing Exeggcute just to discard it. It's also very good for always having it as a bench spot whenever you need it to help fuel Emerald Breaks damage output.

2 Colress

I know Alex Wilson only ran one Colress in his winning list but I personally prefer two in case it's prized. Colress is ridiculous in this deck since with Sky Field you can draw more than ten cards at a time. Playing two also means you can discard the first with Battle Compressor and then Jirachi-EX for the second one if need be.

2 Lysandre

You want to play two Lysandre, especially in Expanded because of Trevenant. You want to be able to get around the item lock. Getting around Fright Night comes in handy as well so they don't take advantage of Float Stone since you can't Rush In and out.

2 Hex Maniac

I ran three of these at a League Cup where I took second to Night March. I ran three because as soon as I got there I saw at least three Raikou/Eels decks which I know players knew I was going to play M Rayquaza-EX so I said okay you want to play like that then bring it on. I ended up playing only one of them in swiss which I demolished him with t1-5 Hex Maniacs. Hex Maniac is also needed against Volcanion, Trevenant, and Vileplume.

1 N

Needed in case you have to limit your opponent's hand size. Or to fill your hand up to six early on in case Colress nets you fewer cards.

1 Karen

Needed to help combat both Night March and Vespiquen decks. Against Night March it will still likely be a tough game since they can spam Teammates and Puzzle of Time to get back or search for more Battle Compressors and Double Colorless Energy.

1 AZ

This card gives this deck plenty of options. Great to reuse Shaymin-EX, for saving something from getting KOed, or even to get out of a status condition as well as so something doesn't get stuck active in case Keldeo-EX isn't viable.

1 Xerosic

I wanted to have some kind of an answer to Giratina-EX. Xerosic seemed like the best solution in Expanded since it can discard Special Energy and Tools if need be. Against Turbo Darkrai-EX discarding a Fighting Fury Belt can make one hit KOing it easier. Getting rid of Life Dew and Rock Guard can come in handy as well since those Tools are annoying.

3 Trainers' Mail

This card keeps the deck consistent. You can get away with running just three even though Alex Wilson played four in his winning list. I added in a second Colress which is a personal opinion.

2 Battle Compressor

This card makes this deck even more consistent which is why M Rayquaza-EX is more consistent in Expanded. Having the option to discard any three cards from your deck is ridiculous in this deck because not only can you discard Basic Energy for Mega Turbo but you can also discard supporters so you have access to VS Seeker. Late game you can thin your deck out as well if needed.

2 Float Stone

Strictly for Keldeo-EX so you can freely Rush In and out. Make sure to get Keldeo-EX with a Float Stone against item lock decks so they don't try to stall you out.

1 Computer Search

By far the best Ace Spec in this deck because it can grab any one card from your deck while discarding Basic Energy so you can have access to Mega Turbo. Opening with Computer Search should almost always guarantee a turn one Emerald Break.

Other card options


If you expect Night March to rise in play then adding in Seismitoad-EX can help win you that matchup because you use Karen then item lock them. If they attach energy you Xerosic them off.

Giratina XY 184 Promo:

Mainly useful against Trevenant BREAK, however in Expanded Trevenant decks are seeing less and less play. Giratina does also come in handy against Greninja BREAK and Carbink BREAK. Scout your meta hard to determine if Giratina is needed or not.


I know Alex Wilson played Ghetsis over Xerosic in his winning list. Ghetsis is a luxury card in this deck but not needed to win games honestly. Because you aren't comboing Ghetsis with neither item lock or Silent Lab means your opponent can just draw out of it easier.

Professor Sycamore:

In Expanded it's crucial you don't discard resources given that the deck doesn't play Puzzle of Time so making sure you use all Mega Turbo and Spirit Links wisely plays a huge part in the deck's success.

Special Charge:

Because the deck doesn't play Puzzle of Time running a Special Charge to get back Double Colorless Energy isn't the worst thing.

Closing Thoughts

That will conclude this in-depth article all about M Rayquaza-EX variants that can put up good results at upcoming events. As you can see there are a variety of different ways you can run M Rayquaza-EX for both Standard and Expanded although in Standard there are more ways you can play M Rayquaza-EX. I'm really loving the version with Espeon-GX which is my latest variant which I won my last League Cup with as mentioned. It's up to you as a player on what you think the meta might be and then act on which variant is best in that meta. If you haven't tried it with Espeon-GX I recommend you give a go because it's honestly better than I expected.

With that said, don't forget to check out The Chaos Gym on YouTube and Twitch for updates and player interviews, as well as live streaming from Grafton Roll and Rahul Reddy. As always, be sure to check out Team ARG's Pokémon page on Facebook, Team ARG Pokemon-TCG for tons of deck lists and interviews from great players. If you have any questions about these lists or decks in general or about Team ARG then please feel free to leave me a comment below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them, or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it, then, by all means, post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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