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"I Didn't Know Magikarp Could Learn Bubble"

A 9th Place Regional Report, and a Look at Seismitoad-EX/Decidueye-GX ...

02/28/2017 by Jose Marrero

Jose goes over his 9th place finish at Anaheim Regionals and then talks about one of the most hyped decks for the Expanded format, Seismitoad-EX/Decidueye-GX.


Hello, again 60cards readers! Now that Anaheim Regionals is done and accounted for I wanted to now go over my 9th place finish that I placed by piloting Gyarados in the Standard format in a field of 520 Masters. First off shout out to Israel and Sammy Sosa for the awesome hospitality they gave me and a group of friends while in Anaheim. It was a blast hanging out with the Sosa brothers for almost a week. Playing Catch Phrase, hunting for Pokémon with the new Gen 2 release and going to Disneyland were all part of what made an awesome experience in Anaheim. Also thanks to Grant Manley on the roast which made for a funny title. I'll be giving an analysis on the deck I played as well as more card options if you decide you want to change the list to your own liking. On top of that, I'll be going over one of the most hyped decks of Expanded, Seismitoad-EX/Decidueye-EX and go over my personal list since I think the deck is a force to be reckoned with come St. Louis Regionals this weekend.

With that said, down below is the Gyarados list I decided on for Anaheim Regionals which netted me a 9th place bubble finish.


4-3 Gyarados

Some lists run a maxed line of Gyarados but from testing out four Gyarados I just didn't like when they are clogged in your opening hand. Personally, I think three is the ideal amount since you have plenty of other cards to get back Gyarados. You just need to learn how to save resources when playing this deck because that plays a huge factor in the deck's success.

1-1 Octillery

I absolutely love Octillery in this deck. Not only does Octillery make Silent Lab useless against you, but just the overall draw power it brings to the table is too good not to play. Octillery makes it so that you don't have to play multiple Shaymin-EX which are a liability.

1 Mr. Mime

I mainly kept this card in due to Umbreon-GX's new release. The 30 snipe damage can be troublesome so stopping it is ideal. Not to mention Galvantula and Spinda are other great options as to why Mr. Mime should stay in the deck and I was glad to have kept it in even though I didn't face Spinda or Umbreon-GX as you will see in my tournament report. You will, however, see that it did come in handy against one of my Day 1 rounds.

1 Tauros-GX

This card was strict as a means to counter Glaceon-EX since sometimes Pokémon Ranger isn't too reliable. At least Tauros-GX can hit into Glaceon-EX and threaten a three shot or a one shot should they attack into it. Tauros-GX is also great against Yveltal-EX and Darkrai-EX based decks as you will see in my report.

1 Shaymin-EX

Having a one of Shaymin-EX was the perfect amount since it's not as much as a liability than running more than one. Sometimes you can just Sky Return and bring it back into your hand. Late game it comes in handy for when you are needing a couple cards and have the bench space for it.

2 Teammates

Spamming Teammates after Teammates is all you really need to do to get revenge KO's and to start setting back up every turn no matter the matchup. Having the option to Teammates for a Puzzle of Time then one other card you need means Teammates essentially netted you any three cards if you really think about it.

1 Professor Kukui

The extra 20 damage this card provides makes Gyarados's numbers a little better such as, against a Fighting Fury Belted Darkrai-EX you now can do 230 damage which I actually pulled off in one of my rounds which was actually against Tony, who took second place in Anaheim. Even just having two Magikarp and then using Professor Kukui can do 170 damage which can one hit KO a Yveltal-EX without a Fighting Fury Belt.

4 Puzzle of Time

Being able to get back any four cards should you use them wisely is too good in this deck not to play. Whether it's for a Buddy-Buddy Rescue, Team Magma's Secret Base, or Double Colorless Energy.

3 Dive Ball/3 Level Ball/2 Ultra Ball

I decided to play all three balls since they all have their own merit. Dive Ball searches out Gyarados and Octillery lines while Level Ball can search out Magikarp, Octillery line, and even Mr. Mime. Now Ultra Ball not only searches out both Shaymin-EX and Tauros-GX, but they also help thin the hand down to draw more with Octillery. I think a 3/3/2 split was actually the perfect amount since I see a lot of list running only Dive and Ultra Ball. With Octillery Level Balls are just crazy good for getting it out consistently without having to discard too many resources.

3 Buddy-Buddy Rescue

I see most lists running four Buddy-Buddy Rescue, but I personally think four is overkill because you do not want to open with any of them. Opening with them will likely mean they are going in the discard unless you open with N as well.

2 Trainers' Mail/2 Acro Bike

Running only two Trainers' Mail was actually fine since I also ran two Acro Bikes for consistency. Most times I'm looking for Balls to get out more Pokémon, but there are those times where I wished they were Acro Bikes to a certain extent. I thought about just dropping all the Acro Bikes for more Trainers' Mail, however, there are times where you may whiff something such as a Double Colorless Energy. Having Acro Bike to dig for more is actually worth it since they have saved me plenty of times.

2 Float Stone

Because Tauros-GX and Octillery have hefty retreat costs meant that I needed to run a couple Float Stone. I didn't want to run just one in case I was to attack with Tauros-GX and want to retreat it out into Gyarados or for when I open something other than Magikarp. Tauros-GX having three retreat is troublesome but it was honestly fine with running two Float Stone.

1 Lucky Helmet

People were surprised I only ran one of these. They expected more since I was doing so well. However, it's Octillery and Shaymin-EX that gives the deck the drawing power that it needs mainly Octillery. You don't need Lucky Helmet to win games and with Octillery you don't need Lucky Helmet either. I just kept one in just in case I was one turn short of getting Remoraid on board. Sometimes I would Teammates for it just to get the extra two cards right away. One Lucky Helmet was fine, to be honest since like I said you don't need them with Octillery.

1 Super Rod

This card is great for when you have three or more Gyarados pieces in the discard due to Parallel City. You want to be able to put as many back into your deck as possible which is why I think Super Rod is a must in this deck and because you know the deck only runs three Gyarados.

1 Town Map

Getting prized Magikarps out of the prizes is a must to cap your damage output. Even to get non-Magikarp cards out of the prizes whether it's a VS Seeker or Puzzle of Time is extremely good in this deck which makes Town Map a staple in the deck.

1 Special Charge

I personally like the one of Special Charge in this deck especially against non-EX based decks where you need to find Double Colorless Energy every turn to revenge KO something. It makes it so that instead of having to Puzzle of Time for Double Colorless Energy you can then Special Charge some back then Teammates or draw into them. You don't want to have to use Puzzle of Time unless you absolutely have to.

4 Team Magma's Secret Base

The deck doesn't function without this card which is why you want to max it out. They are to fuel Gyarados's attack, Full Retaliation so that Magikarps take damage.

Other Card Options


The extra 10 damage can make the difference between a one-shot and a two shot, but the fact that Meowstic is an EX makes me not like it personally especially now that we have Professor Kukui.


Although Gyarados has a fine M Mewtwo-EX matchup, Mew-EX can make the matchup even easier assuming they don't have Garbodor out.


You can run this card over Octillery, however, like I mentioned Octillery isn't prone to Silent Lab like Oranguru is.

Pokémon Ranger:

More for Giratina-EX since the deck plays Tauros-GX for Glaceon-EX as I said. Now that Giratina-EX won Anaheim Regionals may make players play the deck even more so just watch closely at your meta and scout if need be first before deciding on this card.

Hex Maniac:

This card is a hit or miss because most times you are likely never going to use it because you are probably using Teammates or some other supporter. Gyarados loses to Decidueye-GX no matter what, however, Hex Maniac can come in handy against Lurantis-GX/Vileplume.

Enhanced Hammer:

Again great against Giratina-EX since you can Teammates for it and reuse it with Puzzle of Time.

Anaheim 9th Place Tournament Report


Day 1

Round 1 - Raul Pier - Volcanion: WW (1-0-0)

As my opponent is shuffling I immediately notice that he's playing Fire Energy and figured it had to be Volcanion. My gut was correct and so game 1 and 2 I just destroy my opponent simply because Volcanion is an auto win for Gyarados. You are trading one prize (Gyarados) for two prizes (Volcanion-EX) which you can see why the matchup is very unfavorable for Volcanion.

Round 2 - Alex Bobenrieth - Turbo Darkrai-EX: LL (1-1-0)

Going into this round I knew Gyarados has a good matchup against Turbo Darkrai-EX even if you are trading two Gyarados per Darkrai-EX. Eventually, you will have the potential to one hit KO Darkrai-EX depending if they took 20 damage from Team Magma's Secret Base first or if they don't have a Fighting Fury Belt attached. Even then because I run Professor Kukui means I can do 230 damage to one hit KO a fresh Darkrai-EX with a Fighting Fury Belt. However, that was not the case because in game one I prized one Magikarp, but I do open Tauros-GX which is great against Turbo Darkrai-EX. However, I could only find one Magikarp and because of this, my opponent proceeded to use Escape Rope to drag up my only benched Magikarp for a cheap KO with his Oblivion Wing Yveltal. The following turn Yveltal yet again takes out another Magikarp and at this point, I'm too far behind with prizing a Magikarp and losing two early so I lose game one. Game two I now prize two Gyarados and don't hit them until it was too late because when you are playing Gyarados most times you are wanting to use Buddy-Buddy Rescue to retrieve Magikarps not Gyarados which is what I was forced to do and because of this it put a lot of pressure on me and thus I couldn't handle the back to back Gyarados KO's done by Darkrai-EX with multiple being prized so I lose game two as well unfortunately.

Round 3 - Ryan Blum - Gyarados: WW (2-1-0)

I knew how to approach the mirror match and it went as planned. In game one I take the first prize lead and never looked back. Eventually, the game got close but if you are up a prize in the mirror match all you have to do is spam Teammates and make sure not to bench an EX which is exactly what I did so I took game one fairly confidently. My opponent did also have to bench a Shaymin-EX which I immediately took out for two quick prizes to seal game one even more. Game two, however, gets down to the wire with both of us having just one prize left and my opponent having a chance to win. I N him to one and hope he doesn't draw out of it. He didn't play Octillery and his Oranguru was still in the prizes so he had to rely on a Shaymin-EX top deck. He also had already exhausted so many resources so even a Teammates wasn't enough to bail him out, but he dead draws and I take a very close game two to take the series.

Round 4 - Junior Duenas - Yveltal-EX/Tauros-GX/Garbodor: WW (3-1-0)

Game one I open Tauros-GX and start putting pressure right away. Eventually, my opponent is forced to Y Cyclone my Tauros-GX which then made me take the prize lead my using Mad Bull GX to one hit KO his Yveltal-EX. After this point, it was one shot after one shot with Gyarados so I take a pretty convincing game one. In game two I open Tauros-GX yet again and my opponent yet again uses Y Cyclone on my Tauros-GX. I take two quick prizes again and similar to game one I take another convincing game to take the series and start the day 3-1-0.

Round 5 - Maxi Ferreira - M Rayquaza-EX/Metal: WW (4-1-0)

This matchup is in Gyarados's favor simply because you are trading non-EXs for EXs. Similar to that of Turbo Darkrai-EX, if you are trading two Gyarados for M Rayquaza-EX you should still win the game because at some point you probably will have the option to Lysandre around M Rayquaza-EX for cheap prizes assuming you can't one hit KO M Rayquaza-EX. Both games were similar to me setting up as the deck is intended to do. My opponent was forced to bench into Team Magma's Secret Base game one so I was able to one hit KO everything he threw at me. I took the series with another comfortable 2-0. In game two, however, my opponent started attacking with Magearna-EX so I played conservatively and just two shotted it which was still fine. I was still able to capitalize on every move my opponent did.

Round 6 - Tony Jimenez - Turbo Darkrai-EX: WW (5-1-0)

Tony actually ended up getting 2nd place so congrats to him to have made it so far after our round 6 match. Game one Tony and I can't find energy to save our lives. Eventually, I act first and start taking the prize lead. Tony responds with a couple powered up Darkrai-EX's, however they took damage from Team Magma's Secret Base so because of this I was able to one hit KO them to take game one. Now in game two, Tony opens with lone Yveltal and then uses Shaymin-EX to draw a couple cards but no other Pokémon and passes the turn. I take my first turn of the game and start setting up. Tony takes his second turn of the game and only has a Lysandre to pick off one of my Magikarp. I take my turn and whiff the Double Colorless to KO him so I pass the turn. Tony yet again Lysandre's up another Magikarp for the KO. Mind you all Tony's field is just a lone Shaymin-EX. On my following turn, I hit the Double Colorless Energy to KO Tony's Yveltal to go down to 5 prizes to Tony's 4. Tony draws for the turn and extends his hand out as he draws nothing knowing his Shaymin-EX was done for. He had a couple Escape Ropes in hand but I had Octillery on the bench with a Float Stone so those were useless at that point so I take the series 2-0.

Round 7 - Noah Sawyer - M Gardevoir-EX/Absol: LL (5-2-0)

I'm 5-1-0 at this point and I knew one more win pretty much seals my Day 2. I look at the pairings and someone tells me Noah is playing M Gardevoir-EX and I'm feeling confident but then they say he also plays Absol and just like that I knew I was done for. Game one I start to take the lead and I can just smell Absol's presence as it hits the field. Because M Gardevoir-EX decks play multiple Dragonite-EX to get back Absol and because I have to use Buddy-Buddy Rescue means Absol will keep resurrecting like a zombie that just won't die. I couldn't keep up with the multiple KO's my opponent had every turn due to Absol taking free prizes. Game two, however, is much more close even with Absol hitting the field. Noah and I both get down to 2-2 prizes, but Noah takes a prize with Absol and is now down to one prize. Noah has one Mega Turbo left in a deck of about 15-20 or so. Noah proceeds to Shaymin-EX a couple times then uses multiple Trainers' Mails and starts digging and digging and eventually Noah is left with just four cards left in the deck as he uses one last Trainers' Mail to guarantee the last Mega Turbo to take game two and the series. Even though I knew I was done for as soon as I knew he ran Absol I was still glad to give Noah a run for his money in game two.

Round 8 - Noel Ramirez - Rainbow Road/Galvantula: WW (6-2-0)

Going into this round I did not expect to be facing up against Rainbow Road I'll have to admit. My first thought was "does he play Galvantula" because if not the match will be a cake walk. But my opponent indeed did play Galvantula so I knew it was going to be a tough one. Game one and two were both pretty similar. Every time my opponent used Teammates I would N him because I knew he most likely took Hex Maniac off of it since I played Mr. Mime to counter Galvantula. At one point in game one, I just Lysandred up and KOed his only Galvantula which finally let me take a breather. Even then game one gets really close but I have two prizes left so I ignore Xerneas and Lysandre up my opponent's Volcanion-EX for the last two prizes. My opponent thought I did 150 damage but when I pointed to its weakness my opponent knew he made a mistake benching it. In game two my opponent learned quickly and tossed Volcanion-EX in the discard early on. Still with some well timed N's and constant one hit KO's I am able to best my opponent 2-0 thanks to Mr. Mime.

Round 9 - Andrew Hyun - Houndoom-EX/Bunnelby: WLT (6-2-1)

Well now I'm 6-2-0 and I know I have to win to make Day 2. Worst case I tie and make Top 64 which I was used to by now since I Top 64ed three other Regionals and London Internationals so what's one more right? Game one I start off with a huge lead by one hit KOing a Houndoom-EX on turn two and three to already be up four prizes. I only benched one Magikarp since that's all you need to one hit KO a Houndoom-EX thanks to its Water weakness. My last two prizes were on yet another Houndoom-EX, but this time it has a Fighting Fury Belt on it and so I Professor Kukui it for the KO to take game one. At this point, I'm fairly confident I can 2-0 my opponent assuming I don't open anything other than Magikarp or Shaymin-EX. I open Magikarp again in game two and I'm trying to go with my game one plan, however, my opponent proceeds to mill two Puzzle of Time and both my Float Stone in the first 6-8 discards thanks to Team Rocket's Handiwork where my opponent flipped double heads back to back.

Mind you in both games my opponent never flipped tails on Crushing Hammers which was troublesome. Eventually, I get down to just two prizes left in game two, but my opponent milled my third Puzzle of Time and Special Charge at perfect times and thus I finally deck out. Game three ends in a tie as we start to set up. At this point, I take my 6-2-1 record and tell my teammates the sad news since they expected me to win against Houndoom-EX mill. Standings go up and I'm looking at them starting with Top 64 and up and I don't see my name until my name was highlighted black and my gut feeling struck knowing I squeaked in at 30th seed as did three other players including Ross Cawthon. As you can see four of my opponent's had 19 or more points which then I realized why I was one of the lucky four to make it into Day 2 with 19 points. Unfortunately my last round opponent who played Houndoom-EX mill placed 34th.

Day 2

Round 10 - Josh Fernando - Turbo Darkrai-EX: WLT

Starting Day 2 off I'm up against Turbo Darkrai-EX which I was fine with. Game one I win fairly easy since I had the one hit KO's when I needed them most. Game two, however, time get's called and my opponent has the game next turn but I'm turn two and I still have a chance to win. I just need a Lysandre as I have three VS Seeker and my second Lysandre still in the deck. I proceed to Trainers' Mail and whiff but I do get Acro Bike to try and dig one more time. I use Acro Bike and whiff again as my opponent wins the following turn. Very unfortunate since I should have 2-0ed my opponent but luck is part of Pokémon. Game three goes to time as we are setting up and I start the day off with a tie.

Round 11 - M Mewtwo-EX/Garbodor: WW

This matchup is fairly easy for Gyarados as long as you play around Parallel City. Going into game one my opponent had the chance to get Garbodor out but doesn't for some reason which let me use Octillery. I hadn't benched Remoraid yet so he didn't know I played it. By the time he got Garbodor out it was too late then since I was streaming one hit KO's back to back. In game two my opponent drew pretty poorly because at one point in the game my opponent Sky Returned into another Shaymin-EX with no bench. Luckily for my opponent, I prized one Magikarp and I had benched two without Team Magma's Secret Base out which meant I could only do 90 damage. My opponent risked the play because he needed to draw cards with Shaymin-EX. Still, I was able to steam roll my opponent knowing he didn't have any Mewtwo-EX out.

Round 12 - Jimmy Pendarvis - Yveltal-EX/Tauros-GX/Garbodor: WW

Game one Jimmy attacks into my Tauros-GX with his Mewtwo EVO for 60 damage. The following turn I Lysandre up one of his fresh Yveltal-EX's and Mad Bull GX it for the KO. Jimmy whiffs the KO the following turn on my Tauros-GX and uses Mewtwo EVO again to bring it up to 120 damage. I believe I just KO the Mewtwo and from there it's Gyarados going ham with non-stop KO's until my last prize. Jimmy couldn't do much since he didn't seem to draw too well and he missed his first Max Elixir. Game two is basically the same with me taking the lead and never looking back. Gyarados has a great matchup against Yveltal-EX/Tauros/Garbodor. I ended up 2-0ing both of the ones I played.

Round 13 - Phinnegan Lynch - Vespiquen/Zoroark/Herdier: LWT

Going into this round I knew I had the edge against Vespiquen since I run Octilley to help find the revenge KO easier and I also can just Teammates for what I need. Phinn played two Parallel City which he always limited my damage making it more troublesome for me having to bump Parallel City or find two benched Magikarps for when going for KO's even on Vespiquen. At one point in game one, I actually whiff a KO on Phinn's Zoroark since it has 100 hp and with Parallel City out I am only able to do 70 damage anyway. This made it to where Phinn now ties me on prizes since I was ahead because I had KOed one of his Shaymin-EX. Game one get's down to 1-1 prizes and Phinn N's me to 1 with Octillery already in the discard. I need to hit Gyarados and Team Magma's Secret Base to take game one, but unfortunately, my N to one and top deck were Team Magma's Secret Base and Ultra Ball so I barely miss the KO and lose a very close game one. Parallel City was the MVP for Phinn hands down. In game two I take the lead and kept it the whole game and take the game convincingly. Game three goes to time as we start setting up. So the game ends in a tie and I'm sitting at 27 match points and now at this point, I have to win my last round to have a chance at Top 8 because the word was that two people with 30 points will bubble, but three will make it into Top 8 with 30 match points.

Round 14 - Michael Angelo Rosario - M Rayquaza-EX/Volcanion-EX: WW

Going into this round I'm now up against M Rayquaza-EX with Volcanion. I wasn't sure how he incorporated Volcanion into the deck so I was actually excited to see how he did. Game one my opponent starts first and just attaches a Fire Energy onto his lone Rayquaza-EX and just Mega evolves and passes the turn. I take my first turn of the game and since I know I can't one hit KO his M Rayquaza-EX this early on I decided to use Tauros-GX to do 60 damage to it. My opponent to my surprise just draws and passes. Then I proceed to get retreat Tauros-GX with a Float Stone to Gyarados to finish M Rayquaza-EX for 210 damage to take a very quick game one. Game two, however, is much closer. My opponent is at two prizes and I'm still at four because of a really slow start and prizing a Magikarp. At one point I have an active Gyarados with a Lucky Helmet on it and I figured I lost the game at this point since my opponent can just take two KO's before I can take four prizes. My opponent had another Rayquaza-EX on the bench with a Spirit Link and Double Colorless Energy on it so all he needed was an Energy and the Mega assuming I one-hit KO his M Rayquaza-EX which I couldn't since it was a fresh one.

To my surprise instead of my opponent going down to 1 prize and just winning the following turn he opts to get rid of my Double Colorless Energy with his Jirachi and because of this, I draw two free cards thanks to Lucky Helmet. In my head, I was like "what did my opponent just do???" Immediately I knew I had won the game after that play. I take my turn and simply go around Jirachi and Lysandre up the Rayquaza-EX with the Spirit Link and Double Colorless Energy to go down to two prizes to my opponent's two, but I didn't have any EX Pokémon so he could only take one prize next turn. He KO's my Gyarados to go down to one prize with the same M Rayquaza-EX he could have KOed me with the turn before. I then proceed to Lysandre up another EX for the last two prizes to take the series. Down below is the final Top 8 standings. As you can see I bubbled at 9th. There should have been two bubbles with 30 points but last round Phinn and John Kettler tied making them both miss Top 8 so only one person with 30 points missed.

1. Lawrence Xu (10-2-2) - Turbo Darkrai-EX

2. Igor Costa (10-2-2) - Yveltal EX/Garbodor/Tauros-GX

3. Ryan Sabelhaus (9-1-4) - M Mewtwo-EX/Garbodor 

4. Rahul Reddy (9-1-4) - Vespiquen/ZoroarkVaporeon

5. Kenny Britton (9-1-4) - Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Salamence-EX

6. Jeffrey Cheng (10-4-0) - Vespiquen/Zoroark 

7. Tony Jimenez (9-2-3) - Turbo Darkrai-EX

8. Travis Nunlist (9-2-3) - M Mewtwo-EX/Espeon-GX/Garbodor 

9. Jose Marrero (9-2-3) - Gyarados/Tauros-GX/Octillery

The top four players to move on were Lawrence who took out Travis, Kenny Britton who took out Rahul, Jeffrey who took out Ryan, and Tony who took out Igor. Then eventually Kenny Britton ended up winning the whole event with his Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Salamence-EX deck which didn't run Garbodor in a crazy game 3 finals against Tony where he didn't take a single prize but instead decked Tony out.


Feel free to check out Aaron Tarbell's latest article where he talks about five deck variants of Decidueye-GX in the Expanded format.

4-3-3 Decidueye-GX

You can run a 4-4-4 line but I needed room for other things. I don't think you need a maxed out line anyway. Decidueye-GX is much stronger in Expanded simply because of its great combo with Seimsitoad-EX. I personally prefer Decidueye-GX over Bats because you can reuse Decidueye-GX's ability, Feather Arrow, every turn. Feather Arrow doing 20 damage a turn to any of your opponent's Pokémon hands down is just better than Golbat and Crobat's damage output because of the fact that Feather Arrow stacks. Its GX attack is no slouch either because getting back any three cards can come in handy late game. Decidueye-GX's first attack, Razor Leaf, is great against the mirror match to one hit KO opposing Seismitoad-EX's.

3 Seismitoad-EX

The main attacker of the deck in which is used to Item lock the opponent. Quaking Punch is a very strong attack and now pairing it with Feather Arrow it's no surprise that this deck will have a huge impact come St. Louis Regionals.

1 Jirachi-EX

Because the deck runs so many one of supporters makes Jirachi-EX come in handy for when picking which supporter you need at the time whether it's an AZ or Xerosic.

1 Miltank

This card is a nice secondary attacker which can dish out 80 damage for a single Colorless Energy and when you combo it with Feather Arrow you can hit the right numbers. Of course, Powerful Friends get's the bonus only if you have a Decidueye-GX in play.

1 AZ

Great for reusing Decidueye-GX and healing a Seismitoad-EX if need be. AZ can also pick up a Shaymin-EX to reuse or to simply put it back into your hand so that it doesn't get Lysandred up. Same goes with Jirachi-EX of course.

1 Ghetsis

A turn one Ghetsis can cripple decks that run Gallade and Archeops and if you stick them with a dead hand for a turn and follow up with Quaking Punch then you should win from there no matter what the deck is. Jirachi-EX can search Ghetsis out to make it more reliable.

1 Xerosic

Getting rid of a Double Colorless Energy on an opposing Seismitoad-EX to break the lock is definitely an option you want to have. Same goes for discarding random Tools.

1 Hex Maniac

Needed just in case the opponent get's a turn one Archeops against you. If they do then you can't evolve into Decidueye-GX meaning your damage is severely limited.

4 Hypnotoxic Laser

Having the added 10 damage from Poison can make numbers easier for you and the chance at Sleeping the opponent can also be clutch at times.

4 Super Scoop Up

Similar to AZ but a flip effect in the form of an Item. Super Scoop Up can be used on anything. Healing your Pokémon (Seismitoad-EX), drawing more cards (Shaymin-EX), and doing, even more, damage (Decidueye-GX). You also never know when Super Scoop Up can win you games by donking your opponent by reusing Feather Arrow.

2 Muscle Band

The extra 20 damage Muscle Band provides can make numbers easier to hit and unlike Fighting Fury Belt, Muscle Band can be used on any Pokémon.

1 Battle Compressor

Great for thinning the deck and getting supporters in the discard especially the one of's for VS Seeker uses.

1 Super Rod

You can get back Basic Energy if need be or a line of Decidueye-GX.

1 Computer Search

The most consistent Ace Spec for the deck simply because it can search out Forest of Giant Plants and Double Colorless Energy.

3 Forest of Giant Plants

The only way to stream multiple Decidueye-GX on a single turn. You can potentially donk a Pokémon if it has little to no health.

Other Card Options

Giratina XY184 Promo:

Useful against Trevenant BREAK, Carbink BREAK, and even Greninja BREAK. If you expect a handful of these decks then Giratina might be worth the inclusion.


A solid backup attacker against decks that play Archeops such as Yveltal-EX. You can potentially Deep Hurricane to KO Archeops.

Professor Kukui:

Making Quaking Punch do 70 damage can be ridiculous for hitting the right numbers.


A well timed Delinquent comboed with Quaking Punch can win games.

Team Flare Grunt:

Great against the Seismitoad-EX mirror and against Giratina-EX to get rid of Double Dragon Energy.

Level Ball:

You can search out the little stages of Decidueye-GX to get them out easier.

Float Stone:

The deck runs AZ and Super Scoop Up otherwise Float Stone would be in the deck for sure. I just prefer Super Scoop Up over Float Stone even though they are flip effects.

Fighting Fury Belt:

Everything but Decidueye-GX gains from Fighting Fury Belt, but the extra 10 damage from Muscle Band is what can turn a two shot into a potential one shot instead.

Tool Scrapper:

Getting rid of a Tool on a Garbodor or Fighting Fury Belt on a Yveltal-EX can make a huge difference.


Being able to get back two pieces of Decidueye-GX can be nice, however, the deck already plays Super Rod and with Decidueye-GX having a whopping 240 hp means they won't go down easy.

Scoop Up Cyclone:

This Ace Spec guarantees another 20 damage from Feather Arrow and can heal a Seismitoad-EX at a moments notice.

Rock Guard:

Because the deck runs Super Scoop Up means you can potentially use Rock Guard to do more free damage assuming you don't get one hit KOed.

Closing Thoughts

That will conclude this article. Hopefully, you learned something from this article whether it's for Standard or Expanded. I think right now the strongest deck going into St. Louis is without a doubt Seismitoad-EX/Decidueye-GX so be prepared to play against the deck more than once in swiss. I'll definitely be at St. Louis Regionals this weekend so be sure to say hello if you see me. I expect it to be the largest Regional to date for the fact that it was the largest last year. If you are attending St. Louis Regionals this weekend then good luck to you and I hope you perform better than expected. With that said, don't forget to check out The Chaos Gym on YouTube and Twitch for updates and player interviews, as well as live streaming from Grafton Roll and Rahul Reddy.

As always, be sure to check out Team ARG's Pokémon page on Facebook, Team ARG Pokemon-TCG for tons of deck lists and interviews from great players. I myself should be part of the team by the time this article is released if not then maybe a couple days later. I'm happy to be apart of Team ARG and I hope for great things in the future with them. If you have any questions about these lists or decks in general then please feel free to leave me a comment below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them, or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it, then, by all means, post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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