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"Ringing in the New Year in the Lone Star State" - 3 Strong Plays for Dallas Regionals

Jose goes over the 3 strongest plays in Standard format for Dallas Regionals this weekend.

12/29/2016 by Jose Marrero


Hello once again, 60cards readers! I hope you all had a joyful Christmas, as I did, and I hope you are all now getting ready for Dallas Regionals, as well as New Years, this weekend. With Regionals right around the corner, I wanted to dedicate this next article on 3 strong plays for this Standard format event. For each deck, I'll be going over some more card options as well as explain some of the deck's matchups with the more popular decks in the Standard format. If you are having a hard time picking a deck for the weekend, then to be honest one of these choices can be great for you. Depending on your play style, each deck has its own merit. Yveltal/Garbodor and Greninja are both slower decks, while Volcanion is a speedy one.

All three decks and these lists are ones that made Top 8 at the London International Championships because quite frankly they all are strong lists. The Yveltal/Garbodor list I'll be discussing is none other than Michael Pramawat's winning London International Championships list. On top of that, the Greninja list I'll be going over is my buddy Grafton Roll's, and the Volcanion list is Attar Ricco's. I chose these decks and these lists because right now they are probably the top three decks in Standard. With that said, let's start off with Michael Pramawat's 1st place London list.


As I mentioned, this list was piloted by Michael Pramawat, who ended up winning the first International Championships held in London. It's no surprise that Michael ended up winning the whole event because he's one of the best players in the game right now. Not only was Michael the runner-up at the World Championships and US National Championships, on top of having numerous Regionals wins, he now has the sole title of International Champion to add to his resume of great accomplishments.

Michael played a number of different cards the others didn't play, which is probably why he came out on top. Michael's Pokemon line is fairly standard, which is what you should usually see in a consistent Yveltal/Garbodor build. Three Yveltal-EX and two Yveltal BKT is the way to go in my opinion. This way you have the option to use three different attacks that have their own merits. Right now Pitch-Black Spear is taking over the standard format and for good reason. Nowadays players are relying on Float Stone, which makes Pitch-Black Spear even more deadly. Some of the unique supporters Michael decided to run is Delinquent, Pokemon Center Lady, and Team Flare Grunt. Jimmy Pendarvis originally won Fort Wayne Regionals undefeated with some of these supporters. My guess was that Michael figured that since Giratina-EX/Hammers was created in Europe, this meant that playing both Team Flare Grunt and Enhanced Hammers was the way to go.

Even in the mirror match, a well-timed Team Flare Grunt can do wonders. Delinquent, on the other hand, is a hit or miss card, but let me tell you when you hit you cripple the opponent so hard they most likely can't bounce back especially if Garbodor is on the field because now a Shaymin-EX top deck is nullified. As far as the Pokemon Center Lady goes, it's extremely helpful in the mirror because removing the 60 damage from an opposing Pitch-Black Spear can put the matchup back into your favor. Pokemon Center Lady is also great against Greninja since it makes them have to four-shot a Fighting Fury Belted Yveltal-EX, assuming Garbodor is out. Some players opt to run three Max Elixir in Yveltal/Garbodor builds, but I personally think four is ideal because realistically you will whiff at least one or maybe even two which is why you want to max them out (pun intended).

Escape Rope is a card no other Yveltal list played from the London Top 8. If you timed it right and used Escape Rope to drag up something you can KO, it's huge. Not to mention, you can use Escape Rope to get out of an opposing Yveltal BKT's hold on you. Two Enhanced Hammer is standard at this point, as most everyone is playing them. The rest of Michael's list is pretty straight forward and simple, which is probably why he did so well: Too many techs can make decks more inconsistent. I think this list is one of the best out there. Michael proved that a deck doesn't always need Trainers' Mail to still be consistent, similar to when I won the Georgia State Championships last year with M Rayquaza-EX with no Trainers' Mail, as did Connor Finton multiple times. Here is a video by Franco Takahashi talking about Michael's list on The Chaos Gym if you want to check that out.

Other card options

Yveltal BREAK:

This is a great card against Jolteon-EX's Flash Ray attack because once you are in BREAK form Yveltal is now an Evolved Pokemon. You can get two attacks off with Yveltal BREAK before it goes down because it has 150 hp which means Jolteon-EX needs a Fighting Fury Belt to one hit KO.

Yveltal XY:

Honestly not many people play this Yveltal because when do you actually see yourself using Oblivion Wing over Pitch-Black Spear? However, Oblivion Wing can matter in the mirror match because it's going to be troublesome for the opponent to take down seeing as it's a non-EX that can set up KO's on opposing threats.

Darkrai XY114 Promo:

Yee Wei Chun actually played one of these in his Top 8 London list. It's second attack, Abyssal Sleep has a base of 80 damage and auto Sleeps your opponent's active Pokemon and when they flip for Sleep they have to flip two times and if one flip is tails then they are still asleep. This attack honesty can come in handy because nowadays players rely heavily on Float Stone. Some decks play Escape Rope and Olympia but that means you force the opponent to use resources to find those cards.

Jirachi XY67 Promo:

Two Top 4 Yveltal/Garbodor lists (Philip Schulz and Tord Reklev) from London were playing Jirachi. This is probably because they expected a handful of Giratina-EX/Hammer decks seeing as the deck was created by the Europeans. Jirachi is a great answer to slow down Giratina-EX based decks.

Ace Trainer:

Philip Sculz's Top 4 London list played an Ace Trainer which many thought was odd. However, a well-timed Ace Trainer together with Garbodor can cripple the opponent.


Jacob Lesage was the only Yveltal/Garbodor player in Top 8 of London to have played an Olympia. In the mirror, Olympia can do wonders because not only does it heal 30 damage making for odd prizes against opposing Yveltal BKT, but now you have the option to get out of the active should you be locked by a Fright Night Yveltal.

Trainers' Mail:

Out of the five Yveltal/Garbodor lists that made Top 8 in London, there was only one did not play any Trainers' Mail and that was, in fact, the winning list. Instead, Michael played more tech supporters such as Team Flare Grunt and Pokemon Center Lady. Still, that doesn't mean Trainers' Mail aren't great in this deck because they are.

Town Map:

Yet again Philip Schulz impresses us with another not-so-used card in Yveltal/Garbodor, which is Town Map. To be honest, Town Map can be good in any deck. Being able to manipulate what prize you take is extremely strong should you find Town Map early enough.


Volcanion - Favorable

This matchup is obviously favorable, mainly due to Garbodor's ability shutting off Steam Up. Not only that but because Volcanion-EX needs three Energy to attack, Yveltal-EX can do some big damage to them. However, without Garbodor I'm afraid Volcanion will have a field day with Yveltal.

Greninja - Favorable

Basically the same reasoning as Volcanion. Garbodor cripples this deck hard and a huge Yveltal is all you need to take KO after KO. But again, you are doomed without Garbodor on board.

Rainbow Road - Even to Favorable

I say this matchup is even to favorable because Xerneas can do lethal damage to Yveltal. And it can get favorable once you stick Parallel City and Garbodor because then they will struggle to have enough big bench sitters for one-hit KOs.

Vileplume Box - Unfavorable

This matchup should be unfavorable simply because Vileplume plus Jolteon-EX should make quick work of Yveltal. If Vileplume gets Lysandred up and stuck by a Yveltal BKT then you can just free retreat out due to Manaphy-EX. Not to mention you now have Beedril-EX to get rid of Garbodor's Tool should they find one before the Vileplume lock.

M Rayquaza-EX - Even to Favorable

This matchup is even if the M Rayquaza-EX player plays both Puzzle of Time and Escape Rope, otherwise, it can be rough. Puzzle of Time is definitely needed to have a chance against Yveltal/Garbodor. And I say favorable because a Parallel City plus Garbodor lock cripples M Rayquaza-EX, especially if you have a Yveltal-EX attacking at the same time to two-shot the M Rayquaza-EX.

M Gardevoir-EX - Even to Slightly Favorable

This matchup is basically similar to that of M Rayquaza-EX because you need a big bench to one-hit KO most things. And M Gardevoir-EX get's crippled by Parallel City and Garbodor as well because this deck relies heavily on multiple Dragonite-EX to stream KO after KO. However, M Gardevoir-EX resists Dark types and has the potential to one-hit KO Yveltals which means this matchup is winnable if they don't get said combo out on you.

M Mewtwo-EX/Garbodor - Even to Slightly Favorable

This matchup should be slightly favorable because if you drag up a naked Mewtwo-EX and just spam Pitch-Black Spear to set up KOs with Yveltal-EX you should win. However, M Mewtwo-EX can one-hit KO Yveltal pretty easily and Garbodor doesn't hurt Mewtwo because they play it too. Enhanced Hammer can come in the clutch as well to limit M Mewtwo-EX's damage output.

M Scizor-EX/Garbodor - Favorable

Again, a Yveltal BKT can do wonders in this matchup which is why this is favorable. Plus, M Scizor-EX can't even one-hit KO a Yveltal BKT unless they play Giovanni's Scheme.

Vespiquen/Zebstrika - Very Unfavorable

Probably the deck's worst matchup simply because of Zebstrikawhich one-hit KOs both Yveltal and Yveltal-EX even with Fighting Fury Belts attached for a single Double Colorless Energy. You are basically trading two prizes for their one every time making this matchup very tough and unfavorable.

Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Garbodor - Very Favorable

Once again, Yveltal BKT comes in the clutch against this matchup. Because Giratina-EX has a big retreat cost, Pitch-Black Spear can make quick work of them. Not only that but Yveltal/Garbodor plays multiple Enhanced Hammer and now Team Flare Grunt, which removes Double Dragon Energy, thus limiting Darkrai-EX's damage even more.


There were two Volcanion lists in Top 8 of the London International Championships. I decided to talk about here Attar Ricco's because it was simpler than the other one. The concept of this deck is to use Volcanion to power up benched Volcanion-EX so you can start doing lethal damage. Because Steam Up stacks, Volcanion-EX can do crazy amounts of damage

One Hoopa-EX, I love in this deck, because it can search out three Volcanion-EX or a combination of Volcanion-EX and Shaymin-EX which is all you need to get going. Let's now go to the supporters: Four Professor Sycamore is a no-brainer because consistency is key with this deck. Volcanion doesn't ask for much when it comes to taking knockouts. All you are really looking for are Fire Energy to fuel Steam Up. Two N since you want to make sure you have the option to limit your opponent's hand size at a moment's notice.

Two Lysandre is needed to take cheap KOs with Volcanion on Shaymin-EX's or whatever is free. One Pokemon Ranger is used to reset Volcanic Heat, but at the same time used to get past Jolteon-EX's attack, Flash Ray. Not to mention, it also negates Greninja's Shadow Stitching effect. So you can see why Pokemon Ranger is a must in this deck. One Fisherman makes sense because it's a reusable supporter than can get back four Fire Energy so you can Steam Up even more. The one Delinquent makes sense in this build seeing as the only Stadium Attar went with was Parallel City, so if the opposing player drops down their own Parallel City, you want to be able to get rid of it and Delinquent is the answer.

Moving out of the supporters, we have a fairly standard Item count. Four Max Elixir, I like in this deck. However, you can argue going down to three, because you can always Steam Up onto Volcanion and a lot of times you want that extra damage. Three Trainers' Mail is for consistency issues. The Tools Attar chose to go with were two Fighting Fury Belt and three Float Stone, which I can get behind. Fighting Fury Belt makes it harder for Volcanion-EX to go down, but at the same time, Float Stone makes it so that once you use Volcanic Heat you can retreat Volcanion-EX without having to discard the energies.

Also, the fact that Volcanion-EX has a big retreat cost means you need a number of cards to get them out of the active should they be Lysandred up. Which brings me to the two Escape Rope: Not only does it bail you out of stalls, but it can also potentially force something your opponent has no control over into the active spot. Attar went with three Energy Retrieval, which I would think seems right if you play Fisherman. However, the other Top 8 list from London played two Energy Retrieval but only two Float Stone, so it's a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing the counts of certain cards. Attar's stadium of choice are just two Parallel City: this is probably because Attar expected to see Rainbow Road as well as M Rayquaza-EX which Parallel City helps against. If you can stick Parallel City against Yveltal/Garbodor first then that should be huge because now they have to Delinquent it or play with a small bench which one has to be Trubbish which isn't an attacker.

Other card options


This card is great for when your opponent drops a crucial Parallel City on you, forcing you to discard a Volcanion-EX. Not only that, but being able to get back Shaymin-EX and Volcanion is a nice option to have, or even Salamence-EX or Entei, which I'll go over next.

Salamence-EX XY170 Promo:

Pedro Eugenio Torres's Top 8 London list played one of these. Even though Steam Up doesn't work on Salamence-EX doesn't mean it can't do lethal damage. Salamence-EX is only relevant against decks that rely heavily on EX Pokemon such as M Rayquaza-EX or even possibly in the mirror. A surprise Salamence-EX can be enough to swing the matchup back into your favor. Volcanion can put Pokemon in Range of a Salamence-EX KO if need be, which helps.

Entei AON 14:

Its attack, Combat Blaze, can do some lethal damage because it can be combined with Volcanion-EX's ability Steam Up. Entei shines against decks that have big benches such as Rainbow Road and M Rayquaza-EX as well as in the Volcanion mirror. Ahmed Ali's Top 8 list from Fort Wayne Regionals played a one of Entei which probably came in handy for Ahmed.

Sky Field:

Pedro Eugenio Torres played one Sky Field in his Top 8 London list. Most Volcanion lists probably play at least one Sky Field, except for Attar Ricco. Honestly, you don't necessarily need Sky Field unless you play multiple non Volcanion attackers such as the ones I mentioned above.

Scorched Earth:

Pedro Eugenio Torres's Top 8 London list also ran one Scorched Earth. Ahmed Ali played one Scorched Earth in his Top 8 Fort Wayne Regionals list as well. You never know when Scorched Earth can bail you out of a dead hand.


Greninja - Unfavorable

This matchup is unfavorable due to Volcanion being weak to Water-types and the fact that Greninja's Shadow Stitching attack shuts off Steam Up is huge because now Volcanion-EX can't one hit KO a Greninja BREAK. However, Pokemon Ranger can possibly save you from this matchup, but even then it's unfavorable still.

Rainbow Road - Unfavorable

The fact that Xerneas is a non-EX that can one-hit KO Volcanion-EX is enough to say that this matchup is unfavorable. For a Volcanion STS to one-hit KO a Xerneas you need quadruple Steam Ups which isn't so easy to do.

Vileplume Box - Slightly Unfavorable

Jolteon-EX wins this matchup, however, if your Volcanion list plays Pokemon Ranger, then it can be better because you can just wait it out until you have all the pieces of the puzzle (Pokemon Ranger and 1x Steam Up). Now, you can one-hit KO Jolteon-EX which honestly isn't that hard to do. Be warned, they might first want to attack with Mew-EX and copy Flash Ray, this way Jolteon-EX is still alive once Mew-EX goes down and now you are unable can't VS Seeker for Pokemon Ranger due to Vileplume.

M Rayquaza-EX - Slightly Unfavorable

If you play Entei then the matchup is a little easier. However, if there is no Entei then you will have a tough time because M Rayquaza-EX can stream KO after KO with ease. You can always Lysandre and KO a Shaymin-EX with a Volcanion should you have three Steam Ups to follow up, but that's easier said than done most of the time.

M Gardevoir-EX - Slightly Favorable

Because Volcanion-EX can one-hit KO M Gardevoir-EX with triple Steam Ups and M Gardevoir-EX can't one-hit KO a Fighting Fury Belted Volcanion-EX because they max out at 210 damage with a full bench means you are slightly favorable. However, M Gardevoir-EX decks play multiple Hex Maniac as well as Rattata for easier one-shots, on top of multiple Dragonite-EX to get back Rattata and Shaymin-EX's.

M Mewtwo-EX/Garbodor - Unfavorable

Garbodor makes this matchup unfavorable and the fact that M Mewtwo-EX can one-hit KO Volcanion-EX with ease should they have energy on them already. If they don't get Garbodor out, then you should have an easier time. M Mewtwo-EX is just so beefy and can do huge amounts of damage.

M Scizor-EX/Garbodor - Very Favorable

Not much to say here, since M Scizor-EX is weak to Fire-types meaning Volcanion will have a field day against them. Garbodor doesn't help in this matchup because of the fact that Volcanion-EX still one-hit-KOs M Scizor-EX. Just pray you dodge Volcanion if you are the M Scizor-EX player!

Vespiquen/Zebstrika - Very Favorable

Because Volcanion can easily one-hit KO a Vespiquen, this matchup is extremely favorable. Zebstrika doesn't really do much in this matchup unless you bench Shaymin-EX and even then it's a tough matchup. One Steam Up, and Vespiquen goes down to a Volcanion STS, which is why this matchup is very favorable for Volcanion.

Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Garbodor - Unfavorable

To win this matchup you have to deal with Garbodor first, otherwise, Darkrai-EX will do lethal damage at some point, and with Garbodor out, it's going to be a hard matchup. But if for some reason Garbodor doesn't hit the board, then you should be feeling good knowing the matchup is now back into your favor.


Finally, we get to the last deck of the article and that is Greninja. This list was piloted by one of my Florida buddies, Grafton Roll, who made it all the way to Top 8 of the London International Championships. Three other players went with similar lists and those were: Drew Bennett Kennett (Top 16 and the sole creator of the list), Sammy Sosa (Top 64), and Michael Slutsky (Not so good). As you can see, three of the four who played the list walked away with a handful of Championship Points and money. The core strategy with this deck is to get a turn two Frogadier ready to attack so you can Water Duplicates more Frogadier on to the field.

After that, you start setting up Greninja then Greninja BREAK so you can spam Giant Water Shuriken to victory. Some of you may be wondering why there are only three Froakie and not four. Well, this is because you want to open with Talonflame, so by playing less Froakie, you have a higher chance of opening with Talonflame. Not only does Talonflame have free retreat, but its attack is why it's so good in Greninja decks. Also, with it's 130 HP, it's not going to be easy to take down and even if it does get taken down that means your Frogs are safe that turn.

Let's now move into the supporters. The one-of supporters are Lysandre, Fisherman, Ace Trainer, and Team Flare Grunt. Most Greninja lists only run one Lysandre because you can just use Giant Water Shuriken against whatever you want. One Fisherman is awesome in this deck because getting back four Water Energy makes for more Giant Water Shurikens. One Team Flare Grunt was an interesting inclusion, but at the same time can come in the clutch against basically every matchup. Team Flare Grunt was probably added for decks that rely on a lot of energy to do lethal damage, such as Yveltal-EX and M Mewtwo-EX.

Moving into the Items, we have four Dive Ball which is a staple in this deck. Two Ultra Ball as well, because after the first Talonflame, the rest are dead cards in the deck so you want to get rid of them if you can. Now we get into the more unusual cards in a Greninja deck: three Max Potions. If your Greninja survives a hit, you can heal to full and make your opponent's last turn irrelevant. Max Potions are great in the mirror and against Pokemon that threaten potential one-hit KO's such as, Yveltal-EX and M Mewtwo-EX and even against Volcanion assuming you have them under Shadow Stitching lock since now they can't one-hit KO a Greninja BREAK. If for some reason you survive a hit then Max Potion will do wonders in those situations.

Most Greninja builds run three or four Bursting Balloons, however, here they played just two because realistically if you're healing to full, then you're attacking again for 80 damage, which is more than what Bursting Balloon does. Two Enhanced Hammers are to get rid of those pesky Double Colorless and Dragon Energies to hopefully make Greninja BREAK survive a hit, and having 170 health means it's likely to survive unless it's against a deck where Max Potions aren't relevant, such as M Rayquaza-EX or Rainbow Road.

The stadiums of choice they played were two Faded Town and one Silent Lab: great against Mega based decks. Silent Lab, on the other hand, can come in handy against basically anything -- most notably Volcanion to shut off Steam Up. As far as the energies go, they went with seven Water and three Spash. Recently, Greninja lists are playing a heavy count of Splash Energies, even though it doesn't work with Giant Water Shuriken, and even though more decks are playing Enhanced Hammers. If you want to see Grafton Roll's Top 8 London interview by The Chaos Gym then down below is the video. Be sure to subscribe if you enjoyed it to get notified when other player interviews or videos go up.

Other card options

Greninja XY162 Promo:

Playing this Greninja can help KO Garbodors easier, however most Greninja players opt to just play four Shadow Stitching Greninjas anyway. It's attack Aqua Shower for a single Water Energy does 20 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon which means Garbodor has 80 hp left which is perfect for Moonlight Slash to clean up.

Pokemon Ranger:

If you expect a handful of Greninja mirrors then Pokemon Ranger is the answer. You basically auto-win the mirror with Pokemon Ranger shutting off your opponent's Shadow Stitching effect allowing you to freely Giant Water Shuriken them.


Because Greninja decks usually fall behind on prizes means you will get a number of uses with Teammates, however with Talonflame being just like Teammates you probably don't need it.

Rare Candy:

Evolving into a Greninja out of nowhere from a Froakie can catch the opponent off guard and make for faster Greninja BREAKs.

Rough Seas:

Because Greninja's whole Pokemon line are Water types makes Rough Seas useful, however, in Standard, there is no Trevenant so most people play other Stadiums for other needed matchups such as Faded Town for Mega Evolution decks or Silent Lab for Volcanion.


Rainbow Road - Slightly Favorable

Honestly, this matchup shouldn't be too bad. However, Galvantula can put in some serious work against Grenina because it can take double KO's on two benched Froakie. Late game is where Greninja shines though so if you can make it to there you should be able to Giant Water Shuriken to victory. You can also just slow them down with Hammers, forcing another Double Colorless attachment.

Vileplume Box - Slightly Favorable

Even if Vileplume hits the board, you can still use Giant Water Shuriken to take down Pokemon and with Fisherman, you can go around Vileplume. Glaceon-EX doesn't do too much against Greninja since you can eventually KO it with Giant Water Shuriken. However, a turn one Vileplume can be enough to take over the game unless you open with Talonflame.

M Rayquaza-EX - Slightly Unfavorable

Grafton's version plays multiple Enhanced Hammer as well as a Team Flare Grunt which can be troublesome. However, M Rayquaza-EX can still take over games by pure pressure and the threat of taking KOs by turn two and if they chain Hex Maniac the matchup is even tougher.

M Gardevoir-EX - Slightly Favorable

M Gardevoir-EX can also chain Hex Maniac and one hit KO Greninjas making it similar to the M Rayquaza-EX matchup except Hammers don't hurt M Gardevoir-EX. Whatever is damaged by Giant Water Shuriken can just be discarded with Despair Ray so you have to be careful what you use Giant Water Shuriken on.

M Mewtwo-EX/Garbodor - Unfavorable

Enhanced Hammer can make a difference in this matchup to get rid of Double Colorless Energy to try and stop one-hit KO's from M Mewtwo-EX. However, Garbodor and Shrine of Memories makes this matchup unfavorable. A turn two M Mewtwo-EX putting pressure can easily take down Greninja, assuming Garbodor is on the field as well.

M Scizor-EX/Garbodor - Slightly Favorable

Even with Garbodor out, I feel that this matchup is slightly favorable because M Scizor-EX can't one-hit KO a Greninja let alone the BREAK. By then, you are streaming Greninja after Greninja. However, M Scizor-EX can get rid of Splash Energies which means you won't get the Greninja line back into your hand.

Vespiquen/Zebstrika - Slightly Favorable

Even with Greninja being weak to Grass types, this matchup is still slightly favorable because Giant Water Shuriken is that strong. You might even put them in a spot where they need multiple Combee out at once because then you can simply use Giant Water Shuriken on them for easy prizes, unless they play Forest of Giant Plants which most Vespiquen/Zebstrika lists play at least one of.

Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Garbodor - Slightly Unfavorable

Again, this matchup would be unfavorable if it were a normal Greninja build. However, that's not the case here because Grafton's list plays Enhanced Hammer which is helpful to reduce Darkrai-EX's damage output by getting rid of multiple Double Dragon Energy. Garbodor still makes this matchup slightly unfavorable.

Closing Thoughts

That will once again conclude another article. I'll be at Dallas Regionals this weekend and I will have one more short article after Regionals which will hopefully be on my tournament report if I perform well enough. As I said, all three of the decks I discussed are extremely strong. If you decide not to play any of them then be sure to stay alerted because lots of people will copy and play these lists. If I were to personally play one of these decks I would most likely go with the GOAT (Greatest of all time) of the format, Yveltal/Garbodor because it can pretty much beat any deck. Volcanion would be my second choice because it's so consistent. With that said, please don't forget to check out The Chaos Gym on YouTube and Twitch for updates on player interviews and when Grafton Roll goes live.

If you have any questions about these lists or decks in general then please feel free to leave me a comment down below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, then don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them. Or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it, then, by all means, post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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