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"Ringing in the New Year in the Lone Star State" - 3 Strong Plays for Dallas Regionals

Jose goes over the 3 strongest plays in Standard format for Dallas Regionals this weekend.

29. 12. 2016 by Jose Marrero


Hello once again, 60cards readers! I hope you all had a joyful Christmas, as I did, and I hope you are all now getting ready for Dallas Regionals, as well as New Years, this weekend. With Regionals right around the corner, I wanted to dedicate this next article on 3 strong plays for this Standard format event. For each deck, I'll be going over some more card options as well as explain some of the deck's matchups with the more popular decks in Standard format. If you are having a hard time picking a deck for the weekend, then to be honest one of these choices can be great for you. Depending on your play style, each deck has it's own merit. Yveltal/Garbodor and Greninja are both slower decks, while Volcanion is a speedy one.

All three decks, and these lists, are ones that made Top 8 at the London International Championships, because quite frankly they all are strong lists. The Yveltal/Garbodor list I'll be discussing is none other than Michael Pramawat's winning London International Championships list. On top of that, the Greninja list I'll be going over is my buddy Grafton Roll's, and the Volcanion list is Attar Ricco's. I chose these decks and these lists because right now they are probably the top three decks in Standard. With that said, let's start off with Michael Pramawat's 1st place London list.


As I mentioned, this list was piloted by Michael Pramawat, who ended up winning the first International Championships held in London. It's no surprise that Michael ended up winning the whole event because he's one of the best players in the game right now. Not only was Michael the runner-up at the World Championships and US National Championships, on top of having numerous Regionals wins, he now has the sole title of International Champion to add to his resume of great accomplishments.

Michael played a number of different cards the others didn't play, which is probably why he came out on top. Michael's Pokemon line is fairly standard, which is what you should usually see in a consistent Yveltal/Garbodor build. Three Yveltal-EX and two Yveltal BKT is the way to go in my opinion. This way you have the option to use three different attacks that have their own merits. Right now Pitch-Black Spear is taking over the standard format and for good reason. Nowadays players are relying on Float Stone, which makes Pitch-Black Spear even more deadly. Some of the unique supporters Michael decided to run is Delinquent, Pokemon Center Lady, and Team Flare Grunt. Jimmy Pendarvis originally won Fort Wayne Regionals undefeated with some of these supporters. My guess was that Michael figured that since Giratina-EX/Hammers was created in Europe, this meant that playing both Team Flare Grunt and Enhanced Hammers was the way to go.

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