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"M Rayquaza-EX/Metal" - A Top 64 Fort Wayne Regional Report

Jose goes over his Top 64 Regionals run at the Fort Wayne Indiana Regional Championships.

12/05/2016 by Jose Marrero


Hello again, 60cards readers! For this article I'm going to cover my Top 64 finish at Fort Wayne Regionals last weekend with M Rayquaza-EX/Metal! I knew I wanted to play some variant of M Rayquaza-EX, and after I found out that the new Magearna promo was legal, I knew I was going with the Metal variant. It has at least a fighting chance against Rainbow Road and a slightly better chance against Vileplume box. (The other variant was the Fairy one with Diancie-EX to have a better chance against Giratina-EX based decks.) I ended my run at 54th place with a record of 6-2-1, which I was still happy to have, netting me 24 Championship Points and half a booster box. However, my buddy Franco Takahashi played the exact 60 cards and finished 6-1-2, making it into Day 2--so I was proud of him since one of us at least made it in a field of 635 Masters! Unfortunately, Franco's Day 2 run didn't go so well, however it is still a great feat to achieve. I actually based my list off the one that won Liverpool Regionals. This is the list Franco Takahashi and I ended up playing with some last-minute tweaks.


I initially had all Dragon Rayquaza-EX's but then decided to drop one for one of the Colorless ones, giving me more options. Plus, Intensifying Burn can do some damage to Giratina-EX and set up KO's on other EX's if need be. My Pokémon counts are probably standard, other than maybe the one Dragonite-EX. I see lots of lists playing two but I think you just don't need two--you don't want to open with it.

I went with the Metal variant mainly because of the new Magearna, which does work against Rainbow Road and Vileplume box. For a single Metal Energy, Magearna does 20 damage times the amount of each different benched Pokemon your opponent has. So you can see why it's great against Rainbow Road and Vileplume box. Both Xerneas and Regice are weak to Metal, along with Glaceon-EX. Magearna-EX's ability also stops M Scizor-EX and Jirachi from discarding your energy.

The Jirachi is there solely to give you a slight chance against Giratina-EX, but still act as a 7th prize if needed. I also added one Skyla it's too good not to play with Puzzle of Time. Skyla came in handy so many times, even just to grab a Float Stone. Two Lysandre is needed in this deck because Yveltal BKT are annoying, so you want to be able to Lysandre something else to retreat out with Float Stone.

The rest of the list is pretty straight forward. I didn't play Karen or Brock's Grit since I felt that they were rarely used--if you are able to use them comfortably then you are winning the game without it anyway. Super Rod is nice because you can use Dragonite-EX then use Super Rod to basically get back five Pokemon and still use a draw supporter. And, with Puzzle of Time, you can get whatever you need back anyway. I only play two Float Stone as my retreat cards because of Puzzle of Time, otherwise I can just use energy to retreat. However, I really want to fit an Escape Rope or Olympia in just for Yveltal BKT.

Other Card Options

Diancie-EX/Fairy Energy:

Going this route makes you more vulnerable to Rainbow Road because then you don't have Magearna but less vulnerable to Giratina-EX.

Mr. Mime:

Great against Pitch-Black Spear and Galvantula.


Only good versus Gyarados decks since it KO's all the benched Magikarps in a single sweep.

Rattata EVO:

Great for discarding Tools such as Fighting Fury Belt to make for easier KO's or Bursting Balloon to take less damage.

Raticate EVO:

Great card against the mirror and even against Vileplume box since it can get rid of energy and do 60 damage per special energy in your opponent's discard.


I just don't see Karen being needed at the moment. As long as you preserve your Pokemon and play smart you should be fine.

Brock's Grit:

Getting back both Basic Energy and Pokémon is nice, but sometimes you want to keep the basic energies in your discard for Mega Turbo. This card being a supporter is also iffy since Super Rod allows you to also use a draw supporter; plus with Dragonite-EX I feel you don't need Karen or Brock's Grit.

Pokémon Ranger:

Mainly good against Giratina-EX but also handy versus Glaceon-EX and even Regice, which Vileplume decks play.


Can come in clutch against Yveltal BKT and just healing 30 damage can make a difference as well.

Escape Rope:

Great against Yveltal BKT as well and it can get Puzzles back.

Fort Wayne Indiana Tournament Report


Round 1 - Michael Suiter - M Scizor-EX/Garbodor: WW (1-0-0)

My opponent was playing with Garbodor, 4 Silent Labs, and Red Cards. Still, I wasn't too afraid of this matchup because as long as I managed my resources wisely I should be able to win. That's exactly what I did: I used Puzzles of Time at the right times and none were wasted. Every time my opponent dropped down Silent Lab I always had the Sky Field ready to one-hit KO him. He wasn't able to get Garbodor out and that's probably because M Scizor-EX is just not that consistent compared to Yveltal.

Game two, I actually turn one KO'd his Scizor-EX and from there it was over. So I take the series with a comfortable 2-0. If you think about it, if you are playing against an EX heavy deck then all M Rayquaza-EX has to do is attack three times to win. You just need to be patient sometimes.

Round 2 - Nicholena Moon - Yveltal/Garbodor: LL (1-1-0)

I knew what my opponent was playing going into this match. I knew M Rayquaza-EX could easily run through Yveltal if I hit the right cards. Game one was a long one where I eventually got down to one prize, while I believe Nicholena still had six. My last prize card was my second Float Stone. That was crucial because eventually she Lysandred up my Dragonite-EX which I was hesitant to bench but I knew I had more than enough energy to retreat it if she did. Plus, I needed to bench it to get a big KO on an Yveltal the turn before. So now I had this big retreater stuck active while Nicholena whiffed a Double Colorless Energy to attack with the Yveltal BKT. My following turn, I had a few options: I could use resources and dig for the basic Metal Energy, or just attach the Double Colorless Energy from hand. But if I attached the Double Colorless Energy, she then could use Enhanced Hammer against me. She had already used one and I was unsure if she played two.

I attached the Double Colorless Energy to Dragonite-EX and I knew I had game next turn because all I had to do is literally attack one more time. She took her turn and I was hoping that she didn't get the second Enhanced Hammer (assuming she played it) and a Double Colorless Energy to Pitch-Black Spear. She used Professor Sycamore and hit both the Enhanced Hammer and Double Colorless Energy so now I was in a rough spot. The following turn I attached another Double Colorless Energy to Dragonite-EX and had another ready to attack with Dragonite-EX for game. But she played it smart and Lysandred up another 2 retreater and then I knew I wasn't able to win at that point. Had I had my second Float Stone I could have used Hex Maniac to win but that wasn't the case. Game one took a while, game two would have gone to time,  so I scooped that game too since I knew I didn't have time to win it.

Round 3 - Treynor Wolfe - M Scizor-EX/Raticate: WW (2-1-0)

Going into this match I had no clue what Treynor was playing. Eventually I discovered Treynor was playing M Scizor-EX with Silent Lab, Parallel City, multiple Enhanced Hammers and Team Flare Grunt. Game one: I don't remember too much other than having the Stadium bumps and one hit KO's every time I needed them. I used Puzzles of Time wisely as well. Game two: I eventually got down to two prizes so Treynor used N against me, and off the N and top deck were the two cards I needed to win: Double Colorless Energy and Lysandre. I took the series 2-0. Unfortunate for Treynor, but luck is a huge part of this game after all.

Round 4 - Noah Armstrong - Yveltal/Garbodor: WW (3-1-0)

I honestly can't remember much of this game. I just know I 2-0'd him. I believe my opponent did some questionable plays which gave me the edge.

Round 5 - Elias Lucio - Zebstrika/Zoroark/Yveltal: WW (4-1-0)

After my opponent flipped over a Blitzle and Zorua I knew this was going to be a tough one. Game one: we were going back and forth with KO's. My opponent KO'd two M Rayquaza-EX with two Zebstrika and at this point I felt that all hope was lost. So then I had two options. I could use Hex Maniac and Jirachi to remove his Double Colorless Energy off Zebstrika or use N and Jirachi. I went with the N play and then I started shuffling. When I looked over, I saw my opponent grabbing cards from the discard and I immediately noticed what happened. My opponent accidentally shuffled his hand into his discard and he had a big hand. So I called a judge and my opponent got the game loss. Unfortunate for my opponent, but it is what it is. Game two: my opponent couldn't find Blitzle so I just ran through him and took the series 2-0.

Round 6 - Azul Garcia Griego - Rainbow Road: WLT (4-1-1)

Game one: I went aggro Magearna and took prize after prize. Azul started to set up the double Galvantula for the four-prize KO's on my Shaymin-EX's, however Azul whiffed the second Galvantula so I Lysandred up the Joltik and KO'd it. I knew my two Shaymin-EX's with 60 damage each should be safe. By this point I only had a few prizes left so Azul scooped.

Game two: Azul completely destroyed me because I opened with Shaymin-EX and Azul benched a Joltik so I went for the Lysandre play but whiffed it and so Azul had a field day with me taking KO after KO.

Game three: I played first and opened with Magearna-EX to Azul's Xerneas so I attached a Double Colorless Energy to Magearna-EX and did some other things and passed the turn. Azul then did some things and passed the turn. Azul's active was Xerneas and I know I could just go aggro Magearna and one hit KO it without the EX. I searched the deck and Magearna was prized! So I then went aggro Magearna-EX which I really didn't want to do. Eventually the game got close but it was looking more favorable for Azul. Time got called so I played N, Azul had two cards and I promoted Jirachi. All Azul needed was a Lysandre to win I believe. He didn't have it so we ended the series in a tie.

Round 7 - Alex Schemanske - Volcanion/Starmie: LL (4-2-1)

I was fairly confident in this matchup, however I drew so bad both games. At one point Alex played down a Faded Town and I could not find a Sky Field to save my life so Faded Town did tons of damage, which made it easier for Alex to KO my M Rayquaza-EX's. Alex also played an Enhanced Hammer, which he didn't actually use but I thought that was odd. Alex did play Starmie which didn't do too much for him. Game one was really close up until Alex played Trainers' Mail for a Hex Maniac after he knew I had used Sky Return with Shaymin-EX the past turn. I had two prizes at this point but the Hex Maniax sealed it for him. Game two I just drew so bad and lost pretty quick. Alex also did play Pokemon Catcher, going 2/2 heads on in both games, which ended up making a huge difference.

Round 8 - Andrew Salley - M Gardevoir-EX/Dragonite-EX/Rattata: WW (5-2-1)

Finally I got an easy matchup. Game one: I turn one KO'd my opponent's Rattata and he just scooped. Game two: I get two M Rayquaza-EX turn one and pass the turn. A few turns later my opponent knew he couldn't overpower two M Rayquaza-EX no matter how many M Gardevoir-EX he had so he just scooped before I could take all my prizes. Unfortunate for my opponent, but I'll take what I can get at this point since I'm now fighting for that top 64 spot.

Round 9 - Kevin Baxter - Volcanion: WW (6-2-1)

Winner of this match makes top 64 which meant more points and half a box, so I wanted this win, given that there's 8 best finish limits for Regionals and every point counts. I knew Kevin was playing Volcanion and I knew one of my two losses was against Volcanion so I was a little worried, not to mention Kevin is a phenomenal player. However, Kevin's list was much different than Alex's since it didn't play Starmie or any unusual techs. Kevin actually played Rough Seas instead of Faded Town which made me more comfortable. Both games were fairly the same. I just took KO after KO. Kevin didn't draw too well either, so that helped me. I took the series pretty handily.

Closing Thoughts

That will conclude this short article on my Fort Wayne Indiana Regionals Top 64 tournament report. I still believe M Rayquaza-EX is a strong play come whatever tournaments there are in Standard. I'm still going to test this deck some more and weigh my options on other decks as well, because the US meta and European meta can easily be completely different. I'll have more articles later this month starting after London.

With that said, please don't forget to check out The Chaos Gym on YouTube and Twitch for updates on player interviews and when Grafton Roll goes live. If you have any questions about my list or deck in general then please feel free to leave me a comment down below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, then don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them. Or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it, then by all means post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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