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Jose Marrero

A Closer Look at the Dortmund Regional Finalist Decks

Jose goes over the two decks that made the Finals at the Dortmund Regional Championship.

11/23/2016 by Jose Marrero


With Fort Wayne Regionals just around the corner I wanted to go over the two finalist decks at Dortmund Regionals in Germany since that tournament was in the Standard format as will be for Fort Wayne. I believe these two decks can still have a very strong finish this weekend which is one of the main reasons I want to go over them some more. Rainbow Road ended up taking home the win against Yveltal-EX with Garbodor which was a deck created by Florida Regional winner, Azul Garcia. Finn won Dortmund with a pretty straight forward Rainbow Road list as you will see which is probably why he went so far in the event. In top 8 Finn faced three Yveltal based decks in a row which of course is a great matchup for Fairy type decks such as Rainbow Road. Not only because of resistance but because Xerneas is a non EX that has the potential to one hit KO anything.

With that said let's go over the winning list piloted by Finn Looft, Rainbow Road.


I'm actually a huge fan of this list because of how simple it is. The general concept of this deck is to get a number of different type of Pokemon on your bench so that you can do more damage with Xerneas's Rainbow Force attack. Xerneas is obviously the main attacker of the deck which is why there's four of them. For just a single Fairy and Double Colorless Energy you can use Rainbow Force which has a base of 10 damage and does an additional 30 damage for each different type of Pokemon on your bench which makes Rainbow Force max out at 250 damage with a full bench of 8 different types thanks to Sky Field which is a Stadium that allows both players to have a max of 8 benched Pokemon. To fuel Rainbow Force in a single turn there's four Max Elixir which is why I like this variant of the deck because of the potential turn one Rainbow Force. Some of the Benched Pokemon sitters that's only in the deck to fuel Rainbow Force is Volcanion-EX and Umbreon-EX. Volcanion-EX is a duel type Pokemon and because it's a basic Pokemon makes it an easy add in the deck. Umbreon-EX is  Dark type which also easily fuels Rainbow Force, however it's first attack, Veil of Darkness is probably another reason why Finn played Umbreon-EX. For a single energy Veil of Darkness does 20 damage then let's you discard as many cards from your hand as you want then draw that many cards. Veil of Darkness can come in handy for when your hand is not too great so it's not the worst attack nor is it the best. Hoopa-EX in this deck is pretty good since it can search out three EX Pokemon that also will fuel Rainbow Force.

As a backup attacker and mainly to fuel Rainbow Force is another Pokemon that has duel typing which is Galvantula. There is a 2-2 Galvantula because it's attack, Double Thread can win games by sniping back to back Shaymin-EX's for 2-4 prizes because it adds weakness even on the bench. Double Thread is especially great against M Rayquaza-EX decks or even Volcanion-EX since they thrive on big benches most of the time. Joltik having free retreat is a nice luxury to have as well. Like I said you basically fuel Rainbow Force's energy cost with Max Elixir's and Double Colorless Energy and you fuel Rainbow Force's damage out put by benching more Pokemon if needed. Finn's supporter line is pretty straight forward. I do like the one of Teammates because this deck doesn't ask for much once you set up. All your really looking for once set up is Double Colorless Energy and Sky Field. Playing four Professor Sycamore and three N helps with consistency and two Lysandre is too good in a deck that uses non EX attackers to take prizes. I like the two Float Stones and one Switch so you can free retreat out of the active spot for that potential turn one Rainbow Force. I can see upping the Sky Field count to four since Sky Field is too good in this deck. You need them to one hit KO Mega Pokemon and Fighting Fury Belted Pokemon. All in all this list is super solid.

Other card options

Bisharp STS:

This card can help add damage to Rainbow Force because Bisharp is another Pokemon that has two types. It's first attack, Retaliate actually isn't too bad since for a single energy it does 30 damage and an extra 60 damage if one of your Pokemon were KOed last turn by damage from an attack.

Mew FOC:

Great card that can act as a Xerneas or you can even use it for the free retreat and typing to fuel Rainbow Force.

Carbink FOC 50:

Great against decks that rely heavily on Pokemon EX. You can use Carbink to stall for a bit if need be and act as another typing for Rainbow Force.


Can be useful to hold Tools so that they aren't discarded and for another Rainbow Force typing.

Flygon-EX Promo:

Not only great for it's typing but it's ability, Voice of Sands forces your opponent to switch their active Pokemon with one of their benched as long as Flygon-EX is active. Can come in handy against Jolteon-EX.


This decks thrives on a big bench with different types of Pokemon which makes Brigette pretty good should you find it early.

Ninja Boy:

You can power up a non Xerneas Pokemon then surprise Ninja Boy into a Xerneas or Joltik then immediately evolve it into Galvantula.

Hex Maniac:

Great against Volcanion and Greninja decks or basically anything that rely's heavily on abilities.

Exp Share:

Because this version plays Max Elixirs probably means you don't need Exp Share, however some variants play them.

Special Charge:

Great for getting back two Double Colorless Energy.


Personally I'm not that big of a fan of this list just because it's only real attacker is purely Yveltal-EX which Regice can single handily take down as well as Jolteon-EX. I think Fright Night Yveltal is too good not to play in this deck. Setting up KO's so that Yveltal-EX can clean up is a great combo not to mention Yveltal making Tools useless. Still Philip was able to pilot this deck all the way to the finals in a 300 man event which meant Philip knew what his deck could do. Four Yveltal-EX might seem like overkill but when you have no other attackers it's not. Philip did play one Mewtwo EVO which I guess can come in handy against M Mewtwo-EX decks. It's also a soft counter to Regice should you get a Fighting Fury Belt on it before the Vileplume lock but still Jolteon-EX stops it. Philip played a 3-2 line of Garbodor which I have nothing negative about. The faster the better if you can get Garbodor out. One Shaymin-EX seems odd because it's a source of draw power that most decks rely on. Maybe Philip just didn't want too many Lysandre bait Pokemon on his bench which makes sense. Philip's supporter count is a little odd because he ran Ace Trainer. I don't see why since this decks main attacker is Yveltal-EX which can attack on the first turn for some lethal damage and after that Yveltal-EX is only getting stronger and stronger. I personally wouldn't play Ace Trainer in this deck but that's just me.

Delinquent is another situational card which is not needed but can win games if played at the right time. Philip played four Float Stone which I like because he played three Trubbish. He wanted to find that Float Stone as fast as possible. However,  I can see doing a 3-3 split on both Float Stone and Fighting Fury Belt since Yveltal-EX get's a huge boost off Fighting Fury Belt. One Enhanced Hammer can come in clutch in a lot of situations. You just never know when one random Enhanced Hammer can come in handy. The Town Map is odd in this deck but then again if you can find it early then Town Map can do wonders for you. Personally I much rather have a third Trainers' Mail or anything else over the Town Map to help with consistency some more. One Super Rod I do like because getting back basic energy and the Mewtwo is nice. Two Parallel City does make sense since it can be helpful against decks that rely on big benches such as, Rainbow Road, M Rayquaza-EX, and even Volcanion. I can see this variant of Yveltal still being strong come this weekend so be prepared to play against some kind of Yveltal variant.

Other card options

Yveltal BKT:

This card is too good in Dark based decks specifically Yveltal ones so I'm unsure why Philip didn't play any.

Yveltal XY:

This card can be useful to get energy back, however it's not entirely needed compared to the other Yveltal.

Yveltal BREAK:

Useful against Jolteon-EX because it's attack, Baleful Night does 120 damage and 30 damaged to each of your opponent's Benched Pokemon that has any damage on them. Not only that but Yveltal BREAK has 150 health which means a Jolteon-EX needs a Fighting Fury Belt to one hit KO you and if not then Yveltal BREAK can two shot Jolteon-EX which is a huge threat.


Mega Evolution decks are huge in Standard which means Umbreon-EX can potentially take four prizes in a single turn because of it's attack, Endgame which has a base of 70 damage and if you KO a Mega Evolution Pokemon with this attack then you take an extra two prizes on top of the two from that Pokemon being an EX for a total of four prizes. Endgame only needs a Dark and Double Colorless Energy so essentially two attachments.


Great for searching out two Yveltal-EX and a Shaymin-EX being as the decks main attacker is Yveltal-EX.

Pokemon Ranger:

Great against Jolteon-EX and Regice which Vileplume decks play.

Faded Town:

Can be useful against Mega Evolution based decks. Doing an extra 20 damage a turn can make a difference.

Closing Thoughts

That will conclude this short article on the two finalist decks of Dortmund Regionals. I'll have another short article after Fort Wayne Regionals which will hopefully be on my run at Fort Wayne since I'll be attending. I hope to see many of you there. Good luck to those attending. If I were to play one of these decks for Fort Wayne I would most likely go with Yveltal-EX/Garbodor because it has a lot of great matchups across the board and Garbodor makes matchups even easier. Giratina-EX based decks have trouble against Fairy types decks as well as Yveltal decks so I probably wouldn't go with Giratina-EX this weekend. Players are also starting to tech in Fairy attackers into M Rayquaza-EX decks just for Giratina-EX since after Florida Regionals it's had a big target on it's back. With that said, please don't forget to check out The Chaos Gym on YouTube and Twitch for updates on player interviews and when Grafton Roll goes live. If you have any questions about these lists or decks in general then please feel free to leave me a comment down below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, then don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them. Or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it, then by all means post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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