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"Swamp Things" - A Philly Report, and a Look Towards Fort Wayne Regionals

Jose goes over two strong plays for Indiana Regionals next weekend as well as goes over his Philadelphia Regionals run.

11/18/2016 by Jose Marrero


Hello once again, 60cards readers! For this next article I'm going to go over two decks I feel are strong plays for Indiana Regionals next weekend which is in the Standard format with the new set, Evolutions. On top of that I'll be going over the deck I played at the Philadelphia Regional Championships a few weeks ago as well as a tournament report on it. Spoiler alert I was 6-2-0 going into the last round. The last Standard Regionals was Florida which didn't have the new set out yet which should be interesting to see what people play for Indiana. Yveltal-EX/Garbodor took Florida Regionals piloted by Azul Garcia while Vileplume box took second piloted by Alex Schemanske. Vileplume now gains Beedril-EX to get rid of Tools on Garbodor making both decks solid options still for Indiana. However, the two decks that I'll be going over gained new cards as well making them slightly better than before. M Gardevoir-EX has a great matchup against Yveltal based decks because of it's resistance and M Mewtwo-EX decks because of weakness. M Gardevoir-EX decks gained Dragonite-EX and Rattata from Evolutions while Greninja gained the new 162 Greninja Promo a long with Starmie from Evolutions.

I'm actually now attending Indiana Regionals next weekend which I wasn't expecting to go. I don't think the new set is going to change too much other than old decks with minor changes. I don't think there is going to be a relevant deck that's completely new. If anything like I said decks will just change cards here and there but nothing too crazy. I'm personally excited for next weekend which is Thanksgiving weekend. Yeah I know you are supposed to be with family during that time but hey Pokemon is family to me as well. I met great friends over the course of my Pokemon career and I don't intend to stop anytime soon.

With that said, let's go over the first deck, M Gardevoir-EX with Evolutions.


Caleb Gedemer actually had a list up before me so feel free to check out his latest article for his. This deck shouldn't be too hard to make a solid list of since your only really adding two new cards. The concept of this deck is to use M Gardevoir-EX's attack, Despair Ray for maximum damage while discarding all the liability Pokemon such, Shaymin-EX and Dragonite-EX to deny easy KO's and Lysandre stalls. Let's go over the Pokemon lines as a whole starting with the 4-3 line of M Gardevoir-EX. You want to open Gardevoir-EX in this deck because you definitely don't want to open Dragonite-EX. Despair Ray can one hit KO a M Mewtwo-EX for just two energy while M Mewtwo-EX will have trouble one hit KOing a M Gardevoir-EX back since they need to have five energy on them. Not to mention Gardevoir-EX's resistance as I said to Dark types making Yveltal have trouble against you while you can one shot them. Similar to that of M Rayquaza-EX this deck also runs four Shaymin-EX for maximum consistency since you can just discard them with Despair Ray as I mentioned. Now Dragonite-EX from the new set, Evolutions is one of the newest additions in this deck and for good reason. It's ability, Pull Up let's you get back 2 Basic Pokemon from your discard and into your hand as long as it's not another Dragonite-EX. So basically a Dragonite-EX adds 30 damage to Despair Ray if need be. Two Hoopa-EX since the deck is basically all Pokemon-EX.

Then there's a one of Rattata from the new set in case the opponent attaches Fighting Fury Belts which then if that's the case Despair Ray will be short of the KO which is where Rattata comes in. Putting an Yveltal-EX or whatever it is back down to 190 or less health can make a huge difference between a win or lose. Since Rattata is similar to both Shaymin-EX and Dragonite-EX where the ability only works once you play it down from your hand means once you discard Rattata with Despair Ray you will have the option to reuse it again between Dragonite-EX and recovery cards such as, Karen and Super Rod. Moving out of the Pokemon we now get into the supporters. Three Professor Sycamore seems good enough since you don't want to discard too many resources. Two N to still have the option to disrupt your opponent's hand and refresh your own at the same time. Two Hex Maniac which is mainly for the Greninja and Volcanion matchups. Chaining Hex Maniac is the way to go against these two decks. Just one Lysandre since you have the potential of one hit KOing most things in the active spot anyway.

And Karen as I mentioned to get back all the discarded Pokemon from Despair Ray. To keep consistency up the deck runs four of VS Seekers, Ultra Balls, Trainers' Mails, and Spirit Links. This deck wants a turn two Despair Ray so having four Spirit Links I feel is the way to go to put pressure on as fast as possible. Two Escape Ropes because Dragonite-EX's retreat cost is hefty and you don't want it stuck active. Two Super Rod even though the deck runs Karen since it's easier to just Super Rod and then play a draw supporter and also Super Rod can get back Fairy Energy if needed. Two Mega Turbo since M Gardevoir-EX only needs two energy to thrive. Then the stadium of choice is of course Ski Field so that Despair Ray can do maximum damage. I went with 9 Fairy Energy but I can see dropping down to 8 if you want to make room for something else.

Other card options

Raticate EVO:

The deck already runs Rattata so having a Raticate for a backup attacker can come in handy especially against decks that rely heavily on Special Energy such as, Vileplume box.

Giovanni's Scheme:

Because M Gardevoir-EX only maxes out at 190 damage means it can't one hit KO Mega Pokemon and with Giovanni's Scheme you can one hit KO opposing M Gardevoir-EX's and anything else that has 210 or less health.


Because Dragonite-EX has a hefty retreat cost as I said means it's a liability to Lysandre. So having Olympia to get them out of the active spot can come in handy and also to get out of Paralyze against M Beedril-EX.

Pokemon Ranger:

A counter to Regice is needed if you expect tons of Vileplume box decks.

Fairy Drop:

Healing 50 damage for free can come in handy if used at the right time. It can turn a two shot into a three shot which can matter between a win or a lose.


Yet again Caleb has his own list for this deck in his latest article so go check it out if you want to see our differences. Once people read both the new Greninja Promo and Starmie from the new set, Evoltions they probably immediately thought of Greninja and changed cards here and there to make room for them. Caleb and I thought similar things to drop Talonflame altogether in Standard which if you think about it makes sense. To fit the new Greninja you simply just drop one of the Shadow Stitch ones. The new Promo Greninja has an attack, called Aqua Shower which does 20 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon including the active. This attack is really good for setting up a KO on a Garbodor since Garbodor has 100 health and once you do 20 from Aqua Shower it now has 80 health left meaning you can then use the other Greninja's attack, Moonlight Slash to Lysandre Garbodor up and finish it off. This way you don't have to Lysandre Garbodor twice to KO it. It's second attack, Dual Cut isn't too great but it can still help do extra damage if you flip two heads since for each heads it does 60 damage.

The next new inclusion is Starmie from Evolutions. It's ability, Space Beacon let's you discard a card from your hand and put two Basic Energy from your discard into your hand. If the opponent doesn't have Garbodor out then this effect will do wonders because you basically have infinite Giant Water Shurikens. If you do end up playing both Talonflame and Starmie then Starmie has an easy candidate to discard. That's it as far as the Pokemon go. Just a couple Pokemon changes compared to older Standard lists. This deck runs a handful of supporters because you can't really afford to deck draw with this deck. Especially if you whiff energy here and there which is why there's four Professor Sycamore and three N for draw power on top of an Ace Trainer to bring the opponent's hand size down to three since odds are you are going down on prizes first. Two Lysandre to make sure you find one when you need it once you set up to KO a Garbodor. Also since Dragonite-EX will see lot's of play and has a three retreat cost means it's an easy target for Lysandre. One Teammates as well since as I said you most likely will go down on prizes which means the opponent can take cheap KO's making Teammates good. One Fisherman is still needed even though we have Starmie.

This is just in case Garbodor stays on the field or if the opponent has you Vileplume locked. To search out Pokemon I went with four Dive Ball which is a staple in this deck and then three Level Ball which can grab everything but Greninja's including Starmie. To add more damage there is also four Bursting Balloons because they can put the opponent in tough spots either having to take 60 damage or Lysandre around the Greninja's making them waste resources. Two Super Rod since Karen isn't needed in this deck in Standard. Plus Super Rod can get back Water Energies in case you need to. I went with three Faded Towns for Mega Pokemon such as, Mewtwo and Gardevoir and then one Silent Lab since you never know when Silent Lab can make a difference. The energy count is pretty straight forward, 8 Water and two Splash seems about right. Splash Energy getting back a whole line of Greninja is too good not to play at least one copy of.

Other card options


Usually Greninja decks run Talonflame but in Standard Battle Compressor is no more meaning you will have three to four dead cards in the deck which you can't get rid of. Meaning you now have four free spots to work with in Standard.

Manaphy PRC:

It's first attack, Deep Sea Swirl let's you shuffle your hand into deck and draw 6 cards. Great for consistency since the deck doesn't run Talonflame and only for a single Water Energy. It's second attack, Life Saver is actually pretty good too since for a single Water Energy as well can put 2 Water Pokemon from your discard into your hand. The whole deck is Water Pokemon so you can choose whatever you want as long as it's in the discard.

Starmie BREAK:

It's attack, Break Star for a single Water Energy does 100 damage to each of your opponent's BREAK Pokemon. Great against Trevenant BREAK, however it's not in Standard. You would think Break Star is good against the mirror but it's not because you don't want to break the Shadow Stitch lock.

Octillery BRT:

Great for consistency to draw more cards. With no more Talonflame I can see Octillery in decks again.

Pokemon Ranger:

This card hands down wins the mirror match because you shut off the opponent's Shadow Stitch effect on you meaning you can now Giant Water Shuriken them. So if you expect a lot of Greninja then I recommend adding Pokemon Ranger to win those mirror matches.

Rare Candy:

Can come in handy to just set up a fast Greninja. However, Rare Candy isn't needed. Then again Teammates can search it out making it more viable. Rare Candy is a personal preference but by no means necessary.

Rough Seas:

Because every Pokemon in the deck is a Water type means they all can take advantage of Rough Seas. However, most of the decks Pokemon will probably get one hit KOed anyway and plus Trevenant BREAK doesn't exist in Standard anyway meaning Rough Seas probably won't be too effective.

Philadelphia Regionals


This is the deck my buddy Jeremy Jallen created except I made some changes over time. This deck has a lot going for it as you can see. So many options and ways of attacking and setting up KO's and I'm honestly still sad I lost my win and in (spoiler alert) when I had that game in the bag. But enough of that let's talk about the Pokemon some. I went with a 4-3 line of Yanmega since they are great answers to opposing Seismitoad-EX's and Primal Groudon-EX's and some what good against Greninja. Yanmega's attack, Assault Boom has a base of 50 damage and if the opponent's active Pokemon has a Tool on it then it does an extra 70 damage making it now 120 damage which is enough to one hit KO all three said Pokemon because of their weakness to Grass types. But the thing that makes Yanmega so good is it's ability, Sonic Vision which if you have 4 cards in your hand you can use it's attacks for free. Yanmega also has free retreat making it even more versatile. Then of course there's three Seismitoad-EX which is the main attacker of the deck and mainly used to set up and slow down the opponent in order to swarm Yanmega's late game. Two Shaymin-EX for consistency as well. Then there's a one of Landorus-EX that caught people off guard and made them change strategies. I put him in to help against Manectric-EX and to potentially get a double KO on two Joltik against Night March. Hammerhead helped set up KO's for Yanmega which in theory would be great against Focus Sashed Primal Groudon-EX's assuming they don't have Mr. Mime benched to block Hammerheads damage.

Land's Judgement also came in handy against both M Manectric-EX and surprisingly Night March as you will see in my tournament report. One Jirachi-EX was great to search out whatever supporter I need since you will see I ran tons of one of's. One Dedenne as well to help against Yveltal decks. Both of Dedenne's attacks came in handy. That's it for the Pokemon. Now onto the supporters which as you can see as I said are lot's of one of's. Four Professor Sycamore is a must because consistency is key in this deck. Three Judge helped to put my hand down to 4 to use Assault Boom for no energy cost. Judge plus Quaking Punch also won me games. One N because if the opponent get's down to three or less prizes then I much rather put them down to that many cards instead of 4 which Judge gives. One Ghetsis because Jirachi-EX can search it out on the first turn and if it's a good Ghetsis then a turn two Quaking Punch can win games from there. One Lysandre and Olympia because you still need to have at least one Lysandre in most if not all decks and Olympia is nice to get the big retreaters out of the active such as, Seismitoad-EX and Landorus-EX in case it's time for Yanmega to have some fun. One Team Flare Grunt and Xerosic because what's a Seismitoad-EX deck without energy and Tool disruption. Team Flare Grunt comes in handy against Yveltal decks and Xerosic can get rid of Garbodor's Tool so Yanmega's ability can work again. To add extra damage I played four Hypnotoxic Lasers, two Virbank City Gym's and two Muscle Bands.

If the opponent's Pokemon EX has a Tool on it other than Fighting Fury Belt then Yanmega can potentially one hit KO it for a total of 170 damage after Poison. I ran two Head Ringer for situations like this where Head Ringer not only acts as a Tool for Assault Boom but at the same time to slow down EX's or to make Yanmega take easy KO's on Shaymin-EX and Jirachi-EX. Two Enhanced Hammers as well to get rid of Special Energy even more in case you can't afford to use a non draw supporter. One Escape Rope was nice since it helped me get a turn one Quaking Punch going since if I didn't open Seismitoad-EX it meant I had to find a switch card. One Super Rod was also nice to get back Yanmega lines and Basic Energy. My Ace Spec of choice was Computer Search to add more consistency and plus it can search out Escape Rope and Double Colorless Energy or whatever I need at the time. The Stadiums of choice is two Virbank City Gym and one Forest of Giant Plants. I played the Forest of Giant plants mainly for Archeops and surprise turn one attacks with Yanmega. The Energy line is pretty straight forward with four Double Colorless and three Fighting or if no Landorus-EX then of course back to Waters.

Other card options

Yanmega BREAK:

The extra health can come in handy and it's attack, Barrier Break can go through Pokemon such as, Glaceon-EX.


Can win games by surprising the opponent when they have a hand of three or less. With Judge followed by Delinquent is very possible to cripple thier hand.

Water Energy:

If you want the option to Grenade Hammer then you have to drop Landorus-EX.

Parallel City:

I wasn't a huge fan of Parallel City in this deck because both sides can have a negative effect. Both Seismitoad-EX and Yanmega get their damage reduced and sometimes I'll have more than three Pokemon I want to keep on the bench so I didn't play it.

Last minute changes

Last minute I decided to change up a few cards. I knew M Manectric-EX decks would see some play so I said why not add Landorus-EX and switch the Water Energies into Fighting Energies. Sure I can't use Grenade Hammer but that's okay because I much rather keep the item lock as long as possible anyway. Landorus-EX can also come in handy against Primal Groudon-EX decks to make Focus Sash useless. So to make room for Landorus-EX I dropped one Yanmega since I was running a 4-4 line. Because I added Landorus-EX who has a huge retreat cost meant I wanted another way to get it out of the active if I had to. So I added in Olympia since it can get Seismitoad-EX out of the active as well and healing off 30 damage actually is relevant at times. Plus Olympia is reusable with VS Seeker. I ultimately ended up dropping the Delinquent because Delinquent is not a card that is needed to win games it's just really situational. I felt that Olympia will have a bigger impact in games. The last change as I said was adding Forest of Giant Plants. I ended up dropping Parallel City. I decided on adding Forest of Giant Plants because if I find it turn one I can potentially evolve a couple Yanmas into Yanmega before I get Archeops locked. That was my main reason and the second was if I were to start Yanma then I can potentially get Seismitoad-EX attacking easier on the first turn since Yanma has 1 retreat while Yanmega has free retreat. I was pretty confident with my changes. However, after the tournament only the Forest of Giant Plants didn't do much other than replacing other stadiums but as for it's effect it never really came in handy because I only faced one Archeops deck which was round 9 as you will see.

Philadelphia Tournament Report


Round 1 - Bennett Gerlach - M Manectric-EX/Garbodor: WW (1-0-0)

Going into this match I was actually pretty confident since I knew Landorus-EX was going to come in handy. Game one and two were pretty similar with Landorus-EX plus Hypnotoxic Lasers doing work. At one point in game one I actually got Landorus-EX using Lands Judgment which I one hit KOed a M Manectric-EX with a Hypnotoxic Laser which was an exact 210 damage. From there the game was basically over. Garbodor didn't really do too much to me. Sure I can't use Yanmega but Landorus-EX and Seismitoad-EX is what won me those games anyway. Head Ringer and Tool Scrapper came in handy though since he whiffed M Manectric-EXs one turn and had two Spirit Links on board and another time to remove the tool off Garbodor which he didn't have another the following turn. All in all I felt that this matchup was fairly easy with the last minute changes I did so I took a comfortable 2-0 over my opponent and am feeling good so far.

Round 2 - Chris Langschultz - Talonflame/Greninja BREAK: WLL (1-1-0)

This next round I'm now facing up against a deck I knew would be a rough matchup even with Yanmega's hitting Greninja for weakness. Game one I play first and open Landorus-EX to my opponent's lone Froakie so at this point I knew I most likely lost since you don't want to use Water weak Pokemon against Greninja unless you have to. I top deck a Yanma and bench it then attach a Fighting Energy to Landorus-EX and use Hypnotoxic Laser threatening the turn two KO. I also play a Judge on the first turn and simply pass the turn. To my surprise all my opponent could do is Bubble me which of course he gets heads. So I know all I have to do is get out of Paralyze to take a cheap win. I play both Escape Rope and Olympia but I had no way of searching for Olympia and my only supporter was another Judge. So I attach an energy to Yanmga so I can retreat it in case I hit the Escape Rope then play another Judge and miraculously hit the Escape Rope to take a quick game one. However, game two my opponent ran through my like nothing. Game three I actually am looking good since I got myself down to one prize and yet my opponent still had six. But then came the N to one with double Greninja BREAKs on board and my field has two Shaymin-EX. At the same time he was able to KO the rest of my Yanmega's to leave me with double Shaymin-EX so I lose a one to six comeback lead. The power of N to one is real. Still really close games even though game one was free.

Round 3 - Ben Lim - Volcanion-EX: WW (2-1-0)

Now that I got a matchup I didn't want to face out of the way now I'm facing a deck that's the complete opposite of Greninja, Volcanion. I knew all I had to do was go aggro Seismitoad-EX with a Muscle Band to make sure I two shot the EXs and one shot the non EX Volcanions with Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym. Both games were similar strategies which worked out well and thus taking a solid 2-0 over my opponent. My opponent made some questionable plays which could have put him in better spots, however I believe it was my opponent's first tournament. Ben was a cood dude nonetheless and I had a blast playing against him.

Round 4 - Thomas Miller - Rainbow Road: LL (2-2-0)

Rainbow Road was another deck I was hesitant to want to play against because of how powerful Xerneas is and it's Rainbow Force attack. Thomas played a heavy Ninja Boy count and actually didn't play Energy Switch which meant he had a better chance against Seismitoad-EX because he now has less dead cards. Game one was actually really close where I had a chance to win if I hit my last Hypnotoxic Laser off a Professor Sycamore but I whiffed it and barely lost. However, in game two I got completely demolished. My opponent's Ho-oh-EX flips were on point and every time he would have the Ninja Boy to go into Xerneas to one hit KO whatever I had active. Nothing much I could do. So now I'm 2-2-0 and I know I have to win five in a row if I want to make Day 2. Anything less than that means no Day 2 because I can only get 19 points at worst which was a definite no Day 2 because there was over 640 Masters.

Round 5 - Brett Leftwich - Raichu/Bats: WW (3-2-0)

This matchup was fairly easy since Landorus-EX did wonders. I basically just went aggro Landorus-EX to take cheap and fast KO's. Seismitoad-EX also did work because item lock plus Judge crippled my opponent into dead hands at times which made it hard for my opponent to do lethal damage. Hypnotoxic Laser also put in work because if I ever get a sleep off then they probably get KOed coming back into my turn depending on how I set up the math. However, my opponent was able to stop this strategy because he kept bumping my Virbank City Gyms at the right times. Still I was able to take a convincing 2-0 over my opponent.

Round 6 - Franklin Arrarte - M Rayquaza-EX/Gallade/Marowak: WW (4-2-0)

This round I'm not up against a Florida friend playing M Rayquaza-EX which honestly I had no idea how the matchup would go because I don't run Giratina-EX to stop M Rayquaza-EX. But because I run so many energy disruption cards along with Head Ringers gave me a chance. Game one I was able to get a quick Quaking Punch going and a double Head Ringer forced Franklin to scoop early. However, in game two Franklin was tearing me a new one until I was able to N him to one and slowly start the one to six comeback with Quaking Punch after Quaking Punch and making sure I didn't deck out. Eventually I was able to take all my prizes since Franklin kept dead drawing once the N to one happened. Which I figured would happen because in Expanded M Rayquaza-EX decks don't play many supporters which Quaking Punch just hands down cripples them. Still some fun games playing against a fellow friend.

Round 7 - Alex Hill - Night March: WW (5-2-0)

So far we are looking good and now this round I'm up against sixprizes own Alex Hill playing Night March. I was fairly confident in this matchup even though I didn't play Karen. This is because of all my energy disruption cards a long with item lock. If Alex goes Joltik then I simply one shot it but if he goes Pumpkaboo then I can still one hit KO them with Hypnotoxic Laser but if for some reason I couldn't then hopefully I have a way to at least get rid of the Double Colorless Energy on them while keeping the item lock on. Judge plus the KO on the Double Colorlessed Pokemon did wonders. Game one I play first and bench a Seismitoad-EX with a Muscle Band on it and pass the turn. Oh yeah had Alex opened with Joltik I had the turn one Hypnotoxic Laser plus Virbank City Gym but that wasn't the case. Alex takes his first turn of the game starting with a quick Pokemon Catcher to flip heads to drag up my Seismitoad-EX. Alex proceeds to get enough Night Marchers in the discard to one hit KO it and at this point I'm like well okay that just happened. However, in order for Alex to do this he had to dump his whole hand and rely on the two prizes he was about to take. The following turn I was able to get another Seismitoad-EX out and KO his Joltik. As expected Alex was now draw passing giving me a lead.

But all Alex had to find from here on out was just Double Colorless Energy to one hit KO everything. Eventually Alex top decks a Teammates to one shot another Semsitoad-EX but on my next turn I Judge and get out yet another Seismitoad-EX. By this point I'm powering up Landorus-EX for the Lands Judgement if I had to. Alex and I get down to two prizes each but I was able to Lysandre and Lands Judgement a Shaymin-EX for the game. Game two I get a fast Quaking Punch going knowing Alex wasn't able to get too many Night Marchers in the discard. Eventually I was down to two prizes and I had been powering up a Yanmega in case I find a Head Ringer to one hit KO a Shaymin-EX. This is exactly what I did for my last two prizes to take the series 2-0. Alex just wasn't able to find his Pokemon Ranger under item lock both games. When Alex used Teammates to get it I Judged it away never to be seen again. Still some really good games.

Round 8 - Emily Engle - Rainbow Road: WW (6-2-0)

Before the round started Emily was saying she didn't want to face me and quite frankly I didn't want to face her either since I know I got 2-0ed by Rainbow Road which is what she was playing. Game one starts and I play first and open Landorus-EX. I play some cards and pass the turn. Emily starts her first turn of the game and gets a turn one Ho-oh-EX onto the field with three energy then Energy Switches a Fairy onto her Xerneas then attaches a Double Colorless Energy onto and benches enough Pokemon to one hit KO my Landorus-EX on the first turn. At this point I'm just like yep that's what I was afraid of. My second turn of the game I Enhanced Hammer away her Double Colorless Energy and start item locking knowing I'm about to get one hit KOed if Emily has another Double Colorless Energy. To my surprise she actually didn't buying me some time to set up some Yanmegas. Unlike the other Rainbow Road version I lost to, Emily ran the Energy Switch version which was a better matchup for me. Because of this Emily dead drew numerous times. Game one I make a crazy comeback because Emily benched a lot of Lysandre bait Pokemon such as, Hoopa-EX and Yveltal-EX which both have two retreat and while under item lock it would be hard for her to attack me. I kept Lysandreing them up and Hypnotoxic Lasering them with Virbank City Gym out to make a huge comeback. Game two Emily uses Colress for four on the first turn and passes the turn. I get a turn one Quaking Punch and from there Emily dead drew ver and over again so I take game two pretty convincingly. To my surprise I 2-0 Emily and now I need to just win one more to make Day 2.

Round 9 - Jimmy McClure - Yveltal-EX/Archeops/Gallade: L (6-3-0)

This round is the win and in match which the winner makes Day 2 and a guaranteed $250. Jimmy and I had a long game one which lasted about forty minutes. This game was extremely close. Jimmy got a fast Fright Night attacking so I was able to one shot it with Dedenne but the following turn Dedenne gets one shotted by Yveltal-EX so I had to item lock plus Hypnotoxic Laser to slow Jimmy down. Eventually I'm down to two prizes but Jimmy is at one prize. However, Jimmy has a benched Yveltal-EX with 50 damage on it and a Head Ringer so all I have to do is Lysandre it up and KO it with Yanmega. For about three or four turns in a row I threatened game because all I had to do was put my hand size down to four since I had the VS Seeker in hand for Lysandre already. But every top deck I got for a bout three or four turns straight as I said were undumpable cards making my hand size 5 every time just 1 short of the win. I was getting really frustrated knowing I had game for that many turns in a row. I would top deck a Pokemon when my bench was full or a supporter when I already had too many in hand. I was holding VS Seeker in my hand for the longest time and my Seismitoad-EX had three energy ready to retreat into Yanmega to Lysandre for the win but I just couldn't dump my hand to four. So I had to use the VS Seeker for an N to one. I'm still in a great spot since I still have Jimmy under item lock. Jimmy's two cards from my N to one was a Dark Energy and a Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick. Are you kidding me?

Jimmy get's Gallade out this turn and I'm just floored. Now Jimmy can rearrange his top 5 under item lock which put me in a tough spot. Jimmy was able to attack with Gallade and so I Team Flare Grunt the Double Colorless away but at this point my Seismitoad-EX now has 130 damage on it. I know Jimmy only has 1 Dark and Double Colorless left so I Lysandre up a Shaymin-EX and Quaking Punch it and if Jimmy doesn't have the energy to retreat it I win the next turn but Jimmy had the Double Colorless and so the following turn I knew I had lost since I couldn't afford to attack with Seismitoad-EX anymore or else Jimmy wins. So I play Judge and promote Yanmega to stall but Jimmy had the VS Seeker for Lysandre and energy for game. Game two goes to time with both of us having six prizes. Honestly should have won this game. I couldn't believe how many top decks were undumpable. So I unfortunately finish my run at 71st place of 646. I did get some points so it wasn't a total waste but I still wish I could have advanced.

Closing Thoughts

Well that will conclude this article about two strong plays for Indiana Regionals next weekend and my Philadelphia Regionals run. I truly believe both decks can go far next weekend. We all saw the power of Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX/Garbodor in Orlando which Fairy decks beat and Greninja now has an answer to KO Garbodor easier. I'll have two more short articles after Indiana Regionals. If you are attending Fort Wayne Regionals next weekend then be sure to see me there. At first I wasn't going but last minute changes happened so now I'll be there for sure. Good luck to those attending. Don't forget to check out The Chaos Gym on YouTube and Twitch for updates on player interviews and when Grafton Roll goes live. If you have any questions about these lists or decks in general then please feel free to leave me a comment down below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, then don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them. Or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it, then by all means post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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