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"Old Decks with New Tricks" - Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX and Seismitoad-EX/Yanmega

Jose goes over Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX in Standard and Seismitoad-EX/Yanmega in Expanded.

10/11/2016 by Jose Marrero


Hello again, 60cards readers! Arizona Regionals just passed and now I want to go over a couple decks that I feel are strong plays for the upcoming season. We recently found out that you need 500 Championship points for a Worlds invite this year which sounds like a lot, however now that they have raised best finish limits and Championship points for Regionals I feel that 500 is obtainable if you play enough events. You don't necessarily have to win them you just need to place in a number of them to get points here and there. League Cups, formally known as City Championships will be a huge part in ones invite because of how many points you can get from them as opposed to recent years. Right now for the first quarter it looks like there may not be League Cups which means by the end of October is when you are able to max out on League Challenge points which is a total of 30 points which is two League Challenge wins. These points as small as they are may matter in the long run so I recommend trying to cap out your two League Challenges for the quarter in case we don't get League Cups and if so then you’re left with six open finishes for League Challenges and League Cups since they are combined in the best finish limit, which of course you much rather get League Cup finishes because they give more Championship points.

For this next article I'll be giving an analysis on each deck I go over as well as give more card options as I usually do when I post lists. On top of that I'll be doing a tournament report on each deck from two events I attended and ended up winning. One in the Standard format and one in Expanded so hopefully this article can teach you a little something on both formats if not at least one or the other. The first deck I'll be going over is Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX with a little twist which you will see as you read on. The other deck is Seismitoad-EX/Yanmega which is a new deck since Yanmega just came out in our last set, Steam Siege. Shout out to Jeremy Jallen on that list. This deck has a number of surprise factors that I think can steal wins especially when your opponent has no idea what's coming next turn. Because of this is one of the reasons why I believe Seismitoad-EX/Yanmega is a strong contender in Expanded.

With that said, let's now get into the first deck of the article, Darkrai-EX/Giratina-EX.

Dark Chaos


This is a deck I've been working on for the past month or so now. I know it has a lot of potential in the Standard format. As you read on you will see my tournament report on the deck so you can determine yourself if you think in your opinion the same. At first I didn't have Crushing Hammers in the deck. It wasn't until the last minute of registration that I decided to add in four copies of Crushing Hammer. To make room for these changes I had to cut cards such as Hex Maniac, Olympia, one Dark Energy and one Lysandre. In the end the changes did go in my favor as you will see in the tournament report. The reason I cut Hex maniac was because I felt that it just wasn't really needed since I didn't expect to see Greninja and against Volcanion I still would think that matchup is rough with or without Hex Maniac. Funny enough in my round one I actually desperately needed Hex Maniac as you will see in the tournament report but that's because of my ridiculous prizes. Cutting Olympia I felt I could get away with I would just have to be more conservative and smart with the Float Stones and Escape Rope. Going to nine Dark Energy and one Lysandre I could live with so those changes were easy choices. With that said, let's go over the Pokémon counts as a whole starting with the main attacker of the deck that deals the most damage and that can potential one hit KO anything, Darkrai-EX. I went with two Darkrai-EX because they shouldn't go down easy. I know some lists run three, which is fine but I wanted to make room for other tech Pokémon. Darkrai-EX's first attack, Dark Pulse has a base of 20 damage similar to that of Evil Ball except Dark Pulse does an additional 20 damage for every Dark Energy you have in play. So when you add the two Dark Energies Double Dragon Energy count as then that's where Darkrai-EX gets all his damage potential.

Some people may not have known that a single Double Dragon Energy counts as two Dark Energy fueling Dark Pulse by 40 damage per Double Dragon Energy on your field until now which is important in this deck and why it's a strong contender in the format. Darkrai-EX's second attack, Dark Head probably won't ever be used in this variant of the deck because there isn't anything that puts Pokémon to Sleep and because attaching three Energy to Darkrai-EX yields the same exact damage for both attacks. The backup attacker of the deck is none other than Giratina-EX which I also went with a two of. Giratina-EX is mostly used against decks that get crippled by its attack Chaos Wheel and ability Renegade Pulse such as Vespiquen variants or Mega Evolution decks. Chaos Wheel has a base of 100 damage and prevents your opponent from playing down Stadiums, Tools, and Special Energy from his or her hand next turn so you can see how powerful Chaos Wheel can be. A single Double Dragon Energy as I said acts as two of any Energy, which means two Double Dragon Energy fuels Chaos Wheel or one and two Darks. Renegade Pulse is Giratina-EX's ability that prevents all effects of an attack, including damage done to Giratina-EX by Mega Evolution Pokémon. Some of the more relevant Mega Evolution Pokémon include, M Mewtwo-EX, M Scizor-EX, M Rayquaza-EX, and a few others to name a few. Giratina-EX's Fairy weakness can be troublesome for it because of decks that play Xerneas and Gardevoir-EX. Other than that I personally think Giratina-EX is one of the best Pokémon in Standard right now. Then of course there's two Shaymin-EX because they are too good not to run especially with the next Pokémon, Hoopa-EX. This card is ridiculously good in this type of deck because it can search out both your main and backup attackers along with draw power in the form of Shaymin-EX as I said. What I mean by "in this type of deck" are decks that are EX heavy whether it's their main attacker or techs such as, M Mewtwo-EX and M Rayquaza-EX. You can also see I ran a copy of Magearna-EX.

Now this inclusion I was back and forth on, but at the time M Scizor-EX was seeing a decent amount of play so I decided to keep it in for the time being. It's ability, Mystic Heart as you can see prevents all effects of an attack done to your Pokémon that have a Metal Energy attached to them and like I said Double Dragon Energy acts as any two energy including Metal meaning Giratina-EX gets protected by Magearna-EX. Some other Magearna-EX uses were for Jirachi and Mewtwo-EX's Damage Change attack. The Damage Change option may not matter if they are Mega evolved, however it can matter if they don't go into Mega form. The next addition to the deck is both a tech and backup attacker and that is Hydreigon-EX. Its attack, Shred has a base of 80 damage but more importantly is meant to go through annoying attacks such as, Jirachi's Stardust or Jolteon-EX's Flash Ray along with Regice's attack, Resistance Blizzard so Hydreigon-EX definitely deserves its spot in the deck. On top of that it's ability, Dragon Road gives all your Dragon Pokémon two less retreat cost if there is a Stadium in play meaning both Giratina-EX and Hydreigon-EX will have one retreat cost. This can be very helpful for when your wanting to retreat into another Pokémon, but don't want to retreat three Energy one of which is probably a Double Dragon Energy. Now some of the non EX tech attackers that I played are Mew and Yveltal. Mew was strictly meant for M Mewtwo-EX decks. Of course Garbodor shuts off Mew, but after Garbodor is dealt with then Mew will do wonders. Mew's Memories of Dawn ability let's it copy the attacks of any of your Basic Pokémon which in this deck is meant to copy Darkrai-EX's Dark Pulse attack to one hit KO Mewtwo-EX's should Garbodor not be present as I said. Mew having free retreat is actually pretty clutch which makes it a great opener. Its attack, Encounter honestly isn't too bad since it can search out either Hoopa-EX or Shaymin-EX in case your hand is dead. Now Yveltal on the other hand was meant to just get back Energy with Oblivion Wing case we run dry somehow. Oblivion Wing doing 30 case damage can also help set up one hit KO's as well which is a nice option to have while only potentially giving up one prize in the process.

Yveltal's second attack, Darkness Blade most likely won't ever be used in this deck because of the hefty Energy cost and since you much rather attack with Darkrai-EX at that point to do more damage. I honestly didn't even use Yveltal that much. Actually I don't even think I needed it. I think I would probably drop the Yveltal the more I think about it and add a second Lysandre because KOing Garbodor is the first priority when going up against Mega Evolution decks and playing two Lysandre can help find them more consistently. Opening Yveltal isn't that great in this deck either just because the deck has the potential to get Giratina-EX and Darkrai-EX attacking on the first turn. Let's now move into the Supporters starting with four Professor Sycamore. I'm running four because I wanted to max consistency and the fact that this deck thrives on drawing through a lot of the deck to get a turn one Giratina-EX or Darkrai-EX attacking so finding a Professor Sycamore early on is ideal. There is also two N just in case for those weird situations where you can't afford to discard resources especially Double Dragon Energy. At the same time late game N plays can win games. I already mentioned that I had two Lysandre before and now may go back to running two since running one makes it more difficult to find it when it's needed given that there isn't Battle Compressor to just discard it for you so we have to draw into Lysandre manually which is why running two is ideal. Moving out of the Supporters and into the Items we have a standard four count of VS Seeker, Ultra Ball, and Max Elixir for this deck. VS Seekers are needed to keep the deck even more consistent and so that most turns you have the option to draw more cards with Professor Sycamore or N. Ultra Balling for a Hoopa-EX is all you need to get going because like I said it can grab a Giratina-EX, Darkrai-EX, and Shaymin-EX all at once. Ultra Ball can even search out the non EX's as well so running four is ideal in most if not all decks. Playing four Max Elixir is definitely needed in this deck because of the turn one attack options with Dark Pulse and Chaos Wheel.

Two Max Elixirs and one Double Dragon Energy lets Giratina-EX attack in one turn which the deck can achieve if you really need it to. Again the more Dark Energy on the field the more damage Dark Pulse can do. Now we get into the last minute additions I've included, four Crushing Hammers. These are just overall great against basically any deck. For example against Vespiquen when they have a Double Colorless Energy on the active and the Bench. You can Crushing Hammer off the benched Double Colorless Energy while at the same time KOing the active Vespiquen with Giratina-EX so that they have no answer next turn because they can't attach Special Energy. You are basically KOing two birds with one stone here in this scenario. Crushing Hammers are also great against Rainbow Road since they attach one energy at a time unless they play Max Elixir themselves. I went with three Trainers' Mail instead of four since I needed room for other things. Still running three is fine since they still give the deck more consistency. The Tools of the deck are three Fighting Fury Belt and two Float Stone. Fighting Fury Belt makes Darkrai-EX go up to 220 HP and Giratina-EX up to 210 HP making them even harder to take down. The extra 10 damage Fighting Fury Belt gives is also relevant such as, for Chaos Wheeling and one hit KOing Shaymin-EX or Dark Pulse with just the two Dark Energy to fuel it to one hit KO Frogadier. Two Float Stones just in case to give Pokémon such as, Hoopa-EX free retreat so that it doesn't get Lysandre stalled. On top of four Crushing Hammer there is one Enhanced Hammer just to guarantee the Special Energy Removal since it's searchable with Trainers' Mail making it more versatile. One Escape Rope as well since having another retreat option can't go wrong. Escape Rope can also just put the opponent on tilt if they are stuck in a lose-lose situation when they have two or less benched Pokémon.

To finish off the Items we have a single copy of Super Rod just to have the option of getting back discarded Basic Energy just in case you had to get rid of some early on due to Professor Sycamore. The Stadium of choice for this deck is two Parallel City. I went with Parallel City because both of its sides can be useful while at the same time not really giving this deck any drawback. The side that puts that players benched down to three Pokémon is great against decks such as, M Rayquaza-EX since they thrive on having a big bench to maximize their attack. Or just against any deck that plays a number of attackers. This way you can at least minimize their army while at the same time deny them of multiple Set Ups from Shaymin-EX. The other side of Parallel City reduces 20 damage by attacks from Grass, Water, and Fire types which can come in handy especially against decks such as, Volcanion, Sceptile-EX, or even Vespiquen to name a few but you get the drift and because Giratina-EX's Chaos Wheel attack basically makes Parallel City stick makes it even better. Lastly, the Energy count is nine Dark and four Double Dragon. I had ten Dark Energy at first but like I said I had to make room for the four Crushing Hammers. To be honest nine Dark Energy has been good enough so far.

Other card options


This card is great against Volcanion which is one of the tougher matchups for this deck simply because they have the potential to one hit KO all of the decks Pokémon even with Fighting Fury Belts on. One Volcanion-EX has a base of 130 damage which if they use three Volcanion-EX abilities that brings its attack up to 220 damage which is why you can see that Volcanion can be a rough matchup. But adding in Garbodor can cripple their damage output making Darkrai-EX and Giratina-EX survive a hit which can make all the difference between a win and a loss. Greninja is also a tough matchup which Garbodor should hands down win this matchup because then they are doing 80 damage a turn making them have to three shot both Darkrai-EX and Giratina-EX with Fighting Fury Belts.

Hex Maniac:

This card also helps against Volcanion as well as Greninja, but is less reliable than Garbodor since Garbodor is always active while you’re going to keep having to find VS Seekers to spam Hex Maniac.


I had one of these in the deck before which I did love since you don't have to be so stingy with the bench. Playing Olympia makes your benched Pokémon safer from Lysandre stalls and you get to also heal 30 damage from the Pokémon you had go to the bench which can matter in certain situations. The fact that Olympia is reusable with VS Seeker makes it slightly better.

Team Flare Grunt:

This card in conjunction with Crushing or Enhanced Hammer along with Chaos Wheel to follow up can be devastating for the opponent. However, if your opponent's deck is solely relying on Special Energy then Team Flare Grunt won't get much use.

Silent Lab:

Playing Silent Lab over Garbodor can actually be clutch vs Volcanion since if you’re attacking with Giratina-EX then they can't remove it. However, Silent Lab doesn't stop Greninja's Abilities. This addition would be highly reliant on a meta call. But then again just shutting off Shaymin-EX and any other Basic abilities can come in handy once Chaos Wheel is live.

Special Charge:

This card can get back two Double Dragon Energy which I'll admit I wish I had at certain times because sometimes I would be forced to discard a couple due to not having found Dragon Pokémon and only having Professor Sycamore in hand. However, it's just one of those cards that's a luxury to have but not 100% needed if you know what I'm saying because you can always fall back on Darkrai-EX.

Energy Switch:

In theory a random Energy Switch out of nowhere can actually be clutch for when you attach a Dark Energy onto something other than Giratina-EX. Energy Switch basically makes for easier surprise attacks after turn one. In a way it can act as a mini Max Elixir if you really think about it.

2 Box Store Tournament Report (Win)

Round 1 - Carbink/Carbink BREAK: Tie (0-0-1)

Going into this matchup I knew my game plan which was to use Mew with a Fighting Fury Belt to one hit KO all the Carbink or if that wasn't the case then use Hydreigon-EX to Shred through them. However I ended up prizing Mew, Hydreigon-EX and Yveltal. Basically everything that can go through Carbink's Ability. So this made the matchup difficult because now how am I going to take prizes when all my opponent put down were Carbink. I kept having to use Shaymin-EX's Sky Return with Mew's ability funny enough. This strategy worked for a little while, but eventually it wasn't enough to take prizes since my opponent ran healing cards. I had to go to plan b and try and force the tie which it actually did end in a tie. Unfortunate way to finish the game but not much else I could have done.

Round 2 - Greninja/Greninja BREAK: W (1-0-1)

I'll be honest had my opponent been a little more experienced with Greninja I would have lost because my opponent at one point had two Greninja BREAK on board and I thought for sure I was done for. However my opponent didn't end up retreating into his second Greninja BREAK after using the first Giant Water Shuriken. I knew he had enough energy because he used Fisherman on the same turn he got both out. My opponent could have easily picked off a Shaymin-EX off my bench then after that focus on the last two prizes because I wasn't able to one hit KO the Greninja BREAKs because of my slow setup. But miraculously I ended up taking the win after a well-timed N forcing the opponent to miss energy for a couple turns.

Round 3 - Zygarde-EX/Machamp-EX/Ariados: W (2-0-1)

Going into this game I was actually afraid since the opponent had Fighting attackers and Darkrai-EX is weak to Fighting. At one point in the game my opponent got a fully powered up Machamp-EX with a Fighting Fury Belt while at the same time using Lysandre on my benched Giratina-EX and thanks to Ariados he was able to one hit KO it. At this point I thought I was done for. But then I look closer and notice that Machamp-EX's weakness is Psychic and I immediately think of Mew. So I grab Mew and Max Elixir and attach at the same time and Dark Pulse to one hit KO Machamp-EX with a Fighting Fury Belt. The following turn my Mew gets one-shotted by Zygarde-EX, but now I also have another Giratina-EX powered up and with a couple clutch Crushing Hammer flips I was able to slow down Zygarde-EX and steamroll from there since I got rid of the bigger threat already.

Round 4 - Nick South - Mew FCO/Yveltal/Yveltal-EX: W (3-0-1)

I was pretty confident in this matchup because I know Yveltal can't one shot while Darkrai-EX can. I actually ended up starting with Hoopa-EX and Nick with double Fright Night Yveltal and at this point I'm just like okay so it's going to be one of those games. I play first and my hand is pretty solid. I do have a Float Stone in hand and I end up attaching it to Hoopa-EX because even though I know Float Stone won't work with Fright Night Yveltal active I can still Lysandre around them and then have the Float Stone work so that is exactly what I did. Every time Nick would go aggro with the Fright Night Yveltal I would simply one shot them with Darkrai-EX's Dark Pulse attack and because Darkrai-EX only attacks for two Energy meant that Yveltal-EX wouldn't do as much damage to it and KOing it right back. I take a pretty convincing game as Nick didn't really draw too well anyway, but I think the matchup is in Darkrai-EX's favor.

Round 5 - Mike Canaves - Primal Kyogre-EX: W (4-0-1)

I knew going into this matchup that Giratina-EX and Crushing Hammers would be key because Primal Kyogre-EX can't go through Giratina-EX's ability and if Mike goes aggro with the non-Primal then Crushing Hammers will slow it down drastically. That's basically what I did. Mike did end up missing energy drops early on that came back to bite him. Eventually more and more energy get stacked up to the point that Dark Pulse can potentially one hit KO Primal Kyogre-EX since they can't one shot Darkrai-EX or Giratina-EX. I won a pretty convincing game due to Crushing Hammer plays.

Top 8 - Gary Robbins - M Sceptile-EX/Weavile: WW (6-0-1)

Once again Giratina-EX and Crushing Hammers came in handy in this matchup. M Sceptile-EX can't go through Giratina-EX's ability and Crushing Hammers would set my opponent back a turn every time I hit heads. Because Gary benched a number of Lysandre bait Pokémon I was able to bypass the Sceptile-EXs and take cheap KO's on Shaymin-EXs and Hoopa-EX leaving me to have to deal with just one Sceptile-EX. Both games went the same way with me having a huge lead and keeping it the whole time. There wasn't much Gary could have done. He didn't play Ariados to at least put some damage on me and use the non Sceptile-EX to try and two shot things. This was another reason why the matchup was heavily in my favor hence the 2-0 victory. Still it's always fun playing against Gary.

Top 4 - Rahul Reddy - Vespiquen/Zoroark: WW (8-0-1)

I knew I had a great matchup going into this top 4 match. Rahul and I play many times and I'm no stranger to Vespiquen decks. I also knew Rahul wasn't playing Puzzle of Times which meant he only had a limited supply of Double Colorless Energy. I believe he did run Special Charge if I'm not mistaken. Game one I was able to get a turn one Giratina-EX attacking and for some reason the game got really scary at one point since Rahul kept hitting Double Colorless Energy and Pokémon Ranger on the same turn for two turns straight. I remember I had to hit a Crushing Hammer heads or find my Enhanced Hammer to get rid of the benched Double Colorless Energy while at the same time KOing the active Pokémon with one as well. After a couple Crushing Hammer tails I thought I may have lost this game, but then I remembered I still had the Enhanced Hammer in the deck and luckily enough I hit it to take game one. Game two was much easier since I believe Rahul didn't draw too well and I locked him up with Chaos Wheel pretty fast once again.

Finals - Mike Canaves - Primal Kyogre-EX: WW (10-0-1)

Mike and I actually ended up splitting the finals but we went back home and played the series out just to see who would have won even though I bested Mike last round of Swiss as you saw. These games were pretty much the same to be honest. Clutch Crushing Hammer flips and good Lysandre plays from my side kept putting Mike in weird spots which ultimately forced free prizes for me. I knew Mike didn't run Switch cards so that was another advantage on my part. He only had to rely on Manaphy-EX to free retreat out but that meant he had to dedicate an Energy onto the Pokémon being even more behind on attacks. Game two there was a point where Mike went for Tri Edge with Articuno and flipped all three tails which my Mew ended up surviving and at this point I knew the game was for sure over. Some long games but I was confident the whole time throughout the series. Still some fun games.

With that said, let's get into the final deck of the article, Seismitoad-EX/Yanmega.



This deck and list as I said was thanks to Jeremy Jallen who was the sole creator of it. I wasn't sure what to play for this Expanded League Challenge because quite frankly I prefer Standard. However after looking at the list more and more I liked all the things that it had going for it. Between all the disruption, Item lock, Hypnotoxic Lasers, and energy less attackers I had to try the deck out for myself so I didn't change a single card. Basically the core concept of the deck is to either attack with Seismitoad-EX or Yanmega while having Dedenne as an attacker for Yveltal decks should they have enough energy to one shot them. If you are going second then obviously going with a turn one Seismitoad-EX is what you want to do while setting up multiple Yanma. Seismitoad-EX is meant to slow down the opponent and chip some damage so that Yanmega can clean up. Yanmega has an ability that if you have exactly four cards in your hand then you can use Yanmega's attacks at no cost essentially making its attack, Assault Boom attack for free. Which has a base of 50 damage and if your opponent's active Pokémon has a Tool on it then it does 70 more damage bringing it up to 120 damage. If you combine this attack with a Muscle Band along with Virbank City Gym and Hypnotoxic Laser then that brings Assault Boom to a total of 170 damage after poison which is enough to one hit most relevant EXs mainly Yveltal-EX. Yanmega also has free retreat which is awesome and a solid 110 health. If your opponent does not attach a Tool onto his or her Pokémon then that's where Head Ringers come in.

Not only do they slow down that Pokémon EX from potentially attacking, but now Yanmega does more damage because of it. Jirachi-EX is in the deck to help search out a Supporter. If you are going first then a turn one Ghetsis is ideal most of the time because if you force them to dead draw and you get a turn two Seismitoad-EX attacking then you have basically locked up the game from there. There is three Judge so that you can easily get your hand size down to four so that Yanmega can attack for free while at the same time disrupting your opponent's hand. Delinquent is another card that straight up comes out of left field to win games as you will see in my report. Team Flare Grunt and Xerosic are great for getting rid of Energy and Tools. For example if the opponent puts down a Fighting Fury Belt or Rock Guard then Xerosic can get rid of them. The two Enhanced Hammers came in handy at times when the opponent didn't expect them with all the craziness happening in the deck. The Tool Scrapper came in handy in one of my games where my opponent had Life Dew. I said not today sir not today. This deck will take practice to actually learn the ins and outs of the deck because you have so many options as you can see.

Other card options

Yanmega BREAK:

A lot of people asked me if I were playing this card. They were surprised that I wasn't probably due to the 4-4 line of Yanmega and honestly I never needed it. I just think it's just a dead card early on. Its attack, Barrier Break isn't too relevant to be honest because the deck plays both Basic and Evolution attackers and the extra 30 health isn't that much of a boost. If anything I would only play one Yanmega BREAK if I were to play it.

Hex Maniac:

This card can help against decks that play Bats or just in general decks that rely heavily on abilities. However, using Hex Maniac shuts down Yanmega's ability which is something to take into account.

Rock Guard:

Doing an extra 60 damage for free isn't the worst thing. Especially if it's on a Pokémon like Seismitoad-EX that make it immune to Tool Scrapper. Even on Yanmega who has free retreat can make use of Rock Guard.

Fighting Fury Belt:

If you want Seismitoad-EX to get up to 220 HP then Fighting Fury Belt is where it's at. However, Fighting Fury Belt won't work on Yanmega which is the main reason why there are Muscle Bands instead. Taking down a swarm of dragonflies is no easy task.

League Challenge Report (Win)


Round 1 - Jacob Jabvrin - Mew FCO/Durant NVI: W (1-0-0)

This matchup was fairly easy between attacking with Yanmega and Hypnotoxic Lasers to one hit KO all the Mew and Durant. I probably would have lost if I went aggro Seismitoad-EX because of all the Team Flare Grunts and Xerosics and only one way of getting out of the active which is the one Escape Rope. 

Round 2 - Mike Canaves - Night March: W (2-0-0)

This game was very close to where we actually went to time surprisingly. There was a point where I had one prize left to Mike's two and I had one out to win. Mike proceeds to take his turn and passes with an active Joltik with a Fighting Fury Belt expecting it to survive the turn but little did he know I still had enough resources to one hit KO it with Seismitoad-EX. I take my last turn of the game and attach a Muscle Band onto my active Seismitoad-EX while at the same time bumping Mike's Stadium with my Virbank City Gym and I use Hypnotoxic Laser as well and at this point I don't have any Double Colorless Energy left, but my active Seismitoad-EX had one Water Energy on it already so I knew I needed to find one of my last two Water Energy to win the game. My only Supporter for the turn was N for one. But first I Super Rod a Shaymin-EX and one Water Energy back into the deck so now I have my last two Water Energy and a Shaymin-EX in the deck. I now play the N and luckily hit one of the Water Energy in I would say less than a ten card deck to win a very close and good game.

Round 3 - Rahul Reddy - Vespiquen/Flareon: W (3-0-0)

In this game Rahul actually opened with a Jirachi Promo to my Seismitoad-EX and in my hand I have two Double Colorless Energy, a Hypnotoxic Laser, Virbank City Gym, and a Professor Sycamore. So I play first and contemplate my turn for a sec and use the Hypnotoxic Laser first and flip heads so I then say screw it and attach one of the Double Colorless Energy onto my active Seismitoad-EX in hopes that Rahul stays asleep. I play down the Virbank City Gym and then Professor Sycamore and bench a Yanma and pass the turn. Rahul does end up flipping tails and now I'm hoping he missing a turn one Tropical Beach because I knew Rahul played two of them and if he misses it then Jirachi would be KO’d coming back into my turn but that wasn't the case since Rahul did hit one of two Tropical Beach so he uses it and passes the turn. At this point my turns are simple with Quaking Punch after Quaking Punch. One turn of the game Rahul attacked with Vespiquen but didn't have enough Pokémon in the discard to one hit KO my Seismitoad-EX due to Item lock. My following turn I put the Vespiquen to sleep and yet again Rahul flips tails. So that's another free prize. As the game progressed I had only two prizes left which is where I then Lysandre and one hit KO’d a benched Jirachi-EX with a Head Ringer with Yanmega to take the game.

Round 4 - Night March/Vespiquen: W (4-0-0)

Again I'm up against a Vespiquen deck. My opponent just drew so bad and didn't even get Vespiquen out. I just steamrolled with Quaking Punch nonstop until victory. This game was much easier than the last one.

Round 5 - Luke Walsch - Yveltal-EX/Archeops/Gallade: W (5-0-0)

Luke and I actually ended up IDing since I knew I had the guaranteed win if we did since his record was 3-1-0, but we still played it out to see who would win. Luke wasn't able to get Archeops out which lead me to get out three Yanmega. Luke actually took the first two prizes, but the Yanmega swarm was too much. I also had a fully powered Seismitoad-EX which took the last two prizes on a Shaymin-EX with Grenade Hammer after being N'd to two.

Closing Thoughts

Well guys and gals, that will conclude this article. I'll have another article coming out soon and a handful more after that this month. Both of these decks as you can see has had success. Now it's up to you to try them out for yourselves and change the lists to your own personal liking. I'm still going to keep messing around with both decks in their respective formats because I still think they have potential. Again thanks to Jeremy Jallen who is actually one of the members of The Chaos Gym on the Seismitoad-EX/Yanmega list. Which reminds me before I forget I want to mention our new channel again in case some people may have missed my last article. Check out The Chaos Gym on Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook and leave us comments or whatever you want since we are still new and want to hear new ideas.

With that said, if you have any questions about these lists or deck in general then please feel free to leave me a comment down below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, then don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them. Or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it, then by all means post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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