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"On the Road to City Championships!"- A Look at 5 Different Decks

A look at 5 different decks for upcoming City Championships.

11/05/2014 by Jose Marrero



Hello again, 60cards readers! Now that we have Autumn Regionals out of the way, we can now focus on what's to come. And that's City Championships! Most of you know they are right around the corner, and I know you want to do well at them as much as I do. I'm excited to see what Phantom Forces brings to the table when City Championships come around.

City Championships are one of my favorite events of the season. Hanging with friends and just having a great time playing Pokémon for two whole months straight is always a blast. So, for this next article, I'll be discussing five decks I feel show potential and can potentially rack up some Championship Points for you at your upcoming Cities, along with decklists for each deck I discuss.

Table of Contents


• Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/M Manectric-EX

• Aegislash-EX/Dialga-EX/Bronzong PHF

• Gengar-EX/Trevenant XY

• Donphan PLS/Robo Substitute

• Tool Drop/Electrode PLF


Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/M Manectric-EX

Virizion/Genesect has been one of the top archetypes of the format since it was released back in August of last year, in Plasma Blast. Even still Pokémon treats us with more powerful cards which combo well with them. What's that, you may ask? It's the one and only Manectric-EX. But more importantly is its Mega form, M-Manectric-EX PHF. Here are some pros and cons on the deck as a whole.


 • Has an effective answer to Pyroar

 • Has a built-in Catcher effect

 • Has the option to one-hit KO most things

 • Multiple Energy acceleration cards

 • Negates Special Conditions


 • Safeguard can be an issue

 • Donphan is a tough matchup

 • Team Flare Tools can slow you down a lot

I'm excited to see how people will run Virizion/Genesect decks, now with cards like Head Ringer, and Jamming Net added to the mix. Will we see people try to counter these Team Flare Tools? Or will people dismiss them and just say "I'll just play my own Tool down first". Only time will tell I guess. 

With that being said, here's a standard list, along with some of my personal preferences.

3 Virizion-EX:

Usually I'm opposed to running just three of these in any Virizion deck, but now that we have M-Manectric-EX added into the mix, I feel we can get away with running three. Worse case, you’re attacking with M-Manectric-EX before your first Emerald Slash, which may be better in certain situations.

2 Manectric-EX:

I went with two of these, mainly because he can be used as a backup attacker, especially against things like Yveltal-EX and Lugia-EX, both which are weak to Lightning Pokémon. He also has the added benefit of doing snipe damage, similar to Landorus-EX's Hammerhead attack, which can help set up later KOs.

2 M Manectric-EX:

I went with two of these bad boys, because he pairs well with Virizion-EX and Genesect-EX. Even though he requires a Lightning Energy to attack and can’t deal with Safeguard, he still works really well in the deck. Having the option to get back Basic Energy from the discard to set up a fresh Genesect-EX can be quite strong. Not to mention that he's already dishing out 110 damage, which is already impressive.

1 Deoxys-EX:

He's mainly in here for Pokémon that have 130 HP such as, Donphan PLS and Kyurem PLF. With a Muscle Band on Genesect and Deoxys on the Bench, Megalo Cannon now does 130 damage, getting a clean KO. He's also great against Wobbuffet PHF, since Wobbuffet’s Bide Barricade doesn’t negate the Abilities of Psychic Pokémon, allowing Genesect to Megalo Cannon for the perfect 110 damage.

1 Shadow Triad:

Most Virizion/Genesect players most likely run two copies of this card, which, yeah, was how many I played before VS Seeker was reprinted. However, with VS Seeker in the deck, we can afford to cut down on Shadow Triad. We still have two outs to Triad for late-game, but now we have the option to grab another Supporter instead if need be. I used to have problems when I’d find Triad too early and it would be useless, so having the opportunity to grab a more useful Supporter in those situations helps with consistency.

1 Startling Megaphone:

Mainly needed for cards like Garbodor, to shut off Garbotoxin so that you can Red Signal and get Verdant Wind back into effect. It’s also great against Tool Drop, which may see play. Let's not forget this card is also clutch against the Virizion/Genesect mirror to stop your opponent from overrunning you with G Booster. Depending on the metagame, a second copy might be useful.

1 VS Seeker:

One of the new Trainers from Phantom Forces, and a reprinted card. Having the benefit to reuse a Supporter that was used once or discarded can be a nice luxury to have, whether it's the Lysandre you need or that extra Triad you need for the game-changing Plasma Energy or G Booster.

1 Professor's Letter:

Not too surprising here, since we are running two different types of Basic Energy. We want to be able to search for them when we need to. Especially since there are only two Lightning Energy in the deck.

1 Tool Retriever:

This card was never used before Phantom Forces came out, but it gains a lot of power with the release of Head Ringer and Jamming Net. We need the ability to respond to these cards, especially in the early game when a Head Ringer can prevent the turn-two Emerald Slash.

1 Manectric Spirit Link:

This card is essential for getting Mega Manectric into play without giving up a turn. You can try two, but I think one is enough, since you’re not really relying on M-Manectric-EX to win most games and you can potentially reuse your copy with Tool Retriever.

1 Max Potion:

I'm off and on about this card. It's great late-game against most decks, and even early game to help you buy an extra turn. It’s also great with Mega Manectric, allowing you to heal off a damaged Pokémon and then immediately recover the discarded Energy. I would definitely give this card a try before you dismiss it.

1 Escape Rope:

This was added as a response to troublesome walls like Sigilyph, and it can help you get a clutch KO on a Benched Pokémon if timed well.

2 Lightning Energy:

I think two of these is enough. You usually use Manectric-EX later in the game anyway. You just have to play more conservatively with them if you plan on using them at some point.

Other card options:


Dedenne FFI:

He’s great against Yveltal-EX and Lugia-EX if you can catch them off-guard with a lot of Energy attached, but I’d probably rather play Zekrom LTR.

Mr. Mime PLF:

Great against Pokémon that do snipe damage such as Landorus-EX and Kyurem PLF. You don't want your opponent to set up damage late-game against you. So playing him can be a nice luxury to have.

Jynx FFI:

Really great in the mirror. This card can potentially deny your opponent that turn three Megalo Cannon KO. Healing 10 damage from a Pokémon that was just hit with a Muscle Banded Virizion-EX can mean the difference between a win or loss. I say "potentially" because your opponent can just attach a second Muscle Band to Genesect-EX or play down a Deoxys-EX. Still, it can be a great card.


Used mainly as a late-game backup attacker and a surprise attacker that can win games out of nowhere.

Enhanced Hammer:

This card is great against decks that use a lot of Special Energy like Donphan or Plasma, but it can be useful against almost any deck, since most decks in this format run some Special Energy.


One of the new Supporters from Phantom Forces. This lets you discard any Tool or Special Energy on either side of the field. This is particularly useful for removing a Tool on Garbodor or a Team Flare Tool under Item Lock.

Aegislash-EX/Dialga-EX/Bronzong PHF

The synergy Bronzong brings to the table for Metal Pokémon gives them hope of being top contenders in the format. Now that Metal decks have Energy acceleration, they should be taken seriously. Here are some pros and cons on the deck as a whole.


 • Energy acceleration

 • A convenient answer to Safeguard

 • Mighty Shield forces opponent to use tons of resources

 • Immunity to Special Conditions

 • Option to run a number of different attackers, like Mewtwo-EX


 • Folds to Pyroar

 • Aegislash-EX gets countered by G Booster

 • Vulnerable to Red Signal and Lysandre

 • Garbodor is a problem

Right off the bat, we can see some huge advantages and disadvantages Metal decks will have these upcoming Cities. Let's just hope the pros outweigh the cons when it comes to achieving victory.

With that being said, here's a standard list, along with some of my personal preferences.

4 Bronzor PHF:

I maxed these out because without them you can't get any Bronzong going. We want to have the highest chances of getting as many Bronzong going as possible to get Energy accelerating more quickly. This means we need as many Bronzor as possible.

4 Bronzong PHF:

I maxed these out because it’s the heart of the deck. If we can get enough of these out, we can start powering up attackers in a single turn.

3 Aegislash-EX:

I focused on this card because it’s really disruptive in the current format. Its Mighty Shield Ability forces decks to burn a lot of extra resources trying to dig for Basic Energy just to attack.

2 Dialga-EX:

A big decision for Metal decks is whether to focus more on Aegislash or Dialga. I focused on Aegislash since Dialga’s Chrono Wind is easier for decks to play around with Switch. Also, Chrono Wind only does 60 damage whereas Aegislash’s Slash Blast can start dishing out heavy damage while keeping Mighty Shield active. However, Dialga also has its second attack, Full Metal Impact, which can reach 170 damage with a Muscle Band. Both attackers have their merits and differences in counts will largely come down to preference.

2 Cobalion-EX:

With Steel Bullet, this card tears through Safeguard. With a Muscle Band, it can also OHKO Pyroar, although it’s probably not enough to make the Pyroar matchup winnable. Righteous Edge is also a solid attack early-game.

1 Mewtwo-EX:

Since this deck runs Energy acceleration and Double Colorless Energy, Mewtwo is a natural fit. It’s a great answer for opposing Mewtwo and can help put on early pressure or take big KOs against most decks.

1 Cobalion LTR:

He’s mostly here to force seven-Prize games. Energy Press can be a great surprise and Iron Breaker is solid too.

2 Lysandre:

These are needed to take late-game KOs and close out matches.

3 Steel Shelter:

A new stadium exclusively for Metal Pokémon. This is a great card to help shut down Special Conditions, especially Hypnotoxic Laser. Remember that you can use it to remove Special Conditions already on your Metal Pokmon.

3 Switch:

Great to cycle between attackers and to get a Pokémon Active after powering it up with Bronzong.

2 Startling Megaphone:

Nothing surprising here. These are for your Garbodor match-ups. Since Garbodor pretty much shuts everything in this deck down, it’s important to have a way to get rid of Garbodor's Tool. I would say two of these is a must, if not three, depending how big Garbodor is in your meta.

2 VS Seeker:

Like I said before, the ability to get back any Supporter from your discard pile is always nice. I recommend everyone run at least one in every deck.

1 Battle Compressor:

This is a great card to get Metal Energy into the discard pile quickly, which is obviously good with Bronzong, and it can thin the deck for later in the game.

8 Metal Energy:

Of course you need your Basic Energy for Bronzong's Ability. I went with eight for now, but you can try more if you think you need more. I would say eight to ten is a good number.

4 Double Colorless Energy:

I maxed these out because they are useful to fuel attacks faster. Aegislash, Dialga, and Mewtwo can all make great use of this card.

Other card options:


Keldeo-EX/Float Stone:

You can add these in here if you want to focus more on Dialga's Full Metal Impact. If you want to keep using that attack every turn then you may want to add Keldeo along with a couple Float Stone.

Dowsing Machine:

Another great ACE SPEC for this deck. This one gives you a ton of options, like serving as your fourth Switch or third Megaphone.

Max Potion:

Playing one of these is great in decks that have Energy acceleration because you can afford to discard those Energies and attach them right back on the same turn.


Gengar-EX/Trevenant XY

Yet again Pokémon gives us another great Gengar card. No surprise here, seeing how almost every Gengar print has been used or playable. I can see Gengar-EX being played in a number of decks that revolve around his second attack, Dark Corridor. Here are some pros and cons on the deck as a whole.


 • Has a hit-and-run attacker, much like Donphan PLS

 • Has a built in auto-Poison attacker

 • Has Energy-efficient attacks

 • Your main attacker is Resistant to Fighting Pokémon, notably Donphan PLS


 • The decks damage output is dependent upon Poison and Virbank, so Virizion-EX is a problem for it

 • Your main attacker is weak to Darkness Pokémon, notably Yveltal-EX

The Gengar variant I'm going to focus on is a Donphan-like build, since Gengar's Dark Corridor attack switches into the bench much like Donphan's Spinning Turn.

With that being said, here's a standard list, along with some of my personal preferences.

3 Gengar-EX:

I went with three of these because he's your main attacker when going into Trevenant XY. You want to set up as many Gengar as you can and start the rinse-and-repeat of Dark Corridor into Trevenant. This combo offers you auto-Poison and instant Item-lock on your opponent.

1 M Gengar-EX:

Only one of these because he's basically in here as a counter to Pyroar, but it can also surprise your opponent by using an attack that they didn’t see coming, potentially stealing a game.

3 Phantump XY:

Three seemed good enough as opposed to four, since there are plenty of other Pokémon we can Dark Corridor into, so we don't always have to rely on Trevenant. Still, Trevenant is the main strategy of this version of the deck.

3 Trevenant XY:

Probably the best card to Dark Corridor into, assuming you can get him going. Auto-Poison combined with Item-lock is very strong. Don’t forget that its attack can be good too in certain situations.

2 Sigilyph LTR:

These are in here as backups while you set up your Trevenant. This is a good wall to slow down your opponents in the early game.

1 Mewtwo-EX:

You run Double Colorless Energy, so why not run a Mewtwo?

1 Wobbuffet PHF:

Another Pokémon you can Dark Corridor into, if you feel you need to shut off Abilities. He's great against Virizion/Genesect to shut off Red Signal and great against Bronzong decks to shut off their Energy acceleration. You can opt to run more than one copy of Wobbuffet if your main strategy is shutting off Abilities as opposed to Item-lock.

1 Zekrom LTR:

Seeing as Gengar-EX is weak to Darkness Pokémon, this guy helps against those decks. Attacking with Gengar then switching into this 130 HP Pokémon can make a huge difference when facing Yveltal decks. But this card is more of meta call. If you see a huge amount of Yveltal decks in your area I would probably try to fit another one. If not, I think one would do just fine.

3 Float Stone:

This is a great Tool for the Pokémon you switch into via Dark Corridor, letting you retreat back into Gengar to keep attacking.

3 Muscle Band:

These are in here to make your Dark Corridor able to two-shot Pokémon-EX or one-shot little things with 90 HP or less.

1 Switch:

One of these just to have the option to get out of the Active spot if you are unable to find a Float Stone or if your Active Pokémon is Asleep or Paralyzed.

1 Gengar Spirit Link:

I felt that a one-of M-Gengar-EX can be useful in some games, so a copy of the Spirit Link is good to have. No reason not to run one of these when playing the Mega.

1 Computer Search:

One of the best and most consistent ACE SPEC cards. When playing Special Energy, it's nice to have the option of searching one out when you need it.

3 Virbank City Gym:

This is one of two Stadiums this deck can run. I went with Virbank because I felt that the extra 20 damage from Poison is too important not to have. This Stadium is basically great against anything not running Virizion-EX.

3 Mystery Energy:

Not sure if it's smart to play three of these, seeing as Enhanced Hammer is something to look out for, but I figured a few copies would be strong. This lets most Psychic Pokémon in the deck retreat for free, and with Trevenant active, Enhanced Hammer isn’t even an issue.

4 Double Colorless Energy:

Not too surprising here. Most of the Pokémon in here benefit from this Energy, which is why it's maxed out. It can be used on Gengar-EX, M-Gengar-EX, Mewtwo-EX, Zekrom LTR and even Trevenant XY.

6 Psychic Energy:

Right now I went with six of these Energy, but you can always switch the Energy counts to your liking if you feel you need more Basics or another Mystery.

Other card options:


Dragalge FLF:

You can run this guy if you want to have two different locks going. Removing the opponent’s ability to retreat can be devastating alongside Item-lock, although adding an additional Stage 1 can get rather clunky.

Robo Substitute:

Great card to Dark Corridor into. This card denies your opponent a Prize card if they decide to knock it out. It can also buy you a turn if needed, which can mean the difference between a win or loss.


Another Pokémon you can switch into after attacking with Gengar-EX. With Mighty Shield, Aegislash can be a great wall.

Reshiram LTR:

Much like Zekrom LTR for Yveltal decks, this can be a great wall against Genesect decks, forcing them to Red Signal or Lysandre around it or risk giving up two easy Prizes.


Since the deck already runs Float Stone, adding one Keldeo-EX to get out of Special Conditions can be a nice option to have.

Lysandre's Trump Card:

Great against Night March decks, for when they have tons of Night Marchers in the discard. You use this card while at the same time getting Trainer lock on them, with Trevenant, which can easily steal the game.

Donphan/Robo Substitute

Donphan decks gained a really effective card from Phantom Forces: Robo Substitute. This card works extremely well with Donphan's Spinning Turn attack. It not only potentially gives you another free attack, but it also nets your opponent zero prizes when knocked out. Eventually your opponent is going to have to deal with these things, since there's only so many ways to get around it. Here are some pros and cons on the deck as a whole.


 • Energy efficient attacks

 • Has multiple walls

 • Denies Prizes and forces your opponent to KO non-EX Pokémon

 • Team Flare Tools have no effect on the deck


 • Seismitoad-EX is a problem

 • Aegislash-EX can be a problem

 • Vulnerable to Enhanced Hammer

As you can see the pros seem to outweigh the cons. Because of this, I think Donphan decks will have a huge impact at Cities and should be taken seriously. We all know how great Donphan was before the release of Phantom Forces, and with Robo Substitute, the deck gets even better.

With that being said, here's a standard list, along with some of my personal preferences.

4 Phanpy PLS:

Since Donphan is your main attacker, you want to max out on its Basic form.

4 Donphan PLS:

You want to max these out to make sure you can get as many into play as possible.

2 Hawlucha FFI:

This is a great attacker against any Pokémon-EX, capable of getting a two-hit KO while only giving up a single Prize. Its free retreat is also useful, making it a decent Pokémon to send up after a Spinning Turn if you can’t find a Float Stone. It’s a particularly good response to Seismitoad-EX.

2 Sigilyph LTR:

A great wall against Pokémon-EX. This can buy you time to set up Donphan while denying Prizes.

1 Kyurem LTR:

He's in here for things like Landorus-EX and of course, the mirror match. Since we know Spinning Turn, let's Donphan flee to the bench, Landorus-EX can put a lot of work on Donphan, so having a wall like Kyurem LTR can be a nice luxury to have.

1 Wobbuffet PHF:

One of the new cards from Phantom Forces that can be a nice wall. Spinning Turning into Wobbuffet means Virizion/Genesect decks can't use Red Signal to pick off your Donphan or anything on your bench. It also shuts off Bronzong's ability, which can be devastating for them since they rely on Bronzong to set up attackers.

3 N:

I went with three N because we now have VS Seeker that can act as the fourth N if needed.

3 Colress:

Since we are running quite a few Basic Pokémon, I felt that a heavier count of Colress is beneficial and should almost always net you a good amount of cards.

3 Korrina:

One of the best cards to play when your main attacker is a Fighting-type. Korrina is great for setting up and grabbing key cards like Silver Bangle, Robo Substitute, and even Special Energy via Computer Search. With VS Seeker in the format, you can even use Korrina to get you a Supporter for next turn.

2 Lysandre:

I went with two of these because they are just too good not play in decks that rely on one Energy attacks. Late-game you can clean up Pokémon that were hit with Spinning Turn to finish off the game, or one-shot a Benched threat with Wreck.

2 Bicycle:

Since we are running Korrina, why not run a couple Bicycle? They let you draw a few cards even when your only Supporter is Korrina and can help speed up the deck a little in the early game.

3 Fighting Stadium:

Basically the Stadium that makes the deck work. Giving Donphan and Hawlucha an extra 20 damage can get you KOs a turn faster, which is often the difference between a win and a loss.

3 Robo Substitute:

A new wall that this deck gained after the release of Phantom Forces. This card denies your opponent a Prize when knocked out, which definitely earns it a spot in the deck. I went with three because Seismitoad-EX is still a thing. Overall, a great card that definitely belongs in this deck.

3 Float Stone:

These Tools are key to make sure you can retreat the Pokémon you switched into with Spinning Turn. Just make sure not to attach it to Robo Substitute since it can’t retreat anyway.

2 Silver Bangle:

I went with two of these because they give you the potential of two-shotting Pokémon-EX. For instance, with just a Fighting Energy and a Silver Bangle, Hawlucha can do 90 to any non-Mega Pokémon-EX.

2 Muscle Band:

These serve a similar purpose to Silver Bangle, but also work against non-EX Pokémon. With a Strong Energy and Muscle Band on to Donphan, you can one-shot quite a lot of non-EX Pokémon.

2 Ultra Ball:

With the release of Korrina, we can now get away with running a low count of Ultra Ball. Korrina can just grab most of your Pokémon anyway. Ultra Ball is mainly to grab those few non-Fighting types, such as Kyurem and Sigilyph.

1 Switch:

Sleep and Paralysis can be really annoying for this deck, so having a Switch can make all the difference.

1 Computer Search:

Best and most consistent ACE SPEC for decks running Special Energy. Having the option to search out a Strong Energy or Double Colorless Energy can be really important.

4 Strong Energy:

Of course you want to max these out, because your main attacker is a Fighting Pokémon and his attack only costs one Energy. The extra 20 damage Strong Energy provides is key for setting up KOs, but be wary of Aegislash-EX and Enhanced Hammer.

5 Fighting Energy:

I went with five Basic Fighting Energy because you still need to run a good amount of these for fear of Enhanced Hammer. I think five or six should be more than enough.

2 Double Colorless Energy:

These are in here to fuel Kyurem LTR and late-game Wrecks. Only two because Enhanced Hammer may see some play.

Other card options:


Zekrom LTR:

He's great against Yveltal-EX. Switching into Zekrom can potentially net you two free Prizes assuming your opponent can't one-hit KO him.

Dedenne FFI:

The little mouse that could. Nah, but really, he's mainly in here for Yveltal-EX, because when they get a lot of Energy on them, you can potentially surprise-KO them with Dedenne. He's even great against Lugia-EX. But I’d probably much rather play Zekrom.

Lysandre's Trump Card:

This can be great to recycle Robo Substitute, but I think that three or four Robo Substitutes are already plenty. Also great to slow down Night March decks.

Tool Drop/Electrode PLF

There was a time when this deck was feared by many, but it quickly died off with the release of Startling Megaphone. Megaphone can still really hurt it, but with cards like Dimension Valley, Lysandre's Trump Card, and the new Team Flare Tools, this deck can now be a threat once more. Here are the pros and cons of the deck as a whole.


 • Energy efficient attacks

 • Gives up one Prize per KO

 • Can dominate early game

 • Can abuse tools that disrupt your opponent, while allowing you to deal more damage

 • Immune to Team Flare Tools


 • Garbodor is a problem

 • Seismitoad-EX can be a problem

 • Startling Megaphone is still a thing

You may be thinking, "Why run this deck when the cons seems to outweigh the pros?" But before you dismiss the deck, I would give it a shot. Tool Drop is very fast and hits very hard, so in a metagame without a lot of Garbodor or Seismitoad, it can be a great play.

With that being said, here's a standard list, along with some of my personal preferences.

4 Trubbish PLS 65:

You want to max these out because they are your main attacker. When one gets knocked out, you want to make sure you have another ready to go.

3 Voltorb XY:

Our goal here is to get two Electrode set up consistently, so we go with three Voltorb. The XY one is generally better because its Ability can put five damage counters on the Defending Pokémon, letting you get a KO without placing as many Tools and making you less vulnerable to Megaphone.

3 Electrode PLF:

I think these go well in a deck like this. You can dig for Tools easier with the draw power Electrode brings to the table. Nice for the times where you get Megaphoned and you have to Lysandre's Trump Card all those Tools back in. You can then hopefully draw enough Tools back when you need them. Running Electrode also makes you less vulnerable to N.

3 Sigilyph PLB:

I went with three of these Sigilyph, because they can have up to four Tools attached at once, which is basically the concept of the deck. I see some people running four in their lists, but I think three is just fine.

3 N:

I went with three N because with a heavy count of VS Seeker and Electrode, I don't think you need to max them out.

1 Lysandre:

Needed for those threats on the bench or things that survived a hit and needs to be taken down. One or two of these are fine since there’s a heavy count of VS Seeker.

2 Lysandre's Trump Card:

One of the new cards in Phantom Forces that gave this deck hope. This card is for when too many of your Trubbish or Tools are in the discard pile. You can then get all of them back and rinse and repeat this strategy until victory. Once one hits the discard, you can use VS Seeker to get it back.

4 Bicycle:

One of the best non-Supporter draw cards. These are nice to just draw through your deck along with Electrode. They help you dig for Dimension Valley and Energy.

4 Ultra Ball:

I maxed these out because they go well with Bicycle and Electrode. Thinning your hand down as much as possible is key in a deck like this.

3 Float Stone:

These are meant for when you don't open Trubbish or for when you need to promote something with free Retreat after one of your Pokémon was knocked out last turn.

3 Silver Bangle:

Needed to help get that magic 170 damage for those big Pokémon-EX.

3 Head Ringer:

One of the two new Team Flare Tools in Phantom Forces. I went with three of these because they can slow down your opponent's attacks. Having something that can slow a turn-two Emerald Slash or, even worse, a turn-one Quaking Punch can be really game changing.

3 Muscle Band:

Much like Silver Bangle but for any Pokémon, you still want to make sure you’re able to one-hit KO those non-EX Pokémon that can give this deck some trouble.

2 Hard Charm:

I added two of these because they can be clutch against decks like Virizion/Genesect (so Virizion-EX with a Muscle Band can’t OHKO your Trubbish ) and Donphan (where they would need two Strong Energy and a Muscle Band just to get the KO).

2 Silver Mirror:

Two of these were added to help the Plasma and Genesect matchups.

3 VS Seeker:

I would play four of these but the list is so tight right now. I went with three because this version of the deck runs a low Supporter count.

3 Dimension Valley:

This stadium is basically the main reason why this deck is even a thing now. The ability to Tool Drop for a single Energy changes everything. I went with three because I just felt like four seemed like overkill. You don't want to draw too many of these when you’re trying to Bicycle or Magnetic Draw. You can always get them back with Lysandre's Trump Card if need be.

1 Computer Search:

The ACE SPEC of choice, of course. It can get you that Stadium or Energy you need and it also fuels Bicycle and Trode for when you need to thin your hand.

6 Psychic Energy:

I went with only Basic Energy because there are non-Psychic Pokémon in the list and I wanted to be able to retreat an Electrode if I couldn't find a Float Stone. A couple Mystery Energy might be good, but I’d be concerned about Enhanced Hammer.

Other card options:


Mr. Mime PLF:

He's great against things that do snipe damage such as, Landorus-EX and Plasma Kyurem. You don't want your opponent to take double KOs on the same turn, especially if they’re taking down two Trubbish at once. Of course, you can also use Hard Charm to reduce Bench damage.


This guy basically works as a fifth Trubbish, but he gives up two prizes instead of one and has more HP. I still wouldn't recommend playing a Pokémon-EX in here, especially one with only 120 HP.


This ACE SPEC can deny your opponent a Prize and force a seven-Prize game, and it can be reused with Lysandre’s Trump Card, but I'm skeptical of this Tool because of Startling Megaphone.

Masquerain PLB:

He's used to get back Tools to your hand so you can attach them anywhere you like.

Mystery Energy:

Great Energy that gives your Psychic Pokémon two less retreat cost. This gives Trubbish and Sigilyph free retreat. As I said before, though, I still prefer all Basic Energy in here.




Well, that's all I have for you guys at the moment. I hope this article gave you some ideas for your upcoming Cities and I hope you rack up tons of points, whether you decide to play one of these lists or not. Please be sure to give a thumbs-up or comment below if you have any questions. I hope you enjoyed the article. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come!

-Jose Marrero

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