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Jose Marrero

"Taking Out the Trash "- A Look at Three Mega Evolution Decks that Implement Garbodor

Jose goes over three decks that implement Garbodor in the new Standard format with Mega Evolutions.

21. 09. 2016 by Jose Marrero


Hello once again, 60cards readers! For this particular article, I want to talk about three decks that I feel can perform well in the new Standard format. By now you probably know that Garbodor in the Standard format is ridiculously strong at the moment. Not only that, but Mega Pokémon have gotten a lot stronger post rotation. That's why this next article will be on three Mega Evolution decks that also implement Garbodor. For each deck I discuss, I'll also be giving an analysis and some more card options just to give you more ideas on how you may want to play each deck. Doing so makes it so that you as a player can debate and think about what's the best playstyle for you, since that's a big key to success. Some of these lists are personal ones and some are lists that I know have had success in tournaments already post-rotation. Hopefully this article helps you find something useful you may not have known. Also, before I forget, I want to mention a new Pokémon channel me and a group of friends have started. It's called The Chaos Gym, and we have a Twitch and YouTube for. So, if you are interested in keeping up with us and want to see new content on the Pokémon TCG then please go and check those out.

Our Twitch channel has giveaways almost every stream, which I believe is every Sunday at 2:00 PM EST for the time being. Grafton Roll usually is the main streamer as of now. If you don't know who he is, then I'll gladly share some of his accomplishments with you. Grafton has made Top 4 at both US Nationals and Worlds in 2011 as a Senior. In Masters, he most recently made Day 2 at this past World Championship, where he piloted Talonflame/Greninja, on top of numerous other successes. This actually brings me to the Mega Scizor-EX/Garbodor deck below, which Grafton recently used to make Top 4 at a $500 tournament in Orlando with a solid 50+ players. If someone wants to know the ins and outs of said deck, then I think you should start with the following list.


As I said the list above is a fellow teammate of mines, Grafton Roll. He actually did a deck analysis on the YouTube channel so if you want to see Grafton's insight and thoughts on his deck then feel free to click this link to take you there and if you enjoy what you see then please be sure to like and subscribe. 

I'm still going to go over the deck and give my own insight on it. First off, I think right now Garbodor in general is very strong post rotation for the Standard format. Because cards such as, Startling Megaphone and Xerosic are no more post rotation. Honestly you can probably fit Garbodor in almost every deck that doesn't rely on abilities. As you can see M Scizor-EX doesn't rely on abilities like let's say Greninja or Volcanion does, which is why Garbodor is a great combo with M Scizor-EX. With that said, let's go ahead and get into the Pokémon lines Grafton decided to run starting with a 4-3 M Scizor-EX. Since M Scizor-EX is the main attacker of the deck then you need to be running a heavy count and I feel like Grafton chose to go with the perfect amount because a 4-4 line seems too much and anything less than a 4-3 line seems too little. You need to be able to find a Scizor-EX and ready to attack by turn two so running four is ideal in my opinion. Its attack, Steel Wing, most likely won't be used much since your mainly wanting to use the Mega. However, its second attack, Gale Thrust can do some lethal damage against Pokémon EX such as Glaceon and Shaymin. Gale Thrust can also be a counter to Giratina-EX in case you weren't able to get Garbodor out. Moving onto M Scizor-EX its attack, Iron Crusher is the bread and butter of the deck by far. For just two Metal Energy it has a base of 120 damage which is enough to one shot Shaymin-EX and two shot almost every other EX.

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