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"Taking Out the Trash "- A Look at Three Mega Evolution Decks that Implement Garbodor

Jose goes over three decks that implement Garbodor in the new Standard format with Mega Evolutions.

09/21/2016 by Jose Marrero


Hello once again, 60cards readers! For this particular article, I want to talk about three decks that I feel can perform well in the new Standard format. By now you probably know that Garbodor in the Standard format is ridiculously strong at the moment. Not only that, but Mega Pokémon have gotten a lot stronger post rotation. That's why this next article will be on three Mega Evolution decks that also implement Garbodor. For each deck I discuss, I'll also be giving an analysis and some more card options just to give you more ideas on how you may want to play each deck. Doing so makes it so that you as a player can debate and think about what's the best playstyle for you, since that's a big key to success. Some of these lists are personal ones and some are lists that I know have had success in tournaments already post-rotation. Hopefully this article helps you find something useful you may not have known. Also, before I forget, I want to mention a new Pokémon channel me and a group of friends have started. It's called The Chaos Gym, and we have a Twitch and YouTube for. So, if you are interested in keeping up with us and want to see new content on the Pokémon TCG then please go and check those out.

Our Twitch channel has giveaways almost every stream, which I believe is every Sunday at 2:00 PM EST for the time being. Grafton Roll usually is the main streamer as of now. If you don't know who he is, then I'll gladly share some of his accomplishments with you. Grafton has made Top 4 at both US Nationals and Worlds in 2011 as a Senior. In Masters, he most recently made Day 2 at this past World Championship, where he piloted Talonflame/Greninja, on top of numerous other successes. This actually brings me to the Mega Scizor-EX/Garbodor deck below, which Grafton recently used to make Top 4 at a $500 tournament in Orlando with a solid 50+ players. If someone wants to know the ins and outs of said deck, then I think you should start with the following list.


As I said the list above is a fellow teammate of mines, Grafton Roll. He actually did a deck analysis on the YouTube channel so if you want to see Grafton's insight and thoughts on his deck then feel free to click this link to take you there and if you enjoy what you see then please be sure to like and subscribe. 

I'm still going to go over the deck and give my own insight on it. First off, I think right now Garbodor in general is very strong post rotation for the Standard format. Because cards such as, Startling Megaphone and Xerosic are no more post rotation. Honestly you can probably fit Garbodor in almost every deck that doesn't rely on abilities. As you can see M Scizor-EX doesn't rely on abilities like let's say Greninja or Volcanion does, which is why Garbodor is a great combo with M Scizor-EX. With that said, let's go ahead and get into the Pokémon lines Grafton decided to run starting with a 4-3 M Scizor-EX. Since M Scizor-EX is the main attacker of the deck then you need to be running a heavy count and I feel like Grafton chose to go with the perfect amount because a 4-4 line seems too much and anything less than a 4-3 line seems too little. You need to be able to find a Scizor-EX and ready to attack by turn two so running four is ideal in my opinion. Its attack, Steel Wing, most likely won't be used much since your mainly wanting to use the Mega. However, its second attack, Gale Thrust can do some lethal damage against Pokémon EX such as Glaceon and Shaymin. Gale Thrust can also be a counter to Giratina-EX in case you weren't able to get Garbodor out. Moving onto M Scizor-EX its attack, Iron Crusher is the bread and butter of the deck by far. For just two Metal Energy it has a base of 120 damage which is enough to one shot Shaymin-EX and two shot almost every other EX.

Not only that but you also have the option to either discard a Special Energy attached to your opponent's Active Pokémon or discard a Stadium in play. Both effects are great options. For example discarding a Special Energy against decks that rely on Double Colorless Energy can be devastating for them such as, M Rayquaza-EX or M Mewtwo-EX. And discarding a Stadium against let's say M Rayquaza-EX would be very troublesome especially while under Garbodor lock. It would be extremely hard for them to keep up. Grafton chose to go with two Shaymin-EX which I think is pretty reasonable in this deck given that Garbodor shuts them off. You still need to run a couple Shaymin-EX in almost every deck to make sure you have the option to search them out so your hand doesn't go dry. Grafton also decided to include a copy of Magearna-EX which I don't see many people running. Because the deck runs Special Energy then having the option to shut down Jirachi can be nice, however this is assuming you don't need Garbodor against that matchup since Garbodor of course shuts off Magearna-EX. Running Magearna-EX can also be clutch in the mirror as well since they now won't be able to get rid of your Special Energy as I said. Now brings me to the Garbodor line in which Grafton went with a standard 2-2 line. I can also see running a 3-2 line just to be able to find Trubbish a little easier. That's pretty much it as far as the Pokémon go. Grafton went with a smooth and consistent enough count to make sure his hands don't clog up too much. Moving on we now get into the Supporters starting with three Professor Sycamore. I'm not too sure why he didn't just run four of them, however you can see he ran four N. This is probably because he didn't want to have to discard important resources since the deck does not play Puzzle of Time so you have to play more conservative which I can understand. We all know the power of late game Ns and with running four you should almost always have one to your disposal.

Something odd you may notice is the two Giovanni's Scheme. You barely even see people running one and Grafton said "you know what I'm going to play two of them". Which if you really think about it Giovanni's Scheme gives M Scizor-EX an added 20 damage which is relevant against Pokémon such as, Greninja and Volcanion. Of course Volcanion can just attach a Fighting Fury Belt, but just in case they don't have one on then Giovanni's Scheme will be needed to take those one hit KO's. Then there's just one Lysandre which is probably because of the fact that M Scizor-EX can cripple the Active Pokémon by discarding its Energy thus making it easier to keep that Pokémon Active since it now has less Energy to retreat thus easier to KO not having to rely on Lysandre as much. Plus Garbodor in conjunction does even more work. Moving into the Items there's the standard four VS Seeker and Ultra Ball of course. Four Trainers' Mail to help with consistency issues which is great for finding Spirit Links or VS Seekers. Which brings me to the three Spirit Links. Because the deck runs a 4-3 line of M Scizor-EX then you have to play Spirit Links and Grafton chose to go with three of them. I believe three is the ideal number just like you would run in almost every other Mega focused deck such as, Rayquaza or Mewtwo. Three Float Stones as well so that you are able to have a Tool for Garbodor, but at the same time give it free retreat so that it doesn't get stuck Active by a Lysandre. Two Mega Turbo to be able to power up M Scizor in a single turn if need be which can make all the difference between a win and a loss. One Escape Rope is a nice addition just to give the deck another option to get out of the Active spot if need be. Escape Rope can also do clutch plays if your opponent has one Pokémon on the bench or multiple that no matter which your opponent chooses can make a huge difference so you know you’re about to do a game changing play no matter what. Grafton decided to play a copy of Professor's Letter which you don't see too much of in decks. This is probably because there's only six Basic Metals in the deck so having one card that can search out two Energy can be nice especially when you want to put one in the discard so you can Mega Turbo later on. One Level Ball as well which is another nice addition to be able to search out Trubbish a little easier. However, that's the only Pokémon Level Ball can search out in this deck, but I mean if you can find it turn one then it’s worth the spot. Since Trainers' Mail can grab Level Ball then that's another reason why it can deserve a spot in the deck.

The last Item of the deck is Super Rod which is definitely a necessity. Being able to recover three Pokémon or Basic Energy is needed in this type of deck since there's just six Basic Energy and sometimes you may have to discard Pokémon you really don't want to such as a turn one Professor Sycamore with Garbodor in hand. Lastly, the Stadium of choice Grafton chose to go with was Parallel City. This is probably mainly for M Rayquaza-EX, but at the same time Parallel City can cripple many decks such as, Greninja and Volcanion. Three seems like a solid enough number to draw into them reasonably enough. Both sides to Parallel City are useful. Putting the opponent down to three Benched Pokémon can be troublesome indeed especially against the said decks I mentioned. However, its second effect in which reduces 20 damage done by Grass, Fire, and Water types can make a slight difference against decks such as, Greninja and Volcanion because it makes Volcanion do 0 damage without added damage boosters. Not too relevant versus Greninja since Garbodor hands down shuts them down. For the Energy count there's six Basic Metal and three Shield Energy. Shield Energy reduces 10 damage per Shield Energy, which can make a difference from a two shot to a three shot. This decks toughest matchup is obviously Volcanion. With Garbodor it should help somewhat, but at the end of the day I think Volcanion is almost unbeatable even though Grafton actually did end up beating a Volcanion deck in Top 8. On the other hand, the deck does have almost no bad matchups other than Volcanion, however the thing is Volcanion is seeing more and more play which is up to you and how you think the meta will look if you should or should not play M Scizor-EX/Garbodor. Well there's my insight on the deck. Again if you want to check out Grafton's video on the deck then be sure to click the link I posted above.

Other card options


Since the deck runs four different Pokémon EX then a single copy of Hoopa-EX can be a nice inclusion. The only downside is its retreat cost, but I mean the deck does play three Float Stone and an Escape Rope.

Cobalion STS:

At the moment the deck does not run any non-EX attackers. I believe Grafton actually played around with this card at one point. Cobalion's first attack, Quick Guard prevents all damage done to it by Basic Pokémon during your opponent's next turn which is similar to Jolteon-EX's Flash Ray ability except Cobalion can't use Quick Guard the following turn so Cobalion will be immune for a single turn only unless you have a way to get Cobalion back to the bench and then the Active in the same turn with cards such as, Escape Rope or Switch. Its second attack, Revenge Blast has a base of 30 damage and does an additional 30 damage for each Prize card your opponent has taken which maxes out at 180 damage if your opponent has taken five Prizes. So you can see you would use Cobalion as a late game cleanup attacker, but first you would use Quick Guard to stay immune for a turn then Revenge Blast since it takes two Energy anyway for lethal damage.

Pokémon Ranger:

This card would mainly for Regice, however I don't think we will see much of Regice so running Pokémon Ranger isn't needed in my opinion. Against Giratina-EX you either get out Garbodor or just attack with the non-Mega. Against Glaceon-EX you attack with the non-Mega as well as I mentioned earlier. So really you have an answer to everything but Regice.

Hex Maniac:

The deck already plays Garbodor so I'm not too sure if Hex Maniac is needed. Sure it can be good against Giratina-EX, but then again so is Garbodor you just won't be able to use Shield Energy while under Chaos Wheel. 

Team Flare Grunt:

Because M Scizor-EX discards a Special Energy means that Team Flare Grunt discarding a non-Special Energy can be huge. For instance against M Rayquaza-EX. You Team Flare Grunt the non-Special Energy and then Iron Crusher away the Special Energy. This combo can be used against everything which can make a big difference.

Crushing Hammer:

If you were to run these then you would have to change the deck a bit since you won't be able to fit everything and running Hammers will make the deck less consistent so be sure to keep that in mind. But again Hammers can be clutch for when you’re about to use Iron Crusher since it only does 120 damage which usually your two shotting things.

Enhanced Hammer:

Basically the same reasoning as Crushing Hammer. I would probably only run one Enhanced Hammer though since M Scizor-EX has its own built in Enhanced Hammer except only for the Active Pokémon.

Puzzle of Time:

I'm not too much of a fan of Puzzle of Time anymore with the loss of Battle Compressor, however it’s still a strong card. Being able to get back two of any card is still game changing post rotation if you can draw them at the right time and not in your opening hands.

With that said, let's now move onto M Mewtwo-EX with Garbodor.


The list you see above is actually what Brad Curcio and I have been working on. Brad is another fellow teammate from The Chaos Gym who most recently placed in Top 8 of Worlds last month. The list may see pretty straight which to be honest is because it’s not too hard making a solid M Mewtwo-EX/Garbodor list. However, I still want to go over the list as a whole in case someone not familiar with the deck doesn't know much on it. Let's start with the Pokémon counts. Of course we can tell that M Mewtwo-EX is the main attacker of the deck and when playing Pokémon that's going to be used for that purpose it means you need to run a decent amount of them so you can stream them after one gets KO’d and have another ready as backup. In this deck we are running a 3-3 line of M Mewtwo-EX. You can see we are running the Y version of M Mewtwo-EX and not the X because the X relies on Fighting Energy and is much slower than the Y one. Which is why in this build we have only Y M Mewtwo-EX's. Its attack, Psychic Infinity is the bread and butter of this deck. As you can see Psychic Infinity only needs a single Double Colorless Energy to attack which has a base of 10 damage which may seem low but it also does 30 more damage for Each Energy attached to both M Mewtwo-EX and your opponent's Active Pokémon. So right off the bat M Mewtwo-EX is doing at worst 70 damage for a single Double Colorless Energy. And however many Energy your opponent's Active has well you can see how fast Psychic Infinities damage output can increase. Let's not forget the non-Mega Mewtwo-EX because both of its attacks are solid. Its first attack, Shatter Shot does 30 damage for each Psychic Energy attached to Mewtwo-EX.

It may not seem like a very powerful attack, but it can get some solid damage in for latter cleanups. Now its second attack, Damage Change is the big game changer when combo’d with Shrine of Memories which is one of the two Stadiums in the deck. Damage Change makes Mewtwo-EX swap his damage with your opponent's Active's. For example, if Mewtwo-EX has 100 damage on it and your opponent's Active Pokémon has 50 damage on it then Mewtwo-EX will now have the 50 and your opponent's will have the 100. This move is especially game changing when you also have Shrine of Memories out as I mentioned. Because Shrine of Memories makes it so that each player's Evolved Pokémon aka M Mewtwo-EX can use the attacks from its previous Evolutions, but you still need the correct Energy requirement to do the previous attacks of course. This makes it so that instead of Damage Changing and risking the one hit KO on Mewtwo-EX you now have an even bigger Mewtwo-EX with 210 HP instead of 170 Damage Changing meaning Mewtwo-EX can take harder hits without being KO’d and potentially healing off all the damage while at the same time doing big damage back. You normally want to Damage Change onto something you know will be KO’d this way M Mewtwo-EX gets hit with something that doesn't already have damage on it making it so that M Mewtwo-EX can keep damage off it at all times. The deck also runs two Shaymin-EX which is no surprise. As I states earlier you need to run a couple Shaymin-EX so your deck doesn't crap out on you. I know they keep rising in price but I recommend investing in some of not a playset because the card is too good. Probably one of the best cards of all time if not the best. Hoopa-EX is another Pokémon that is too good not to play in decks that revolve around Megas and multiple Pokémon-EX.

One Ultra Ball is all it takes to grab Hoopa-EX and get the game going. Similar to that of the M Scizor-EX deck this deck also runs a 2-2 line of Garbodor or else my title needs fixing. A turn two Garbodor honestly is hard to get past. From personal experience and me playing M Rayquaza-EX against M Mewtwo-EX and starting at a turn two Garbodor. I immediately knew I was done for because all M Mewtwo-EX needs to one hit KO a M Rayquaza-EX is four Energy on M Mewtwo-EX and three on M Rayquaza-EX. And with Garbodor and Parallel City it was truly troublesome to get past. Of course this combo should devastate M Rayquaza-EX decks, but at the same time this combo can demolish tons of decks while having a power house attacker who can basically do infinite damage. M Mewtwo-EX decks will definitely see lots of play post rotation and should be taken seriously when deck building. Let's now go over to the Supporters starting with four Professor Sycamore. You can see this deck has a similar Supporter line compared to that of M Scizor-EX. This is because both decks almost do the same thing when it comes to strategy. Both decks want to try and get turn two attacks off. It’s just that M Mewtwo-EX can do a lot more damage than M Scizor-EX can. Brad and I went with four Professor Sycamore as I said because since this version of M Mewtwo-EX doesn't run Max Elixir it means that it has to rely more on Mega Turbo in which we want Energy in the discard more often than not. There is still two N which is probably standard in most decks. I think running four is a personal preference and how your playstyle is. There is also two Lysandre unlike that of M Scizor-EX which only runs one.

This is because M Mewtwo-EX can take cheap KO's faster than M Scizor-EX can so spamming Lysandre and whittling down Pokémon for a single Double Colorless Energy can make all the difference in a game. Then of course four VS Seeker and Ultra Ball. If you are a newer player you may have already noticed or should get the drift on why it’s important to max out on these two cards in almost every deck. Running Trainers' Mail isn't in every deck, but right now they are very much needed post rotation in most decks. Especially decks that revolve around Mega Pokémon because finding those Spirit Links are important which you can see there's also three in this type of Mega based deck. Three Float Stone just like in the M Scizor-EX deck for Garbodor. Very much ideal if you’re playing at least a 2-2 line of Garbodor because if you have to attack a Spirit Link onto Garbodor then I'm sure you will be regretting it at some point. As I said this variant of M Mewtwo-EX does not run Max Elixir. Brad and I figured you don't need them since you have Mega Turbo which there are three of. One Super Rod of course because Sacred Ash is no more post rotation. Still in this deck I would run Super Rod over Sacred Ash anyway because you can get back Basic Psychic Energy. One Escape Rope just in case so that you have the option to surprise the opponent with a KO they didn't see coming. Now the Stadiums of choice Brad and I decided to go with were two Parallel City and two Shrine of Memories which I talked about already. We didn't know which to run so we just said "why not both?" A 2-2 split we felt gave us more options because Parallel City right now is crazy good against M Rayquaza-EX decks and Shrine of Memories can win games when not answered. The Energy count is a standard eight Psychic and four Double Colorless which if you were to run Max Elixir then I would up the Basic Energy to at least ten if not eleven.

Other card options

Zebstrika or Zoroark:

I grouped these together since both are great versus M Rayquaza-EX. Zebstrika is more effective against M Rayquaza-EX, however Zoroark is more effective against most other decks. Both have their merits. Against M Rayquaza-EX I don't think you need any of these to beat it. I honestly think they are overkill because Garbodor plus Parallel City on the same turn while at the same turn one hit KO’ing a M Rayquaza-EX is the way to beat them. It’s easier than it sounds. Overall both cards are solid techs and backup attackers.


I believe this card in this deck can be clutch because it can basically grab you anything you need at the time whether it’s a Mega Turbo, Spirit Link or even a Stadium.


This card has always been one of those cards that you really just don't want to run but when it presents itself to surprise your opponent and potentially switch the game back into your favor then you love the card at that point. Because this list runs four Stadiums means Delinquent can come in handy more often than not.

Max Elixir:

Brad and I talked about playing these with Mega Turbos and I'm sure if we were to trim some cards then we can fit both. I can see Max Elixir being a tad bit faster than Mega Turbo since you do need to be in Mega form to use them while Max Elixir doesn't. So you can see how both can get in each other’s way.

With that said, let's move onto the final deck of the article, Xerneas with both M Gardevoir-EX and of course Garbodor.


I hope you guys are still with me. This last deck is probably the most unique one of them all. Let's just get right into it. The core concept of this deck is to use Xerneas' attack, Geomancy to power up multiple Gardevoir-EX. For a single Fairy Energy, Geomancy lets you attach one Fairy Energy from your deck to two of your Benched Pokémon. Right off the bat, you can see why going second is not the worst thing because you can get turn one Geomancy's going and stacking up Energy. You may be asking, “Well, why do you need so many Energy on the field?” Well, let's read M Gardevoir's attack, Brilliant Arrow in which does 30 damage for each Fairy Energy you have on board. Now you see why the more Fairy Energy on the field the more damage M Gardevoir-EX. But wait, what's that other M Gardevoir for? Good question. The other M Gardevoir which has the attack, Despair Ray is mainly for M Mewtwo-EX decks since this M Gardevoir-EX as you can see is a dual-type of both Fairy and Psychic meaning M Mewtwo-EX is weak to it and because Despair Ray has a base of 110 damage means it’s just enough damage to one hit KO's M Mewtwo-EX because of weakness as I said. Not only that, but Despair Ray can also do more damage for each Benched Pokémon you discard in which gives M Gardevoir an extra 10 damage to its attack per discarded Pokémon. This attack maxes out at 190 damage with a Sky Field in play so not really enough to one non-weakness Megas. Despair Ray can be used to get rid of excess Pokémon you simply do not want on the Bench anymore such as, Shaymin-EX or Hoopa-EX.

I wasn't sure if the deck should run four Xerneas because it’s the ideal starter, but I think right now playing three is solid enough. You can see I also went with a 3-3 M Gardevoir-EX line which I already talked about the Megas so let's talk about the non-Megas. I also went with a 2-1 split of the non-Megas as you can tell. I went with two of the newer ones from Steam Siege simply because of its second attack, Luminous Blade in which one hit KO's a Fighting Fury Belted Giratina-EX while the other Gardevoir-EX with the Shining Wing attack can't. I know some of you may be asked 'why not just play all three of the Steam Siege ones?" well that's because you just never know when you might have to Shining Wing to stay alive against let's say M Scizor-EX. Getting rid of your weakness can come in handy at times and I believe M Scizor-EX decks will see more play in the coming months. Life Leap and Link Blast probably won't see much use since the second attacks for both are just better. Two Shaymin-EX and one Hoopa-EX in this deck just like in M Mewtwo-EX because again Hoopa-EX being able to grab your main attacker and its Mega Evolution along with draw power meaning Shaymin-EX is too good to pass up for a single card to do get all that. A 2-2 Garbodor again should be enough since this deck also doesn't rely on abilities. Like I said you can pretty much fit Garbodor in basically anything that doesn't rely on abilities at this point. Moving on we have four Professor Sycamore, two N, and two Lysandre for the Supporter counts as well as one Hex Maniac. Maxing Professor Sycamore increases consistency a ton. Just be sure to try and be conservative at times when you can't afford to discard resources especially the one of Pokémon such as, M Gardevoir-EX STS.

Running two N makes it so that your hand can get refreshed without discarding resources but at the same time refreshing your opponent's hand to a smaller size. Two Lysandre since M Gardevoir-EX can take KO after KO with its crazy damage put. You can see the Supporter line is basically same as that of M Mewtwo-EX's except there's a Hex Maniac in here too. The Hex Maniac is debatable with running Garbodor and all. Just in case Garbodor doesn't hit the field then you have Hex Maniac as backup. Just like in both other decks there's also four VS Seeker and four Ultra Balls in here. Consistency, consistency, consistency is all I have to say. This deck runs only three Trainers' Mail as opposed to the other decks running four. This is because I wanted to fit other cards that I felt were needed. Three Max Elixir because it doesn't matter where the Energy go since M Gardevoir-EX says attached to all your Pokémon. Carrying on the trend there is also three Spirit Links in this deck and three Float Stones because you know why by this point. I actually only went with a single Mega Turbo because if you think about it with Xerneas putting Energy on the field as well as Max Elixir means you don't really need Mega Turbo. One Super Rod just in case you need to get back Fairy Energy and M Gardevoir-EX STS in case it gets one hit KO’d by M Mewtwo-EX. The Stadium of choice is Fairy Garden which shouldn't be surprising. Fairy Garden gives all the Pokémon that have Fairy Energy attached to them free retreat which is very useful in going in and out of attackers. You can even attach a Spirit Link onto Garbodor since all Garbodor needs to retreat is a single Fairy Energy, but you have to make sure Fairy Garden can stick. For the Energy count I went with ten Basic Fairies. I can see going up to eleven but I think for now ten should be enough.

Other card options

Xerneas BREAK:

This card's attack, Life Stream is quite similar to that of M Gardevoir-EX's Brilliant Arrow. The only differences are that Life Stream does 10 less damage but works for every Energy not just Fairy like Brilliant Arrow does. Xerneas BREAK is a solid backup attacker that can potentially one hit KO a lot of Pokémon and it’s a non-EX.

Klefki STS:

For those that don't know what Klefki does, it has an ability called Wonder Lock that lets Klefki attach itself from the Bench as a Tool to one of your Pokémon which makes that Pokémon immune to Mega Pokémon for a turn. And at the end of the turn discard Klefki whether or not it was attacked by a Mega Pokémon. So if M Scizor-EX starts to see play in your area then maybe adding in a couple Klefki can come in handy to survive the one shots since Fairy types are weak to Metal. You still have to watch out for the non-Mega Scizor-EX.

Fairy Drop:

This card can heal 50 damage off a Pokémon that has a Fairy Energy attached to it. Because it’s an Item and not a Supporter means it’s slightly better.

Closing Thoughts

That will conclude this article for now. I hope this article helped you in any way, shape, or form as I enjoyed writing it. I'll have two more article's coming out this month so be sure to keep a look out for those. I know the next one will be on three more decks, but ones that don't run Garbodor. At the moment I feel as if M Mewtwo-EX/Garbodor is the strongest deck of the three. It all depends on how you think the meta will look like. I know the first Standard Regionals that's post rotation is Florida Regionals next month which is basically in my back yard which I'm very excited for. All three of these decks have the potential to go far. I recommend trying these lists out yourself to see if you like them and to see if they fit your playstyle. Don't forget to check out The Chaos Gym on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch for updates. We should be rolling out more and more videos and streams in the coming weeks.

With that said, if you have any questions about these lists or deck in general then please feel free to leave me a comment down below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, then don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them. Or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it, then by all means post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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