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"Fates Collide" - A Look at Three New Decks For Expanded

Jose goes over three decks that came out of the new set, Fates Collide for the Expanded format.

05/24/2016 by Jose Marrero


Hello once again, 60cards readers! I know in my last article I went over a couple Expanded decks for Weeks 1 and 2 of Spring Regionals, but now I want to go over three more decks, this time for Week 3 with Fates Collide legal for play. Weeks 1 and 2 have concluded as we saw Primal Groudon-EX take Ontario, Yveltal-EX/Archeops/Gallade take Seattle as well as Wisconsin, and Trevenant BREAK/Hammers take Georgia, so congrats to those winners. Two of the three decks that I'll be going over will implement new BREAK Pokémon such as Carbink and Bronzong. Even though I won't be going to Week 3 of Spring Regionals, I still want to go over some decks for those that are looking to go and are having trouble making something new. Hopefully with this article you get a better grasp of what you may expect to see, assuming people play new decks with Fates Collide, that is. I feel these three decks will be some of the popular ones going into Week 3, again assuming people do end up thinking outside the box and not playing old decks. I ended up going to Georgia Regionals last weekend. I finished with a final record of 5-2-2 which isn't what I was hoping for since it didn't award me any points.

I ultimately decided on M Rayquaza-EX with a tech Carnivine specifically for Primal Groudon-EX decks. However, I did not face any, making Carnivine useless. My two losses were to the mirror match and Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX and my ties were against the mirror and speed Darkrai-EX. I know a lot of players are dying to know if they are giving out Nationals stipends once again. They did the last two seasons. I heard word that it's apparently the same as last year by a reliable source so hopefully they still keep them coming because I know many players are depending on that money to get them to Nationals in the first place. Especially the players who are currently in the Top 16 like myself who really want to get that paid trip and room once again. However, I may end up getting bumped after this last round of Regionals, but it's okay because Top 32 gets a good size stipend nonetheless. 

With that said let's get into the first of three decks, M Alakazam-EX/Crobat.


This is one of the most hyped decks to come out of the new set and for good reason. The deck has a lot of things going for it. It can stop Abilities, potentially one-hit KO anything, take multiple KOs on a single turn, and has Energy efficient attackers. Let's start with the Pokémon lines. A 3-3 M Alakazam-EX seems like it's what a standard list would look like. Any more just seems like overkill because this deck can save them from getting KO’d in the first place. Alakazam-EX has an Ability called Kinesis which once you Mega evolve it you get to put two damage counters on your opponent's Active Pokémon and three damage counters on one of your opponent's Benched Pokémon, meaning you get 50 damage for free once Mega evolved. Its attack, Suppression. isn't too viable because you’re going to want to be attacking with the Mega, but still can come in handy with the help of Dimension Valley. Now, M Alakazam-EX's attack, Zen Force has a base of 10 damage and does 30 more damage for each damage counter on your opponent's Active Pokémon which is similar to Wobbuffet's Psychic Assault except that does 10 more instead of 30 more. You can see how much more of an upgrade Zen Force is compared to Psychic Assault. Because Zen Force only takes a single Psychic and Colorless Energy, it can be used for a single Energy thanks to Dimension Valley which is where the Energy-efficiency comes in. Basically, Zen Force helps clean up the big-HP Pokémon while Kinesis helps take out non-EX Pokémon.

The Bat line is a 4-3-2, which I feel is solid enough because you can just reuse them at a moment’s notice when needed. For the deck’s backup attacker, there are two Wobbuffet. Just being able to shut off Abilities while doing big damage thanks to Kinesis and Bat drops makes Wobbuffet a great clean-up attacker. Then of course, a couple Shaymin-EX to be able to draw and keep your consistency going. There are tons of draw Supporters in this deck because you don't want to miss a beat when going for crucial KO's especially when going for multiple KO's on the same turn which can switch games back into your favor especially against Night March. Four Professor Sycamore and three N ensures that you should open with at least once of them so you don't dead-draw right off the bat (pun not intended). Two Colress as well, because this deck loves to fill the Bench with Bats and multiple Alakazam-EX, making Colress almost always give you a decent amount of draw. One Lysandre and AZ because even though the deck can snipe and KO anything, just having Lysandre for the potential to clean up that last EX may be needed, especially if your opponent plays a well-timed Hex Maniac. The AZ is useful for basically anything in the deck. It can reuse M Alakazam-EX's Ability, reuse Shaymin-EX for draw, and even reuse Bats for more damage.

Moving out of the Supporters we have the usual four VS Seekers which needs no introduction. Now to fish out the decks Pokémon I went with two of each on Ultra Ball, Level Ball, and Pokémon Communication. Sure Ultra Ball can get any Pokémon, however Level Ball is great for searching out Zubat and Golbat for no drawback, and Pokémon Communication makes it so that if your only Supporter is a Professor Sycamore, then you potentially don't have to discard evolution lines, letting you save resources. Four Super Scoop Ups help with consistency as well as the obvious reuse of Bats and Kinesis. The Super Rod I like just because the deck doesn't run Sacred Ash or Puzzle of Time to get back Pokémon. The Basic Energy count is low as well so Super Rod seems worth it even more. Of course, when running a Mega Pokémon, with the exception of Primal Groudon-EX, you need to run its Spirit Link so that you are not forced to pass your turn when Mega evolving, which is why there are three Spirit Links just to ensure the deck has that option doesn’t miss a turn of attacking. The ACE SPEC I chose to go with for now is Scoop Up Cyclone mainly because the deck relies on picking Pokémon back up, so what better card then to guarantee a pickup? Then as I mentioned, the Stadium is obviously Dimension Valley to be able to attack for a single Energy with both Alakazam-EX and Wobbuffet. Lastly, for the decks Energy count I went with five Basic Psychics and three Mystery Energy. The Mystery Energy can give Wobbuffet and Alakazam-EX free Retreat if you do end up opening with one of them.

Other card options

Mewtwo-EX NXD:

When combined with Dimension Valley and Bat drops, Mewtwo-EX can do big damage and is overall a great backup attacker.

Jirachi XY67:

The decks biggest weakness is obviously Night March, but more specifically Pumpkaboo so having Jirachi to stall and remove their Double Colorless Energy while setting up multiple KO's on a single turn is the way to beat Night March.

Computer Search:

Obviously this ACE SPEC helps with consistency and is probably what most people will be running. However, I like that Scoop Up Cyclone is a guaranteed Super Scoop Up in a sense which can matter in the long run.


A one of Skyla in any deck can be great. Just being able to search out your ACE SPEC or Stadium can be well worth it in the long run.

Devolution Spray:

I think running Super Scoop Up may just be better overall because it gives the deck more options and it can also help heal off a damaged Pokémon as opposed to Devolution Spray, potentially backfiring if the opponent puts Alakazam-EX up to 160 damage.

Next up, let's get into Zygarde-EX/Regirock-EX/Carbink BREAK.


This deck is interesting to say the least. The main focus of the deck is to get Carbink BREAK attacking and powering up Zygarde-EX so that it can potentially one-hit KO anything with the help of Power Memory and Regirock-EX. There are three different Carbink in the deck, two of which are non-BREAKs while the third is the BREAK. The first non-BREAK, of which there are two copies, is the Carbink that has the Safeguard Ability in which prevents it from being hurt by Pokémon EX. Great for stalling and setting up attackers. Now the other Carbink is strictly for decks that can potentially remove Basic Energy from the field such as Seismitoad-EX and Trevenant. Don't forget Carbink's Energy Keeper only works on Basic Pokémon, meaning once you BREAK evolve, it can get its Energy removed by Crushing Hammers and Team Flare Grunt. Also, it says only Basic Energy, so Xerosic and Enhanced Hammer can't be stopped which is something to keep in mind. Now Carbink BREAK, for just a single Fighting Energy, has an attack called Diamond Gift which, first of all, is a great attack name. It has a base of 20 damage and lets you attach two Energy Cards to one of your Benched Fighting Pokémon. Yes, you read that right. You can attach Special Energy with Diamond Gift making Carbink BREAK even better.

It also has a solid 110 HP and only a single Retreat cost. Carbink BREAK also being a non-EX makes it even better. Now that we talked about Carbink and that it has a built in Energy acceleration attack then you may be thinking well what do we power up? And that my friend is a great question. Which brings me to the big bad Zygarde-EX in which has three attacks similar to that of Lucario-EX. Not only does Zygarde-EX have a whopping 190 HP for being a Basic Pokémon, but all of its attacks are ideal in their own way. Its first attack, Land's Pulse for a single Fighting Energy has a base of 20 damage and if you have a Stadium in play it does 20 more damage. So worst case on turn one you are doing 40 damage for a single Energy and because the decks only Stadium is Fighting Stadium means it's a base 60 attack assuming you are attacking an EX Pokémon. Its second attack, Cell Storm has a base of 60 damage for two Fighting Energy which is similar to Lucario-EX's Corkscrew Smash except Cell Form heals Zygarde-EX for 30 and Corkscrew Smash fills your hand up to six. Now its third attack, Land's Wrath, which is reminiscent to Lucario-EX's Somersault Kick has a base of 100 damage with no effect. To give Zygarde-EX extra damage we have three Regirock-EX which is similar to Deoxys-EX except Regirock-EX adds 10 damage to Fighting Types as opposed to Deoxys-EX giving the 10 extra damage to Team Plasma Pokémon.

However, both exclude themselves from getting the added bonus. With three Regirock-EX, Zygarde-EX can do a max of 110 damage for a single Strong Energy on an EX and 90 on a non-EX with the help of all three Regirock-EX, Fighting Stadium, and a Strong Energy which honestly isn't that hard to do. Two Shaymin-EX for the added consistency draw as I've seen numerous times now. The Keldeo-EX I'm unsure is needed with the Bench space being really tight, however because Zygarde-EX and Regirock-EX have huge Retreat costs may make Keldeo-EX worth it in the long run. Moving into the draw Supporters we have four Professor Sycamore, and three N. Not missing a beat is important in setup decks. Three Korrina which helps search out Fighting Pokémon and an Item at the same time making it so you don't need as many Ultra Balls. Two Lysandre because this deck can do lethal damage for a low amount of Energy making you pick off quick KO's left and right. One Hex Maniac to be able to shut off Abilities if need be. One AZ to be able to heal a damaged Zygarde-EX or if Regirock-EX gets dragged up you can pick it back up.

Four VS Seeker to be able to reuse any Supporter that was already used or discarded. Again just two Ultra Ball thanks to Korrina being able to search out the decks main attacker and extra damage. Four Max Elixir helps power up Zygarde-EX easier assuming one of its other two attacks is necessary at the time. Two Energy Switch just to give the deck options on using Zygarde-EX's second and third attack at a moment’s notice which is also searchable through Korrina. Two Float Stone for Keldeo-EX, but if you decide to drop Keldeo-EX then maybe go up to three Float Stone. Three Power Memory for the option to one hit KO anything for 200+ damage thanks to Regirock-EX, Strong Energy, and Fighting Stadium. You can easily hit the magic numbers when going for a Mega KO. However, in order to use Power Memory you have to discard three Energy attacked to Zygarde-EX, but that's where Energy Switch, Max Elixir and Carbink BREAK come in. Lastly, for the Stadium of choice is none other than Fighting Stadium as I mentioned already. It gives the decks Fighting Pokémon 20 more damage to their attacks assuming you are attacking a Pokémon EX of course. The Energy count is a solid seven Basic Fighting because of Max Elixir you need a decent amount and of course four Strong.

Other card options


Solid backup attacker which can save you from bad or dead hand thanks to Corkscrew Smash.


Another solid backup attacker which can do tons of damage for a single Energy while also doing damage to the Bench at the same time.


Can be used to search out three Regirock-EX for a potential turn one KO, however the Bench space may just may not be worth it.


This card is an overall solid attacker and a great opener because it has free Retreat. Hawlucha can do some lethal damage on turn one with the right combinations.

Escape Rope:

Because this deck can fold to Jolteon-EX even though Carbink can't be hurt by it means you may need an answer to it if you expect to see Jolteon-EX. Escape Rope plus Lysandre can one hit KO Jolteon-EX because your attackers are Fighting Types making it so you can easily one hit KO it. The opponent can just Hex Maniac Carbink which is why you may need a plan B.

Trainers' Mail:

This card obviously helps with consistency, however you will have to drop cards that may ultimately give you more damage out put such as, Super Scoop Ups.

Muscle Band/Fighting Fury Belt:

If you much rather rely on two-shots instead of Power Memory then by all means add a couple Muscle Bands or Fighting Fury Belts. A 230 HP Zygarde-EX is not going to be easy to take down unless you are facing against Grass type decks such as, Vespiquen and Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX.

With that being said, let's finally move onto another deck that incorporates one of the new BREAK Pokémon, Bronzong BREAK/Genesect-EX FCO.


Finally, we get into the third and last deck of the article and that is a deck that implements the new Bronzong BREAK and Genesect-EX. I got this deck idea from Brandon Cantu so shout out to him. He normally comes up with pretty good decks that some may find unique. I personally like Brandon's deck building ideas. Enough about that let's move into the core strategy for this deck. The main strategy with this deck is to get Bronzong's going as soon as possible while powering up attackers needed for specific matchups. Each Pokémon is specifically in here for a certain matchup other than Seismitoad-EX since it's versatile. There is a 4-3-3 Bronzong BREAK line because now with the recent release of Bronzong BREAK it can be used as an effective backup attacker especially against decks that rely on evolutions. Bronzong BREAK's attack, Metal Rain lets you discard as many Metal Energy attached to Bronzong BREAK as you like and for each Energy card discarded choose one of your opponent’s Pokémon and do 30 damage to it. It can also choose the same Pokémon more than once. For example if you have four Metal Energy on Bronzong BREAK and you use Metal Rain. You can do 120 damage spread where ever you want, but in increments of 30 per hit. A more specific example is if your opponent has two Combee and you have four Metals then you can do 60 to both of them or 30 to four of them, which is a pretty neat attack. However, the main attacker is Genesect-EX because of its attack, Rapid Blaster in which has a base of 100 damage and does an extra 20 damage for each Metal Energy you discard off of it. So with three Metals on Genesect-EX you are already doing 160 damage and with Fighting Fury Belt you can hit the magic 170 damage to KO most EX's and have 220 HP at the same time.

Because you have to discard the Energy off Genesect-EX means Pokémon such as Yveltal-EX can't easily just revenge KO it back making it tougher to KO. Let's not forget Genesect-EX's Ability, Drive Change which honestly can come in handy more often than not especially in the early games. For example you open Genesect-EX, but don't want to Professor Sycamore away a Float Stone. Well you can just simply attach it to Genesect-EX and hold it until you need it for Keldeo-EX or whatever Pokémon. Or if Genesect-EX is about to get KO’d you can save the Fighting Fury Belt from going down with it. It's an interesting Ability to say the least. Two Shaymin-EX as well for consistency issues. Its weakness is the same that of its Grass type so it's irrelevant if people say well what about Flareon or Fire types. You just say whatever at that point. The Aegislash-EX can help against Special Energy reliant decks such as Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX or Vespiquen/Flareon as I said. Aegislash-EX can also potentially get you a free win against Vespiquen/Vileplume. Cobalion-EX, however is strictly for Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX because for a single Metal Energy you can discard one of their Special Energy with Righteous Edge. Keldeo-EX of course is so you can Rush In and out of attackers and being able to effectively keep Genesect-EX or Bronzong BREAK attacking continuously and not have to worry about being Lysandre stalled. The one of Seismitoad-EX I'm unsure about, however it can come in handy out of nowhere especially if your opponent doesn't know you are running it.

Jirachi-EX is to insure you have a guaranteed Supporter at a moment’s notice. Heatran is just an overall solid non-EX attacker that can one hit KO baby Yveltal if needed. And the Mr. Mime is so that decks can't snipe the Bench such as the Fright Night Yveltal or Landorus-EX or even the mirror match against other Bronzong BREAKs. This deck also has a good amount of Supporters because it's a set up deck. You just can't afford to miss a beat with this deck. Which is why there are eight draw cards, four Professor Sycamore, two N, and two Colress. One Lysandre and one AZ as well as Hex Maniac because they all have their warrants and can come in clutch when needed. Making sure you have the option to drag an opposing Pokémon for the potential KO is needed in almost every deck with the exception of maybe Vespiquen/Vileplume just because they don't run VS Seekers to reuse it. There may be a lot of games where you simply just don't use Hex Maniac, however you just never know when you will need it which is why you just have to play it. AZ, however is a card you can easily abuse in this deck for multiple reasons. If a Genesect-EX gets hurt you can AZ it up and make sure it's fresh to attack again. Or if you can't find Keldeo-EX to get your Pokémon out of the Active spot then you can AZ it up and promote something else. Four VS Seekers is a staple in almost every deck as I said aside from Vileplume decks.

Maxing Ultra Balls out is another staple in almost every deck aside from ones that run Korrina or Dive Ball. Two Float Stones for Keldeo-EX or even Bronzong's if Keldeo-EX just can't be found. I would like a third Float Stone but you can see the space is tight as is. Two Fighting Fury Belts to pump up the decks Basic attackers. Don't forget Bronzong can't abuse Fighting Fury Belt because it's an evolution. Two Battle Compressor to be able to put Supporters and Basic Energy in the discard for VS Seeker and Bronzong's Metal Links. Late-game Battle Compressor can be used just to thin the deck out of excess or useless cards you don't want to be Ned into. One Super Rod to be able to get back any three Pokémon or Basic Energy you may need at the time. If Mr. Mime gets KO’d then you have the option to get it back and the same with all the other Pokémon. Computer Search is the best ACE SPEC in this deck hands down. The consistency it gives is too good to pass up in a deck like this. You can discard Basic Energy with it for Metal Links and at the same time get any card from your deck into your hand which means you are KO’ing two birds with one stone in a sense. The Stadium in this deck is Sky Field because just look at how many Pokémon there are. You need to be able to have Bench space for multiple attackers and Bronzong. For the Energy count there is seven Metal and three Double Colorless. I think seven Metals is a good amount seeing as you need to be able to one hit KO things with Genesect-EX to get the most out of it.

Other card options


Because the deck runs Double Colorless Energy means Dialga-EX can easily fit in the deck, however I'm unsure if it's better than just potentially one hit KO’ing anything with Genesect-EX. Chrono Wind might matter in certain matchups though.


This card can also easily fit but again, is it better to just go Genesect-EX, seeing as its Energy get discarded, making it less prone to be revenge-KO’d by Yveltal-EX? I would say Lugia-EX is a decent option, but probably not necessary.

Max Potion:

This card can come in clutch to fully heal let's say Genesect-EX after it's done attacking making it fresh again which can matter between a loss and a win.


Running this card in a deck with Battle Compressor is really nice because you can find it easier and in this deck being able to search out any Trainer can be well worth it.

Closing Thoughts

There you have it, guys. Three new decks from Fates Collide. Now it's up to you to tweak the lists and change them to your personal liking. Personally of the three decks I like Bronzong BREAK the most just because it has more unique attackers giving it more options against more decks. The Fighting deck is a strong deck nonetheless, because of the sheer amount of damage it can do for Energy efficient attacks. As for the Alakazam-EX deck it can set up crazy amounts of damage for later clean ups. It's honestly up to you on which deck you prefer and go from there. I hope you were able to learn something from this article whether it's how to build one of these decks or simply how to beat them. I'll have another article at the end of the month hopefully talking plays for Nationals. Good luck this weekend at your upcoming Regional whether you chose to play one of these lists or not.

With that said, if you have any questions about these lists or decks then please feel free to leave me a comment down below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, then don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them. Or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it, then by all means post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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