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Jose Marrero

BLW-BREAKpoint: A Look at Three Decks

Jose goes over a couple new decks in expanded with the new set, BREAKpoint.

02/17/2016 by Jose Marrero


Hello again, 60cards readers! Week one of Winter Regionals has just passed and so for this next article I want to give you guys a few deck ideas to hopefully get you more ready for week three, which will be in my home state of Florida. It will also be the first U.S. Regionals to have the new set, BREAKpoint legal for play. That is why this article will be strictly on decks with the inclusion of BREAKpoint in the Expanded format. Two of the three decks are new, but the third deck is nothing new aside from the new set implemented into it and my take on it. Just like in my last article, I'll be going over an analysis on each deck as well as more card options for each deck so you can make each list to your own liking depending on what you think the Florida Regionals metagame will be. My goal in writing this article is to hopefully get you more familiar at playing each or against each of the three decks I'll be discussing because I think these three decks will see some play come week three of Winter Regionals.

With that said, let's start with a new deck with the help of BREAKpoint, Greninja.


This is an interesting deck that's come out of the new set, BREAKpoint. Greninja has been a deck before, but nothing like this one because Greninja now has its own BREAK Evolution. The list above is my take on the deck and I'm sure there are other ways to run the deck, but for now let's go over what I have starting with the Pokémon. Of course, when running a deck’s main attacker you almost always want to max them out unless you have backup attackers. In this case we are using Greninja as the deck’s only real attacker and for good reason. First off, we have a 4-4-2 line of Greninja. You can see I went with three Greninja from XY base set because they have the Ability Water Shuriken in which allows you to put three damage counters on one of your opponent's Pokémon should you discard a Water Energy from your hand. Now this effect stacks so if you have multiple Greninja out then you can see how fast you can stack up free damage. Its attack, Mist Slash is also great because it only costs a single Water Energy to do a good 50 damage that basically goes through everything. The only downside is that it can't be effected by weakness which still isn't that bad. With Greninja's Ability and a Muscle Band you can two hit Pokémon-EX.

Now we also have a one of Greninja from BREAKpoint which has two attacks. Shadow Stitching is the first attack in which mimics Hex Maniac, but only on your opponent and it also does 40 damage for a single Energy. This attack can be extremely good for shutting off your opponent's Shaymin-EX's and even Bronzong's every turn. Its second attack, Moonlight Slash is no slouch also because it can do 80 damage for a single Energy which also allows you to put the Water Energy back into your hand so it can't be discarded which is awesome and if you need to use that Energy for Water Shuriken then that's another plus. Moonlight Slash helps for easier two shots on Pokémon-EX also. Moving on with the last piece of the Greninja line is two Greninja BREAKs which is a big part of why this deck can actually be a competitive deck now. The BREAKs have a whopping 170 HP and its Ability, Giant Water Shuriken is similar to that of the non-BREAK. Only that Giant Water Shuriken puts six damage counters instead of three on one of your opponent's Pokémon. The only small downside is that it has to be active to use that effect which also means if you have two Greninja BREAKs you can only use one of their effects given they have to be active as I said. However, to fix this I’ve added a Keldeo-EX for two reasons. The first is to use multiple Giant Water Shuriken on the same turn and the second is obviously to get out of Special Conditions given that the list above is for Expanded. Since the deck is running Keldeo-EX it only makes sense to also run a couple Float Stone as well which also help against the next Pokémon I'll be discussing and that is the 1-1 line of Octillery. This Pokémon in this deck is a nice option to have because who doesn't like filling their hand up to five once per turn for basically no drawback.

In this type of deck where you are constantly wanting to dig for Water Energy means Octillery deserves a spot. I can even see adding another 1-1 line if you truly think it's necessary. I know I mentioned that the decks only real attacker is Greninja, however Miltank can be used as a secondary attacker if need be. Its attack, Power Friends can do 80 base damage for a single Energy and combined with both Water Shurikens means for greater damage. At the moment there is only just one Miltank because you mostly are going to want to attack with Greninja anyway, but I can see a second one being added just to have more backup attackers if your strategy is to go more aggro Miltank and have Water Shurikens at bay safe from harm. Because there is only a 1-1 line of Octillery I felt it was necessary to have at least one Shaymin-EX at hand just in case for consistency purposes, but I can even see possibly adding in a second. That's it for the Pokémon. I'll go over more Pokémon options once this section is cleared. Now we get to the Supporters which I think is quite interesting. Four Professor Juniper for obvious reasons. However, I've added five one of Supporters to give the deck tons of options. One N and two Colress as shuffle and draw Supporters. N can work well with Octillery limiting each other’s hand and still filling yours back up at the same time. And because this deck almost always will have big Benches means Colress will do wonders. One Lysandre as well because two seemed unnecessary given the fact that this deck can target the Bench by an Ability and do damage for that matter.

We all know the power of Garbodor in Expanded which shuts this deck down drastically. To help fight against the trash Pokémon I've included a one of Xerosic. Now I'm unsure if one is enough to overpower Garbodor but it's a start. Testing is key in this matchup to see if one is enough. There is also two Wally for those situations where you evolve into Greninja manually and need to get the BREAK out on the same turn potentially doing a free 90 damage to your opponent with the help of both Water Shuriken. However, Archeops is the main reasoning behind running multiple Wally. Because this deck has to discard Energy due to Water Shuriken it means you need a way to get those Energy back which is what Fisherman is for. Getting back four Water Energy on the same turn can be lethal for the opponent. We also have one Energy Retrieval and Super Rod to help get back Energy when you can't afford to Fisherman just yet. Lastly, for the Supporters there is a one of AZ. Now the AZ can be used for multiple things. One that I've found interesting was picking up a Greninja BREAK and putting it onto another Greninja and getting two Giant Water Shurikens. That's 120 free damage which can't get better than that honestly. And because Shaymin-EX can be a liability means AZ can pick those back up as well and save them from harm’s way. Finally a deck that can abuse Dive Ball because every Pokémon aside from Miltank and Shaymin-EX can be searched out with them and for no drawback. There is still one Ultra Ball just in case.

Because this deck runs so many one-of Supporters I felt that running a couple Battle Compressor would come in handy in the early game. And who knows maybe even putting Water Energy in the discard can come in handy for Fisherman or Energy Retrieval plays. The Ace Spec I chose to go with is no surprise which is Computer Search. You can ever go wrong with Computer Search. Being able to search for any card in this deck is too good not to play. Ok now we get to the Stadium of choice which you would think Rough Seas, however I just didn't think Rough Seas was worth the spot over Sky Field. Sky Field may seem odd in this deck and yeah at first I was like what am I doing? But the more I thought about it and from testing felt that Sky Field was oddly better in my opinion. With this deck you’re obviously wanting to get out as many Greninja as possible so on the first turn you’re most likely going to want to find multiple Froakie which you then set up a turn two Frogadier to get out the other three in one go. Well sometimes your Bench may be too full from all the Froakie filling it up and with Sky Field you can fit both Froakie and Frogadier's as well as any Shaymin-EX you may have played. If Sky Field gets bumped then simply discard Shaymin and excess Froakie. Because with 3-4 Frogadier on the field you no longer need all the Froakie taking up Bench space. Having multiple Froakie out turn one insures that you are able to get a turn two Frogadier going and from there it's history. That's just my two cents on the matter. Then there's eight Water Energy which should be good enough between Fisherman, Energy Retrieval and Super Rod.

Other card options


With all the one of Supporters makes Jirachi-EX very viable for searching out that one specific Supporter. You can always discard Jirachi-EX once Sky Field gets bumped.

Startling Megaphone:

As I said, Garbodor can demolish this deck if it gets a Tool on it. Startling Megaphone can help with getting rid of Tools so you can still freely use a Supporter. One way of getting rid of Garbodor once you have Megaphone’d it is to Lysandre it as well as Water Shuriken it once with a Muscle Banded Greninja. That may seem like a lot to do but it's possible. Just make sure to weigh your options when going for a Benched KO.

Professor's Letter:

There may be times where you need two Water Energy in hand at once which makes Professor's Letter come in handy for that specific situation where you’re trying to Water Shuriken twice in one turn.

Scoop Up Cyclone:

Similar to AZ except it doesn't have the drawback of having to discard non Pokémon attachments. Picking up a damaged Greninja BREAK and making it fresh again can be devastating for the opponent.

Rock Guard/Burst Balloon:

Imagine all the free damage you can rack up on a single turn due to Rock Guard and Burst Balloon. However, you have to discard Burst Balloon at the end of the turn you attached it. A Rock Guarded Greninja BREAK will have everyone shaking in their boots as well a Burst Balloon which will force opponent's to go around them which means that Greninja will live longer. A potential 120+ free damage is too good not to think about given the power Computer Search still holds compared to Rock Guard.


Being able to search out three Froakie on a single turn, as well as Miltank if need be, could be what the deck needs.

Splash Energy:

This is a new Special Energy from BREAKpoint that once the Pokémon this Energy is attached to is KO’d by damage from an attack it puts all its previous forms and itself back into your hand. The only downside is that of AZ. Imagine picking up a whole Greninja BREAK line. The main reason I don't have it in the list is because it can just get hammered away and it only works on Water Pokémon just like that of Strong Energy but for Fighting types.


This has been a deck before relying mostly on Shaymin-EX as the main attacker while Trevenant stops the opponent from playing Item cards similar to Seismitoad-EX's Quaking Punch. However, this is not the case anymore with Shaymin-EX being the main attacker. With the recent release of BREAKpoint gave us two new Trevenant similar to that of the two new Greninja in the last deck discussion. So let's go right into the Pokémon starting with the 4-4-2 line of Trevenant. BREAKpoint not only gave us new Trevenant's, but also a new and improved Phantump that has the attack we are all familiar with, Ascension. Should you not go first means you have another way of getting a turn one Trevenant assuming Wally isn't the way to go. Obviously if you play first your wanting to find that Wally as soon as possible. If you go second you now are able to play a different Supporter other than Wally and still get that turn one Trevenant which I'm sure most people are happy to know. Then we have the XY Trevenant in which has the Ability, Forest's Curse which is an indefinite Item lock as long as Trevenant is active. So you can see how deadly a turn one Trevenant can be when you’re going first. Its attack, Tree Slam is actually quite good. For a Psychic and Double Colorless Energy it has a base of 60 damage and can also snipe two Benched Pokémon for 20 damage a piece. This attack can quickly add up.

Moving on, we have two Trevenant BREAK. They have a nice 160 HP, bumping the non-BREAK’s HP by an extra 50. It also has an attack called Silent Fear which puts three damage counters on each of your opponent's Pokémon. So you can see how you can bounce between both Tree Slam and Silent Fear to manipulate damage and hit magic numbers when KO’ing Pokémon. As a backup attacker there is also two Gengar-EX. They are mainly used for their second attack, Dark Corridor in which has a base of 60 damage. It also Poison's the opponent's active Pokémon as well as makes Gengar-EX retreat back to the Bench making Trevenant the perfect partner with it because you immediately go right into the Item lock which you then rinse repeat this strategy until victory. With a Muscle Band Gengar-EX can do 90 damage after Poison essentially two shotting Pokémon-EX. Moving out of the attackers we have two Shaymin-EX and one Jirachi-EX. Finding that turn one Wally is key in this deck unless you are going second as I stated before. Going into the Supporters we have the standard four Professor Juniper which you most likely won't use on the first turn unless you are going second. Then three Wally as I said for that turn one Trevenant lock. Two Lysandre because when you have Item lock being able to stick something active means they can't play Switch or Float Stone to retreat out. When testing against Yveltal I noticed that Team Flare Grunt can give you a better chance in the matchup because they will want to attach to the active because of Item lock. I'm still unsure if one Team Flare Grunt is enough in the Yveltal matchup.

And adding too many disruption cards can make the deck less consistent. One N and Colress as I said before for shuffle and draw options and to disrupt your opponent's hand. The one AZ again helps with picking up Shaymin and Jirachi-EX as well as to save a Trevenant from KO range if need be. Four VS Seeker and Ultra Ball for obvious reasons. Then four Trainer's Mail to help search out the turn one Trevenant easier and for consistency. With Trevenant's big retreat cost we have three Float Stone so we can retreat and attack with Gengar-EX at a moment's notice. The Super Rod helps to get back discarded Trevenant lines or basic Psychic Energy. The Ace Spec is again Computer Search which is perfect for this deck should you find it on the first turn because you will more than likely pull off the turn one Trevenant lock. To help Trevenant and Gengar-EX attack for less Energy we have three Dimension Valley.

Attacking with Silent Fear for a single Energy is very much needed because then it allows you to power up a Gengar-EX. The Energy line is five basic Psychics, three Double Colorless, and two Mystery. The Double Colorless Energies helps with attacking for two Energy drops with Trevenant and Gengar-EX as well as Shaymin-EX if needed. However, Mystery Energy gives the Psychic Pokémon it's attached to two less retreat cost which means Gengar-EX will have free retreat, but Trevenant will go down to one since it has a three retreat cost as opposed to Gengar's two. Imagine the look of your opponent's face when you Super Scoop Up a Pokémon that's damaged with Rock Guard on it. Priceless I would say because now that Rock Guard is doing more free damage. In the mirror match Rock Guard can easily win the game.

Other card options

Trevenant BKP:

This Trevenant's Ability, Nervous Speed makes your opponent's active Basic Pokémon need an extra Energy to attack. It can come in handy against Pokémon such as, Seismitoad-EX where they need three Energy to use Quaking Punch or Yveltal-EX where they need three Energy to use Evil Ball and four Energy to use Y Cyclone. Its attack, Energy Press has a base of 70 damage and does 10 more damage for each Energy attached to your opponent's active Pokémon. It's a decent attack nonetheless. I can see maybe splitting the Trevenant line as a 3-1 with three XY and one BRP. However, I'm not sure how much use this Trevenant will have compared to something as powerful as Item lock. Ninety-Nine percent of the time you’re most likely going to want the Item lock one over this one which is why I went with four of the Item-lock ones.

Wobbuffet PHF:

Its Ability Bide Barricade can buy you time to power up attackers and with Float Stone you can easily get it out of the active spot. Wobbuffet combos well with Gengar-EX as well and it can also attack for a single Energy should Dimension Valley be present.

Absol ROS:

This Pokémon can help with manipulating damage and it can be reused with AZ which makes it somewhat better.

Burst Balloon/Eco Arm:

Erik Nance mentioned this deck with Burst Balloon in his most recent article which I can agree can be quite effective. However, this strategy seems iffy because your opponent can just Lysandre around the Burst Balloons, but then again, your opponent will be under Item-lock which means they have one maybe two Lysandre to work with and nowadays I've seen more and more people drop down to one Lysandre. Burst Balloon can ultimately force an opponent to pass their turn not wanting to take the 60 damage from Burst Balloon. The only downside Burst Balloon has is that it gets discarded after your opponent's turn whether or not your opponent attacked into it or not. Still it's just like Rock Guard except you can use more than one. Which is where Eco Arm comes in. Being able to get back three Burst Balloon can be devastating for the opponent. You can even get back Float Stones too if need be. That is why I felt this combo was worth mentioning.

Level Ball:

These help with finding Phantump more efficiently should you not find an Ultra Ball early on. Level Ball can also get a Jirachi-EX which is essentially Level Balling for a Supporter which is nice.

Crushing Hammer:

Running these will be a hit or miss because yeah they make the deck less consistent as I said, however they can really help against the decks worst matchup, Yveltal. Hammering off Energy while under Item lock can ultimately win games no matter the matchup. But against Yveltal specifically I'm afraid disruption cards is your best bet.


Running Xerosic helps against Garbodor in case they were able to find a Tool before the Item lock. Xerosic is also great for discarding Special Energy such as, a Double Colorless on an Yveltal-EX to hopefully slow it down some.


I know, I know, Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX again? Don't worry this next list is quite different than the others so hold your horses. I can't get enough of this deck quite frankly because of how straightforward and powerful it is. It not only is super-fast but it has many options going for it. It can Item-lock, disrupt Energy/opponent's hand, and stop Special Energy, Tools, and Stadiums from coming into play. It can Poison, Sleep and even block Mega Pokémon from doing damage. How is this deck not a top deck with all that said and done? You can easily win games when your opponent is under a quick Item lock or Chaos Wheel lock. Let's go over the Pokémon once more even though the Pokémon lines have not changed since BREAKpoint’s release. Three Seismitoad-EX as your first and main attacker because as I said Item lock can easily win games alone. Quaking Punch as always been a force to be reckoned with which is why it's one of the strongest attacks in the game right now. The there's two Giratina-EX which help against decks that rely on Special Energy to attack such as Vespiquen/Flareon, and even against opposing Seismitoad-EX's. Chaos Wheel is a very strong attack for only two Energy attachments. It does 100 base damage and stops your opponent from playing down any Special Energy, Tools, and Stadiums next turn.

You can see how powerful Chaos Wheel can be. Two Shaymin-EX and one Jirachi-EX. The Shaymin help find Double Colorless while Jirachi helps with a turn one Ghetsis or basically any Supporter of your choosing. The Keldeo-EX helps so you can bounce in and out of Quaking Punch and Chaos Wheel. The Hoopa-EX is basically what you want to search for on your first turn because every Pokémon in the deck is an-EX. The Latios-EX helps get turn one KO's assuming you are first. You never know when an easy win will present itself. Whether it's against Vespiquen/Flareon, Night March, or even Sableye/Garbodor. Latios-EX can max out at 90 damage on the first turn. But in this case 80 damage because we are playing Fighting Fury Belt over Muscle Band. How you may ask? With Fighting Fury Belt, Virbank City Gym, and Hypnotoxic Laser a whopping 80 damage on your first turn. The extra 10 damage Muscle Band provides shouldn't be too relevant since most non-EX Pokémon these days have less than 80 HP anyway that matters. The Supporters of choice are four Professor Juniper for again obvious reasons. Then the rest are all one of Supporters. One N and Ghetsis. The N is just for those situations where you can't afford to Professor Juniper away resources. So having N as a backup option is always nice.

The Ghetsis, however was included to help deal with Blastoise decks and decks that play heavy Items such as Yveltal and Night March. A turn one Ghetsis on a Blastoise player should almost always stop a turn one Blastoise from coming out and from there it should be smooth sailing once you get the turn two Quaking Punch. I'm unsure if I'll be keeping Hex Maniac in the list or not. I've barely used it and against let's say Blastoise it won't really help once Blastoise is out. It is nice against Aegislash-EX thought, but no one really plays Bronzong decks anymore. I think for now I'll keep it in because you never know when it can be crucial in a game. Even stopping Darkrai-EX's Dark Cloak for a turn can make all the difference between a win and a loss. As disruption Supporters we have one Team Flare Grunt and Xerosic. The help keep the opponent's Energy in check if needed. In my previous list I actually had two Team Flare Grunt. I decided to add AZ back in because of multiple reasons. AZ is helpful for pulling off easier turn one Latios-EX donks. It's also just helpful for making Bench space for other attackers as well as helpful against opposing Item locks. The one Lysandre I'm on the fence about just because a lot of times you can Item lock Pokémon active and stick them there for a couple turns. But with Jirachi-EX it makes finding the one Lysandre easy making the deck get away with running just one. Not to mention a new card that helps get back resources which I'll get to soon enough. Still I'll debate adding the second one back in. That's it for the Supporters.

I hate saying VS Seeker and Ultra Ball over and over but for the newer players that may be reading this I want to make sure they know why they are in all these decks and maxed out nonetheless. VS Seeker can help get back used or discarded Supporters such as that extra Lysandre you needed or that second N you need to play to disrupt your opponent's game winning hand. The Ultra Balls make sure you can find your attackers with ease. Now the Crushing Hammers are in the deck because under Item lock and Chaos Wheel it makes your opponent have to dig for more basic Energy should Giratina-EX attack and under Quaking Punch it's not so easy to find Energy. Finally we get to a card I've been itching to talk about. Puzzle of Time was introduced in the BREAKpoint set and its inclusion in this deck makes it even better. Even just using one Puzzle of Time means you can rearrange your top three cards. However, if you were to use two on the same turn you can get any two cards from your discard and put them into your hand. Yes you heard that correctly. Being able to get back let's say Special Energy or even Hypnotoxic Lasers and Crushing Hammers means you can afford to discard resources if you have to. Because you can just get them back. Imagine the possibilities you can have with Puzzle of Time in a deck like this. Then of course we have four Hypnotoxic Laser because it combo's so well with Quaking Punch especially should your opponent stay Asleep.

To make room for Puzzle of Time I dropped down to three Super Scoop Ups. Three is still perfectly fine given that Puzzle of Time can get them back if needed. The Tools of choice are two Float Stone, two Fighting Fury Belt, and a Rock Guard. The Float Stones help Keldeo-EX freely Rush In and out of attackers while Fighting Fury Belt helps with doing an extra 10 damage, but more importantly give all the Pokémon an extra 40 health making Seismitoad-EX have 220 HP and Giratina-EX have 210 HP. Fighting Fury Belt can even help keep Shaymin-EX out of harm’s way with 150 HP. It makes Yveltal-EX need a little more to one hit KO a Giratina-EX which can make all the difference between a win and a loss. Now the Rock Guard is extremely powerful should you find it early enough. Forcing the opponent to hit into it and take 60 extra damage is ridiculous and against Jirachi it KO's them in one go giving you a free Prize. At the moment there is just two Virbank City Gym which should be fine since Puzzle of Time can get them back. I see some lists running only three Double Dragon Energy which makes no sense to me now that Jirachi is a thing. Why play less Energy when all your Energy are Special Energy? I guess now with Puzzle of Time you can afford to run three now, but I personally will keep it maxed out.

Other card options

Munna BCR:

Because the deck runs Keldeo-EX and Float Stone it means you can get out of the Sleep should you flip tails making Munna have no drawback in a sense. Between Munna and Hypnotoxic Laser, you have better odds of sleeping the opponent and Munna can be used every turn. Munna can also be used as your seventh Prize should it come down to that.

Computer Search:

Most people probably will go with Computer Search over Rock Guard because of its consistency. However, the deck is already consistent and Rock Guard can win games more.


I never really missed running Colress with Professor Juniper and N and even Ghetsis. Puzzle of Time can get back Supporters too, but Colress is and will always be a great Supporter in Expanded. I'm just not a fan of it in the early games.


Now that Puzzle of Time is a thing I can easily see Skyla fitting well in this deck for a number of reasons. Even to just search out Rock Guard can be well worth the spot. There will be times where you have a single copy of Puzzle of Time in your hand so having the option to Skyla for a second one can be very much satisfying and well worth it in the long run. Also since the Ace Spec is Rock Guard it means Virbank City Gym is unsearchable, but now with Skyla it is. I can see maybe dropping one Professor Juniper for the Skyla just because even if you open with Skyla and no other Supporter you can just grab an Ultra Ball into Hoopa-EX and set up from there.

Enhanced Hammer:

I used to play Enhanced Hammer in this deck, but a lot of the time in the early games it was a dead card so I dropped it. It can come in handy mid to late game though especially when you are about to attack with Giratina-EX.

Silent Lab:

I know running Silent Lab shuts off a good amount of things in this deck especially Giratina-EX's Ability. However, if you aren't facing up against Mega Pokémon then sticking Silent Lab active while attacking with Giratina-EX can cripple the opponent from playing down any Shaymin-EX slowing them down drastically.

Closing Thoughts

I'm afraid this article has come to an end. All three of the decks I presented to you guys are very powerful and should be seen come week three of Winter Regionals and should be taken into account. My personal favorite is, of course, Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX. I believe it still has its place in the meta even with BREAKpoint’s inclusion. Greninja and Trevenant are still new so don't be surprised to see those decks start popping up. I'll be testing these decks more as the weeks come. I'll have another article at the end of the month so be sure to keep a look out for that. Again good luck at your upcoming Regionals and I hope to see many of you either in Missouri for week two or Florida for week three of Winter Regionals.

With that said, if you have any questions about these decks or lists, then feel free to leave me a comment down below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, then don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them. Or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it then by all means post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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