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Jose Marrero

Vanishing into Infinity and Beyond: M Mewtwo X and Y

Jose goes over a few deck ideas with both M Mewtwo X and Y from the new set, BREAKthrough for upcoming Standard Cities.

12/01/2015 by Jose Marrero

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Hello again, fellow 60cards readers! I first want to start off by saying that this is now my 30th article for and I couldn't be happier to have come this far with them. It's been about a year and a half now since I started writing for 60cards and I hope to write many more articles for you guys in the future. This article will be all about Standard M Mewtwo-EX decks because I feel like they are underrated and they haven't been talked about much. Last weekend there were Cities in some areas and we saw which decks performed well. I think it's important to look at past results even if they’re not in your own area, especially if there weren't many events during that time, because a lot of people will take those results seriously. Just look at what happened at the Arena Cup, where Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX was everywhere after it won. So be sure to take past results pretty seriously; this way you don't get surprised and are ready for when you face up against one of those decks that did end up performing well. The more prepared, the better especially at Cities since they provide a big chunk of one’s invite.

With that said, let's take a look at M Mewtwo-EX X with Landorus.


3-3 M Mewtwo-EX X:

Basically your main attacker, which should be taking most, if not all, of your KO's. M Mewtwo-EX's Vanishing Strike attack does a whopping 150 damage and another 50 damage if there is a Stadium in play. Not only that, but its effect is reminiscent of G Booster in that it isn't effected by Resistance or any effects on your opponent's Active Pokémon, meaning Vanishing Strike goes right through Giratina-EX's Ability without having to use Hex Maniac. On top of that, Vanishing Strike also goes through Regice's Resistance Blizzard. You can see how powerful M Mewtwo-EX X can be once you set it up. To power up Mewtwo faster we have cards like Mega Turbo, Dimension Valley, and of course, its own Spirit Link.

2x Shaymin EX:

Running Shaymin-EX in a deck like this is ideal because you want to make sure you are able to start setting up by turn two or three at the latest.

1x Hoopa EX:

I'm not too sure if Hoopa-EX is needed in this build, but it honestly can just come in clutch especially in the early turns because there may be times where you have a Spirit Link in your opening hand and an Ultra Ball and want both Shaymin-EX and Mewtwo-EX, so for this reason, I think Hoopa-EX deserves a spot in the deck.

3x Landorus FFI 58:

These are basically in the deck to help fuel M Mewtwo-EX as well as to chip off some health from bigger Pokémon, mainly Megas, since the deck does not run any Bats to help with one-shotting Megas with more than 200 HP. Landorus is just to basically help you stall until your M Mewtwo are ready to go.

1x Smeargle BKT 123:

Running this card is helpful for switching to whatever Energy you need at the time should you need to switch, however, I don't think Smeargle is needed for the deck to function.

1x Jirachi XY67:

Jirachi is just overall a great card that can also help stall since Jirachi can be immune from effects and damage from attacks should it remove a Special Energy.


3x Korrina:

A great Supporter in this deck because it runs so many Item cards. Landorus being a Fighting-type lets it be searched out for free with Korrina as well. Being able to search out cards like Mewtwo Spirit Link or Mega Turbo is a very nice option to have.

1x Professor Birch's Observations:

I personally like running some kind of shuffle-draw Supporter in case you can't afford to discard important resources in your hand, so I went with Professor Birch's Observation, but there are other Supporters that are helpful for this situation, namely Shauna and Judge, both of which are also shuffle-draw Supporters, just slightly different.

1x Hex Maniac:

I think running at least one Hex Maniac is needed in most, if not all, decks. Yeah, there are a lot of games where you just may not use it, but having it as an option is always nice, just in case you do need it for decks that rely heavily on Abilities. Even just stopping Bronzong's Metal Links or Aromatisse for a turn can make all the difference in the long run.

1x AZ:

Because this deck runs Shaymin-EX as well as Hoopa-EX and no Double Colorless Energy, I wanted to make sure I had a way to pick up Shaymin-EX in case they are vulnerable to Lysandre one-shots. Or if you need more draw, you can simply reuse Shaymin-EX.

1x Giovanni's Scheme:

As I said, the deck does not run Bats for extra damage, so we have to rely on either hitting with Landorus first or Giovanni's Scheme to one-hit KO Mega Pokémon with more than 200 HP. Its first effect can also help should your hand be dead since you can draw up to five cards, which is better than nothing.

4x Dimension Valley:

I went with Dimension Valley as my Stadium of choice simply because it helps you attack with M Mewtwo-EX for one fewer Energy, which is a huge deal when it's attack's cost is four Energy. So potentially, you can attack with M Mewtwo-EX by turn two, should you draw the right cards.

3x Mega Turbo:

As I mentioned, these are to help fuel M Mewtwo-EX even faster. With its big Energy cost, running Mega Turbo is needed even though the deck runs Landorus. I could even see a fourth Mega Turbo in the deck, but I think running three is fine for now.

1x Professor's Letter:

Because the deck runs two different types of Basic Energy (Fighting and Psychic), having a one-of Professor's Letter could be good, especially since Korrina can search it out.

1x Battle Compressor:

If I could fit another Battle Compressor I would, because it's really good in this type of deck. Not only does it help discard Supporters so you can VS Seeker them back, but it also lets you discard Energy so you can abuse Landorus and Mega Turbo.

1x Super Rod:

I went with Super Rod over Sacred Ash just because you may not want to get back excess Landorus and may even need to get back Basic Energy.

7x Fighting Energy/5x Psychic Energy:

Because M Mewtwo-EX needs two Fighting and one Psychic Energy for its Vanishing Strike attack, that's why there are more Fighting than Psychic. You can always use Smeargle to switch to whatever Energy you need at the time. However, because Landorus needs Fighting Energy to attack, that's another reason we run more Fighting than Psychic.

Other card options


Wobbuffet PHF 36/Float Stone:

Its Ability, Bide Barricade, can help stall until M Mewtwo-EX is powered up because it stops all of your opponent's Abilities on non-Psychic Pokémon. So running Float Stone is ideal should you go the Wobbuffet route just to free-Retreat out of the Active. Wobbuffet's attack, Psychic Assault can also be useful for when you chip damage with Landorus and since the deck already runs Dimension Valley, you can attack with Wobbuffet for a single Energy.

Octillery BKT 33/Float Stone:

Overall solid Pokémon that has an Ability that lets you draw up to five cards once per turn. Can come in handy to counter Judge or Ace Trainer.

Dedenne FFI 34:

Great surprise attacker against Yveltal-EX decks, but also useful against Rayquaza-EX and Lugia-EX. Dedenne's second attack, Energy Short, does 20 damage for each Energy attached to your opponent's Active for a single Colorless Energy making it more versatile. Play Dedenne at the right time and it can take down a big Yveltal-EX.


I'll discuss these in the next deck.

Mr. Mime BKT 97:

With the reprinting of Mr. Mime I think it means that decks like Noivern will have an impact in the Standard format and should be accounted for when deck building, especially in decks that like having big Benches.

Bunnelby PRC 121:

Running Bunnelby should never BREAK a deck, but help it, in my opinion. There are times where I've gotten cheap wins just because of the opponent not knowing I ran it and aggressively drawing through their deck. Getting back resources and giving up a single Prize should be worth it most times, depending on your opponent's board state.



Similar to Professor Birch's Observation except Shauna always nets you five cards. However, Professor Birch's Observation can net you seven cards should you flip heads. Having the risk of being a flip card for two more cards can make a difference.


Great shuffle and draw card that can disrupt the opponent at the same time should they have massive hands.


Overall solid card that's basically useful against every deck because all decks either run Special Energy or Tools or both.

Pokémon Center Lady:

Because M Mewtwo-EX has 230 HP, which isn't easy to one hit KO means Pokémon Center Lady can potentially turn two-shots into three or more shots which can mean the difference of a win or lose. Healing 60 damage as well as all Special Conditions on it can be worth it in the long run.

Muscle Band:

If for some reason you are unable to find a Spirit Link and may just have to manually evolve a M Mewtwo-EX then that M Mewtwo-EX can potentially max out at 240 damage with the help of Giovanni's Scheme, which can be extremely helpful in certain situations. Muscle Band can also come in handy for Landorus to do extra damage should a Pokémon have Resistance to Fighting types such as Rayquaza-EX.

Level Ball:

These are nice to search out Zubat and Golbat otherwise they aren't much of use.

Shrine of Memories:

Running this Stadium could also be helpful for when you want to use Mewtwo-EX's attacks, Shatter Shot and Damage Change. If you don't have enough Energy to use Vanishing Strike and only need two or three Psychic Energy to one-hit KO something then using Shatter Shot can be clutch in this situation. Now if you want to use Damage Change then all you need is two Psychic Energy and Dimension Valley. Because M Mewtwo-EX X has a whopping 230 HP, odds are you are not getting one-hit KO’d. If so then that's where a surprise Shrine of Memories can come in handy and heal off all your damage as well as do lethal damage at the same time, depending on how much damage you have on M Mewtwo-EX. However, you can't have both Stadiums out at once, but you should have no problem getting three Energy onto M Mewtwo-EX with the help of Mega Turbo.

Favorable Matchups


I would think this matchup is slightly favorable just because M Mewtwo-EX can one hit KO a Lucario-EX. However, if they run Focus Sash then it can get really tough, but that's where the Landorus's come in. They can help chip off that little bit of damage.

M Manectric-EX/Regice

M Manectric-EX can't one hit KO M Mewtwo-EX while M Mewtwo-EX can one shot M Manectric-EX and Regice not affecting M Mewtwo-EX X. Also the fact that the deck does not play any Special Energy which means you don't have to worry about Assault Vest.


M Mewtwo-EX goes through Giratina-EX's ability and the deck not running any Special Energy. Also Tyrantrum-EX unable to one hit KO M Mewtwo-EX without Muscle Band and Giovanni's Scheme.

Not-So-Favorable Matchups


Because the deck can get a turn-one Item-lock, that alone will slow M Mewtwo-EX down. However, the fact that Gengar-EX can hit M Mewtwo-EX for Weakness and flee back to the bench means it's definitely an unfavorable matchup.


This seems like an unfavorable matchup for M Mewtwo-EX X simply because Zoroark and Yveltal-EX can do quick work on M Mewtwo-EX. The Zoroark BREAK is also pretty scary against M Mewtwo-EX X because it can potentially one-hit KO it with a Muscle Band and Giovanni's Scheme should they play them. They can also just chip away with baby Yveltal.


Can potentially one-hit KO M Mewtwo-EX.

Night March

Landorus can one shot Joltiks. However, Pumpkaboo can one hit KO M Mewtwo-EX which is a lot more troublesome.


Can potentially one-hit KO M Mewtwo-EX should they play Pikachu-EX.

M Rayquaza-EX (Colorless)

Can potentially one-hit KO M Mewtwo-EX.

With that said let's move onto the Bat variant of M Mewtwo-EX X.


3-3 Mewtwo EX X:

This variant also runs a 3-3 M Mewtwo-EX X because they KO high-HP Pokémon while the Bats are used to soften up Megas or take cheap KO's on non-EX Pokémon.

1x Hoopa EX:

This list may not need Hoopa-EX because of Bench space, but having the option of getting both a Shaymin-EX and Mewtwo-EX may just be worth it in the long run, especially early game. Just make sure to Bench Hoopa-EX if it's absolutely necessary because you want to make sure you have enough Bench space for multiple Zubat.

3-3-2 Crobat:

These are great against some of the deck’s worst matchups such as Night March and Vespiquen, where you can take cheap KO's and try and keep the Prize trade even or in your favor. Also helpful for chipping down 200+ HP Megas so you can one-hit KO them.


2x Professor Birch's Observations:

Again making sure you have s shuffle-draw Supporter is needed for those random situations where you do not want to Professor Sycamore away resources.

1x Shauna:

Similar to Professor Birch's Observation except it nets you five cards automatically while Professor Birch's Observation can net you slightly more.

1x Hex Maniac:

Just an overall solid card that can disrupt your opponent's turn which can come in handy, especially if you deny them from setting up.

3x Mega Turbo:

These are great for speeding up your M Mewtwo-EX's attacks since you can potentially attack in one turn.

2x Super Scoop Up:

I wasn't sure if the deck should run Super Scoop Up or Switch or both, but since the deck runs Bats then Super Scoop Up seemed more relevant. I can even see running more than two Super Scoop Up to be able to find them easier.

1x Battle Compressor:

I personally like running at least one Battle Compressor in any deck that runs a good amount of unique Supporters simply because it may be more difficult to find a certain Supporter you need at the time so if you find Battle Compressor early enough then you can pick whatever Supporters are helpful in the matchup your facing and discard them for VS Seeker.

1x Sacred Ash:

In this variant you can see I went with Sacred Ash over Super Rod because there are times where you may have to discard too many Bats, but it's a personal opinion. I want to make sure I can get most if not all the Bats back to reuse because they are really important in a lot of matchups.

7x Fighting Energy/4x Psychic Energy:

Picking your Energy count is another personal opinion, but you can see I opted to run one less Psychic Energy compared to the other list above just because I needed room for other things.

Other card options


Wobbuffet/Float Stone:

When running a deck that already plays both Psychic Energy and Dimension Valley, you can’t go wrong with Wobbuffet. Disrupting your opponent's Abilities and having a decent attack is a nice option to have, especially now that Bats are in the deck, which can make Wobbuffet’s attack do more damage if needed.

Smeargle BKT 123:

I didn't add Smeargle in this variant just because I wanted to make sure the deck had room for the Bat lines, but you can easily fit it in should you think it's necessary. Switching your Energy to the correct one that is needed at the time can make a difference.

Mr. Mime BKT 97:

Having Mr. Mime as an option should still be in everyone’s minds because decks like Noivern can pop out of nowhere and if you aren't prepared for them then you may have a hard time taking it down.

Bunnelby PRC 121:

Resources, resources, resources.

Jirachi XY67:

The deck runs so many Basic Energy which can make attacking with Jirachi pretty efficient. Jirachi can help stall for a bit should you need a turn or two to set up M Mewtwo-EX. 



Disrupting your opponent's hand to four can make them dead-draw and keep them from winning the game next turn, so having at least one Judge in every deck is ideal. You never know when you can stick a clutch Judge on your opponent.


Having the option of discarding any Tool or Special Energy in play can be a big deal especially if it slows your opponent's turn down whether it's attacking or setting up a Pokémon.

Pokémon Center Lady:

As I said before, healing 60 damage off a big attacker like M Mewtwo-EX where 230 HP isn't going to be easy to take down can mean the difference of a two-shot and a three-shot. A surprise Pokémon Center Lady can easily win games if played at the right time especially knowing you can't get KO’d next turn.

Giovanni's Scheme:

Sometimes you may not be able to get a Bat plus KO on the same turn so having Giovanni's Scheme as a backup option can be worth it when trying to KO Mega Pokémon with 200 or more HP.

Muscle Band:

Running Muscle Band can also help to one hit KO a Mega Pokémon, except you will have to pass your turn should you manually evolve into M Mewtwo-EX, so maybe Muscle Band isn't needed since the deck runs Bats and Giovanni's Scheme anyway.


If you don't want to rely on Super Scoop Up to switch out of the Active, then running Switch can help in this situation. However, the deck either uses single-Energy Retreaters or free Retreaters except for M Mewtwo-EX, but you’re attacking with them anyway, so I would think Super Scoop Up is overall better.

Shrine of Memories:

Having the option to use Mewtwo-EX's attacks while being in Mega form can make a huge difference especially if you can't get one-hit KO’d, meaning you can now switch all your damage onto your opponent's Active and since M Mewtwo-EX has 230 HP then there's a good chance you may even KO the Active while healing off all your damage. I can see running both Dimension Valley and Shrine of Memories just to have both options at your disposal.

Super Rod:

I already discussed why I opted to go with Sacred Ash over Super Rod, but the main difference is that Super Rod can get back Basic Energy while Sacred Ash can't. However, there are times where you may have some Pokémon in the discard that you want put back in yet you don't want to put the Energy back in. So there are times where Super Rod can mess you up. You just have to play smart and not put yourself in those situations unless absolutely needed.

With that said, let's move onto one of the variants with energy acceleration which is in fact Aromatisse.


3-3 Mewtwo EX Y: 

This is the other M Mewtwo-EX, which has an attack called Psychic Infinity that only costs a single Double Colorless Energy for 70 damage right off the bat. Psychic Infinity does 10 damage plus 30 more damage for each Energy on both Active Pokémon. With the help of Aromatisse and Xerneas, you can easily see how M Mewtwo-EX can do grand amount of damage to the opponent. This M Mewtwo-EX is easier to set up simply because of its attacks cost which makes it more versatile than the other.

4x Xerneas XY 96:

Xerneas is used to accelerate Energy and I went with four because I wanted to max out on trying to open with it since it's the deck’s preferred starter. Attacking with Xerneas multiple times is ideal before going aggro M Mewtwo-EX just to have more Energy on the field so you don't have to worry as much about being dry on Energy.

3-3 Aromatisse XY 93:

This Pokémon is used to move your Fairy Energy freely which you can see how M Mewtwo-EX can dish out tons of damage. A 3-3 line should be fine because once you get two out, your opponent may just disregard them altogether.

1x Jirachi XY67:

Because the deck can freely move Energy then running techs like Jirachi can come in handy against the decks worst matchups such as, Vespiquen or even Night March. Jirachi only needing a single Colorless Energy makes it extremely versatile.


1x Shauna:

You can change Shauna for a third Professor Birch's Observation or a Judge, but I personally like knowing that I can shuffle-draw to a new hand of five because five cards can honestly get you a lot.

1x Hex Maniac:

Shutting down your opponent's Abilities at any point of the game can be game changing, which is why Hex Maniac has a spot in the deck. However, unlike M Mewtwo-EX X where its attack goes through Giratina-EX, you need Hex Maniac to get past it with M Mewtwo-EX Y. But then again, this deck wrecks Giratina-EX simply because you can just go aggro Xerneas for the one-hit KO because Giratina-EX is Weak to Fairy-types.

1x AZ:

AZ is basically to pick back up either Shaymin-EX or M Mewtwo-EX after you have switched the Energy off it. Because Max Potion isn't legal for Standard then maybe adding a second AZ and possibly a fourth Spirit Link is ideal just to have the option of going into another fresh M Mewtwo-EX.

1x Giovanni's Scheme:

You can't go wrong with having the option of doing an extra 20 damage and potentially drawing up to five cards should your hand be dead. Giovanni's Scheme is a new card from BREAKthrough which I think will see a good amount of play even if it's just a one-of.

2x Lysandre:

M Mewtwo-EX has the potential of one hit KOing most Pokémon so having multiple Lysandre to pick off things on the Bench with Energy is perfect since M Mewtwo-EX gets fueled by more Energy on your opponent's Active Pokémon. M Mewtwo-EX can easily clean up a whole field with the right amount of Energy.

1x Level Ball:

Great for searching out Spritzee and Aromatisse or even Jirachi is need be.

1x Super Rod:

I simply went with Super Rod over Sacred Ash because you may need to get back Fairy Energy in case you have to discard too many at some point.

1x Battle Compressor:

As I said, if you can find Battle Compressor early to mid-game then it can be really helpful in putting specific Supporters into the discard especially if they are one of Supporters such as, Giovanni's Scheme or Hex Maniac, or AZ.

4x Fairy Garden:

The best Stadium of choice for this deck simply because the deck runs Fairy Energy, which gives all your Pokémon with Fairy Energy attached free Retreat, and with the help of Aromatisse to move Fairy Energy anywhere you see fit, it’s clear Fairy Garden fits perfectly in the deck.

7x Fairy Energy/4x Double Colorless Energy:

I'm not too sure if seven Fairy Energy is the right call, but I think it actually might be because of Double Colorless Energy, so if you don't have any Fairy Energy in play, you can still attack with M Mewtwo-EX.

Other card options



Great early game for searching out both Shaymin-EX and Mewtwo-EX. Reusable with AZ as well. Just be careful with Bench space because you don't want to clog it up too much.

Bunnelby PRC 121:

Getting back Double Colorless Energy is a nice option to have or basically anything that you feel you need back. 

Octillery BKT 33:

I can see Octillery in this deck because even with its two Retreat cost, Fairy Garden drops it down to zero which makes it even more versatile in this deck. Freely drawing up to five cards every turn makes you less vulnerable to Judge and Ace Trainer as well.



If you’re one of the players that used to play Yanmega Prime back in the day then you probably already play Judge in most your decks. Judge simply can disrupt the opponent; however, it can sometimes mess your hands up as well. But Judge is mainly used late game when you want to try and reset your opponent's game-winning hand.

Mega Turbo:

You would think Mega Turbo would easily be in the deck, but there wasn't much room for them and with Xerneas and Aromatisse moving/getting Energy onto the field then Mega Turbo may not be as needed as you would think. However, once something gets KO’d then Mega Turbo can come in handy then.

Super Scoop Up:

Running Super Scoop Up can essentially replace Max Potion except that it's a flip effect and you have to make sure you have another Mewtwo-EX ready on the Bench.

Sacred Ash:

If for some reason you are wary of discarding too many Pokémon early on, then go with Sacred Ash over Super Rod.

With that said, let's finally get to the last deck which uses Bronzong for Energy acceleration.


3-3 M Mewtwo EX Y:

We are running M Mewtwo-EX Y in this variant as well because it's similar to the Aromatisse variant, in which M Mewtwo-EX can abuse Bronzong's Metal Links to get more Energy on it.

1x Aegislash EX:

Great backup attacker and wall against decks that rely heavily on Special Energy, such as Night March and Vespiquen decks.

1x Heatran PHF 63:

Overall solid attacker that can be powered up one turn thanks to Bronzong. Heatran being a non-EX makes it even better because it can dish out a good amount of damage with its Steam Blast attack. Heatran is also a nice counter to Regice even though Bronzong is as well.

1x Jirachi XY67:

I know I've talked about Jirachi many times now, but that's simply because it's a new card and it's extremely versatile in any deck. You never know when a clutch Jirachi can by you time to set up which is why Jirachi is in the deck.

3-3 Bronzong PHF 61:

This Pokémon is the deck’s main source of Energy acceleration. You want to try and get out at least two just to make sure you have one to work with should one get KO’d.


1x Hex Maniac:

When using Hex Maniac, make sure you use all your own Abilities first. Sometimes people may forget and do it vice versa so be sure not to be one of those people.

1x AZ:

Reusing Shaymin-EX and Hoopa-EX are both great options to have and to heal off a damaged Mewtwo-EX.

1x Giovanni's Scheme:

Doing even more damage can't ever go wrong, so in case you can't Metal Links for that extra damage, then Giovanni's Scheme can save the day with an extra 20 damage.

3x Float Stone:

Float Stone was reprinted in BREAKthrough so now it makes Bronzong even more viable just because you can send it up and and free-Retreat after one of your Pokémon gets KO’d.

2x Battle Compressor:

In the Aromatisse variant you don't want your Basic Energy in the discard. However, in the Bronzong variant you do because Metal Links works from the discard while Aromatisse's Fairy Transfer works on the Energy already on the field. 

1x Sacred Ash:

In this variant I went with Sacred Ash over Super Rod as you saw in the Aromatisse variant. This is because this variant has many more unique Pokémon that you may want to get back and most times you don't want to have to shuffle back in Basic Energy.

3x Sky Field:

Because the deck relies on having a big Bench because of Bronzong then the ideal Stadium in this variant of M Mewtwo-EX is Sky Field. I can even see adding in a fourth one.

Other card options



Solid attacker that can also abuse Double Colorless Energy and Metal Links to do large amounts of damage.


Level Ball:

Great for searching out Bronzor and Bronzong and even Jirachi.

Closing Thoughts

That's all I have for you guys at the moment. Both Mewtwo-EX are interesting and I think they have potential in the Standard format. I hope I was able to give you many different options for them. It's up to you on which variant you want to run. There are a lot of options on what to run in the decks so be sure to pick what you think is best in each deck and make the lists to your liking. Good luck at your upcoming Cities and I hope you perform well should you use any of these lists or not. I think my favorite variant of M Mewtwo-EX right now is the Bat version simply because you can get cheap and multiple KO's on the same turn.

I'll have two more articles coming out next month so be sure to stay tuned for those. With that said, if you have any questions about these decks or lists, then feel free to leave me a comment down below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, then don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them. Or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it then by all means post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!


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