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Premonition's Big BREAK: 3 Ways to use Gallade BKT in Standard

Jose goes over Night March/Bronzong in Standard as well as three ways to run Gallade BKT with the new Standard format.

11/16/2015 by Jose Marrero


Hello again, 60cards readers! With Cities getting closer and closer by the day, I wanted to bring you guys another article solely on Standard to hopefully prepare you for your upcoming Standard Cities. I myself have a mix of both Standard and Expanded Cities, but the first four or so will all be in Standard in my area. So why not start getting ready for Standard and then transition back to Expanded when the time comes? This is why this next article will be about four decks for the new Standard format. One of which will be two different variants which you will notice right away. I also want to show you how you can use Gallade BKT in a few decks since many of you may be wondering how to incorporate it in decks effectively since the release of BREAKthrough. I'm sure there are other ways to run Gallade BKT, but for now I'll just go over the ones I mentioned above because those three decks seem to be the easiest to fit Gallade in because they all run Double Colorless Energy and Gallade shouldn't ruin their consistency. But before that, I want to go over a Night March variant that seems to be effective against it's most troublesome matchup, Giratina-EX with the help of Bronzong and Jirachi XY Promo 67. Be sure to check out my last article in which I talked about my top five favorite cards of BREAKthrough as well as updated lists for Tyrantrum-EX and M Rayquaza-EX if you want to take a look at those.

With that said let's get right into it.

Marching to BREAKness

I know Night March has been talked about tons of times, but the list I presented above is quite unique to ones that you have probably seen. Let's not forget that now BREAKthrough is implemented into it as you may notice. Basically the biggest difference from other lists is the 1-1 Bronzong line as well as Jirachi, which both are great answers to get past Giratina-EX's attack, Chaos Wheel. Not being able to attach Double Colorless Energy makes Night March fold to Giratina-EX so using Basic Energies with Bronzong's Metal links and slowing them down with Jirachi's Stardust is the way to go because Stardust only needs a single energy to use and it discards a Special Energy on you're opponent's active Pokemon and if you do then Jirachi becomes immune from damage and effects of attacks next turn allowing it to keep surviving should you keep discarding Special Energy. The fact that Float Stone was reprinted in BREAKthrough makes running Bronzong even more viable because it makes Bronzong less vulnerable to Lysandre plays. Float Stone is also just clutch for when you are forced to open with Shaymin-EX.

Then you have your standard 4-4-4 line of Joltik, Pumpkaboo, and Lampent because obviously that's where your damage out put comes in. Then there's three Shaymin-EX which in my opinion is good enough although I can see running two or even four Shaymin-EX. It's basically your preference because I know some people have trouble getting Shaymin-EX's these days so you can potentially get away with running two if that's all you have, but at least three is preferred. Moving onto the Trainers we have two Professor Sycamore which may sound like a low count, but in Night March decks you can get away with running low counts of Supporters because of cards like Shaymin-EX as I said and Acro Bike as well as Trainers' Mail which all help run through the deck.

One AZ just for those clutch situations where you may need to AZ a Shaymin-EX to not lose the game or just to simply AZ Shaymin-EX for more draw. And if Float Stone is non existent then you can always AZ whatever was dragged up by Lysandre. Then we have a one of Hex Maniac mainly to get past Vileplume for a turn or more importantly stopping Bat drops for a turn because we all know how effective Bats are against Night March. A new addition to the deck that came out in BREAKthrough is Giovanni's Scheme which has two effects. The first allowing you to draw cards until you have five in your hand and the other effect allowing you to do 20 more damage to your opponent's active Pokemon. The second effect is the main reason it's in the deck. This extra 20 damage means you can one hit KO Pokemon easier especially Mega Pokemon, but the first effect can of course come in handy if your hand seems dead. Next up, we have one Lysandre which I'm still hesitant on because usually Night March decks want to pick off Shaymin-EX's for cheap prizes and if Lyssndre is prized when you really need it then it can be game changing. Most Night March decks run two Lysandre so if your wary on running one then I'm not opposed to running two in this build. Then we have the standard four copies of VS Seeker, Ultra Ball, Battle Compressor, Trainers' Mail, but only three Acro Bike because I wanted to make room for Jirachi, which I think every Night March deck should be running. All these cards are reasons this deck stays consistent and playable.

The Tools of choice are of course two Muscle Band so we don't have to discard as many Night Marchers to KO what we want and two Float Stone as I said for Bronzong so we can Metal Links easier and not have to worry about getting out of the active spot when needed. Then for our recovery cards there's one Buddy-Buddy Rescue and one Super Rod. The Buddy Buddy Rescue is for insurance just in case too many Night Marchers are in the discard and you need more attackers. Or if you simply want to get back a Shaymin-EX for more draw. The Super Rod also helps with this situation except Super Rod can get back Bronzong as well as Basic Energy. A clever play you can do should you find Buddy-Buddy Rescue early on is to Battle Compressor away the Bronzor then Buddy-Buddy Rescue it to the bench this way you don't have to use an Ultra Ball to search Bronzor out. My Stadium of choice is none other than Dimension Valley which helps Pumpkaboo attack for a single Double Colorless Energy. If you need space for something else you can potentially get away with running three Dimension Valley, but running four is more ideal so you can find it early enough and win Stadium wars. As for the Energy count there's four Double Colorless and three Metal. Running a low count of basic Metals may seem odd when running Bronzong, but there is just one Bronzong so you just need to use the energies wisely and make sure you use Super Rod correctly if necessary.

Other card options


Milotic PRC:

Overall solid card that let's you put any card from you're discard into you're hand if you evolve Milotic from you're hand. Meaning you can get back critical things such as, a Double Colorless Energy or Dimension Valley if necessary.

Bunnelby PRC:

If your running dry on resources then Bunnelby can come in handy. Knowing all of your Double Colorless Energy are in the discard pile can give you a heart attack (Demi Lovato)

Ariados ANO:

This card is mainly used to help bypass Focus Sash, namely in Mienshao decks. Being poisoned doesn't matter since your most likely going to get revenged KOed anyway.

Gallade BKT:

I'll discuss this more in the next section.


Ace Trainer:

Because this deck has so many low HP Pokemon then you may be behind on prizes at some point which can make running Ace Trainer worth it especially against Mienshao decks which love to keep their hands big.


Similar to Ace Trainer in which it serves well against Mienshao decks although Judge is more effective than Ace Trainer in that sense because you can use Judge whenever as opposed to Ace Trainer needing to be behind on prizes.


A great card in this deck because it let's you search your deck for ANY TWO CARDS if one of your Pokemon were knocked out last turn. So seeing how this deck runs a lot of low HP Pokemon as I said before makes Teammates easily viable in a deck like Night March where you basically only need one or two things to answer back.


This card serves for multiple purposes, for example getting rid of Special Energy on a Giratina-EX, or getting rid of a Focus Sash. Two situations that make Night March vulnerable to defeat.

Roller Skates:

This card is great in a deck like Night March where you want to dig through your deck for that turn one attack. However, Roller Skates is in fact a flip card so it's basically high risk high reward. Night March doesn't need Roller Skates, but if you want to be more consistent and have more draw then by all means try Roller Skates.

Town Map:

Playing this card in any Night March deck can't go wrong honestly because it helps you find you're prized Night Marchers easier or simply anything relevant that you really need to get out of the prizes.

With that said, let's get into the core of the article.

3 Ways to run Gallade BKT in Standard

The first deck that I'll be discussing with the inclusion of Gallade BKT is Night March. I figured I would start off with Night March even though I've discussed a different variant already. The main difference between this variant and most other Night March variants is of course Gallade BKT. This is due to it just coming out in the new set, BREAKthrough. I wouldn't be surprised if other decks come out that also run Gallade BKT whether it's the main attacker, back up attacker or simply used as a support because of it's ability which is called Premonition (hence the title). Which allows you to rearrange the top 5 cards of your deck in any order you want. Gallade's attack, Sensitive Blade is also decent which makes it more viable to run in this deck only needing a Double Colorless Energy to use it. Sensitive Blade has a base of 60 damage and if you used a supporter this turn it does an extra 70 damage. So basically your doing 130 damage for a single Double Colorless Energy.

It may seem weak, but there are also cards like Muscle Band and Giovanni's Scheme to help make it do even more damage. However, Gallade's ability, Premonition is the main reason it fits well in the deck because it can abuse cards like Acro Bike and Trainers' Mail. It basically makes your Acro Bikes god like because you can choose what to grab and discard from the top 5 cards of your deck thanks to Gallade's ability. To help get Gallade out the deck also runs Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick because there isn't any Ralts or Kirlia in the list so Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick is the only way to get Gallade out. We know the deck works fine with Archeops so replacing Archeops with Gallade shouldn't be too different. That's basically the main difference in this build. Similar to the build with Bronzong the rest of the Pokemon line is identical aside from Bronzong which you can still make room for in this build as well if you really wanted to.

As for the supporters between the two builds are the difference between two Lysandre and Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick which the Bronzong build runs one Lysandre, but no Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick while the Gallade version runs two Lysandre and Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick. Everything else in the list compared to the other list is the same aside from the Bronzong version only running Buddy-Buddy Rescue and both versions running different types of Basic Energy. Of course the Bronzong version runs Metal to help fuel Metal Links and in the Gallade version there are Lightning Energy, which can help in the mirror match for when you are able to get a Joltik attacking with as Muscle Band which can KO other Joltiks for a single Lightning Energy. That's pretty much it as far as this variant of Night March goes. The inclusion of Gallade BKT is the only real thing that makes it stand out compared to the other one with Bronzong.

Other card options


I won't go into them again, but pretty much every other option the Bronzong variant has is just effective in this one.


I won't go into them again, but pretty much every other option the Bronzong variant has is just effective in this one.

With that said, let's now move onto the next deck, Vespiquen/Eeveelutions with Gallade BKT.

Next up, we have a deck that had great success during the last two weekends of Autumn Regionals, Vespiquen/Eeveelutions. Only this time we are talking about it in Standard as well as with Gallade BKT. Vespiquen decks can also easily fit a 1-1 Gallade BKT and Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick because it also runs Double Colorless Energy as well as Trainers' Mail and Acro Bikes. However, the list I presented above only runs three Trainers' Mail and two Acro Bikes as opposed to Night March running four of each. Well you can easily change up the counts to your liking, but I needed room to fit other things which is why Trainers' Mail and Acro Bikes aren't maxed out in Vespiquen. Aside from Gallade BKT we have the standard 4-4 line of Vespiquen as well as four Unown. Maxing these out insures we have as many attackers and free draw as possible. Unown also fuels Vespiquen's attack so it has two uses besides the obvious draw. Then there's a 3-2-2 line of Jolteon and Flareon. Both of which have their merits against their weak type decks such as, Sceptile-EX, Aegislash-EX and M Rayquaza-EX. The Flareon also helps with Blacksmith plays so you can bypass Giratina-EX's attack, Chaos Wheel as I previously stated in Night March/Bronzong. Having Vespiquen turn it'self into Lightning and Fire types makes it that much better which is why Blacksmith is able to work on Vespiquen should you have Flareon out. Then of course there's three Shaymin-EX to help you find Double Colorless Energy or whatever is needed at the time easier.

There is also a 1-1 line of Ariados ANO to help against Mienshao as I said earlier because they run a heavy count of Focus Sash. With Ariados poisoning whatever has a Focus Sash on it means you are now able to take a prize on that Pokemon and since Vespiquen is a Grass type then Ariados's ability is negated by it which makes it even better with no drawback. That's it as far as the Pokemon go, there are other potential Pokemon that are great additions in this deck which I'll go over in the "Other card options section". Let's move on over to the Trainers of the deck starting with two Professor Sycamore which of course are needed in most decks if not all especially in this deck because Vespiquen decks want to get excess Pokemon into the discard for greater damage out put. There are only two Professor Sycamore because the deck runs four Battle Compressor which you can just discard one of them early on and just VS Seeker it when needed. Next up, we have a one of Blacksmith that has gained popularity for some time now especially ever since Jimmy O'Brien used it effectively well in his Vespiquen deck back during Autumn Regionals. Blacksmith gives you an answer against Giratina-EX in which allows you to attach two Fire Energy from your discard to one of your Fire Pokemon and if you have the ANO Flareon out then you can simply Blacksmith onto Vespiquen allowing you to deal lethal damage onto a Giratina-EX. Following Blacksmith we also have a one of Giovanni's Scheme which as I said is a new Supporter in the new BREAKthrough set.

Since Vespiquen relys it's damage out put on how many Pokemon are in your discard then Giovanni's Scheme can help hit that magic number you're trying to achieve and with Muscle Band it should be even easier. One Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick, but if you fear one of the pieces being prized you can always up the Gallade and Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick counts. Two Lysandre which is pretty standard in a deck like Vespiquen because all you need is a Double Colorless most of the time to get quick KO's. Then we have more standard cards like four VS Seeker, Ultra Ball, and Battle Compressor. All of which is needed in this type of deck. Now, there is also three Trainers' Mail and two Acro Bike which may seem odd, but honestly I has to make room for a few things. These two cards should never break a deck because they are consistency cards no matter what counts you run of them. Two Muscle Band as well because Silver Bangle isn't legal in standard so we have to go with option B. Last but not least, one Float Stone just for those clutch spots where you just need a free retreater or if something were to be dragged up by Lysandre then you now have an answer to get out of the active spot while saving an energy at the same time. Lastly, a one of Sacred Ash, which can also be a Super Rod,  but since this deck runs so many Pokemon then you may want to get more than three and since the deck runs Blacksmith then you shouldn't worry about going dry on Basic Energy in my opinion. As far as the energies go it's a simple four Double Colorless Energy and three Fire Energy for Blacksmith plays as I've said before. 

Other card options


Jirachi XY Promo 67:

Great against decks that rely heavily on Special Energy such as, Seismitoad-EX/Giratina-EX because Jirachi's first attack, Stardust discards a Special Energy attached to your opponent's Active Pokémon. If you do, prevent all effects of attacks, including damage, done to this Pokémon during your opponent's next turn. So Jirachi can sit there and discard all Special Energy without being touched.

Bunnelby PCR:

Vespiquen decks always fear running dry on Double Colorless Energy so having Bunnelby as insurance can make you feel more safe on having to discard them if you have no choice.

Bronzong/Metal Energy:

Great against Giratina-EX decks as I've said before in the Night March version. If you go this route then make sure to drop Blacksmith because it will be useless if you replace the Fire Energies for Metal ones.


Ace Trainer:

Since Vespiquen decks runs so many low HP Pokemon then odds are your going to be behind on prizes very fast, but then again Vespiquen can one hit KO EX's. However, Ace Trainer is great against decks like Mienshao.


Again this card is great against Mienshao decks and pretty much anything just because Vespiquen decks have so many ways of drawing cards and it's consistency is so good that Judge should always still net you a fresh hand especially if you have Shaymin's left in the deck.

Hex Maniac:

This card is great in many situations, mainly being against Aegislash-EX where you can't damage them with a Special Energied Pokemon so having Hex Maniac shut off Aegislash-EX's ability then you can do lethal damage.

Last but not least, let's move on to our last and final of decks, M Rayquaza-EX starting with the Bronzong variant paired with Gallade BKT.

Including Gallade BKT in M Rayquaza-EX is quite nice actually because it gives you an answer to one of the decks toughest matchups, M Manectric-EX. This reasoning alone gives Gallade it's say in the deck. Not only can Gallade one hit KO M Manectric-EX for a single Double Colorless or Metal Links, but it's ability, Premonition is quite interesting even though this variant of M Rayquaza-EX doesn't run cards like Trainers' Mail or Acro Bike to help manipulate you're draws. Being able to look at the top five cards of you're deck once per turn can mean between either using Professor Sycamore or Professor Birch's Observation or even Judge. Now you know Gallade's main reasoning behind why I've included it in this deck. Now let's move on to the rest of the Pokemon counts. I went with a 2-1 split of both Colorless and Dragon type Rayquaza-EX's. Mainly due to the fact that the Dragon Rayquaza-EX can help you stall for a turn for when you are going up against Lightning type decks that can't one hit KO it. Then there's three M Rayquaza-EX because it's the main focus and attacker of the deck. Then of course we have three Shaymin-EX which I used to run four in this deck, but you can get away with running three. Following that there's also a 3-3 Bronzong line which I see people going with a 4-3 line, but I think a 3-3 line is just fine to be honest because you really only need two Bronzong out to be very effective and so you can afford for one to be KOed leaving you with one and just enough to power up a M Rayquaza-EX assuming you find Double Colorless Energy.

I kept the Aegislash-EX from previous lists because it can still come in handy against decks that rely heavily on Special Energy and it's a great back up attacker on top of that. One Hoopa-EX because this deck loves to drool over Hoopa-EX on the first turn to start setting up. One Heatran as well in case you come up against Regice or Hippowdon or to simply have a big hitter that's a non EX Pokemon. A new addition to the team is the new Jirachi XY promo 67 which is a really effective answer against Giratina-EX and Seismitoad-EX decks or basically anything that runs heavy Special Energy since it's first attack, Stardust has a base of 10 damage and let's you discard a Special Energy attached to the active Pokemon and if you do then Jirachi is immune from damage and effects of attacks next turn and it's only cost is a single Colorless Energy. Moving on to the Trainers we have three Professor Sycamore which I wish there was room for four, but three should still be enough especially with a heavy Shaymin-EX count. Then the one of Supporters are one Professor Birch's Observation, Judge, AZ, Hex Maniac, and Maxie's Hidden Ball Trick. I wanted to have a few put back draw Supporters just in case you get those hands where you just can't afford to discard. Plus Judge can help in the Mienshao matchup as I've said before. However, the AZ has a number of reasons on why it warrants a spot in the deck.

It not only let's you pick back up any Pokemon, but it can also help you do clutch plays where your'e opponent is going for the game winning Shaymin-EX or if they simply try and Lysandre stall should you not find any Float Stones. Hex Maniac is still needed because of Pokemon such as, Giratina-EX, Aegislash-EX, and even Vileplume. Hex Maniac is also great just to slow down you're opponent's set up whether they are playing Bronzong as well or Magnezone BKT. Two Lysandre which should honestly be a staple in any M Rayquaza-EX because when you have the potential of one hit KOing anything on the field then you want to be able to Lysandre whatever is on the bench threatening you at a moments notice. So for the people only playing one Lysandre I recommend you go back to two. Pretty much every single deck out there should be running four VS Seeker and four Ultra Ball aside from maybe Mienshao and Vileplume decks. Mienshao not needing Ultra Ball and Vileplume not needing VS Seeker, but you can see they both need one or the other. I love the reprinting of Float Stone which is why there's three in the list because Bronzong loves having Float Stones on them. Float Stone keeps the deck more consistent which running Switch was always troublesome when digging for them.

I also went with three Spirit Links because since the deck runs three Megas then you shouldn't go any lower than three. One Battle Compressor which helps in two ways the first allowing you to discard Supporters so you can VS Seeker them and the second so you can get Metal Energy into the discard for Bronzong's Metal Links. Then for the decks recovery I went with Sacred Ash over Super Rod because when going up against Mega Pokemon you want to make sure you have enough bench Pokemon to one hit KO them and since Super Rod only get's back three things then Sacred Ash can just be better because it get's back five Pokemon the only difference being that Sacred Ash can't get back basic energy but that's okay because that's what Bronzong is for. I also kept the list at four Sky Field which I personally love and I think should be a staple. I see people running three which I just don't like especially with the new Stadium, Parallel City out now. You want to make sure you are able to bump it right away because it stops this decks damage out put drastically and we don't want that. For the energy count I went with six Metal and four Double Colorless. You can probably get away with running just five Metal Energy if you feel you need room for one more thing and are desperate for the spot.

Other card options


Zoroark BKT:

A great backup attacker in the deck which can abuse Double Colorless Energy and it can be used for it's ability, Stand In which is identical to Keldeo-EX's Rush In and since the deck runs Float Stone any way then it makes Zoroark even more smashable. I talked about Zoroark in this deck in my last article so be sure to check that out which I posted the link to it in the introduction.

Bunnelby PRC:

There is two reasons why running Bunnelby can be a life saver. The first being the most obvious by getting back resources, but the other being that you can potentially get a mill win with it should you play it down at the perfect time. I can't tell you how many times my opponent is left with a few cards in deck wishing I played Bunnelby.


Running Lugia-EX in this deck honestly can't hurt. Lugia-EX is a great answer to two shotting Giratina-EX because of Bronzong and against other Pokemon you can dish out tons of damage with the combination of Double Colorless Energy and Metal Links.

Altaria ROS:

This little fellow can help against Lightning based decks that can easily one hit KO M Rayquaza-EX. Should you add Altaria in then maybe adding a Winona is also needed just to find Altaria easier. You can still use Winona to get Shaymin-EX as well as both Mega and non Mega Rayquaza-EX. You should also switch the Dragon Rayquaza-EX to another Colorless one since Winona only searches for Colorless types.

Registeel AOR:

This Pokemon can come in handy against Seismitoad-EX and Giratina-EX decks or basically any EX heavy deck because it's attack, Forbidden Iron Hammer let's you discard any energy attached to you're opponent's active Pokemon EX and it does 70 base damage, but the effect only works on EX Pokemon. It's similar to Jirachi's Stardust except Jirachi only discard Special Energy and is immune next turn while Registeel can discard any energy but is not immune to attacks next turn. Both have their merits, but I think Jirachi is still more effective and easier to power up only needing a single Colorless Energy while Registeel needs a Metal and a Double Colorless.

Ariados AON:

I know this card may seem odd in this type of deck, but if Mienshao is big in you're area then running Ariados can come in clutch to get past all the Focus Sash's. Even against Primal Groudon-EX decks it helps against. You're opponent won't have a choice but to try and get rid of it as fast as possible.


Ace Trainer:

I've never really been a fan of this card since it's release, but it's by no means bad. This deck may have to give up prizes early on in order to setup sometimes which is where Ace Trainer can come in and be useful. However, I feel like M Rayquaza-EX decks should quickly gain the prize advantage making Ace Trainer less effective. I can't say how many times Ace Trainer can help against Mienshao. Although the deck already runs a way to disrupt Mienshao more effectively and that's Judge.

Pokemon Fan Club:

I used to run this card in this deck because being able to grab both a Bronzor and Hoopa-EX just seems like the perfect two Pokemon to start setting up. However, most of the time you want to be able to find more than one Bronzor early on. Pokemon Fan Club is so good turn one but after that it just seems dead because you probably much rather use a draw Suppoter at that point.


If you are not a fan of Professor Birch's Observation then by all means replace it with Shauna and guarantee five cards, but having the potential of getting seven cards over five may just be better in the long run. Especially when using more than one Professor Birch's Observation in a game because it's a 50/50 chance and let's say you hit 1/2 heads then you are drawing a total of eleven cards as opposed to drawing ten with two Shauna's.


To be honest adding this card to any deck is effective and can come in handy. The main reason I've added it to the other options section is mainly for Mienshao just to get rid of Focus Sash's so you can take KO's. Other than that Xerosic can just be clutch just to get rid of Spirit Links or Special Energy.

Level Ball:

I honestly wish there was room for one or two Level Ball in the deck because if you find them early then you can get Bronzor's going and mid to lategame you can get Bronzong's going.

Super Rod:

I already explained the difference between running Super Rod and Sacred Ash, but I'll say it again. The biggest difference is that Super Rod can get back basic energy, but since the deck relys on how many bench Pokemon you have to deal maximum damage then Sacred Ash can help get back more Pokemon which is why I recommend going Sacred Ash over Super Rod.

Closing Thoughts

That will conclude this article. I hope I was able to give you more deck options for you're upcoming Cities. All these decks have the potential of taking down a City Championship so hopefully you make these lists to you're liking and get great results. I'll have another article coming out at the end of the month, so be sure to stay tuned for that. Right now I'm thinking it will be all about both M Mewtwo-EX just because I know they have potential for success come Cities. I want to try and give you guys as many unique decks options as possible because even though the card pool may seem small for Standard it's actually not. There are so many decks you can build right now and I believe most have the potential of getting results. With that said, good luck to everyone at their upcoming Cities whether or not you decide to use one of these lists or not. 

Again I can't wait for Cities and to see what crazy decks people start popping up with. It will surely be an exciting time of the 2015-2016 season. With that said, if you have any questions about these decks or lists, then feel free to leave me a comment down below or message me on Facebook and I'll be sure to get to them as soon as possible. As usual, if you enjoyed reading this article, then please consider giving it a thumbs up. If you want to see a specific type of article or topic next time, then don't hesitate to give me ideas down below and I'll consider them. Or if you have any other deck ideas and want to see an analysis on it then by all means post it and I'll take a look. As always, keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time!



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