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Jose Marrero

"3 Contenders for Upcoming 2014-2015 Regionals"

Hello 60cards readers! I am glad to be back from the 2014 World Championships in Washington DC. For this article I'll be explaining 3 decks that I feel will be contenders for upcoming Regionals. I'll also give lists for each deck I discuss. But first a little about worlds.

09/11/2014 by Jose Marrero

It was a blast hanging and playing with some of the best players in the world. I managed to finish in the top 64. Which I was overall quite happy to atleast get some points for next season. Well enough about worlds. We have a whole new season to get ready for. And I hope your as excited as I am.


Table of Contents:

1. Landorus EX/Lucario EX/Mewtwo EX/Seismitoad EX/Hawlucha/Garbodor
2. Seismitoad EX/Mewtwo EX/Victini EX/Garbodor
3. Plasma/Lugia EX


1. Landorus EX/Lucario EX/Mewtwo EX/Seismitoad EX/Hawlucha/Garbodor


First, and in no particular order we have a deck that's been given quite a few additions with the new set. I think this deck will be one of the most popular decks for upcoming Regionals. It's a really strong deck now that we have new cards from the new set (Furious Fist). We now have cards like Strong Energy and Fighting Stadium that both give this deck potential of being one of the strongest decks out there. We also now have 3 new, good pokemon called Lucario EX/Seismitoad EX and Hawlucha non EX. Which Hawlucha for 1 energy does 60 base damage to only pokemon EX. So toss a Strong Energy and Fighting Stadium down on him and he's now 2 shotting EX's. Also the fact that he has free retreat and resists fighting makes him even more playable.

Lucario EX is also pretty good. I think alot of people dropped Lucario EX from their lists but I think he deserves at least 1 spot if not 2. His first attack for a single fighting energy does 30 base damage and ignores resistance. Which can 1 hit KO an opposing Hawlucha. But I think I like his 2nd attack more. For 2 fighting energy it does 60 base damage and you can draw cards until you have 6 in your hand. Really nice if you have a dead hand. Also clutch if your taking a KO and filling your hand up to 6 all at once. The downside to Lucario EX is that he's weak to psychic pokemon. So you have to be aware of opposing Mewtwo EX's when attacking with him. This is why we play our own Mewtwo EX's. So we can get those revenge KO's.

Now we have a 1 of tech Seismitoad EX. You can run higher counts if you want but for now I went with a 1 of. This guy has been getting tons of hype lately. Because frankly he is that good. If you can get a t2 item lock on opponent going 2nd. Then well you should be in a great spot. Putting your opponent on the ropes right off that bat is nice.

Then of course you have one of your main attackers which is Landorus EX. For a single fighting energy does 30 base to the active and 30 to 1 of your opponent's bench pokemon. Now with some of the new cards from Furious Fist. Landorus EX is even more powerful than before. With that being said he will have a huge target on his head these upcoming Regionals. Because frankly he's that good. Now of course you have your Garbodor lines for things like Pyroar and basically anything that uses abilities. Really game changing once you shut off those abilities. Thus giving you a slight advantage if not a huge one.

With that being said. Here's a sample list alongside some of my personal preferences.

3 Landorus EX:

Basically your main attacker for setting up KO's and dealing tons of damage early on. A single fighting energy for 30 to the active and 30 to the bench is really strong. You can deal more damage when combined with other cards such as Strong Energy, Muscle Band, Fighting Stadium and Hypnotoxic Lasers.

2 Mewtwo EX:

Great against opposing Mewtwo EX's and Lucario EX's. Which is why he's needed. Overall just a fast attacker that puts pressure on opponent.

1 Lucario EX:

Great against things like Hawlucha where you can 1 shot them for a single energy. A Strong Energy+ Muscle Band for 70 does the work since his first attack goes through resistance. His second attack is quite good also. Really clutch when you have a dead hand. You can do damage and fill your hand up at the same time. Which is why he's worth the 1 spot. As you don't want too many since more and more people are running Mewtwo EX. But I can see at least 2 in a deck. But no more than that.

1 Seismitoad EX:

I added a 1 of, of this guy mainly because he's just great against opposing Landorus EX's. Basically a free 2 prizes and well worth the spot if you can lock them up. Not being able to switch out is huge when your getting 2 shotted. Also can be great against Pyroar decks. You can item lock them while they are Hypnotoxic Lasered.

2 Hawlucha (non EX):

I love these little guys. They do alot of work against things like opposing Landorus EX and Seismitoad EX's. Hitting for 60+ whatever else you have on it for 1 energy is nice. He's also a non EX who so happens to have free retreat. Like why wouldn't you run this guy. He resists fighting also. Put a Strong Energy and a Muscle Band or Fighting Stadium or any 2 combinations of the 3 and he's practically 2 shotting EX's. Now the downside is that he does 0 damage to non EX pokemon. But who doesn't run EX's? He will be useful at some point.

3 Korrina:

Great card that let's you grab a fighting pokemon from your deck and an item card from your deck. Really good early on when your just looking for quick attackers like Landorus EX or Hawlucha. You can also grab whatever item card you need. Whether it's a Float Stone or Hypnotoxic Laser. Now the downside is that you cannot grab a supporter card or a stadium card. Which in most cases is fine because you can basically grab what you really need that turn. Worst case you don't have a supporter next turn you can just grab Computer Search just to give yourself options. Or even a bicycle if your just digging for an energy or something. Overall in my opinion more reliable than Skyla. Which is why I opted to go Korrina over Skyla.

2 Lysandre:

Guaranteed catcher effect. Needed to drag things on opponent's bench that's close to being KOed or that's threatening your board presence. Overall great card and pretty much a staple in most decks if not all.

2 Bicycle:

Really nice draw card. Especially when running Korrina. Since we know Korrina can't grab a supporter card. Then you can use Bicycle as sort of a back up draw card. Can also be used to dig for cards like lysandre or even an energy. Overall great card.

4 Hypnotoxic Laser:

One of the best cards in the format right now. Having a chance to sleep opponent while also auto poisoning them is nice and a lot of times game changing especially if your opponent stays asleep and has no way of retreating out of it. That poison can add up quickly.

1 Virbank City Gym:

Went with a 1 of as opposed to the usual 2-3 since this deck focuses more on Fighting Stadium. The fact that it's more useful against things like Virizion EX/Genesect EX or basically any deck that can negate status effects. Making Hypnotoxic Laser less effective but Fighting Stadium more effective. Which is why there's just 1 Virbank City Gym. But I mean you can go vise versa if you wanted. Just my 2 cents.

2 Fighting Stadium:

New stadium that gives fighting pokemon +20 damage to their attacks done to pokemon EX. Which in today's format. Pretty much everyone is running EX's. For this reason is why I went with more of these than Virbank City Gym. But again you can go vise versa on these or even add more of each if you wanted.

1 Computer Search:

One of the best and most consistent Ace Specs. It let's you grab any card from your deck and put it into your hand. Just an overall great card. Which is why you can only play 1 in your deck. Not much else to say.

1 Max Potion:

Personally I found this card to be really great against mirror and basically any deck that plays Lysandre. Healing something that might be dragged up later is huge and can deny those prizes. Which makes your opponent change up his or her strategy and can be a big game changer if played at the right time. Overall great card.

4 Strong Energy:

One of the new energies in the Furious Fist set. Can only be attached to fighting pokemon. But it gives them an extra 20 damage to their attacks done to your opponent's active pokemon. I mean what else to say. Basically an energy and Muscle Band combined. "Mind Blown"

3 Double Colorless Energy:

I went with 3 as opposed to the usual 4 because this deck focus's more on fighting attackers. Mewtwo EX and Seismitoad EX are basically backups. Being able to attack with them on the spot is nice. Which is why I wanted that option. You need those revenge KO options to stay in the game. But I mean you can go to 4 and maybe up your Seismitoad EX count. If you want to focus on him more.

2. Seismitoad EX/Victini EX/Mewtwo EX/Garbodor


Next, we have Seismitoad EX/Mewtwo EX/Victini EX/Garbodor. I feel like this should be a popular deck due to the fact that people will be playing Landorus EX and Virizion EX/Genesect EX. You have Seismitoad EX for Landorus EX/Pyroar/Victini EX and anything else weak to water. Then you have Victini EX for one of your worst match-ups which is of course Virizion EX/Genesect EX. Then there's Mewtwo EX for opposing Mewtwo EX's.

But every deck as their weaknesses or bad match-ups. Which I think for this deck is Plasma/Lugia. I think it's a tough match-up since you don't really have an answer to it. We lost Enhanced Hammer which is the main card that kept Lugia EX on it's toes. I guess you can try going Seismitoad EX and locking them out of Colress Machine and Roller Skates while also Hypnotoxic Lasering them to death. I can see this strategy working early on. Which can probably take them down if played right. You still need Garbodor to shut off Lugia EX's ability and Deoxys EX's ability. But also needed for things like Pyroar so you don't just get locked and lose. Also the fact that Seismitoad EX/Garbodor lock is too good. No trainers and abilities? Yeah they are in a tough one. They also can't use Startling Megaphone since you have them trainer locked. 

With that being said. Here's a sample list alongside some of my personal preferences.


 4 Seismitoad EX:

One of your main attackers. Really powerful card against decks that run things that are weak to water. A t1 Seismitoad EX attacking is huge, especially against things like Landorus EX. It's basically free 2 prizes at that point. Also great when combined with Hypnotixic Laser. Making that poison damage stack pretty quickly.

3 Victini EX:

Being as Sesimitoad EX is weak to grass you need an answer to Virizion/Genesect decks. Which is why this guy is in here. He can 1 shot them with his own Ace Spec (Victory Piece). Or you can just attach a fire and DCE which works also. But having the option to t1 an opposing Virizion EX that has an energy is huge. Thus basically giving you the game.

2 Mewtwo EX:

Great against opposing Mewtwo EX's and overall a fast attacker when you need something to attack right away that can dish out a good amount of damage.

4 Skyla:

Maxed these out mainly the fact that the Ace Spec is Victory Piece. Being able to get a t1 or t2 KO on a Virizon EX or Genesect EX can be huge and basically game over from there.

2 Lysandre:

Really good card that basically every deck should be running. With Seismitoad EX being more popular you need something other than Pokemon Catcher to bring things up from your opponent's bench.

2 Bicycle: 

Nice little draw power card that does not take up a supporter for the turn. So overall really nice card.

1 Victory Piece:

Of course when running Victini EX. You almost always want to run his own Ace Spec. It will make your Virizion EX/Genesect EX match-up more winnable for sure.

3. Plasma/Lugia EX


Lastly, we have Plasma/Lugia EX. The concept of this deck is to KO 2 EX's with Lugia EX and take 6 prizes in 2 attacks. So with a Muscle Band and enough Deoxys EX on your field you can do 170-180 damage, just enough for most EX's. Or you can hit with Thundurus EX first then go into Lugia EX to make it easier. Not as difficult as it sounds once you start playing the deck. But that's basically what you want to do and want the deck to accomplish.

This deck is nothing new but now with the lose of Enhanced Hammer, it makes this deck alot more viable. Knowing you won't be Enhanced Hammered gives you a nice feeling. Although you still have to worry about Pyroar/Sigilyph and Suicune decks. This list is basically hit or miss. Take those loses and hope to beat everything else. But I mean that's up to you and how you think your meta will look like.

You most likely will need to worry about Pyroar over the others. But you can add counters if you wanted. For Pyroar you have eeveelutions and Latias EX. For Suicune and Sigilyph you have eeveelutions and Kyurem non EX. Although these may not be quite as good against any other deck. Now that plasma lost Prism Energy you can just replace them with Rainbow Energies. So not much of a difference to be honest.

Here's a sample list alongside some of my personal preferences.

 2 Thundurus EX:

Great attacker that does damage and has energy acceleration. Basically one of your main attacker's when trying to set up Lugia EX. Which is overall needed just in case you run dry on energy and need to set up things on the bench.

3 Lugia EX:

Your biggest hitter and the guy who wins most of your games. He can 1 shot EX's with enough Deoxys EX on the field for 3 prizes. So basically all you have to do is KO 2 EX's with Lugia EX and the games over. That's pretty much the concept of this deck. Not much else to say.

4 Deoxys EX:

You want to max these out in case you have any prized or if 1 was KOed. In most games you only really need 3 out at a time. But there are some games where you may need the 4th. For instance against an opposing Lugia EX. With 4 Deoxys EX and a Muscle Band. You can 1 shot them with Thundurus EX. Same against Yveltal EX. So maxing these is necessary.

2 Lysandre:

Great for when you take the first 3 prizes on an EX which then you can just grab the last 3 prizes once you have another Lugia EX set up or if the first Lugia EX lived.

4 Roller Skates:

Really good in a deck like this because you can dig for that t1 Lugia EX or for a Lysandre or Pokemon Catcher you need for game. So having these give you options and they let you draw through your deck pretty fast. They are flippy but overall I think are worth the spot in a deck like this.

3 Pokemon Catcher:

Similar to Lysandre except they don't take up your supporter for the turn. So flipping heads on these can be clutch and game changing. Which is why having a few of these is nice to have. Never know when your going to just flip heads on these and take an easy win. So why not play a few of these?

2 Startling Megaphone:

Needed for your Garbodor match-ups. To make your Deoxys's ability work and your Lugia's ability to work which is very important in this match. Play them at the right time and you can win with 2 Lugia EX attacks.

1 Escape Rope:

It can be used as a mini catcher card. For instance let's say your at 3 prizes but your opponent's active is a non EX but all of his bench are EX's. You can Escape Rope to insure the win. This can be a really clutch play that your opponent may not expect or may have forgotten about.

1 Dowsing Machine:

Just an overall great Ace Sec. Let's you reuse any Item or Stadium card in your discard pile. Can be that extra switch or Lysandre you need for game. It gives you lots of options.

4 Rainbow Energy:

Now that the rotation happened which is now BCR-ON. We lost Prism Energy. So they had to be replaced with Rainbow Energies. The only downside is that you now take 10 damage when you attach them from hand. But overall not that big of a difference when you have a big guy like Lugia EX ready to do damage.

Well that will conclude this article. I would try these lists out and see if they are to your play style. I hope you do well at your upcoming regionals. Should you decide to use or not to use any of these lists. Keep a look out for more articles to come. Feel free to like and comment below or message me if you have any questions. Until next time.

Jose Marrero




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