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"Florida States Top 16 Report" Along with a Set Review of the New Set, Roaring Skies

My run at Florida States as well as a set review on the new set, Roaring Skies.

04/20/2015 by Jose Marrero




Hello 60cards readers! Glad to be back writing so soon after my last article not too long ago. For this next article I am going to talk about how I did at Florida States and also look at some of the top cards in Roaring Skies that I think will see the most play come week 3 of Spring Regionals. As week 4 of States grew closer and closer I wasn't too sure on what to play to be honest. I had tested all kinds of decks, including Exeggutor, Seismitoad-EX/Slurpuff with Swampert and also Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX with Seismitoad-EX and Lasers. However, I wasn't really confident with any of these decks in the Florida meta. Florida is known for the creation of Flareon so ultimately I had to scratch Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX off the list. Even though the deck ran Seismitoad-EX to help fight against Flareon it still wasn't enough to overcome the power of a swarm of Leafeons.

Exeggutor was basically my 2nd option as I just think the deck is so powerful right now. But at the end of the day I didn't want to have to face mirrors and I feared Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX would see play even though Flareon is a thing. I also feared Landorus-EX/Crobat decks with a heavy Silent Lab count. As for Seismitoad-EX/Slurpuff, the fear of Exeggutor getting more and more popular definitely made me opt not to run it. Kyogre-EX also had me shacking in my boots because that matchup is no good for Seismitoad-EX decks. After I dismissed all the aforementioned decks I went back and looked at some of the decks that had done well at the first 3 weeks of States. I had debated on running Donphan with Primal Groudon-EX just like how Andrew Wamboldt had ran it, but instead that ultimately gave me a crazier idea. I figured since Donphan can effectively run Primal Groudon-EX then why not in Landorus-EX/Crobat? So I immediately message Brandon Salazar since we discuss decks a lot and he too liked the idea.

I also discuss the deck some with Brad Curcio and Russell Laparre. I make a list which Brandon and I liked. Although we are going back and forth on a few cards, but in the end we decided on the list below. A few people ended up playing the list I made below, including Brandon Salazar, Franco Takahashi, and Kyle Warden. Brandon would go on with a record of 5-1-1 narrowly missing the top 8 at 9th seed. Kyle went on to make top 8 at a record of 5-1-1 as well but he was unfortunately taken out in top 8. Franco didn't start off too well but eventually ended with a record of 4-2-1. I will talk about my run a little more into the article. I would say the deck performed a lot better than I expected going into the tournament and how others performed with it. With that being said this is the list Brandon/Franco/Kyle and myself ended up running for week 4 of States.

As you can see this is not your ordinary Landorus-EX/Crobat list. I wanted to make sure that the list stood against the Florida meta. Which cards like, Primal Groudon-EX and Focus Sash helped with. Along with multiple Silent Labs. This list is definitely unique and I'm glad to have made it. Landorus-EX/Crobat started to get boring and plain the more I tested with it. I wanted to fix that in a way but at the same time still be competitive. Adding the cards I mentioned above definitely helped make the deck more trustworthy against some of it's bad matchups while still keeping it's good matchups in check.

3 Golbat:

Initially the list had 4 Golbat before adding Groudon-EX in. I figured dropping 1 Golbat for something as effective as Groudon-EX would come handy in the long run. At the end running 3 Golbat was more than enough.

2 Landorus-EX:

To make room for the other piece of Groudon-EX I decided to cut 1 Landorus-EX from the initial list as well. I see people running 2 Landorus-EX which made me more comfortable doing the same. You never really use 3 Landorus-EX in a game anyway.

1-1 Primal Groudon-EX:

I decided to add a 1-1 line of these because of the fact that it helps against some of Landorus-EX/Crobat's worst matchups including Seismitoad-EX variants and Kyogre-EX. Groudon is really effective against those 2 decks especially the Slurpuff version and Garbodor versions because they don't really run any other attackers besides Seismitoad-EX. So since they are doing 30-50 damage at a time they give you enough time to power up Groudon-EX and mega evolve it when needed. Against Kyogre-EX, Groudon-EX can potentially threaten 2 Primal Kyogre-EX KO's before it goes down or even worse.

2 Focus Sash:

The idea to add these in were because of the fact that I knew Flareon decks would be popular going into the Florida meta. I didn't want 1, because I felt that running only 1 wasn't too efficient. So running 2 seemed like the perfect amount because it meant if I prized 1 I at least have a backup. Focus Sash proved to be extremely powerful when I tested the Flareon and Night March matchups. Even against decks such as, Groudon-EX or Mega Gardevoir-EX the Focus Sash's can easily come in handy. You can even put them on the Hawluchas to help stall a turn while at the same time dishing out a good amount of damage.

Focus Sash on a Landorus-EX against Flareon is crazy good. It forces your opponent to dig for that 1 hit KO or else you threaten to Super Scoop Up or Scoop Up Cyclone the Focus Sashed Landorus-EX back up and another 2 turns of attacking with it. The initial list had 3 Muscle Bands and even a Groudon Spirit Link. But I ended up dropping the Spirit Link and 1 Muscle Band to help fit the Focus Sashs in. The Spirit Link wasn't all that great in testing especially against Flareon and what not. The Focus Sashs definitely were worth it at the end.

2 Fighting Stadium/2 Silent Lab:

I knew going into Florida States that I wanted at least 2 Silent Lab but at the same time I wanted to run Fighting Stadium as well. But I didn't just want 1 Fighting Stadium in case I faced a good amount of Seismitoad-EX decks. So I just said you know what let's just go with a 2-2 split since running 4 stadiums also helps break Virbank City Gyms and also helps fuel Groudon-EX. The Silent Labs were mainly to help slow down Flareon decks. As you can see I wanted to be extra prepared against Flareon decks. But at the same time I knew Exeggutor was seeing more and more play so adding 2 Silent Labs would be even more efficient if I were to come across any Exeggutor decks which I know a handful of players were running.

1 Escape Rope:

At first the list did not run Escape Rope. But then I thought about what if I open Groudon-EX or what if I attach an energy to Groudon-EX turn 1 and it immediately gets Lysandred up but at the same time I don't want to Super Scoop it up because it has an energy already on it unless it took a big hit. I wanted to make sure I can get Groudon-EX safely out of the active spot when it wasn't his time yet.

                 Florida States Report


Round 1- Straight Yveltal-EX w/ no Seismitoad-EX/Lasers, WW, 1-0-0

These games were pretty straight forward since my opponent did not run a single copy of Seismitoad-EX nor Hypnotoxic Lasers. Because of this, I was able to easily best my opponent 2-0. I basically just used Landorus-EX to set up KOs on his Yveltal-EX's. That's where Hawluchas came in to sweep the field while at the same time saving my attackers from KO range by using Super Scoop Ups. This matchup would have been a lot more easier had I ran Dedenne. But in the end knowing I was safe from trainer lock and poison damage made me more comfortable in the match.

Round 2- Seismitoad-EX/Garbodor, LL, 1-1-0

Going into this match my game plan was to get Primal Groudon-EX as fast as possible. Game 1 I look at my hand and it's atrocious, not a single playable card and a quick trainer lock eventually made me scoop knowing I was done for. Game 2 my opening hand looks promising until I top deck Primal Groudon-EX and since my only supporter was Professor Juniper well... I had to immediately discard it. Now knowing I would be unable to go the Primal Groudon-EX route I had to go with plan B. Getting a swarm of Hawluchas as well as Bats to follow up. As game 2 progressed I manage to threaten a double Strong Energied Lucario-EX, putting my opponent's active Seismitoad-EX up to 170 with the help of Bats. I'm sitting at 4 prizes as my opponent manages to sleep my Lucario-EX with Hypnotoxic Laser.

I flip tails on the first flip and just shrug it off knowing if I wake up I basically win the game. Because he only had 2 Seismitoad-EXs on the field and the active one had 10 hp left. If I wake up I finish the active one with a Golbat or Crobat drop and then Somersault Kick the full HPed benched Seismitoad-EX for a 1 hit KO since my Lucario-EX had 2 Strong Energy already on it as well as a Muscle Band. I also had Fighting Stadium on the field and in my hand was a 3rd Strong Energy. Now I just have to wake up to seal the game. I eventually flip 2 more tails on sleep checks to basically lose the game. To make matters worse after my Lucario-EX was KOed by poison going back into my opponent's turn, 2 of my Hawlucha's also stayed asleep getting KOed by poison yet again going back into my opponent's turn. Hope was then lost after going 0/5 on sleep checks and my Primal Groudon-EX having to hit the discard so early.

Round 3- Devon Anderson w/ Flareon, WLW, 2-1-0

As I sit down I realize I'm facing against Flareon and my eyes lit up knowing I have this matchup in the bag. Game 1 starts off and we are both going back and forth with KOs. At one point in the game I have a full HP Landorus-EX with a Focus Sash putting in work. Until my opponent drops down a Startling Megaphone and I have to say I was definitely startled. He gets rid of my Focus Sash and at the same time 1 hit KOs my poor Landorus-EX. At this point I'm on the fence knowing this match just got a lot harder. That was my first Landorus-EX so I knew I had one left. I then go get my 2nd Landorus-EX and since I had him locked with Silent Lab I wanted to set up more things on his bench. The following turn my opponent Ns me to 3 and himself to 4. He needed to hit 2 more Pokemon to 1 hit KO my Landorus-EX with his Empoleon. I notice he misses and now my opponent was forced to bench both of his Exeggcutes.

Because of this, it now gave me hope of winning. At this point my opponent is sitting at 2 prizes to my 3 and his benched Flareon already had 20 damage on it from a previous Golbat. So I take my turn and put 30 more damage onto his benched Flareon putting it up to 50 and then I snipe 1 of the Exeggcutes with Crobat's attack bringing me down to 2 prizes. My opponent takes his turn and takes out my Crobat with his only Flareon. Now I know I just have to hit a Golbat and Crobat off my Professor Juniper to win the game. I draw my cards and YES! I do get both Bats to steal the game. I put 20 damage with Golbat onto his active Flareon now putting it up to 70 and then put 30 damage from Crobat to KO his 2nd Exeggcute on the bench to put me at 1 prize. Then I attack the active Flareon with my Crobat to hit all the magic numbers to win a very close game 1. Game 2 on the other hand was uneventful with me dead drawing at the start of the game and scooping a few turns in. Game 3 was basically the same as my game 2 , but with my opponent now on the losing end and dead drawing.

Round 4- Michael Provenzano w/ Landorus-EX/Crobat, WW, 3-1-0

This round I ended up having to have the mirror match which I personally don't mind, since I've yet to lose the mirror in a tournament and that wasn't about to change. Game 1 I remember hitting a few clutch Super Scoop Ups to take a very convincing game 1. Looking back at these games I don't even think my opponent ran any Super Scoop Ups. Maybe that's why this matchup went my way quite convincingly.

Game 2 was basically the same as game 1 where I again hit more Super Scoop Ups while also using my Scoop Up Cyclone when it was most needed. Not much else to say since I believe I 6-0ed him both times or he took only 1-2 prizes in one game.

Round 5- Lucario-EX/Crobat/Head Ringers w/ no Landorus-EX, WLL, 3-2-0

Going into this round I had thought my opponent was playing Exeggutor which I was happy about, since I ended up adding a 2nd Silent Lab and also an Escape Rope on top of all my healing cards. But to my surprise it was actually just a Lucario-EX deck with Bats. So I assume this matchup is heavily in my favor because of my advantage with having Landorus-EX's to pick off his benched Bats.

Anyway, game 1 goes as planned and how the matchup went in my head. With me going aggressive with Landorus-EX while at the same time KOing bat after bat. I was able to hit some more clutch Super Scoop Ups to basically take game 1. My opponent also ran Super Scoop Ups, but to be honest they were irrelevant most of the time since I can just KO his Zubats in a single turn and if he wanted to Super Scoop Up his Lucario-EX's then that was fine. That just meant he now won't hit me with Lucario-EXs 2nd attack, Corkscrew Smash or his 3rd attack, Somersault Kick to threaten a 1 shot with the help of Bats.

Game 2 however, went a lot more smoothly for my opponent as I was unable to find Zubats for a few turns. Which ultimately slowed down my damage output and the fact that he kept threatening Corkscrew Smash every turn led to me eventually conceding and moving onto game 3 where I knew I had an advantage with Zubat drops first.

Game 3 my opening hand consisted of Landorus-EX, Zubat, Fighting Energy, 2x Crobat, Escape Rope and a Super Scoop Up. At this point I'm like "I'm done for" my opponent now has the ability to KO my Zubat turn 1 with just a Strong Energy onto his Lucario-EX and all I would have left is a singleton Landorus-EX doing a measly 30 damage a turn. I know my top deck was no better and I just attach to Landorus-EX and leave the Zubat active in hopes that he doesn't have the Strong Energy or Muscle Band. He does in fact have the Strong Energy and my poor Zubat gets turn 1ed. I draw for my 2nd turn of the game and again nothing helpful. I end up just Hammer Heading for 30 damage. My opponent attaches another energy to his Lucario-EX and threatens game next turn as he Corkscrew Smashes me.  He also attaches a Head Ringer on my Landorus-EX to rub it in. I draw for my turn anddddd Professor Juniper! Ok I can get back into this game now! I draw my 7 cards andddddd NO Pokemon or Ultra Balls. I hopelessly do another 30 damage to his Lucario-EX as he Corkscrew Smashes me again to take the series.

Round 6- Danny Altavilla w/ Kyogre-EX/Keldeo-EX/Suicune, LWW, 4-2-0

I knew Danny was running Kyogre-EX and quite frankly I was not pleased. Knowing this matchup was going to be tough actually made for an interesting series of games. Most of the games we just end up joking around as we both know I have a bad matchup. But I wasn't about to just hand Danny a free win. I wanted to make sure he was going to earn this win, assuming he ends up winning of course. Game 1 starts really rough for me with me missing energy drops in I believe the first 3 turns. So at that point I was done for as Danny sweeped me with a lone Primal Kyogre-EX.

Game 2 however, is much more promising for me. I was actually able to put early pressure on Danny as he was now the one to be behind on energy drops. I eventually was able to get Primal Groudon-EX out to sweep his field. I believe my Primal Groudon-EX KOed 2 of his Primal Kyogre-EX's and a Keldeo-EX consecutively.

We move onto game 3 as Danny jokingly says "watch me now dead draw and just lose" Well that's exactly what happened. Danny slowly draws nothing as I am able to just power up my Lucario-EX and tear through his field with Somersault Kick. Danny ends up trying to stall me with his Suicune, but I play 2 Silent Lab which ended up helping. Danny eventually just scoops after he knew I was about to power up my Primal Groudon-EX again.

Round 7- Kyle Theaker w/ Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Seismitoad-EX/Lasers, WLW, 5-2-0

Going into this match I knew what Kyle was running and I knew he ran Seismitoad-EXs and Hypnotoxic Lasers which is Landorus-EX/Crobat's worst nightmare. Game 1 starts and I think Kyle opened with a lone Mewtwo-EX which, I was thankful it wasn't a Seismitoad-EX. I decided my best bet to trying to win against this matchup was just to go aggro Landorus-EX and set up KOs with Hawluchas. This route definitely went smooth game 1 since, the Hawlucha pressure was too much for Kyle. I also somehow ended up getting my Primal Groudon-EX powered up to sweep my last 3 prizes.

Game 2 however, was the complete opposite with Kyle now opening with Seismitoad-EX and getting a turn 2 lock. Because of this, I was unable to pressure back since I kept drawing Items so I eventually scooped and moved onto the 3rd game.

Game 3 was actually a pretty close game because again Kyle got a quick Seismitoad-EX attacking. But this time I have answers to keep me in the game. At some point in the game we both are at 2 prizes each and I know either one of us can take the series at any point. Kyle had a threatening 4 or 5 energy Mewtwo-EX in the active spot, but a naked Mewtwo-EX on the bench. So I Lysandre up the benched one and threaten game the following turn in hopes that he does not have his last Double Colorless Energy or a switching card. Kyle Professor Junipers and whiffs a way to retreat and so I steal the game the next turn by KOing the active Mewtwo-EX. Kyle actually had to have had a way to retreat his Mewtwo-EX as well as a Lysandre to steal the game. Unfortunately he didn't have either as I take a very close series to finish the day with a record of 5-2-0 which, I was quite pleased to at least gained some points.


Roaring Skies Set Review



Probably the most hyped card right now in the new set because quite frankly it's that good. With it's Set Up ability, you can draw cards until you have 6 in your hand. This ability is basically the same as Uxie's Set Up ability only that Shaymin-EX draws until you have 6 instead of 7. Nonetheless, it's still a great ability and a very consistent card. I can see decks such as Seismitoad-EX and both Mega Rayquaza-EXs take advantage of Shaymin-EX's ability. But really you can add 1-4 copies of this card in any deck because it's a colorless attacker and any deck can abuse the raw power this card brings to the table. So prepare to see 3-4 copies of these in decks that run them.



This card is interesting because we now have a card that let's you attack on the first turn. Latios-EX's attack, Fast Raid does 40 damage and let's you attack on the first turn even if you go first. I like that they implemented this concept since it brings back the old rules where you used to be able to attack going first in a sense. His 2nd attack, Light Pulse isn't that bad either. Being able to abuse Double Dragon Energy means for a faster and easier attack cost. So essentially it can be powered up with 2 energy attachments. I wouldn't doubt that someone will eventually turn 1 donk someone with Fast Raid going first. I can only hope that it's not against me.

M Latios-EX

Now we have the mega form of Latios-EX. With a nice 220 HP and an attack that does 120 damage with 2 energy attachments seems strong. Sonic Ace can be powered up in a single turn if you combine Double Dragon Energy with Mega Turbo. This allows for surprise hits that can catch your opponent off guard. The fact that M Latios-EX is a dragon type means he can 1 hit KO other dragon Pokemon such as, M Rayquaza-EX and Hydreigon-EX. Overall a solid attacker, but I'm not sure how played this card will be compared to the other dragons in the set.



Colorless - HP170

Basic Pokemon

[C] Rising Burn: 10+ damage. If your opponent's Active Pokemon is a Pokemon-EX, this attack does 50 more damage.

[C][C][C] Dragon Pulse: 100 damage. Discard 1 card from the top of your deck.

When a Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Lightning (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-20)
Retreat: 2

I believe this Rayquaza-EX seems to be the best one because of it's colorless attacks. For a single energy Rising Burn, has a base damage of 10, but adds 50 more damage if the active Pokemon is an EX. This means if you go 2nd and are unable to get a turn 1 M Rayquaza-EX attacking then you can go this route to help dent something so that it can be 1 more hit away from a KO. His 2nd attack, Dragon pulse seems solid as well for 3 colorless energy. Although you most likely won't be using this attack as often. I would expect people to run 3-4 copies of these in their Rayquaza based decks.

M Rayquaza-EX (Colorless)


Colorless - HP220

Mega Evolution - Evolves from Rayquaza-EX

When 1 of your Pokemon becomes a Mega Evolution, your turn ends.

Δ Evolution: Once during your turn (before your attack), you may play this card from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon even if that Pokemon was put into play this turn or if it's your first turn.

[C][C][C] Emerald Break: 30x damage. Does 30 damage times the number of Pokemon on your Bench.

When a Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Lightning (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-20)
Retreat: 1


Very Powerful Deck


Similar to Shaymin-EX's hypeness we now have the big bad M Rayquaza-EX everyone is going to go crazy over and for good reason. You can see I gave a prime example of how this card is going to be used effectively. This card is absolutely incredible when you combo it with cards such as, Shaymin-EX because of it's draw power and a stadium called Skyfield which allows both players to have a bench of 8. This means M Rayquaza-EX with a full bench of 8 can dish out a whopping 240 damage which basically 1 hit KOs everything that matters. The fact that it's attack, Emerald Break is a 3 colorless energy cost means it can be powered up in a single turn with the help of Double Colorless Energy and Mega Turbo.

This card is easily going to be one of the most played cards in the new set by a long shot. It's 220 hp is no slouch either. I would expect 3-4 copies of these in a M Rayquaza-EX based deck. Down below is a sample list of how this card is going to be used. This is not my list nor do I recommend this exact list but I just want to show you how a list may look like. The core of the deck is M Rayquaza-EX, Shaymin-EX and Skyfield. The rest is up to you but these cards are what makes the deck so powerful.

You can see this person opted to go the Ninetales route in order to insure that his Skyfield does not get bumped. You can also see that Altaria was added to help take away Rayquaza-EX's weakness to Lightning types. Altaria is very much needed against cards such as, Manectric-EX and Raichu. Mega Turbo is another card that's essential to the decks strategy and how fast you want it to work. Being able to attach a Double Colorless Energy and then Mega Turbo another energy onto your M Rayquaza-EX's makes this deck all that much more powerful. A few other card options are Exeggcutes so you can easily have bench sitters to help fuel Skyfield and if your Skyfield were to get bumped then you can simply just discard all the eggs and just reuse them when you find your stadium again. This way your not having to discard your Rayquaza-EX's or Shaymin-EX's or anything else important. You can also add Virizion-EX and Grass Energies to help against status effects such as Hypnotoxic Laser and Malamar-EX's ability.

M Rayquaza-EX (Dragon)


Now we have the 2nd M Rayquaza-EX of the set. Only this time this one is a dragon type as opposed to the one I mentioned above being a colorless type. This card will also most likely see a lot of play because of it's attack, Dragon Ascent, which dishes out a massive 300 damage. Enough to 1 hit KO everything in the format, including Wailord-EX (haha like that matters). The only downside is that you have to discard 2 energy attached to it. But with cards like Double Dragon Energy and Reshiram, it means the attack can be powered up more easily and efficiently. Be sure to see decks with this card being comboed with Reshiram and Shaymin-EXs.

Very Powerful Deck


Down below is another sample video only this time for the M Rayquaza-EX dragon type. Again I don't recommend this exact list nor is it my list but I would try different counts and Pokemon choices to see what you prefer.

As for this version you can see quite a few different cards compared to the other version. One card being Hydreigon-EX because Hydreigon-EX's ability only works for dragon types which gives each of your dragon Pokemon 2 less retreat cost. It only makes sense that this version only runs it and not both. This version also runs Mega Turbo because again we want to power up our Megas as soon as possible. You may also notice that this version runs a different stadium and not Skyfield. This is mainly because the dragon M Rayquaza-EX doesn't get any use with Skyfield which is why we want to run a stadium that benefits this version such as, Scorched Earth. Which allows you to draw 2 cards from your deck if you discard a Fire or Fighting Energy.

Now here's a video of both decks going at it. 

You can clearly see which deck has more potential. It's up to you to decide which version you prefer and how you want to run it. One of these decks is for sure better than the other and in this video it definitely shows it.

Double Dragon Energy


A new energy in Roaring Skies that allows it to be used only on dragon Pokemon. It's basically a Double Rainbow Energy for dragon Pokemon with it's downside being that it can only be effective on dragon Pokemon. Cards that can take advantage of this card are M Rayquaza-EX (the dragon one), both Latios-EX and M Latios-EX, and Hydreigon-EX. This energy will most likely be used mainly on M Rayquaza-EX (dragon) because of it's crazy 300 attack.



Similar to Electrode Prime's Poke Power, Energymite, only that Electrode Prime had to knock it'self out in order to use it. Togekiss doesn't have to be knocked out but instead all you have to do is evolve into it. Serene Grace, let's you look at the top 8 cards as opposed to Electrode Prime which only let's you look at the top 7. Also another difference is that Togekiss can only grab basic energy as opposed to Electrode Prime being able to grab any energy including specials. You can see how they are some what similar but yet still different. Electrode Prime is also only a stage 1 compared to Togekiss being a stage 2. So not sure how played this card being that it's in fact a stage 2 which might not be so easy to get out. But who knows maybe someone will make an interesting deck that can compete with the format with this card.



Almost the exact reprint of an older card called Wally's Training. Only that Wally's allows you to evolve your bench as well. Wally's Training can only be used on the active Pokemon so this new Wally seems better even though you can't use it on Pokemon-EX. I can see decks such as Trevenant XY or even Blastoise take advantage of this card. Being able to get a turn 1 trainer lock will have your opponent on the fence immediately. Really any stage 1 or stage 2 deck will most likely want to play this card. I'm glad they brought his card back since many people were eager for it's return.



Grass - HP30

Stage 1 - Evolves from Nincada

[G] Curse Rain: Put 1 damage counter on each of your opponent’s Pokemon. Then, switch this Pokemon with 1 of your Benched Pokemon.

[C] Transient Cry: 50x damage. This attack does 50 damage times the number of damage counters on this Pokemon.

Weakness: none
Resistance: none
Retreat: 1


Solid Deck


You can see I gave you a very good example of how this deck should or will be played. Comboing Mew-EX with Frozen City and Rainbow Energies seemed to be the best way to run Shedinja. I'm sure there are other small cards that can be added to help fuel Shedinjas damage out put. For a single energy you can have Mew-EX copy Shedinja's attack, Transient Cry. Which does 50 damage times the amount of damage counters on your Shedinja or in this case Mew-EX. So if we attach a Rainbow Energy then that alone is 50 damage and then if we have Frozen City out then that's another 100 damage for a single energy.

This is now a total of 150 damage not accounting for cards that give extra damage such as Muscle Band which now makes it do 170 damage with only 3 damage counters on you. Of course 3 damage counters will KO Shedinja which is why we run Mew-EX to help do more damage and stay alive longer. You can also run Team Magma's Hidden Base which is similar to Frozen City in that it also does 20 damage to one of your Pokemon. Training Center can also be used to help get Shedinja up to 60 hp instead of it's measly 30 hp. Although Training Center only effects stage 1 and stage 2 Pokemon meaning Mew-EX doesn't get the benefit.



Psychic - HP170

Basic Pokemon

[P][C] Speed Jab: 30 damage. You may have your opponent switch his or her Active Pokemon with 1 of his or her Benched Pokemon.

[P][P][P] Side Slasher: 50+ damage. This attack does 20 more damage for each Prize card you have.

Weakness: Fire (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

Solid attacker if you just want to use it's first attack, Speed Jab. With Dimension Valley you can use Speed Jab going 2nd which can make some what of a difference if your opponent benches clumsily. Otherwise Gallade-EX is just here to help Mega evolve. You probably won't use this cards attacks too often since the mega's attacks are better.

M Gallade-EX


Psychic - HP220

Mega Evolution - Evolves from Gallade-EX

[P][P][C] Mudou Blade: 110 damage. This attack does 30 damage to each of your opponent’s Benched Pokemon that already have any damage counters on them. (Don’t apply Weakness and Resistance for Benched Pokemon.)

When a Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Psychic (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

Solid Deck


Not sure the best way to run M Gallade-EX, but this example seems solid enough. Much like Gallade-EX's Speed Jab, Dimension Valley can also take advantage of Mudou Blade. In 2 turns you can attack with this big boy and do a good amount of damage. You can see Mudou Blase does damage to the bench only if they already have damage on them. So the thing that comes to mind when using this attack is Bats on Bats on Bats. Easily a great combo since bats can attack for free with the help of Dimension Valley that the deck already should run. Mr. Mime on the other hand can be devastating for this deck because of how much damage you can be doing to the bench and if all that damage gets negated then it's going to be a tough game. You can also add Absol which I'll discuss next. Absol can help manipulate your opponent's damage to help hit magic numbers.



Darkness - HP100

Basic Pokemon

Ability: Cursed Eyes
When you play this Pokemon from your hand onto your Bench, you may move up to 3 damage counters from 1 of your opponent’s Pokemon to another of your opponent’s Pokemon.

[D][C] Mach Claw: 30 damage. This attack's damage isn't affected by Resistance.

Weakness: Fighting (x2)
Resistance: Psychic (-20)
Retreat: 1

As I mentioned above, Absol can help manipulate damage so it makes it easier for you to take specific KOs faster. Absol can actually be used in any deck because we aren't using it for it's attack but only for it's ability. Which let's you move up to 3 damage counters from 1 of your opponent's Pokemon to another of your opponent's Pokemon. So we can see how this ability is quite useful in decks that do snipe damage or free damage effects.



Dragon - HP180

Basic Pokemon

Ability: Dragon Road
If there is a Stadium card in play, the Retreat Cost of each of your [N] Pokemon is [C][C] less.

[P][D][C] Shred: 80 damage. This attack's damage isn't affected by any effects on your opponent's Active Pokemon.

When a Pokemon-EX has been Knocked Out, your opponent takes 2 Prize cards.

Weakness: Fairy (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 3

This card is definitely useful in dragon decks because it gives dragon types 2 less retreat cost. Although you need a stadium in play to be active. This is still extremely useful in the M Rayquaza-EX deck I mentioned earlier. This card makes it so that you can switch into Reshiram (which I'll discuss next) and use it's ability that when it's active you can attach a fire energy from your hand to one of your dragon Pokemon. And because Reshiram only has a 2 retreat cost it means we can now get him out of the active spot right away. This combo can also stack which makes it even more better. Hydreigon-EX's attack, Shred is actually not that bad. The fact that Hydreigon-EX can abuse Double Dragon Energy makes this attack potentially good.



Dragon - HP130

Basic Pokemon

Ability: Turboblaze
Once during your turn (before your attack), if this Pokemon is your Active Pokemon, you may choose a [R] Energy card from your hand and attach it to 1 of your [N] (Dragon) Pokemon in play.

[R][R][L][C] Hell Wing: 110 damage. Discard a [R] Energy attached to this Pokemon.

Weakness: Fairy (x2)
Resistance: none
Retreat: 2

This card is a for sure add in, in decks like M Rayquaza-EX (dragon). Being able to have this kind of energy acceleration is pretty good. Especially since it's a basic Pokemon that can be comboed with Hydreigon-EX to give it free retreat as I mentioned above. The fact that this card can stack with more Reshirams means you can quickly power up things.



This card is basically a staple in M Rayquaza-EX (colorless) decks. We want to be able to not get 1 hit KOed by things such as, Manectric-EX and Raichu. The fact that Altaria can be evolved on the same turn Swablu was benched is quite nice and is actually what makes Altaria more likely to stay in decks. Not much else to say other than this card is just a bench sitter to help negate your colorless Pokemon's weakness.

Trainer's Post




Look at the top 4 cards of your deck. Choose 1 Trainer card you find there (except Trainer's Post), reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle the other cards back into your deck.

You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before your attack).

Since it's a trainer and not a supporter then I can see this card being played in Seismitoad-EX decks or decks that run through their decks pretty fast. This card can help dig for that Hypnotoxic Laser or Crushing Hammer. Be sure to see this card played in quite a few decks.

Mega Turbo




Attach 1 basic Energy card from your discard pile to 1 of your Mega Evolved Pokemon in play.

You may play as many Item cards as you like during your turn (before your attack).

Easily one of the other cards that's heavily talked about in the new set. Comboing this card with both M Rayquaza-EXs is nice and basically any Mega Evolved Pokemon. But the 2 I mentioned will probably be the decks to take advantage of this card more. This card allows for turn 1 attacks which makes it deadly.





Search for your deck for up to 3 [C] Pokemon and put them into your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.

You may play only 1 Supporter card during your turn (before your attack).

I can see this card being played in decks with M Rayquaza-EX (colorless) and Shaymin-EX. You can grab 3 colorless Pokemon which if your running it in the M Rayquaza-EX (colorless) deck I mentioned earlier it makes for a faster and bigger bench when comboed with Skyfield of course. Being able to grab your main attacker (Rayquaza-EX) and your draw engine (Shaymin-EX) and even your bench sitter (Alatria) makes this card that much more useful and powerful. 





Both players may have up to 8 Benched Pokemon.

If this Stadium card is no longer in play, each player discards their Benched Pokemon (and all cards attached to them) until there are 5 Benched Pokemon left.

This card stays in play when you play it. Discard this card if another Stadium card comes into play. If another card with the same name is in play, you can’t play this card.

This stadium is extremely useful in decks that run M Rayquaza-EX (colorless) and even in decks that run Florges-EX and Raichu XY. Basically anything that gets a damage boost the more benched Pokemon you have. With 8 bench you can do a whopping 240 damage with M Rayquaza-EX (colorless). If you can pull this off (which shouldn't be too hard) then you can steam roll decks since your 1 shotting everything. Raichu on the other hand, can dish out a total of 160 damage and this is not even a Pokemon EX. Something interesting to note is that if you run Exeggcutes you now have a free Pokemon that you can discard if your Skyfield gets bumped. Making all your other Pokemon safe from being discarded. Or you can simply just play a 1-1 or 2-2 line of Ninetales PRC. This allows your Skyfield to never get bumped as you saw in one of the videos above.

                  Closing Thoughts


Well there you have it guys. I really enjoyed writing this article as it definitely made me more aware of what has potential in the new set, Roaring Skies. I hope I was able to give you some deck ideas or just ideas in general on the new set. As for adding Primal Groudon-EX to Landorus-EX/Crobat I would recommend trying it out and who knows maybe you can defeat all your Seismitoad-EX matchups with it. With that being said, that will conclude this article. I'll be going to Georgia Regionals and I hope to see a lot of you there. Please be sure to give a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading this article and as always; keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time.



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