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"Virginia Regionals Report and 3 Deck Choices for Florida Regionals"

I talk about my Regionals run in Virginia and 3 deck choices for Florida Regionals.

02/26/2015 by Jose Marrero

Hello again 60cards readers!


Now that the first weekend of Winter Regionals have concluded, people are going to want to test the decks that have performed well at those events. Since there isn't a week two Regionals, we are going to move onto week three. So for this next article I'm going to start off with a tournament report on my run at Virginia Regionals. Then also explaining 3 deck choices for Florida Regionals this weekend. Primal Clash will be legal at Florida Regionals, so I will be providing a deck that's heavily reliant on the new set whilst at the same time earning it's spot in the top 3.


VA Regionals deck choice and why:

Going into this event I knew I would most likely be running Landorus-EX/Crobat for a variety of reasons. It is consistent and hard hitting; with going second not really an issue - also, very few decks have positive matchups against it. I knew it had the pedigree to do well too, given my CC run with it. With it's toughest matchup being mainly Seismitoad-EX variants I knew I could do well if I hit decent enough matchups. Prior to the event I had asked Brandon Salazar if we should add in a Startling Megaphone to help against opposing Hard Charms. Ultimately, we decided on adding 1 copy to our original list in my last article. We ended up dropping the Escape Rope.

Brad Curcio, another good friend of mine (and fellow 60cards writer) had been discussing the deck some more. He also agreed on adding the Startling Megaphone. So in the end all 3 of us ran the same 60 card list for day 1, aside from Brad who dropped one Super Scoop Up for a second Lysandre. Brad would go on to make day 2 with a record of 6-1-2, finishing day 2 in top 8 and Brandon 8-1-0 finishing day 2 in 2nd place. Of course the list was changed some for extended. If you want to see how the list was changed in extended, then check out Brad's new article. With that being said here is the list all 3 of us basically ran for day 1.

VA Regionals Tournament Report:

Round 1- Manectric-EX/Yveltal-EX/Garbodor, WW, 1-0-0

This round went pretty smoothly as one of my opponent's main attackers was Manectric-EX so he didn't really want to go aggro with him knowing that my Landorus-EX's will eat them up. Garbodor didn't really do much for him because I added a Startling Megaphone at the last minute which came in handy in the match. I took triple KO's in a single turn at times, taking both games convincingly.

Round 2- Pyroar/Seismitoad-EX/Mewtwo-EX, WW, 2-0-0

My opponent opened with Seismitoad-EX and immediately I'm on the fence. She then dropped down some Litleos and then I was relieved. Hawluchas were tearing the Toads up and my bats were too much for Pyroar to handle. Game 2 of my last prize I actually dropped down 2 Crobats and then Muscle Banded one of them to hit the magic 110 damage to KO Pyroar and taking the series 2-0.

Round 3- Mike Fouchet with Night March/Mr. Mime, WLT, 2-0-1

This match was really interesting playing against a well known player like Mike. He opens with what I believe was Eevee. So I assumed I was facing Flareon. I proceed to take my turn as if I was playing against that match. Haha I was wrong. He takes his turn and drops down a Pumpkaboo, Mr. Mime and Mew-EX and then I'm like "oh ok that's Night March".

When I saw the Mr. Mime drop my heart sank a little knowing this match just got real. Game 1 was pretty long, but I was eventually able to take the game with a double KO in 1 turn with a bat drop. Game 2 I basically get steam rolled with Mike finding Mr. Mime again turn 1. Game 3 Mike opens with Pumpkaboo and Mr. Mime on bench... Mr. Mime turn 1 all 3 games... Game 1 and 2 took up most of the time and so game 3 ended in a tie.

Round 4- Simon Luong with Plasma/Lugia-EX, WLL, 2-1-1

My opponent opens with Deoxys-EX and Lugia-EX and I'm just thinking "ok how do I beat this deck”. Right off the bat my opponent is just dead drawing while I'm just picking away with Landorus. I take a quick game 1 and I'm feeling good. Game 2 I get ran over and in game 3 it gets really close to where Simon N's me to 2 and himself to 3 trying to find his last energy in his last 5 or 6 cards. He hits the energy to stay in the game or else I just win the following turn. I draw my cards and see that my hand is just dead. I'm sitting at 2 prizes and my only option is to Swoop with Golbats attack... I use Swoop back to back and then just get Plasma Galed in the face to lose the series 1-2.

Round 5- Jorge Feliciano with Seismitoad-EX/Slurpuff, LL, 2-2-1

This round was a little bit annoying because when I looked at my online pairings I was facing a Flareon player with no Mr. Mime, so I was excited then to find out I was repaired to my autoloss... Long story short my opponent had me on the fence both games where he kept flipping heads on Super Scoop Up and Crushing Hammers. At one point in game 2 I had 3 energy on my field so my opponent proceeds to flip triple Crushing Hammer heads to clear all my energy. Not much I can do there.

Round 6- Yveltal-EX/Seismitoad-EX/Hard Charm, WW, 3-2-1

This match was interesting to say the least. Game 1 gets really close where my opponent basically has game next turn with a Lysandre play. On my turn I have to hit my last Super Scoop Up and flip heads to steal the game which I was able to do. My opponent played 4 Hard Charms and atleast 3 Max Potions and I even saw a Pokemon Center Lady. So much healing but my bats were able to negate a lot of it as well as the Startling Megaphone. Game 2 went a lot more smoothly with me steam rolling with Lucario-EX all game and I take the series 2-0.

Round 7-Drew Guritzky with Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Bats, LWW, 4-2-1

This round I knew I was facing against my first Virizion/Genesect all tournament so I was happy to finally play against it, since I knew I had a favorable matchup. Game 1 gets really close where I was 20 or 30 damage shy from winning but Drew made a good play the turn before KOing one of my Golbats. Game 2 and 3 went how I expected it to go with me taking control with Landorus snipes and cleaning up with Hawlucha.

Round 8-Cori James with Seismitoad-EX/Slurpuff, LL, 4-3-1

My opponent opens with Swirlix and for some reason I thought she was playing Flareon and I prayed that it wasn't another Seismitoad-EX/Slurpuff deck. I played my turn as if it were Flareon and so I dumped my Lucario-EX turn 1 and benched 2 Landorus-EX. I forgot why I was almost positive she was playing Flareon. I think she had said something that made me think she was. Maybe she just outplayed me hard forcing me to drop down Landorus...Either way we had 2 long games where she was able to slowly take both games. Game 2 I try to go for the tie but I just cannot take my last 2 prizes since she kept using Cassius to heal off the toads every turn.

Round 9- Robby Weidemann with Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX/Bats, WW, 5-3-1

This mach was fun indeed, especially playing against Robby. The games go as planned just like my games 2 and 3 with Drew. Robby and I joke all game knowing he has a bad matchup against me. So we try to make the best of it and just play around. I took both games convincingly and I was able to snag a spot in top 64 and earn 15 CP and 15 packs. Now putting me at 285/300 which a League Challenge win or top 64 at FL Regionals gets me the invite. It would have been nice to get it in VA but it's all good. I'll get it soon enough. Now let's move on to my 3 deck choices for FL Regionals....

3 Deck Choices for FL Regionals:

I won't go into every card but just the cards that I added from Primal Clash as I already talked about most of the deck options and card counts in my last article.

1 Repeat Ball:

I felt like an early Repeat Ball can be nice to have when you open Zubat or are able to find a Zubat before hand. You can Korrina for Repeat Ball and not have to discard any other cards like Ultra Ball makes you do to grab another Zubat. From the original list I ended up dropping the AZ, since it wasn't all that great and I would much rather have a card I can use right away as I draw into it. Repeat Ball helps get bat drops early on more consistently.

1 Silent Lab:

To fit Silent Lab in I had to drop a Fighting Stadium. Which I personally think you can get away with. Silent Lab is great against decks that play Mr. Mime to counter Landorus-EX. For this reason is why I added one of these in. Some decks that run Mr. Mime are Flareon and Virizion/Genesect. As of now these two decks do not run counter stadiums, making Silent Lab stick through out the entire game. Even if you just get that 1 turn of snipes then that's all you really need to change the game or even KO the Mr. Mime. But be aware that Silent Lab shuts off Zubat's ability and Jirachi's ability. Although, shutting off Zubat's ability might not even matter once you have another free retreater like Golbat or Hawlucha already in play.

Other Card Options:

Computer Search:

The better Ace-Spec if you want to focus on more consistency. Being able to search out cards like Strong energy and one of your stadiums is a nice option to have.


Great against Yveltal-EX decks and against Plasma decks that run Lugia-EX. Since we are running bats we can hit that magic number a lot easier if they don't have enough energy on them for the one hit KO.

As you can see this list is pretty standard compared to a lot of lists you have probably seen. I'll just talk about some of the key cards that were added and not every list runs.

1 Mr. Mime:

This card was added to obviously help against Landorus-EX because it's seeing more and more play. We want to be able to negate all the bench damage to avoid getting our Genesects in KO range to Hawluchas.

1 Dedenne:

I added this card to help against Yveltal-EX decks and against Plasma decks that run Lugia-EX. Virginia Regionals had a few Lugia decks running around and one of them actually made it all the way to top 4. So maybe we will see an increase in Lugia decks. Which is why Dedenne now earned his spot as of now.

1 Colress Machine:

This card was added mainly to help fuel another Genesect-EX when all your able to do is Emerald Slash one time. We need to be able to pressure with 2 Genesects. It can also help fuel G-Booster, and can be a cheap way to get Genesect out of the active spot without manually attaching to it.

1 Tool Retriever:

Most players don't run this card because quite frankly it's not that good. In most situations it might just be a dead card in your deck. However, now that Head Ringer and Jamming Nets are seeing more and more play, I think a single copy is worth the spot in the long run. A rise in Fairy decks with Jamming Net has proven to be a threat in the format, thus we have to play a Tool Retriever. Better safe than sorry is what I say.

1 Startling Megaphone:

I'm back and forth on if I want one or two of these. It all depends on how much Hard Charm you expect people to run. Namely in decks such as Yveltal and Fairies. We want to be able to snag at least two or three if not more Tools on your opponent's field. Which in the long run can be extremely worth it.

Other Card Options:

Head Ringer:

I see some players running a few copies of these to slow down EX Pokemon that can do quick damage. Although, a deck like Virizion/Genesect doesn't really have time to grab Head Ringers to slow their opponent's turn down. You might need to Skyla for something else like a Switch card or something that helps you able to Emerald Slash that turn. They also make the deck less consistent, which is why I opted not to run any of them. I want to make sure the deck does what it's supposed to do. Sure Head Ringers can be crucial in let's say the mirror but in the long run they might not be worth the spot.

Enhanced Hammer:

This card is probably a staple in most Virizion/Genesect variants, but I just feel like you need room for other cards like Tool Retriever and Startling Megaphone. These cards can change games around. Usually I would just rather try and KO the Pokemon that has a special energy on it anyway, since that's probably the Pokemon that's giving you a hard time or putting a lot of pressure on you.

This deck has been getting quite a good amount of hype lately and quite frankly, for good reason. Aromatisse and Gardevoir-EX pair up really nicely. The fact that M Gardevoir-EX can 1 hit KO anything with the correct amount of energy in play is a force to be reckoned with. An EX that can dish out X amount of damage while being healed every turn is extremely strong in todays format. Which is why this deck is in my top 3. Florges-EX is in here as a backup attacker when your unable to find Gardevoir fast enough or when you just need a hard hitting 2 energy attacker to pick off little things such as Hawlucha. Since this is a new deck I'll discuss my card counts and choices for most things.

3 Spritzee FLF 67: 

Three of these is pretty much a staple in most if not all Aromatisse decks. Not much else to say here.

3 Aromatisse:

Some people run two of these as opposed to three. But I added in a third one to help with consistency and if one of them were to be KOed and one prized then your in a tough jam.

2 Xerneas:

These are in here to help fuel M Gardevoir-EX. We want at least six or more energy on the field to be able to one hit KO everything.

3 Gardevoir-EX:

I went with three of these instead of two because I wanted to be able to find one of them early enough to where I can Spirit Link it as soon as possible.

2 M Gardevoir-EX:

Two of these seemed like the perfect number because once you get one of them out, then it shouldn’t be KO’d easily. Especially with the help of Aromatisse and healing cards you can easily keep it out of range.

2 Florges-EX:

Most Aromatisse variants with Gardevoir in them probably do not run Florges. But I felt like a backup attacker is nice for when your unable to find Gardevoir fast enough or if you can't afford to Xerneas more energy onto the field and just need to put pressure.

1 Mewtwo-EX:

I don't know if Mewtwo is needed in here since Florges and Gardevoir already do enough damage but he was mainly added for opposing Mewtwos. Since the deck runs all basic energy then having a single copy of Mewtwo can come in handy in the long run.

1 Keldeo-EX:

This card was of course added to help nullify Status effects such as Hypnotoxic Laser.

1 Jirachi-EX:

I put this card in pretty much all my decks. Jirachi just gives your deck a huge consistency boost when playing it. It can dig you out of a rough hand to where you may need to N over Juniper or just to help get a supporter in general when your hand is dead.

3 Pokemon Fan Club:

These seem to be a hit or miss because you want to find them turn 1 along with an energy. Aside from having them turn 1 they may not be all that great. But in testing they seemed to be quite effective and helped a lot with consistency. I recommend trying these out before dismissing them altogether. 

3 Max Potion:

I would love to fit a fourth one of these in here but the list was pretty tight as is with all the Pokemon techs. I'm sure a fourth is fit-table if you move around some things. Since we are running Dowsing Machine I felt like three Max Potion is enough.

3 Gardevoir Spirit Link:

At first I had two of these in the list but then there were times where I had trouble finding them since there isn't a way to search them out. Adding a third copy definitely helped finding them easier.

1 Dowsing Machine:

Playing this Ace-Spec seemed to be the best option because we have card counts of threes that we can turn into fours.

3 Fairy Garden:

Same reasoning as Max Potion. Three stadiums seemed to be the perfect amount with our Ace-Spec being Dowsing Machine and also I didn't want to have too many hands clogged with stadiums.

11 Fairy Energy:

I went with eleven energy as of now but I can see twelve maybe thirteen energy depending on how fast you want to go aggro Gardevoir assuming you can afford going that route.

Other Card Options:


You can replace the Pokemon Fan Clubs with these if you feel that you much rather have a searchable Spirit Link card.

Spiritomb LTR 87:

You can add this card in to help against Virizion/Genesect decks. It helps negate thier G-Booster making them unable to use it. Thus, making your EX's safe from being one hit KOed. 


Well guys, that will conclude this article. I hope I was able to give you a better feel on a few deck options for FL Regionals and I hope you all do well. Should you decide to play one of these lists or not. Right now I'm sitting at 285 CP including 50 CP from Worlds. I'm hoping to day 2 FL but at the same time I'll just be happy to have gotten the invite anyway. I hope to see most of you at FL. Please be sure to give a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading this article and as always; keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time.


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