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"ReshiZard" The Best Deck in Format

Jose examines Kian's winning list along with his own 9th place list from Santa Clara Regionals.

05/31/2019 by Jose Marrero



What's going on, 60cards readers?! I'm back again with another article — this time I'll be going over Kian's 1st place list from Santa Clara Regionals along with my 9th place list. Both decks are  Reshiram and Charizard GX (UBO; 20) but are completely different play styles and builds from one another which is quite interesting. Kian's winning list was more focused around playing  Green's Exploration (UBO; 209) which meant he did not play any Pokémon with an ability. Whereas, the list that I used to place 9th was more focused around achieving a turn one  Kiawe (BUS; 116) and transitioning into Guzma or Welder (UBO; 214) . Not to mention, Pablo's winning list from Sao Paulo Regionals was quite similar to mine as well so shout out to him. Unfortunately, I bubbled yet another Regionals in the same season. The other one was Daytona Regionals where I piloted Rayquaza GX (CLS; 109) .

Still, I was happy with my performance. This past weekend I had a couple of League Cups as well as a League Challenge. I decided to play  Reshiram and Charizard GX (UBO; 20) at all three events with 1-2 changes. I won the Saturday League Cup then the following day I lost my win and in against Zoroark GX (SLG; 53) / Dewgong (UBO; 45) / Slowking (LT; 55) / Persian GX (UBO; 149) . The matchup is fine but sometimes close. At the League Challenge, I lost round 1 to Baby  Blacephalon (UBO; 32) which is a tough matchup then proceeded to win the next 4 rounds to place 3rd putting me at 1767 CP so far for the season and 4th in the US/Canada leaderboards. Pretty happy with my season so far and it's by far my best season for sure.

With that said, down below is Kian's winning list from Santa Clara Regionals.

ReshiZard 1st Place Santa Clara

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