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Jose Marrero

1st Place Guatemala Special Event with Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt

Jose goes over his 1st Place finish at the Guatemala Special Event not too long ago with Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt.

04/24/2019 by Jose Marrero



What's going on, 60cards readers?! I'm back again with another article — this time I'll be going over my 1st place finish at the Guatemala Special Event with a pet deck of mine, Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt. I first made Day 2 at Denver Regionals with the deck a week prior and figured why not give it another try but this time at the Special Event. I felt it still had good matchups all around if you are able to set up a Vikavolt (SUM; 52) . I ended up winning the event which had about 31 masters so not too impressive, though it still gave 200 CP so I'll take it. This finish put me at a solid 1357 CP and ranked 5th in the US/Canada leaderboards as well as 1st for the NAIC stipend. Fast forward a little further and now Daytona Regionals has recently passed which I was able to place 9th with Rayquaza GX (CLS; 109) , though in the Expanded format. This finish netted me an extra 40 CP due to already having 8 BFLs which replaced a Top 128 Regional finish.

Currently, I'm at 1397 CP and still 5th on the US/Canada leaderboards and I believe number 2 for NAIC stipend because Caleb is a beast and ended up winning Daytona Regionals. I am fairly confident I have locked up my Day 2 Worlds invite which I'm excited about, though I'll still be at the remaining US Regionals as well as the EUIC this weekend and of course NAIC. Below is the list I used to win the Guatemala Special Event. I only made 1 change since playing the deck in Denver and that was replacing  Wondrous Labyrinth Prism Star (TM; 158) with a 3rd copy of Lysandre Labs (FLI; 111) . I chose this change due to PikaRom decks playing Weakness Policy (BUS; 126) so I wanted to have more outs in finding  Lysandre Labs (FLI; 111) when needed most so  Marshadow GX (BUS; 80) can take easy KO's. Not to mention denying the use of Escape Boards against  Zapdos (TM; 40) decks was quite nice as well.


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