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Toronto Regionals Review

Jose reviews the top 8 decks from Toronto last weekend.

03/15/2019 by Jose Marrero


What's going on, 60cards readers?! I'm back again with another article — only this time I'll be looking at the Top 8 decks from Toronto Regionals last weekend and briefly going over them and giving my 2 cents on each list. Greensboro Regionals is right around the corner which probably doesn't give many players much time to test or prepare for it. Meaning players may just pick one of the top 8 lists and just tweak it here and there to make it their own and what they feel comfortable playing last minute. Trevenant had the most showings in Day 2 with a massive 10/32 spots. Trevenant will likely have the biggest target on it's back heading into Greensboro because of its dominant performance last weekend. Some Trevenant players added a Pyroar line to their lists to get auto wins against basic decks. Night March won yet another Expanded Regionals and Zoroark-GX/Garbodor was runner-up. We also saw a unique Mew/Counter Box deck make it all the way to Top 8 which actually I was one of the deck's victims in Day 1 funny enough. We also saw just 1 PikaRom and ArchieStoise make it into Day 2 with ArchieStoise still making Top 8. We may see some different numbers this weekend if the meta starts to change.

With that said, Let's take a look at the Night March winning list piloted by Jimmy Pendarvis who won his 4th Regional of the season. 

1st Place - Night March

How does Jimmy do it? This man has now won 4 Regionals this season. No one would have thought of all decks Night March would be the one to take down Toronto let alone in a field full of Trevenant. Yet Jimmy finds a way and prevails over all of them in top cut. This man can't be stopped. The new DDG list for Night March is quite interesting though. The Pokémon counts are pretty standard from what I can see. Marshadow-GX is definitely nice against Zoroark-GX and PikaRoms for easier one hit KO's. A couple of cards are thrown into the deck that you wouldn't normally see in Night March builds. Jimmy's list plays 3 copies of Order Pad and 2 copies of Electropower. Order Pad should give the deck a little boost in consistency and the Electropowers give Joltik an extra 30 damage buff which was smart to utilize. The one of Escape Rope was clutch from first hand because I faced Isaiah Williams in the last round and boy was that Escape Rope MVP. The only thing I didn't like about the list was the one of Dimension Valley. However, the rest seemed to have worked so you can't really go wrong there. Moving forward maybe adding in a Pokémon Ranger might be needed in case of players deciding to play Giratina-EX or Seismitoad-EX again.

With that said, let's take a look at the runner-up Zoroark-GX/Garbodor list.

2nd Place - Zoroark-GX/Garbodor

This list is also quite interesting because it plays some extra techy cards you don't normally see. For example the 1 of Wobbuffet. It makes sense because against ArchieStoise just having it active will slow them down hard. Wobbuffet can also slow down PikaRom decks and a bunch of other decks that rely on abilities early on. I'm not a huge fan of the Foul Play Zoroark and I think moving forward I'd personally play the Mind Jack one as it's better against the mirror match. I can see there are 2 60 hit point Trubbish which I think moving forward should be 70 hit point ones due to Trevenant being able to 2 hit KO them. The one of Teammates is unique in this deck, however, I think the 2nd copy of Brigette is more important because prizing the one of Brigette can be crucial. The last card I think I'd change is the Hypnotoxic Laser into a 2nd Field Blower. A couple of reasons because the deck plays multiple Trashalanche meaning getting rid of Tools can boost your damage. Secondly, Field Blower can still get around Focus Sash except it can get rid of multiple at once. On top of that Parallel City can be annoying for this deck so that's another way to remove those. Lastly, Field Blower is needed in the mirror match so having that 2nd Field Blower can be clutch when needed most.

Next up, we have the 3rd and 5th place Trevenant list. Multiple of the same 60 making top 8 is always a sight to see.

3rd + 5th Place - Trevenant

Honestly, at first glance, this list is near perfect and no surprise to see it take 2 spots in top 8 with the same 60. The only real thing missing is an Alolan Muk and that's if you expect players to start adding in Giratina Promo. After this past weekend, I wouldn't be surprised if players decide to add Giratina in pretty much everything. Trevenant dominated in Toronto so it will surely have a huge target on it's back headed into Greensboro. The deck already plays Ditto Prism so fitting Alolan Muk shouldn't be too hard. You can drop 1 Wobbuffet if you need to since all you really need is 1 Wobbuffet anyway and that's just for the first turn of the game to slow the opponent down. After that, you wanna keep the item lock as long as possible. Espeon-EX is still needed to try and have a chance against Zoroark-GX decks, though it's still rough. An early Let Loose into item lock can cripple the opponent so I definitely like that inclusion especially because you can Mysterious Treasure for Marshadow. The one of Brigette you don't normally see in Trevenant decks but honestly, I like it. Having the turn 1 option to get triple Phantump or Ditto out is always nice. The rest of the list is pretty straight forward.

Now let's take a look at the 4th place Trevenant list and compare.

4th Place - Trevenant

Immediately I can see this list played Alolan Muk which was smart because it has more uses than just to shut off Giratina Promo. Shutting off abilities like opposing Tapu Lele-GX, Zeraora-GX, Marshadow, Darkrai-EX, and more can be very useful. Other than that the list seems to be quite normal. The third copy of Counter Catcher is interesting but makes sense because when you need Counter Catcher most it is very good and most times you are the one to likely be behind on prizes so Counter Catcher will almost always be useful once you find one. I like maxing out on N which both variants did because all you want to do is N the opponent lower and lower until they eventually start dead drawing. The deck doesn't take fast prizes so usually, you will be behind on prizes making N very useful as well as Ace Trainer. 

Next up, we have Russell's 6th place ArchieStoise.

6th Place - ArchieStoise

Since Dallas, I can see that Russell's list is quite different from the previous lists that did well. Russell made it his own which is nice. Onix is pretty much a staple in the list now due to PikaRom and Zoroark-GX. However, I wouldn't mind an Eevee & Snorlax-GX because it too is good against those two decks. Palkia-GX had seen play in the past but now Russell brought it back. Its GX attack seems to be useful against PikaRom if they go too crazy with energy on board. Other than the GX attack I don't see Palkia-GX being all that strong. Maybe replacing it with Kingdra-GX might be better in the long run especially in the mirror match. I do like the Giratina because it can help you set up KO's on Shaymin-EX for when you want to Towering Splash GX for multiple KO's. Looking at the list a little closer I'm not too fond of just having 2 Order Pad and 1 Choice Band. I do like the Viridian Forest though to grab more energy. I'd probably replace the 11th Water and Professor's Letter for 2 more copies of Order Pad to boost consistency more moving forward.

Last but not least, we have the Mew/Counter Box deck that surprised everyone including myself.

7th Place - Mew/Counter Box

Simon played this deck phenomenally especially in our Day 1 match. I thought I had him locked with my Xurkitree-GX but little did I know he played Silent Lab. I was okay with this because I bumped his Silent Lab and got Xurkitree-GX back out. At this point, I felt like I had the game but nope Simon played Resource Management Oranguru so I conceded. Unfortunate but Simon was preparred for almost everhyting. Simon was able to utilize Mew to the fullest extent to take him all the way to Top 8. I witnessed Simon one hit KO my Rayquaza-GX on the second turn of the game with Mew, Counter Energy, White Kurem, Choice Band, and Dimension Valley. I sat there just dumfounded like what just happened. Then I realized what I was playing against and tried to cheese him with Xurkitree-GX but eventually failed. This deck can do some crazy things if played right. Especially if the opponent doesn't see it coming then that's when this deck can prevail pretty easily. I was using Rumbling Wires and eventually, Simon put Silent Lab down and copied my attack with Sudowoodo to one hit KO it for 200 and I was just like... Okay, that's basically game. A lot of neat tricks can come out of this deck with all those 1 of attackers.

Lastly, we have probably the most unique Trevenant list to date that has had success.

8th Place - Trevenant/Pyroar

If I'm not mistaken 5 players played this list and all 5 made day 2. However, only 1 made the top 8. The addition of the 1-1 Pyroar so so smart because it gave you auto wins against so many decks. For example, PikaRom, Rayquaza-GX, Night March, and more. You can see the list had to be changed quite a bit to make Pyraor useful. Thinner lines of Mysterious Treasure, Enhanced Hammer, Rescue Scarf, and Dimension Valley. The only thing I didn't like was having three Dimension Valley and not 4 because the deck thrives on it assuming you are not against an auto win of course. The Scoop Up Cyclone I'm not too sure I like either. Maybe it was to pick up Pyroar if it's close to being KOed or if it has a special condition on it. Moving forward I think the consistency Computer Search provides is strictly better. Overall the list is pretty cool. I think players will try to play around Pyroar this time around. Pyroar is no secret anymore so maybe taking it out is best because it may just be a dead card moving forward. Then again if people don't tech for it then you will have some free wins for sure.

Closing Thoughts

That will conclude this article on Toronto Regionals last weekend. I wouldn't be surprised to see these top 8 decks see an even greater showing this weekend. However, I can also see players decide to try and counter these decks than play them themselves. It'll be interesting to see if the meta stays the same or changes drastically. We saw a low count of ArchieStoise and PikaRom in Day 2 of Toronto so maybe we see some different numbers this weekend in Greensboro? If you see me this weekend in Greensboro be sure to stop by and say hi.

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