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Jose Marrero

"Land of the Bats"- Deck Analysis and Tournament Report

Jose talks about Landorus/Crobat and gives a brief rundown on the Cities he played it at.

01/31/2015 by Jose Marrero



Hello 60cards readers! I hope you all had a successful City Championship run and I hope you are all getting ready for Winter Regionals next month. With Regionals creeping closer and closer, people are going to be testing a lot more. So for this next article I'm going to be talking about a deck that I've yet to discuss and that has netted me 1st, 2nd and top 4 finishes at cities.

That deck is Landorus-EX/Crobat. This deck has been under the radar for some time now (until recently) and more and more have started to pop up with good finishes at CC's. I've seen a lot of people asking for lists for the deck, or at least a starting point; which is why I decided to dedicate this article to it. I'll go more in depth about the deck and give a brief run down on the three cities I made cut at with the deck.

Table of contents


     - Card Count/Choices

     - Analysis

     - Pros and Cons

Tournament Report

     -New Port Richie FL- 2nd Place Finish

     -Sarasota FL- 1st Place Finish

     -Gainesville FL- 4th Place Finish


Card Count/Choices:


4 Zubat PLS 53:

I use this Zubat over all the others because it has free retreat even though it has 10 less hp. The free retreat is necessary for easier turn 1 attacks. Which is the reason why I maxed them out.

4 Golbat PHF 32:

These Golbats are a no-brainer for it's ability that places 2 damage counters on one of your opponent's Pokemon. It's ability helps get those magic numbers when going for a KO. Since we are playing 4 copies of Zubat it only makes sense to also run 4 copies of these.

3 Crobat PHF 33:

Of course we are running Crobat because it's ability places 3 damage counters instead of 2 on one of your opponent's Pokemon. The combination of both Golbat and Crobat makes damage manipulation so much more effective. Thus giving you those magic numbers that set up multiple KOs on a single turn. I went with 3 of these because I just felt like 4 seemed to unnecessary when you're already playing cards like Super Scoop Up to reuse them.

3 Hawlucha FFI:

At first I ran 2 copies of this card, but quickly realized Seismitoad decks were it's biggest fear. So I added a 3rd copy, which has been putting a lot more pressure against the dreaded Toads. A turn 1 for 80-100 damage can be threatening against them; it's better than almost any other option in our types.

3 Landorus-EX:

Your main attacker aside from Hawlucha when facing non Toad decks. Which is why I went with 3 copies of this card. Landorus-EX is your bread and butter when it comes to setting up KOs and doing quick damage.

1 Lucario-EX:

This card was added to help against Toad and Yveltal decks much like Hawlucha. The fact that Landorus-EX is weak to water makes him more vulnerable to the Toads. So Lucario-EX can shine in that match up if used correctly. I've seen people playing as many as 2 copies of Lucario, but I personally think 1 is enough.

1 Jirachi-EX:

No surprise here. I play Jirachi in basically every deck I run. The card is just too good not to play. A lot of people hate Jirachi because of it's hp and it's vulnerability to Lysandre. But I guarantee you that Jirachi will save you more times than it hurts you.

3 Korrina:

Much like Donphan decks, you can also abuse Korrina in this type of deck. Having the option to grab 2 of your strongest attackers as well as an Ultra Ball for a Bat is just too good not to have. A turn 1 Korrina is basically all you need to stay in the game and proceed from there.

1 Colress:

I went with 1 Colress because we are running 3 copies of VS Seeker so we can afford to play a low count of these.

1 AZ:

This card was added to help against Toad decks when your in a tough spot while trainer locked. You will have to make this card count because you won't be able to VS Seeker for it under item lock. Just great for when your opponent plays Lysandre and tries to stick something active or to reuse one of your bats. One copy was added because again, we are running a heavy count of VS Seeker.

1 Lysandre:

Only 1 of these were added because we are already doing damage to the bench, thus making Lysandre less effective. If you expect people to run Mr Mime. Then adding a 2nd copy of Lysandre might be neccessary. Otherwise I think 1 copy is good enough since again we are running a heavy VS Seeker count as mentioned numerous times.

3 Ultra Ball:

Unlike Donphan decks where most play 2 copies of these because they mostly just rely on getting as many Donphan out as possible by using Korrina. Though we need 3 here (and have considered the full set of 4),in order to facilitate getting Crobats out consistently.

3 Fighting Stadium:

Since Landorus-EX and Hawlucha are the main attackers in the deck, running 3 copies of this stadium is necessary for countering other stadiums and doing more damage to opposing Pokemon EX. The extra 20 damage this card provides can make a huge difference when going for KOs.

4 Super Scoop Up:

These were mainly added to reuse bats and to heal Landorus-EX. They are also great against Team Flare Tools and Status effects. Having the option to get rid of those things can make a impact on any game. One thing that also makes Super Scoop Up neccesary, even though it's a flip card, is it's options on what to pick up after you have flipped heads.

You can either grab a bat to reuse it that turn, or you can pick up a Landorus-EX that's about to be KOed. You can even buy back a Jirachi-EX, or pick it up to prevent it from being picked off once it has done its job!

3 Muscle Band:

These are great for getting those turn 1, 90 attacks with Landorus-EX or to make Hawlucha 2 shot things easier. Also clutch against Sigilyph where Crobat with a Muscle Band can now 1 hit KO them.

1 Professor's Letter:

Since we are also running Korrina and basic Energy, it only makes sense to play at least 1 Letter. Having the option to grab an energy turn 1 can make all the difference.

1 Escape Rope:

This card has been more effective than I thought it would be. Sometimes players don't expect it early on when they bench one Pokemon. If you use it at the right time it can make a big impact in the game. One scenario that makes it effective is when your opponent's active Pokemon is a snipe away from being KOed. You can Escape Rope and potentially hit something else for more damage with Landorus while still taking the KO on the Pokemon that was active.

1 Scoop Up Cyclone:

My Ace Spec of choice because it has too many spots where it can come in and change the game tremendously. The fact that it's an auto Super Scoop Up and can be searched out with Korrina makes it much more consistently impactful. Obviously a close call given the power level of something like Computer Search or Dowsing Machine in this deck, but still correct I think.

Other Card Options:



This card can be clutch against Toads when they get a DCE on them or against Garbodor when they have a Tool and are shutting off your bats. It can also be used to get rid of a Team Flare Tool on one of your EXs.

Lysandre's Trump Card:

This card can be used to get back bats or energies that had to be discarded early.

Enhanced Hammer:

Since the deck is running Korrina, having a copy or 2 of Enhanced Hammer can be nice against decks that play special energy for example, Aromatisse decks or even against Toads that like to attach DCE turn 1 when your going 2nd.

Startling Megaphone:

Great for opposing Hard Charms in decks such as Yveltal and Fairies.




At first glance I thought Landorus/Crobat was simply a mediocre deck, that felt like it would see more play at the kitchen table than at actual sanctioned events. Though, after seeing it played at one of the cities in FL I changed my mind entirely. The first time I saw it in action was actually from a local player named John Cassidy, who gave my Night March deck a good beating. Immediately I was intrigued on the deck and I liked that it had answers to basically everything in the format. With it's toughest match up being Seismitoad variants, that didn't stop me from making my own list and piloting it to three city finishes. Better yet the only real Seimsitoad threats are the variants that play Super Scoop Ups, which aren't even popular. 

It's favorable match ups easily outweigh it's unfavorable ones which is why the deck has been doing so well in today's format. A lot of people think Yveltal-EX with Hard Charms is also one of it's bad match ups. Which I personally have to disagree with. Sure you probably are doing 0 damage to a baby Yveltal if they get a Hard Charm on it, but your only taking 30 damage at a time. Most variants do not play Hypnotoxic Laser. So your able to pressure the bench more easily. You just have to ignore the baby Yveltals and pick off the EXs, and use Super Scoop Up when necessary. The match up is a lot better than what people think, if approached correctly.


Pros and Cons


- Energy efficient attackers

- Mostly everyone Pokemon has free retreat

- Multiple healing options which also count as switching options



- Vulnerable to Seismitoad-EX

- Team Flare Tools can be a problem

- An early Garbodor can be a problem

Tournament Report

New Port Richie FL- 2nd Place Finish


Florida actually had three different cities running on the same day. We decided on New Port Richie because we thought it would have a smaller turnout compared to the others. At the end though, all of them had a similar turn out. Going into this event I was pretty much set on just playing Landorus/Crobat because the deck was just so fun to play and I knew it's potential. Brandon Salazar (the 2014 National Champion) and I were talking about the deck a week prior to this event and so we finally came up with the list above. We both ended up playing the exact 60 card list for this event and found out a few others were also playing the same deck but with their own lists. I debated on a last minute Mr. Mime tech for the mirror but ultimately decided against it as I was fairly confident in the mirror. With this weekend being my Birthday weekend I wanted to get a win today to make this Birthday really exciting.

Round 1 pairings go up and I see I'm facing a good buddy of mine (Orion Craig) who I knew was playing Quad/Manectric that day instead of his creation of Aromatisse/Seismitoad. I take a quick convincing game as a single Landorus-EX was too much for him. I start the day with a 3-0-0 record and I'm just feeling great at this point knowing I can just ID my last 2 rounds. Round 4 I decide on the ID and in round 5 I again ID and guarantee myself the cut. My round 5 opponent and I play the game out anyway and I take the game convincingly. Top 8 pairings go up and I see I'm facing Orion Craig yet again and of course I'm feeling happy knowing my match up is basically an auto win.

We get into our games and in games 1 and 3 they go as planned taking the games over with a single Landorus. Game 2 I actually ended up losing since my only start was a lone hawlucha but I had a Landorus-EX in hand and decide against benching it as I knew Orion played Head Ringers. This is where not benching Landorus came back to bite me. Orion Ns me turn 1 and all I draw is a lone Zubat with no supporters or anything. Orion ends up taking a t2 and t3 KO on my Hawlucha and Zubat respectively. My top 4 opponent was the one and only Brandon Salazar playing the exact 60 card list. We get into our games and we go back and forth with Scoop Up flips. Long story short, I was able to best Brandon 2-0 and move on to the finals where I had to face Gavin who was the only Quad/Seismitoad player at the event.

I knew this finals was going to be no cake walk. Game 1 goes exactly how I pictured it with Gavin flipping multiple heads on Super Scoop Up and denying me prizes while taking them at the same time. We move onto game 2 where the game gets really close and I eventually end up decking Gavin out as he had already used all 4 VS Seeker and Lysandre's Trump Card. We get into game 3 where we both get down to low prizes and time is called. If Gavin doesn't have the Lysandre to stick my Landorus active I have a chance at winning but of course he has it and 2 turns later Gavin takes the game and becomes the City Champ. Grats to Gavin on winning some really close games. After the event we went out to Beef O Brady's to celebrate my Birthday. It was a blast getting to hang with some of my closest friends and just enjoy the rest of the day.

1. Yveltal-EX/Zoroark (Top 4)

2. Flareon (Top 8)

3. Landorus-EX/Crobat (2nd)

4. Quad Seismitoad-EX (Winner)

5. Yveltal-EX/Seismitoad-EX/Raichu (Top 8)

6. Quad M Manectric-EX (Top 8)

7. Landorus-EX/Crobat (Top 4)

8. Manectric-EX/Seismitoad-EX/Suicune (Top 8)


Sarasota FL- 1st Place Finish


Again Florida had three cities going on just like the day before. Harrison and I decided on Sarasota because we knew not many people would be there and it was farther than the other cities. Sure enough we were right on the amount of Masters that attended. We had a total of 12 masters, which meant we missed five rounds as opposed to four by one person. Going into this event I knew my only threat was Harrison since he went with Aromatisse/Seismitoad-EX this day and I knew I could just outplay everyone else no matter what they hit me with. Since we only had a total of four rounds Harrison and I decide to ID in round two since we knew we could just win out or ID the last round if necessary.

The rounds go as planned and Harrison and I are the only 2-0-2's as 2nd and 3rd seeds. Which unfortunately meant we had to play in top 4. Harrison and I get into our top cut games and I somehow get it to game 3 where Harrison is just whiffing too many things as I am the one to hit everything I need at the right times to take the series and move on to the finals. In the finals I was confident on which ever match up won their top 4 match between Flareon and Yveltal/Toad. I end up facing Emre, playing Flareon in the finals which I much rather face to be honest. Both games go as planned and I am able to pressure with Landorus-EX and take the series 2-0 and win my first City Championship of the season.

1. Flareon (2nd)

2. Landorus-EX/Crobat (Winner)

3. Aromatisse/Seismitoad-EX (Top 4 of course)

4. Yveltal-EX/Seismitoad-EX/Garbodor (Top 4 of course)


 Gainesville FL- 4th Place Finish


This was the second to last City in Florida so Harrison and I wanted to make this one count in case we don't decide to do the last. I knew Toad decks would probably be a bit higher with my success with Landorus/Crobat but I didn't care. I knew with a little bit of luck and decent draws I could take them down. Round one starts and I notice my opponent not playing with any sleeves so I'm just thinking to myself "maybe he's just new" sure enough it was his first tournament. Usually I hate playing against new players as your resistance wouldn't be that great later on.  Anyway, we start our game and my opponent opens with Keldeo-EX and Squirtle.

"Blastoise???". We start the game and my opponent had a slow start while I'm just using Hawlucha on his Keldeo-EX. My opponent drops down Gold Potion and survives a turn. My opponent then grabs Blastoise with Trevor and Rare Candies into it while also dropping down enough energy to KO my Hawlucha. At this point I'm a little intimidated. Staring down a fully powered Keldeo while my options are either Hawlucha or Landorus seemed hopeless. I go for another Hawlucha and finally take the KO and my first two prizes. He responds with another fully powered Keldeo. Now I'm just thinking "I'm done for". I can't go aggro Landorus because that's just two free prizes so I go with Lucario-EX and hope he doesn't one shot it next turn. Haha! I was wrong.

He was able to attach four more water energies to one hit KO my Lucario dropping him down to two prizes. I get my 3rd Hawlucha going and I get the Keldeo down to 50 health left. He takes a quick KO on the Hawlucha and at that point I had to think carefully as he was now at 1 prize. Now I know I'm at four prizes to his one but all he had on field was the bench Blastoise and a seven energy Keldeo that was 50 shy of being KOed. I go for Landorus but I still need an energy to KO the Keldeo but at the same time I want to N him to one. I have about 15 cards left in deck and 3 energy left. I decide on the N and hope to stick him for a few turns. Sure enough I miss the energy and get obliterated the following turn to give me my first loss of the day. I was pretty disappointed as I was confident I could come back and steal the win after the N play. The next round I end up losing a close game against Yveltal/Hard Charms as I prized my only Lysandre in my last two prizes.

Had I hit it from the two prizes the turn before I win the game. Instead I miss and take my second loss of the day. At this point I don't decide to drop since top 16 gets a few packs and I just wanted to see if I could win out anyway. I do end up winning out with a record of 4-2-0 after starting 0-2-0. I look at the pairings and I'm 8th seed. "WAIT WHAT???" I later hear that a guy who was 4-1-0 dropped because he had to leave and also last round two 3-1-1's ended up tieing thus giving me the 8th spot in cut. I was excited to have had made cut although I thought it was going to come to an end soon enough as my top 8 opponent was Orion Craig playing Aromatisse/Seismitoad.

I knew I had beaten the deck the week before in top 4 against Harrison but I still dislike the matchup because it can go either way. Orion and I get into our games and in game 1 he draws poorly and I take a quick game. Game 2 goes as Orion planned and quickly steam rolls me with Keldeo. We get to game 3 where the game gets really close but my side is more favorable. At one point in the game I had a fully powered Landorus-EX ready to Lands Judgement for the last 2 prizes. Orion notices and his only play is to sleep me and pray that I flip tails. I do end up flipping tails thus having to sacrafice my Landorus. At that point I thought the game was over since the rest of my field was hopeless. As I weigh my options I just have to hope Lucario-EX can do wonders now. So I attach to him and pass my turn knowing my Landorus was about to be sent to the shadow realm. My turn comes and I have to just hope Lucario can take me to victory.

I attach again to him and use his 2nd attack filling my hand to 6. At this point I'm still in a tough jam knowing if he sleeps me again and I flip tails the games over. Even if I flip heads I really don't have an answer to anything since If I attack the active again my Lucario was going down next turn as he can just heal off his damage with Max Potion. I flip for sleep and I wake up and then the gods favored me as I topped deck the game winning card. "Lysandre" to KO Darkrai on the bench and taking the series. I was shocked to have beaten that machup twice now in best 2 out of 3. My top 4 match was either against Seismitoad/Slurpuff or Metal. Of course I'm hoping that Metal wins as that matchup is a lot more favorable for me. But nope Toad ended up winning and now we had to face eachother. "Great another heavy Toad deck"

Long story short I get the series to game 3 where my opponent was able to hit multiple Super Scoop Up heads and take the game. I finish the day starting 0-2-0 to a top 4 finish which I was quite happy about even though that only netted me 10 points. The next day Harrison and I decide to go to the last City Championship in FL. I just decide to scoop to freinds since I would have had to make it to the finals to gain points. I finish my City Championship run with 1st/2nd/2nd/4th place finishes which I was quite happy to have achieved in such a competitive state.

1. Aromatisse/Seismitoad-EX (Top 8)

2. Night March (Top 4)

3. Aromatisse/Seismitoad-EX (Top 8)

4. Quad Seismitoad-EX/Slurpuff (Winner)

5. Metal (Top 8)

6. Flareon (2nd)

7. Virizion-EX/Genesect-EX (Top 8)

8. Landorus-EX/Crobat (Top 4)




That concludes this article. I hope this article gave you a better understanding on the deck and and I hope you all do well at your upcoming Regionals. Please be sure to give a thumbs up if you enjoyed reading this article and as always; keep an eye out for more articles to come. Until next time.

-Jose Marrero

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