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Jose Marrero

"Breaking in the Dragons" - Speed Rayquaza-GX VS Rayquaza-GX/Eelektrik for Portland

Jose examines two variants of Rayquaza-GX for you that could be strong options going into Portland Regionals with the Expanded format.

10/23/2018 by Jose Marrero



Hey there 60cards readers! I'm back yet again with a whole new article, though this time I discuss two variants of Rayquaza-GX that can potentially be strong plays come Portland Regionals this weekend. If you've known me for quite some time, then you know I've been a Rayquaza fan for many years. Most Rayquaza cards in past years have been very playable, and Rayquaza-GX, as we all know in Standard, is no slouch. However, in Expanded, I feel it is no slouch either, because the options are endless when it comes to Expanded. Now, Portland Regionals is this weekend, and I'm sure players are scrambling and testing like crazy for the very first Expanded Regionals of the season with the new Celestial Storm set. The first variant of Rayquaza-GX I'll be dissecting is Speed Rayquaza-GX. This variant is meant to explode on the first turn and follow with a strong turn two, which hopefully the opponent can't handle right away.

Next, I'll transition into one of my personal favorite plays going into Portland Regionals — though this time we'll see Rayquaza-GX paired with Eelektrik. I'm chasing that Day 2 Worlds dream again this year, and being 17th last season by just 16 points was truly heartbreaking. However, I'm going to work even harder to achieve that prestigious goal. Right now, I am sitting at 10th in NA/Canada rankings with 240 Championship Points. Getting points at Portland Regionals and Brazil Internationals will be huge towards netting the Australia stipend, as well. Hopefully, I can keep up with the other top players and keep getting points as I go as I already was able to get the Brazil stipend, which I'm super proud of because hard work pays off.

With that said, let's take a look at the first of two decks which implement Rayquaza-GX as the main attacker.

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