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"The Ribbon and the Steel Turd" - A Look at Sylveon-GX and Steelix/Hoopa/Wailord for Memphis

Jose examines the winning Sylveon-GX list and the Top 8 Steelix/Hoopa/Wailord list from Offenbach Regionals not too long ago.

10/04/2018 by Jose Marrero



Hey there 60cards readers! I'm back once again with another article, though this time I'll be taking a closer look at the Sylveon-GX list that Hampus Eriksson used to win the Offenbach Regional Championships not too long ago. Next, I'll then transition into another Top 8 list, except this time piloted by Sander Wojcik who played the newly Steelix/Hoopa/Wailord. This deck was surely one that surprised most if not all players, especially since it made it all the way to the Top 8 of a 500 man Regionals so it definitely deserves some credit. Sylveon-GX and Steelix/Hoopa/Wailord straight up destroy Shrine decks along with Zoroark-GX decks so if you expect a lot of these decks in Memphis this weekend then maybe one of the aforementioned decks I'll be going over is the play for you.

With that said, let's look at Hampus's 1st place winning Sylveon-GX list from Offenbach Regionals.


4-4 Sylveon-GX

The only and main attacker of the deck. Opening Eevee is what you want, so having other Basics can make it awkward at times. Having a turn one Magical Ribbon is what you want the deck to achieve so you can start annoying your opponent right away and slowly try to win from there. It's attack--Fairy Wind--isn't too bad since it does a solid 110 damage, enough to take down Rayquaza-GX in one blow. Plea GX is situational, but great against stage 2 decks to slow them down even further.

4 Plumeria

You can't always rely on flipping heads on Crushing Hammers, which is why Plumeria is a great addition to the deck now that Team Flare Grunt is rotated out of Standard play.

3 Acerola

Healing is very important for this deck, as it'll deny prizes for the opponent while you disrupting their set up and energy.

2 Guzma

Great card to drag up a beefy retreater. This will make for an easier and less stressful game. If you have to, you can use Guzma to take small KOs if needed or against Rayquaza-GX.

2 Lusamine

One of the best cards in the deck. Lusamine helps loop any supporters or stadiums, making an infinite loop as long as you keep getting back Lusamine with Lusamine.

2 Team Skull Grunt

Your opponent will have trouble holding on to energy because of this card. They will have to play energy down and let them get Hammered away or Team Skull Grunted away. Either way, it is a win-win for you no matter which they choose.

2 Judge

Disrupting the opponent's hand size down to four from a Turn one Lillie or Tempest GX can come in handy.

2 Professor Kukui

These help one-hit KO Pokémon with 130 or fewer hit points, but most importantly, Oranguru since it has 120 hit points. Drawing an extra two cards is nice as well but like I said, Professor Kukui is mainly to one-hit KO Oranguru so they don't get to use Resource Management multiple times in a row.

1 Mars

An interesting card, to say the least. You get to draw two cards and randomly discard a card from the opponent's hand. It's no Delinquent, but one card can be something important and it still helps mill the opponent somewhat faster, even if it's just getting rid of one card.

1 Gladion

Prizing one-of cards can be annoying, and important against certain matchups, so having Gladion able to get them out of the prizes is nice.

4 Max Potion

Very needed in this deck so that you can deny the opponent prizes. Usually, you only have 1-2 Sylveon-GX out because technically they aren't supposed to be taken down with all the disruption this deck has to offer. Magical Ribbon only takes a single Fairy Energy making Max Potion an easy use.

3 Enhanced Hammer/4 Crushing Hammer

Energy disruption is the key to success with decks like these. Denying the opponent of attacking will make it easier for you to take control of the game. Getting rid of both Special and non-Special Energy will go a long way, for sure.

1 Nest Ball

One Nest Ball isn't the worst thing, though I'd probably like a second copy. The fear of getting benched or donked is always going through your head with this deck, since it only plays four Basic Pokémon. However, if you get a turn one Sylveon-GX then you should be fine anyway.

1 Counter Catcher

The deck does play two copies of Guzma, however, Counter Catcher is nice as well so you can drag something up while still being able to use a supporter for the turn. You get the best of both worlds in one turn.

1 Field Blower

You never know when you might need to get rid of Tool or stadiums. One Field Blower just gives the deck even more options to disrupt the opponent even more.

1 Pal Pad

Great card to get back two supporters, though not entirely needed because you can infinite loop your supporters with Lusamine.

2 Bodybuilding Dumbbells

These give Sylveon-GX 240 hit points making it more difficult for the opponent to take down in one blow. If you can't take Sylveon-GX down in one blow then you are likely going to lose.

1 Mount Lanakila/1 Lysandre Labs

Mount Lanakila is actually better than I thought in this deck. Giving Basic Pokémon an extra retreat cost can be really troublesome for the opponent. Lysandre Labs is also solid because it can deny the use of Choice Bands making it easier to one hit KO Sylveon-GX. Both stadiums have their own merit for sure.

12 Fairy Energy/2 Double Colorless Energy

Having a turn one Fairy Energy is extremely important. Twelve Fairy seems like that's good enough. Two Double Colorless Energy also seems fine since it gives you the option to use Fairy Wind and Plea GX if needed a turn faster.

Other card options

Hoopa SLG 55

Just another card to help stall against decks that use a lot of GX Pokémon, namely Zoroark-GX variants.

Sylveon FBL 87

It's attack--Wink Wink--can disrupt the opponent's hand by discarding a supporter but at the same time letting you use that same supporter you discarded. I don't think this card is necessarily needed, but it is interesting for sure.

Multi Switch

If you have an energy onto a benched Pokémon you can then surprise the opponent by using either Fairy Wind or Plea GX.


Baby Buzzwole/Garbodor/Magcargo/Shrine (20-80)

This matchup is basically free for Sylveon-GX, simply because this deck is unable to one hit KO Sylveon-GX. Eventually, they will drain all your energy and deck you out.

Shining Lugia/Malamar (30-70)

Similar to the Baby Buzzwole variant, it's basically another auto loss. No way for the deck to one hit KO Sylveon-GX will make the matchup very difficult.

Necrozma-GX/Malamar (55-45)

With this variant, you have Necrozma-GX that can actually one hit KO Sylveon-GX. However, the matchup can be iffy if you are forced to have a big retreater active. You have to watch out for Mount Lanakila so benching any Basic Pokemon with more than one retreat is risky namely Dawn Wings Necrozma-GX.

Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt (60-40)

This matchup I personally feel is favored for Rayquaza-GX, because Rayquaza-GX can just sit back and wait till it has enough energy on the board to one hit KO Sylveon-GX. Usually, they will just have one Sylveon-GX on board so really you only have to take one down most times. You will have to use your switching cards wisely.

Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX (40-60)

This matchup will basically come down to whether or not you are Judged into a dead hand and are unable to heal yourself or find another Eevee by the time they two hit KO you and bench you out of the game. Still, favored for Sylveon-GX because you can drain them out of energy pretty easily as long as you aren't getting one hit KOed.

With that said, now let's move into the new crazy concoction Sander Wojcik brewed up to place in the Top 8 of Offenbach Regionals.


3-3 Steelix CES 89

Steelix is the deck's main attacker and staller. Steelix can do some chip damage with Tackle for 30 damage, but eventually, it'll stack up. This way Tapu-Lele can come in and sweep. Steelix has 190 hit points for being just a stage 1 which is already difficult to one hit KO. If you add Metal Frying Pan or Bodybuilding Dumbbells then it'll be even more difficult for the opponent to take down in one blow. As long as you don't get one hit KOd then you should be fine.

2 Hoopa SLG 55

Great card to help wall against decks like Malamar and Zoroark-GX variants. You can basically Acerola plus Lusamine infinite loop Hoopa until the opponent decks out.

2-1 Wailord CES 40

Wailord is just another tank that has a whopping 220 hit points. If you have a Bodybuilding Dumbbell on it then it has 260 hit points which is tough for most decks to get to without hitting for weakness. However, Rayquaza-GX, Necrozma-GX, and Ultra Necrozma-GX can hit this number at some point.

1 Oranguru ULP 114

Getting back your own resources can be helpful. You can also combo Oranguru with Looker to get those resources to hand even faster.

1 Tapu Lele ULP 94

Psywave is useful against Rayquaza-GX. However, Magical Swap is great for when you use Tackle a handful of times. The opponent will have a ton of damage on board making Magical Swap a great clean up attack.

1 Articuno-GX

This card is in the deck strictly for its GX attack, Cold Crush GX. It lets you discard all the opponent's active Pokemon's energy along with Articuno-GX's. This attack can be helpful against something like Gardevoir-GX or Rayquaza-GX and plenty of other attackers. Very situational attack but seems like it's worth the spot.

4 Steven's Resolve

This card helps you set up with ease. You just use Steven's Resolve over and over until you feel comfortable finally doing something else like heal or disrupt energy. Getting any three cards to hand is great in a deck like this because it doesn't really rely on attacking anyway so ending the turn without an attack isn't a big deal.

4 Cynthia

Four copies of Cynthia is interesting because you manly want to use cards to disrupt the opponent or heal yourself. However, decks like these usually have trouble coming back from cards like Judge or Let Loose which is my guess on why there are four Cynthia.

3 Acerola

Similar to Max Potion, though you can keep getting back Acerola with Lusamine to always have a healing effect.

3 Lusamine

This card is why stall decks are viable. Getting back a stadium and supporter or any two combinations is great. A lot of times you are wanting to get back Lusamine and something else that way you always have Lusamine to grab a card. This way you have an infinite loop.

2 Plumeria

Usually, the opponent will want to stack non-Special Energy onto the bench to get ready to use a big attack. That is where Plumeria does a lot of work because it can get rid of Basic Energy from the bench as well.

1 Gladion

This deck takes prizes very very slowly so if an important card is prized then that is when Gladion comes in to assist. 

1 Pokemon Fan Club

Getting two Basic Pokemon right away is nice since you know you aren't getting benched or donked.

1 Copycat

Against Zoroark-GX or Rayquaza-GX they usually have big hands due to Trades and Tempest GX. Copycat comes in handy when hands are bigger and bigger.

1 Tate & Liza

Great card to use for when you are low on cards in the deck and to simply just retreat out when the opponent tries to stall something up. Or for when you use Guzma you can just use Tate & Liza to get right back into the active spot. Lusamine makes it so that you have an infinite way of switching around which is awesome.

1 Team Skull Grunt

A lot of times the opponent will horde energy into their hand because they are afraid to put them down due to Enhanced and Crushing Hammer. Team Skull Grunt gets around this and lets you discard two energy from the opponent's hand. This way you can drain energy faster.

1 Guzma

The deck plays two copies of Counter Catcher, however having at least one Guzma is ideal in case you are able to lock them right away and deny prizes. You can always use Lusamine to get Guzma back if need be.

1 Looker

Oranguru combos pretty well with this card. You can put any three cards from the discard onto the bottom of the deck with Oranguru and then use Looker to grab all three back the following turn.

4 Max Potion

Obviously, when playing a deck like this you need to stay alive. That is why there are four Max Potions. You want to heal while disrupting the opponent of resources until victory. It'll be difficult for the opponent to one hit KO Wailord or Steelix making Max Potion great because It'll have made their last attack pointless.

3 Enhanced Hammer/2 Crushing Hammer

Energy disruption is how you win a lot of games. Draining the opponent of energy to attack is ideal in a deck like this to get free wins. A lot of decks play Special Energy such as Double Colorless Energy, Beast Energy Prism Star, Unit Energies, and Rainbow Energies. Enhanced Hammer will surely come in handy at some point. Crushing Hammers will always come in handy should you flip heads on them of course.

2 Nest Ball

Having more outs to Basic Pokemon is always nice that way you are less likely to get donked or benched out of the game so fast. A couple of Nest Balls in this deck can go a long way for sure.

2 Counter Catcher

Great card for stalling something up to give you time to set up and disrupt the opponent's energy and hand. Using Counter Catcher and still having a supporter for the turn is very good for decks like this.

1 Acro Bike

Not sure why one random Acro Bike is in the deck but I assume to have some extra draw when getting Judged or Let Loosed to just four cards. This spot can literally be anything else though.

1 Rescue Stretcher

If something is KOed early then having a way to get it back is ideal. Rescue Stretcher also helps you not deck out as fast by adding Pokemon back into the deck.

2 Metal Frying Pan/1 Bodybuilding Dumbbells

It seems that Steelix is the overall favorable Pokemon to use as a wall because there is a heavier count of them as opposed to Wailord. Plus there are two Metal Frying Pans and just one Bodybuilding Dumbbells. Steelix has a solid 190 hit points for being a non-GX. Adding Metal Frying Pan pushes it's hit points to 220. If you add it's Psychic resistance which is very relevant it's now 240. That's crazy for a stage 1 non-GX Pokemon to have. Bodybuilding Dumbbells works on both Steelix and Wailord though giving Steelix 230 hit points and Wailord 260 hit points.

2 Shrine of Punishments/1 Brooklet Hill

This deck has no GX Pokemon making Shrine of Punishment an easy inclusion to help chip some damage onto GX Pokemon to make for faster KO's. Brooklet Hill I also like because it can get both Onix and Wailmer. Seems like a solid mix of stadiums for this deck.

1 Rainbow Energy/1 Counter Energy

The Rainbow Energy is in the deck to be able to use Tail Crush, Super Psy Bolt, Psy Wave, and Gold Crush GX if you have to. Plenty of attacking options to use depending on the deck you are facing. Counter Energy can be used on Steelix to use Tackle over and over again and to use Magical Swap when needed. Even then having at least two energy lets you use Tackle in general because the energy requirement takes two Colorless Energy.

Other card options

Baby Buzzwole + Beast Energy

This combo can do a solid 150 damage and if the opponent can't one hit KO it then they are in a world of hurt. Great combo overall against all Zoroark-GX variants.

Heatmor BUS 24 + Lysandre Prism

If Zoroark-GX/Control starts to be a thing again then this combo can cripple their strategy by removing their Oranguru from play. Heatmore can get resources back in general which can come in handy.


Baby Buzzwole/Garbodor/Magcargo/Shrine (20-80)

A free matchup for sure. This deck has no real chance against a beefy Steelix and Wailord. Eventually, you will drain them of energy or KO everything with Steelix slowly but surely. 

Shining Lugia/Malamar (30-70)

Another easy matchup just like the Baby Buzzwole variant. All Shrine decks fold to Sylveon-GX and Steelix/Hoopa/Wailord.

Necrozma-GX/Malamar (40-60)

Hoopa makes this matchup favorable for the deck because Necrozma-GX/Malamar can't one hit KO Hoopa since it's non-GX attacker is Deoxys. They can keep healing or infinite looping Acerola and eventually deck you out.

Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt (70-30)

An easy matchup for Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt simply because it has answers to everything in the deck. Dhelmise, Shining Lugia, and Vikavolt can take down Hoopa while Rayquaza-GX takes down Steelix and Wailord.

Zoroark-GX/Lycanroc-GX (30-70)

 This matchup should be smooth sailing because neither Zoroark-GX or Lycanroc-GX can one hit KO Steelix and Wailord if you limit your bench to get around Dangerous Rogue. However, Hoopa is what basically makes the matchup free.

Closing Thoughts

That will conclude this article on the Sylveon-GX winning list and the Steelix/Hoopa/Wailord Top 8 list from Offenbach Regionals. I won't be surprised to see more players playing any of these decks for Memphis Regionals this weekend. I'd expect more Sylveon-GX over the other deck simply because it won and it has a better matchup against Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt. It'll be interesting to see what ends up winning Memphis Regionals now that two more rogue decks have been added into the deck pool. Players will have to choose their deck choice even more wisely now going into Memphis If you see me in Memphis this weekend be sure to stop by and say hi. If you are playing in the main event then I hope success for you. 

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