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"The Ribbon and the Steel Turd" - A Look at Sylveon-GX and Steelix/Hoopa/Wailord for Memphis

Jose examines the winning Sylveon-GX list and the Top 8 Steelix/Hoopa/Wailord list from Offenbach Regionals not too long ago.

10/04/2018 by Jose Marrero



Hey there 60cards readers! I'm back once again with another article, though this time I'll be taking a closer look at the Sylveon-GX list that Hampus Eriksson used to win the Offenbach Regional Championships not too long ago. Next, I'll then transition into another Top 8 list, except this time piloted by Sander Wojcik who played the newly Steelix/Hoopa/Wailord. This deck was surely one that surprised most if not all players, especially since it made it all the way to the Top 8 of a 500 man Regionals so it definitely deserves some credit. Sylveon-GX and Steelix/Hoopa/Wailord straight up destroy Shrine decks along with Zoroark-GX decks so if you expect a lot of these decks in Memphis this weekend then maybe one of the aforementioned decks I'll be going over is the play for you.

With that said, let's look at Hampus's 1st place winning Sylveon-GX list from Offenbach Regionals.


4-4 Sylveon-GX

The only and main attacker of the deck. Opening Eevee is what you want, so having other Basics can make it awkward at times. Having a turn one Magical Ribbon is what you want the deck to achieve so you can start annoying your opponent right away and slowly try to win from there. It's attack--Fairy Wind--isn't too bad since it does a solid 110 damage, enough to take down Rayquaza-GX in one blow. Plea GX is situational, but great against stage 2 decks to slow them down even further.

4 Plumeria

You can't always rely on flipping heads on Crushing Hammers, which is why Plumeria is a great addition to the deck now that Team Flare Grunt is rotated out of Standard play.

3 Acerola

Healing is very important for this deck, as it'll deny prizes for the opponent while you disrupting their set up and energy.

2 Guzma

Great card to drag up a beefy retreater. This will make for an easier and less stressful game. If you have to, you can use Guzma to take small KOs if needed or against Rayquaza-GX.

2 Lusamine

One of the best cards in the deck. Lusamine helps loop any supporters or stadiums, making an infinite loop as long as you keep getting back Lusamine with Lusamine.

2 Team Skull Grunt

Your opponent will have trouble holding on to energy because of this card. They will have to play energy down and let them get Hammered away or Team Skull Grunted away. Either way, it is a win-win for you no matter which they choose.

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