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Jose Marrero

Top 32 Philly Report with Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt

Jose discusses his Top 32 placement out of over 800 players at the recent Philly Regionals with Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt.

09/27/2018 by Jose Marrero



Hey again, 60cards readers! The first US Regionals is done and accounted for and now players are scrambling to get ready for the next US Regionals in Memphis next month. As you can tell from the title I finished in Top 32 at Philly Regionals not too long ago out of over 800 players. So for this next article, I'll be going over the Rayquaza-GX/Vikavolt list I decided to play at Philly Regionals along with two of my buddies Isaac Milaski (5th), and Franco Takahashi (29th). Shout out to Justin Kulas again for helping with the list. He decided on a different deck last minute, unfortunately. Going into Memphis next month I still think the list is going to finish strong should players decide to play it. I'll also be doing a round by round tournament report so you guys can see what I played against and how those games went. Currently, I'm sitting at 152 Championship Points which doesn't seem that much to be honest. It's still early into the season so hopefully, I can finish strong and get the Australia stipend as I did with Brazil. Not being able to play in the Nashville Open may hinder my chances but just have to focus. I actually ended up losing my win and in into Top 8 against Rukan who placed 2nd overall at Philly. We had a really close game 3 down to 2-2 prizes but Rukan had back to back Guzmas for game. Following that unfortunate loss in round 14 I then lost the win and in into Top 16 in game 3 against Baby Buzzwole/Garbodor/Magcargo/Shrine in round 15. Still happy with my overall performance and I can't wait to see everyone in Memphis next month.

With that said, let's get into the list I used at Philly Regionals to place in Top 32 out of over 800 players.


4 Rayquaza-GX

This card we all knew would be powerful especially after Takuya Yoneda winning the Japan Championships with it. Rayquaza as a whole has been one of the best card archetypes to ever be printed. Even in previous years, most Rayquaza cards were really good and Rayquaza-GX is no slouch either. It's ability, Stormy Winds lets you discard the top 3 cards of your deck and attach a basic Grass or Lightning Energy from your discard and attach it to Rayquaza-GX. If you combine that with Vikavolt's Strong Charge ability then Rayquaza-GX will be doing lethal damage in no time because of its Dragon Break attack. Doing 30 damage for each Grass and Lightning Energy you have in play is extremely strong especially when you have multiple ways of energy acceleration. Not to mention, Tempest GX is one of the best GX attacks currently in the game. Filling your hand up to 10 cards is ridiculous and advantageous.

3-3 Vikavolt

The reason Rayquaza-GX is so powerful right now. Strong Charge lets you accelerate a Grass and Lightning Energy from your deck onto any of your Pokemon. Now you can see why Rayquaza-GX is a force to be reckoned with. Electro Cannon is actually a great attack to KO one prize attackers in Shrine decks. Just be careful because Baby Buzzwole can one hit KO Vikavolt with Diancie on the bench and a Beast Energy attached. I learned that the hard way one time.

2 Tapu Lele-GX

Opening Tapu Lele-GX is annoying especially if against a deck that plays Shrine of Punishment. Still, having two is ideal because a turn one Lillie is very strong for this deck.

2 Dhelmise CLS 22

The newest inclusion ever since the rise of Shrine decks. The way I found out about Dhelmise was by watching one of Andrew Mahone's videos and his opponent was playing Dhelmise with Tapu Bulu-GX and so I immediately looked it up and was astounded by it. It hits for the perfect 130 damage. It's attack Giga Drain isn't too bad since it can deal 30 and heal 30. Powerful Spin can do 130 damage, however Dhelmise can't attack the following turn. That is okay though since you can use Switch, Guzma, or even manually retreat if you have to since there are two Energy Recycler after all.

1 Marshadow SLG 45

An early Let Loose can win games. Not to mention Let Loose and Tempest GX are great combos together. Also having Let Loose ready for when the opponent uses their Tempest GX, Lillie, Steven's Resolve, and Algorithm GX is clutch. You can search Marshadow out with either Ultra Ball or Mysterious Treasure.

3 Cynthia

A fourth Cynthia would be nice but a lot of times I'd prefer to use Volkner anyway to get exactly what I need at the time assuming it is an item that is.

4 Guzma

You definitely want to be running four Guzma in this deck. Moon's Eclipse GX is something you have to get around or you may fall too far behind. Not having Pal Pad also means you should max out on Guzma.

3 Volkner

Most lists I've seen run maybe one or two Volkner but not me. I like having three because they get you half of your Vikavolt combo and an energy for the turn. Being able to use Volkner for Switch or Energy Recycler is nice as well. Volkner gives the deck many options.

2 Lillie

As much as I want to add more Lillie into the deck two has been perfectly fine. A turn one Lillie into a turn two Volkner usually gets you Rare Candy and Vikavolt if you don't already have the pieces in hand.

4 Rare Candy

I used to play three copies of Rare Candy until one League Cup finals in games one and three I prized two of my three. Ever since I added the fourth one and been loving it. Playing less than four is just risky in case you mill too many of them anyway.

2 Rescue Stretcher

Two of these is just ideal since Stormy Winds can mill some of the Pokemon. Sometimes having Vikavolt or Rayquaza-GX and even Tapu Lele-GX in the discard can be clutch.

2 Nest Ball

I love having two Nest Balls in the deck especially since adding two Dhelmise. You can easily get them out. Sometimes even using Nest Ball to grab Rayquaza-GX is worth it.

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