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Shaun Kauffman

1st Edition Investments: XY Evolutions Set Review

Today I take a look at XY Evolutions, investment strategies for the set, and even break down all of the rares, ultra rares, and special cards in the set.

23. 10. 2016 by Shaun Kauffman

Hey guys and gals welcome back to 1st Edition Investments! This is the article you’ve all been asking for, the XY Evolutions set review. Now while I will be breaking down the set, the hot cards, the sleepers, and the duds, I also want to take time to examine the set on a few different investments levels as well as give you a few of my ideas going into the holiday season. Let me tell you this article is going to be lengthy. I’m going to go in depth with each card, my logic on the cards, and even to reveal the route I plan to take with investment on each. I’ve had many people ask me why would I reveal all my information and opinions on a set, wouldn’t that ruin the investment potential if everyone else did it? Well actually if everyone else mimics my position that just strengthens the position because you won’t have people keeping the position down in the long run. Let me give you an example. You have 10 people who are your vendors. Of those 10 people 5 decide they are going to hold a card for long term investment and 5 are going to sell the copies as they get them in the front door. The 5 selling the copies are going to be competing for the best possible price and drive the value down, therefore hurting the position of the 5 holding the card (at least temporarily). Eventually though those 5 vendors will run out of stock, however there are going to be plenty of ways they can replenish stock at least until the set rotates out of print, meaning that just by 5 vendors taking the position to actively sell, they are putting a 2+ year clock on those with the position to hold. There is nothing wrong with this if you are looking for a passive investment, however if you were taking that position in hopes that you could turn over the cards for a larger gain in a few months to a year, then you will be sorely disappointed. Unfortunately you’ll never get 100% of the vendors to take the same position, as all will have difference necessities to their business and therefore will do what is best for them, even if it truly isn’t best for them in the long run (who knows, maybe if they don’t move their position now they won’t make it to the long run). That’s why I don’t mind revealing my investment strategies. There are oh so many fish in the pond that the ones who are influenced by my take on it will only shift the overall position of the market very slightly. Essentially the only difference is that those who are investing similar to me are making the claim they trust my logic on investing to at some interval gain a return on investment, which hopefully is larger than the initial return by just selling the cards off immediately. Now that I’ve got the critics out of the way who think this thing might be a scam, let’s get down to the nitty gritty of XY Evolutions so you can see why this will be one of the best long term value sets we’ve ever had in Pokemon.

Note: There has been a lot of discussion lately on paid content on article websites and whether it is worth the value. While I am a large supporter of free content, I can recognize when a website wouldn’t be able to survive without paid content. That is why I pick and choose which of my articles I deem to be such a great value that they just absolutely wouldn’t make sense to be free and should be behind a paywall. That being said that is GOOD for you guys (the reader). What that means is that I understand what is worth paying for and not worth paying for. My goal in writing is that you can pay to read an article of mine, use what you’ve read, and pay back your fee and more through what you’ve learned if applied correctly. This way you’re not out any money, and I get to continue to come back and write more by having people pay for content. I do agree there is some paid content in the world that is just not worth your money, but rest assured I’m going to do everything in my power to bring you paid content that isn’t just you tossing money around willy nilly, but instead you putting money toward an investment in your knowledge about this business. If you don’t want to pay or don’t have the money I completely understand and I still look forward to writing for each and every one of you in the future. I put my best foot forward in all of my writings each time, regardless of what some critics might think. I might just alter the topics around the free/paywall circumstances so that the ones that have more of an immediate return are paid while those that have more long term effects are free. This way if you do have to pay you’ll recoup your investment quicker. I’ll have more free articles coming soon that I hope you look forward to that will provide you with great insights into the industry. For now however, let’s delve into Evolutions.

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