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"Can the trees be stopped?" — The Expanded Format with Evolutions

What is making Trevenant BREAK so popular? ...

12. 12. 2016 by Caleb Gedemer

What is making Trevenant BREAK so popular? Time for a change in the Expanded scenery? Learn exactly how and some great ways to take the fearsome deck down.


Hello all, I know many of you are deep in preparations for the Europe International Championship in the coming weeks, but some of us, myself included, are personally preparing for a different event, a Regional Championship in California. This event will be held in San Jose, and conducted using the Expanded format. This will be the first time Expanded sees the publicity of the light of day in the competitive scene ever since early November. This being said, things have changed.

Evolutions is now legal for the Expanded format, also, obviously. This being said, things look to be shaken up a little bit. That is what I am here to talk about today. The Expanded format, with Evolutions, what changes? Let us find out.


The Deck

Woah, jumping to conclusions? Yeah. There is one deck now that in my opinion is in a tier of its own; Trevenant BREAK looks to be absolutely dominant in the coming Expanded tournaments. With a second place finish in the first Expanded Regional Championship of the year and a first place win in the second, Trev is a force to be reckoned with. The latest placing has a lot of competitive players buzzing because the deck list was a little bit out of the ordinary; not only did it not play Bursting Balloon, but it added a new Tool that has not been seen before in Trevenant BREAK decks: Rescue Scarf. This Tool makes the deck even more consistent against a heavy offensive from an opponent.

The slew of Hammers that the winning list also make more sense in the current meta and provide a real chance to beat the biggest enemy of Trevenant, Darkness decks. A Crushing Hammer heads to prevent an attack in conjunction with a Red Card play can be absolutely devastating and leave the opponent vulnerable to all sorts of havoc.

This list was also ingenuitive with the addition of more support Pokemon, buffing Jirachi-EX and Shaymin-EX counts up to two of each. I enjoy this change and wholeheartedly think it is for the best. In my friend’s and my own testing, we have found that this very Trevenant deck is by and far not only the most degenerate deck in a while, but the best deck there is in Expanded.

Darkness decks we have tried have still not been doing the trick when it comes to beating the fearsome trees. Additionally, Greninja, another deck that was said to have a decent Trev matchup, still can get dumped on with a simple Red Card. Every deck plays a multitude of Item cards such that a simple new hand of four cards is highly likely to be clogged with them.

Overall, I think Trevenant BREAK is the best deck, by and far in the Expanded format. Now I do have more to say, though, however. Today we will be looking at more than Trevenant, but looking at some of the best ways to counter it.

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