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Caleb Gedemer

On to the Next One — Gedemer's Way-Too-Early Review of Celestial Storm

Celestial Storm is coming and so are some super cool cards.

07/12/2018 by Caleb Gedemer

With the the North American International Championships wrapped up, it’s time to dabble into the new set, Celestial Storm. As always, our World Championship will be held in the Standard format also consisting of these new cards. Worlds becomes the first showcase for the brand-new stuff and creates an extremely exciting atmosphere for all who are interested in the game. The first stateside Regional Championship of the season in Oaks, PA will be held using Standard, so come September 15, everyone will have a chance to experiment with the new set.

All card translations and pictures are accredited to Limitless. A big "thank you" goes out to them! Right click an image and click "Open image in new tab" to view a bigger picture of the translation if you're having trouble reading it.

Let’s get started: This new set will be composed in some variety of the following (we don’t have an official set list just yet)...

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