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Caleb Gedemer

Lycanroc-GX / Zygarde-GX — Breaking Down a Successful Rogue

In the Oceania region this deck continues to place well at events. Let's see what it's all about!

07/03/2018 by Caleb Gedemer

Sometimes decks we don’t understand do well at tournaments. Sometimes they do well consistently… Lycanroc-GX / Zygarde-GX is one of those decks, a deck that isn’t quite understood by the public. I’ve set out to understand it myself, starting off with a list that’s gotten second place at two Oceanic events. Here is a list of this deck’s accomplishments, there aren’t many, it’s still a deck that’s pretty well under wraps!

The deck is pretty simple, pound off big attacks with Zygarde-GX and use it as your Buzzwole-GX-esque attacker starting off. The deck uses numerous damage modification cards to boost your damage output with Cell Connector, and Land’s Wrath should almost always take a one-hit Knockout with all of the ways you play to boost your damage output. The biggest draw to this deck for me is the fact that it’s finally a Fighting type deck that “wants” to play Double Colorless Energy. This allows you to use easier Claw Slash attacks with Lycanroc-GX, and even use Mewtwo as a tech attacker to counter Buzzwole decks!

I don’t like Oranguru at all, but this deck has seemed to have limited space for fitting Octillery in. Scorched Earth does serve as a way to draw cards and defend yourself against N, so I concur. This deck has many cards that are immediately playable so it draws quite well on average since you can thin out so many things immediately. The variety of attackers and their inherent power level makes this a strong deck that does have a place in the metagame. Let’s explore it further!

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