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Caleb Gedemer

Zoroark-GX and the Bigger Brain — A Crabby Rogue Deck for California Regionals

Crabominable, The Pokemon, The Meme, The Legend; is it time for it to finally shine in the Expanded format?

02/27/2018 by Caleb Gedemer

Hey everybody, Costa Mesa, California Regionals is closer than ever! It’s time to lock in a deck choice, but before you do that I want to try to sell one last deck: Zoroark-GX / Crabominable. This rogue deck has performed well in testing with many of my friends and teammates, so it’s certainly something that’s on my radar. Crabominable is an often-memed Pokémon that’s never seen a lot of success in competitive play. Why would it be good in here with Zoroark-GX, you might ask? In the Expanded format with nearly every deck running Zoroark-GX, finding a strong Pokémon counter with a high-power ceiling is something super desirable. Crabominable is that card, and with the potential to take a one-hit Knockout on Zoroark-GX every time it attacks, you have the potential to put your opponent in a world of hurt very quickly.

Its formidable HP actually protects it from one-hit Knockouts in Zoroark-GX mirror matches where you have Sudowoodo in play. With a limited Bench, your opponent tops out at 100 damage to Crabominable with Riotous Beating. Comparatively, if you keep your Bench at four Pokémon, Zoroark with Mind Jack also won’t be able to reach to the point of taking one-hit Knockouts. Why does any of this matter? You can lead with your Crabominable, take a two-Prize Knockout and once you don’t get knocked out in return you’ll be able to blow something else up for another two Prizes. Crabominable is a tank and it goes to town on Zoroark-GX decks if you have an optimal setup.

Zoroark-GX serves as your main attacker in this deck nonetheless, but it’s a bit more of an afterthought in mirror matches (you want to focus on getting out your Crabominable first). Trade is always a nice component to have in a deck, creating a consistent force that is really only penetrable with Hex Maniac or other Ability lock. Crabominable is the best Fighting Pokémon for your buck in the Expanded format if you’re looking for a direct counter to Zoroark-GX decks, which just so happens to be a hugely concentrated percentage of the meta. Look no further if you’re searching for a last-minute rogue deck for California Regionals!

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