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Caleb Gedemer

The Hex Maniac, Red Card Combo of Standard — Glaceon-GX with Garbodor

Zoroark-GX with Hex Maniac and Red Card just won a Regionals in Expanded. Can Glaceon-GX and Red Card do the same in Standard?

02/12/2018 by Caleb Gedemer

Riley Hulbert just won Dallas, Texas Regionals in the Expanded format using a Zoroark-GX deck that relied on pulling off a combination of Red Card, followed by Hex Maniac to ice wins against Ability-based opponents. While Hex Maniac isn’t a possibility in the Standard format, the new Glaceon-GX from Ultra Prism stops Abilities from your opponent’s Pokemon-EX/GX. Along with Red Card, especially on the first turn of the game, this can grab you a quick win from your opponent bricking. Is this a cruel way to win? Sure, but a win is a win in a game with high stakes for so many players.

Obviously, the Hex Maniac and Red Card combination in the Expanded format was the inspiration I needed for this idea, but in general I wanted a way to push Glaceon-GX over the top if you were able to get the first turn Energy Evolution Eevee, a Water Energy, and a way to get the eventual Glaceon-GX into the Active. That set up alone is crippling for most decks, especially if you win the coin flip and go first. Many decks these days rely on Tapu Lele-GX to get Brigette, let alone another Supporter, and none of that will be possible when Freezing Gaze is live.

Glaceon-GX is only a shutdown mechanism for Pokemon-EX/GX, and that’s where Garbodor comes in. Yes, it’s a little redundant, but even if your opponent finds a Field Blower, he or she will still have to deal with Glaceon-GX. Frost Bullet and Polar Spear GX are great attacks, and as long as you can tank it out for a while, you’ll be able to take all your Prizes. Disruption cards and Ability lock let you slow the pace of the game down and do what you need to do to attack a lot and get the Knockouts you need. Here’s my list…

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