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Get in the Zone — Zoroark-GX / Magnezone in Expanded

Who has the bigger brain? Magnezone is sure to take your Zoroark-GX deck to the next level. Read more about this crazy deck in Caleb Gedemer's piece!

01/23/2018 by Caleb Gedemer

I dropped a video on Zoroark-GX / Magnezone a while back, it’s been doing really in testing, and some of my friends have been getting close to locking it in as a pick for Dallas, Texas Regionals. Some of my Dead Draw Gaming teammates, Cory Koehler and Karl Kitchin, have been working on this deck since I brought it up in discussion. My list has changed quite a bit since my video, as I’ve taken out Puzzle of Time and gone for a more aggressive approach. I originally viewed this deck as a control version of a Zoroark-GX deck, but I soon found that it’s better as an aggressive one.

While Magnezone allows you to play two Supporters a turn, you shouldn’t focus entirely on disruption Supporters. Being able to play two Colress a turn, for example, can be the difference between a one-hit Knockout with a Choice Band and missing it. Having the option to play a disruption Supporter in a pinch, though, like Delinquent, can be super punishing for your opponent and steal a game for you outright.

Is this deck better than other Zoroark-GX variants? All of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. This version has a much stronger mid-game than the rest since it can stream Knockouts much more easily and still disrupt an opponent whenever it wants to since it can play a Colress followed by an N, for instance. Zoroark-GX goes very well with Stage 2 decks since they can more easily set up, and this deck really capitalizes on mistakes with disruption Supporters. Zoroark-GX is already explosive on its own, but Magnezone cranks it up another notch. My list for this deck is incredibly refined after plenty of games; I hope you’re ready for it!

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