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Caleb Gedemer

Quaking Punch + Trade = Wins — Seismitoad-EX, Zoroark-GX and Disruption in Expanded

Caleb Gedemer shows off a deck that's gaining a lot of traction in the expanded format going into Dallas, Texas Regionals.

01/12/2018 by Caleb Gedemer

Howdy! 60cards now offers a free first month subscription to new subscribers, so there’s no time like the present to get your hands on our entire staff’s work, and this article too! I’ve been writing about all the decks I’m testing lately, and next up is Zoroark-GX / Seismitoad-EX. This deck is a Seismitoad-EX deck, something that we haven’t seen a lot of lately in the expanded format. Item lock has always been a big threat, but finding the right partner can be difficult. Zoroark-GX with Trade is reminiscent to the Seismitoad-EX / Slurpuff decks from a long while back. Those decks would burn through the deck trying to hit disruption cards and avoid losing a Seismitoad-EX to a Knockout. The combination was dominant and took up a lot of Championship Points at Regional Championships.

That old build did utilize Lysandre’s Trump Card, and while that’s not a possibility anymore, the premise of the deck is still hanging around. Zoroark-GX can jam with Trade to run through your deck and find cards like Hypnotoxic Laser and Virbank City Gym to boost the attacks of Seismitoad-EX. Since you can recover resources easily with Puzzle of Time, running out of cards in your deck isn’t really an issue. When you’re all done punishing your opponent with Item lock, you can shift to using Riotous Beating and take the remaining Prizes you may have.

Disruption is very strong in the expanded format right now with so many decks just playing a handful of Energy. Some decks like Night March and Zoroark-GX / Lonzo are only playing four Double Colorless Energy! Yes, that’s it! Builds like that are super easily to punish with your array of disruption Supporter cards like Plumeria and Team Flare Grunt, and don’t forget the power of Enhanced Hammer, either. You shouldn’t skip a beat along the way with Trade being a powerful failsafe to drawing the cards you want. Let’s look at my list!

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