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Garbodor and Golisopod-GX — a Match Made in Expanded Heaven

Garbodor and Golisopod-GX just came inches from winning Worlds in the Standard format. Can they soar to even greater heights in the Expanded format?

29. 08. 2017 by Caleb Gedemer

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Hey everyone, it’s been a minute since we met last. I did not fare well at Worlds this year, heading home with an abysmal 2-2-2 record, so I did not qualify for the second day of competition. At the Anaheim Open, however, I went 6-0-2 in swiss but immediately lost in the Top 12 cut the next day. I’m already sitting at 80 Championship Points and am well on my way to my sixth consecutive qualification to the World Championships!

The next big tournament on my plate is a Regional Championship in Fort Wayne, IN. This tournament will be conducted in the Expanded format, so that’s the format I’ve been testing the most lately, and with that, the one that I’m the most knowledgeable about going forward.

The format generally is wide open, but there’s a gap of two sets that have been released since the last major Expanded tournament, so there is a lot that’s unknown and untested.

Today, I’ll cover a deck that has some carryover from the Standard format and is fresh off a finalist placing at the World Championships! Golisopod-GX/Garbodor is the deck, and it gets some great tools from the Expanded format. Let’s get started, shall we?


Golisopod-GX can do a lot of damage on its own, since First Impression is such an incredible attack. Doing 120 damage turn after turn with minimal effort is enough to get an opponent concerned, but also it is going to force them into some awkward situations concerning Items. Garbodor with Trashalanche can really feed off that, which makes it a great partner with Golisopod-GX. The two of them in conjunction make a very Energy-efficient basis, which can pack a serious punch for minimal effort.

Ability lock is a force to be reckoned with in the Expanded format, so Garbotoxin will be influential. Golisopod-GX has type advantage over a popular Pokemon, Seismitoad-EX, which is an amazing built-in bonus. As a non-EX/GX Pokemon, Garbodor can trade with many of the popular decks in Expanded, such as Night March. Golisopod-GX is generally very hard to take a one-hit knockout on in the early game, so that can be your go-to option to start.

Along with Tapu Koko, you can set up knockouts on other popular Pokemon in the format, like Darkrai-EX and Yveltal-EX. The best part about the concept is the fact that Blend Energy ties it all together, as it counts as both Grass and Psychic type, fitting the attack requirements for both Garbodor and Golisopod-GX. The two attackers in conjunction form a true powerhouse.

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