Russell  LaParre

Russell LaParre

My name is Russell LaParre and i'm 25 years old. I live in Virginia Beach, VA and I've been playing competitive card games since I was 12 years old starting with Yugioh which I eventually quit to play VS System TCG and Pokemon TCG. I entered competitive Pokemon TCG in the 2013-2014 season and since then I've top 16'd 2014 Nationals, made top 8 of Regional Championship, won 1 State Championship while making top 4 and top 8 at 5 others, and have multiple City Championship wins. I consider myself an extremely quick and fast paced player who tends to favor Rogue or Tier 2/3 decks over standard Meta decks. I also run the Youtube channel Some1sPC where I discuss in depth strategies, card choices,and deck lists for Pokemon TCG which I hope advances the skill level in our community.

Russell  LaParre

Samurai Jack and the Abyssal Hand

01/15/2016 by Russell LaParre // Let’s discuss the deck I wanted to profile today Gallade/Octillery. (+11)

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