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Let's take a look at Yveltal

Gabriel reveals his new creation, a slighty different version of Yveltal/Garbodor that got hyped in Brazilian tournaments.

11/12/2016 by Gabriel Semedo

Hello! This time I bring a deck that I built for a big tournament in Sao Paulo / Brazil called “Call for London” with 110 players which awarded the best 2 players of tournament with a paid trip for London Continental. The tournament occurred in the same weekend of Orlando Regionals, so Yveltal/Garbodor was a “new deck” for that tournament. To be more specific, just me and my teammate was with Yveltal/Garbodor. I made 5-1-1 in this tournament but I missed the cut, I got 10th place, but my teammate won the paid trip for London! In this article I will talk about how I knew that Yveltal/Garbodor was a good choice for the meta and I will show the evolution of the deck for London Continental.

Why “Yveltal Canarinho” is a good choice

In the beginning of the format, Yveltal BKT and Mew was the new trend because of it new clever mechanic and how the deck deals with all these-EX based decks, like Volcanion and all the Megas. Unfortunately I do not know who was the first to popularize the combination, but Yveltal BKT and Mew are too strong together with Pitch Black Spear flow attacks until the multiple Knockouts. My best options in that time was Volcanion and Darkrai/Giratina, but I didn't have enough cards to build these decks for a small tournament one week before “Call for London”. So I built Yveltal/Mew for this tournament and I got myself using Yveltal-EX and Mew to copy Evil Ball too much, so I realized that Yveltal-EX and Mew was so good in the format with Max Elixir, so many times Elixir was better even of old school Dark Patch in my deck.

My Yveltal/Mew list was a little bit aggressive than usual and my teammate got 3rd place of 68 players in that tournament with the same deck, so I will put the list bellow with the changes I would like to do after the tournament. I think this version is good depending on how the metagame change.


Highlights of the list:

3 Yveltal-EX

The third copy of Yveltal-EX was good to put pressure against non-EX decks like Yanmega/Vespiquen and even against the bad matchup Greninja, to get knockouts since turn 1. In the mirror match, the third Yveltal-EX can be a gamechanger and against any deck with Garbodor, Mew FCO becomes useless and Yveltal BKT loses its Ability, so Yveltal-EX will probably be the your best option.

3 Mew FCO

Mew is amazing to start with. It works perfectly with Max Elixir on the Bench because of free Retreat. So many times Mew FCO was my non-EX Yveltal-EX and the main purpose of it is to Evil Ball against Fairy decks to get around Resistance and abusing of Exp. Share to keep the flow. I like to use a high count of Switch and Escape with Mew FCO, because even if I have Yveltal BKT active, I can put Mew FCO into the Active position with switch and then use Professor Sycamore and decide in which Pokémon I want to attack and hit my Max Elixirs.

3 Lysandre/3 VS Seeker

The most common play is a 4 VS Seeker staple, but in most of my decks I am playing with 3 Lysandre and 3 VS Seeker if don’t have any Supporters besides Sycamore/N/Lysandre. The reason is because it’s hard to find Lysandre without Battle Compressor and I don’t need more draw Supporters than 4 Sycamore and 3 N. I see myself in an advantage against any matchup where Lysandre is a key card, like the mirror match or even Darkrai/Giratina, where I want to hunt Giratina-EX as soon as possible to decrease the damage from Darkrai-EX. Against decks like Volcanion where your main goal is to lock a Volcanion-EX in the Active position, 3 Lysandre is king.

2 Exp. Share

I know it is inconsistent with Yveltal BKT shutting off tools, but even with this Ability, the best tool you can put on an Yveltal BKT is Exp. Share. With Yveltal-EX or Mew in the Active spot, Exp. Share will work normally. These two copies are MVP of the list and kept my Yveltal BKT and Mew doing Pitch Black Spear for the entire game. Exp. Share on Yveltal-EX is very good as well.

Back to the subject, one day before the tournament “Call for London," my team did a 12-hour intensive training session and I realized that Yveltal-EX together with Garbodor was the play, because it deals with Volcanion and Greninja (a near autoloss) and I did not depend on Yveltal BKT all the time to win against these decks. The strategy of Pitch Black Spear was inconsistent because it depends on Double Colorless too much and it was already too well-known, so players became prepared to escape from that annoying 60-60 damage spread. In general, cards like Olympia, Switch, Escape Rope, Enhanced Hammer and Pokémon Center Lady were being used more and more. There were more reasons to focus just on Yveltal-EX and Garbodor, but I'll get into that later.

With just hours before the tournament, I started research to adjust my decklist and I started to look at some 2014 Yveltal/Garbodor decklists, just to refresh my memory on how the deck used to work in the past. When I finished the decklist, I felt some nostalgia in the deck, because It remembered that old-school and powerful Yveltal-EX from the past. So I put the name “Canarinho” in my deck, in reference to a Brazilian soccer team from the ‘70s, an old-school and powerful team that won the World Cup. Canarinho is the name of a bird, and its yellow color was the inspiration for the color of the Brazil Soccer uniform.


Deck Analysis: 

3 Yveltal-EX

So many times I thought in play 4 Yveltal-EX. After the tournament I put the 4th copy. 

2 Mew FCO

I still play Mew FCO because of free Retreat and a good counter of M-Mewtwo-EX, but it loses power in this version of the deck. 

1 Yveltal BKT

My intention with this single copy is not win a game with multiples Pitch Black Spear, but the main goal here is to deal some damage in the main threats of the opponent and then complete the damage with Yveltal-EX. It’s easy for Yveltal-EX to hit 130~160 damage, but it’s hard to hit 210~220 damage, so Yveltal BKT is perfect to complete the damage. I didn’t used Yveltal BKT too much in the tournament 

1 Yveltal XY

If the main focus of the deck is Yveltal-EX, it’s natural to think that Yveltal XY is a normal inclusion. In practice I didn’t used Yveltal XY too much. 

2 Trubbish/2 Garbodor

It’s a staple count, but I considered putting in the 3rd copy of Trubbish, just to increase my chances to get Garbodor as soon as possible against Volcanion-EX. In many games I take too long to build my Garbodor, so my opponent already have Lysandre in hand to knockout Garbodor.

1 Hoopa-EX

This is probably the main difference of the usual lists of Yveltal/Garbodor.  Hoopa-EX in this list is absolutely amazing and I will tell why. 

1.  With just 1 Ultra Ball I can Setup my game against my game, normally I use to get 2 Yveltal-EX and a Shaymin-EX. 

2.  If with just 1 Ultra Ball I can get my setup, I can save 3 Ultra Balls just to build my Garbodor as soon as possible or leave my Ultra Balls to get my second Shaymin when I need.

3.  With just 1 Ultra Ball I can get 4 cards of my deck in my hand, so I thin my deck in 4 cards mainly to hit Max Elixir and have good topdecks.

4.  I can use Hoopa-EX as one more consistency card instead of a bunch of copies of Trainers’ Mail. My deck became much more consistent with Hoopa and I didn’t need a bunch copies of Trainers’ Mail to thin my deck or to get draw Supporter cards.

It’s consistent to play Hoopa-EX, because there is nothing in the format to stop your Hoopa-EX in turn 1. Ok, there is Silent Lab, Hex Maniac or Wally into Garbodor, but none of the options (except Hex) are being used in the Tier 1 or Tier 2 decks in the format and even they are, all the options are inconsistent to use for sure in turn 1. After Hoopa-EX and Shaymin-EX hits the bench, Parallel City is there to clean the board.

2 Shaymin-EX


4 Professor Sycamore/3 N/3 Lysandre/1 Giovanni’s Scheme/3 VS Seeker

I already told why I play 3 VS Seeker above in this article and it worked very well in the tournament. I played Giovanni’s Scheme in the list, just to have 1 more draw Supporter in the deck and have one more surprise factor to the math of Yveltal-EX damage. In practice Giovanni’s was good but I didn’t need Giovanni to draw cards, I tested the deck after the tournament and it worked well, with just few games with dead drawing.

3 Fighting Fury Belt


2 Escape Rope

My Retreat engine in the deck was already working just with 3 Float Stone, but I want something more to have a smooth and solid way to alternate my Yveltal-EX in the active spot and keep attacking. I preferred Escape Rope instead of switch because in early turns my opponent sometimes don’t have many bench and probably the main attackers is there being powered up, so Escape Rope turns into a Lysandre in some situations. In case of my opponent plays Hoopa, probably the bench will be Hoopa, Shaymin and two attackers (in case of Darktina, is Darkrai and a Giratina), if my opponent choose Hoopa Ex to got to active and buy a turn, I can swing it with my Mew FCO and try to do a Y Cyclone and Shaymin-EX I can get a knockout with some combination of cards (two max Elixir + DCE + FFB or Max Elixir + DCE + FFB + reverse Valley), so probably my opponent will send an important piece of his strategy to receive damage. 

Escape Rope is good to avoid Bursting Balloon as well. Non-EX decks like Greninja and Vespiquen plays Balloon to adjust the math. 

I thought about Olympia, but it is a Supporter, so it’s a slow option and I don’t want to put Supporters in my deck than Sycamore/N/Lysandre, because I would have to change my VS Seeker line to 4 again.

3 Float Stone

Staple. Float Stone is here not just for Garbodor, but because it works very well with Max Elixir as well. 

1 Reverse Valley

10 damage seems nothing, but it adjust the math of Yveltal-EX in two situations.

The first one is to OHKO a Shaymin-EX with Y Cyclone. Before the rotation Muscle Band was enough, but now we need Fighting Fury Belt + Reverse Valley to get the same math.

The second situation is to get a pair damage against Pokémon with 180~220 HP. In those cases, Reverse Valley works like an “extra Energy” to get the knockout, without spending (or waiting for) the energization turn for it.

There is another reason to play a Reverse Valley: to counter your opponent’s Parallel City. There will be many games where your opponent drops Parallel City before you in the field, even if you play 4 copies in the deck, there will be games that your opponent will play it first, just because you don’t win all the flips in the beginning of your matches. In that case, you will struggle for the entire game if you don’t have anything to counter it, so Reverse Valley will be there to save you, and then put your own Parallel City to rule the world. Delinquent is good as well, but it is a Supporter and I want to avoid others Supporters than S/N/L, that is the reason I don’t play Olympia too.

1 Parallel City

I know the staple count is two, but just one worked well for me. I most games I want the Parallel City just once to clean Hoopa/Shaymin and many times my second copy of Parallel City was useless. I like the option to switch Stadiums between Reverse and Parallel. If I put Parallel City first in the game, probably I will turn the blue side for the opponent to limit their bench. In mid/end game, I use the blue side to my side. 

Two copies of Parallel City is amazing against some important matchups in the meta. I will list in which side of Parallel you will have advantage in a matchup:

Blue side:

Strong impact: M-Rayquaza, Rainbow Road, Raichu, Zoroark (to limit your own bench) and of course, to limit your own bench discarding Hoopa and Shaymin. 

Moderate Impact: Every deck that plays an engine with Hoopa/Shaymin and you play in the first turn before opponent’s setup.

Soft Impact: M-Gardevoir STS (in mid game) and some cases Greninja (probably after a Water Duplicates, forcing your opponent to discard Froakie, Remoraid/Octillery or/and Talonflame) 

Red Side:

Strong Impact: Vespiquen/Yanmega 

Moderate Impact: Greninja, M-Blastoise, Primal Kyogre

Soft impact: Volcanion-EX

Yveltal Canarinho for London Continental

The metagame has changed a lot from October to now, the most notable difference is the big appearance of a M-Gardevoir-EX STS deck, which is a hard matchup for Yveltal, and the decrease of M-Mewtwo-EX, a 60/40 matchup for my version of Yveltal deck. I think Yveltal Canarinho has a better matchup against M-Gardevoir STS than a usual version of Yveltal/Garbodor deck because of the speed and the focus on turn 1 Yveltal-EX Evil Ball. This pressure for the entire game and multiples Yveltal-EX are a good challenge for M-Gardevoir STS. For London I want to change some cards in my list to improve the raw power of the deck and become more solid and consistent against the field.


4 Yveltal-EX

I want Yveltal-EX as soon as possible in the field to hit Max Elixir and in most games I need multiple Yveltal-EX to take turn by themselves in order to prevent knockouts and keep doing damage with Evil Ball + Y Cyclone to keep Energy on board. Don’t mind in put Float Stone in the Yveltal-EX if you start the game with, this Yveltal-EX will be good in the mid game to hit a damage and then retreat again to another Yveltal-EX takes the lead.

No Mew FCO

Garbodor is too much popular in the field, Silent Lab finally comes to the party and M-Mewtwo has decreased in the format. Free retreat is still amazing, but I already have 3 Float Stone and 2 Escape in the deck, so retreat won’t a problem. Maybe I put 1 Mew FCO back to the deck instead of Mewtwo EVO, but I’m in love with Mewtwo EVO right now. 

1 Mewtwo EVO 

It is a big mistake to say that Mewtwo EVO only works as a M-Mewtwo counter. Mewtwo EVO have a solid attack that deals, in most cases, 60-120 damage and have a big 130 HP.  With Fighting Fury Belt this Pokémon becomes a monster of 170 HP, which it’s hard to get the KO. Just to exemplify my statement, Yveltal-EX will need 5 Energy to knockout a Mewtwo EVO with FFB and DCE attached. In the beginning of my article I said I put Yveltal BKT in my deck because I want a small damage of 60 to complete the knockout with Yveltal-EX. Well, now Mewtwo EVO will do it for me just for a DCE (Ok, Yveltal BKT do 60 60, but it is 3 Energy), at the same time it is a Mewtwo Counter, so I don’t need Mew FCO to do this for me and Mewtwo EVO works even with Garbodor activated.

1 Level Ball

This is because Volcanion beats Yveltal/Garbodor If I waste so many turns to bring Garbodor to the field. With the level Ball I increase my chances to build Garbodor as soon as possible to the field. I don’t like Super Rod because I need to be fast and Super Rod is a slow tech for this situation. Level Ball is better than 3rd Trubbish in some cases, for example, I can get level Ball with Trainers’ Mail and I can whiff my Level Ball If I want draw more cards with Shaymin or use N, or I can grab a Trubbish and discard it with Sycamore to thin my deck. If I want to put Mew FCO back the deck, Level Ball will become better, it will be another target to get.

2 Trainers’ Mail

These two copies speed up the deck a bit and bring more consistency to the deck. In a big tournament like London Continental, consistency is king. 

Other options:


Lugia-EX can be an option in some matchups in place of the 4th Yveltal-EX, mainly against Fairies, where I can OHKO Xerneas BKT even with Fighting Fury Belt and Xerneas XY (without FFB) in Mega Gardevoir PRC + STS deck with a fast Deep Hurricane. Baby Volcanion and Baby Yveltal (both) are annoying as well and can be KO’d with Deep Hurricane. Against Fairies Lugia-EX is slightly better because of DH for 150~160, this is a damage that Yveltal-EX needs 7 Energy to do the same against M-Gardevoir STS. Drop stadiums is a good thing thanks to Deep Hurricane, against fairies keep dropping Sky Field and Fairy Garden can put your opponent in some trouble. In many other matchups you will deserve an Yveltal-EX, just because Y Cyclone and Evil Ball are too good.

Silent Lab

In place of Level Ball. Silent Lab can be broken in the first turn, is another Stadium to counter opponent’s stadium and help me against Volcanion, M-Gardevoir STS and many other stuffs when Garbodor isn’t in the field. 


This deck is my choice for London Continental right now. I like very much the speed, consistency, power and it play against any deck in format. Even against M-Gardevoir PRC this deck have a chance if I go wild and fast, it’s easy to put tons of Energy in an Yveltal-EX hit a big Evil Ball to knock out almost anything. In order to get a very focus version on Yveltal-EX, my list have some problems, like Jolteon-EX or a direct counter like Zebstrika, but I think the format is very wide and it’s a problem to focus a list to get one or two decks. Jolteon-EX is beatable If get an Escape Rope + Lysandre combo (and Garbodor active in case of Vileplume), I use 3 Lysandre and 2 Escape, so there is a solid chance. In Brazil, some players teched a 2-2 line of Zebstrika in order to get a chance against Canarinho, but it’s possible to beat as well because it’s a stage 1 plus a DCE to go, I just need to Cyclone Blitzel as soon as possible.

I think I told too much about a deck that is very simple and straight to play. I really love this version and I hope you like it as well.

Thanks for reading!


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