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What the deck to choose at Worlds

In this article, Gabriel will help you to solve a question that the most players have before the biggest event of the world: what deck to choose at Worlds Championship

08/17/2016 by Gabriel Semedo

Hi 60card readers! We are very close to the Worlds Championships 2016 and I look that have a lot of players that don’t know what to play at the greatest tournament of the year. Pick a deck is not a easy choice to do and all decks have good and bad points. It’s true that we have a big contender in the meta and it is called by Night March. This can be good to pick a deck or even creat new one, because when we create a rogue, we need to use as reference the best deck in format and what this deck impact the others decks. Ok, at this point I will work to predict the meta and choose the best option to go for Worlds. Depending of this analysis, even a M-Rayquaza EX without any tech to win Night  March can be a good deck to use at Worlds, like it happened in Canada, where a M-Rayquaza EX deck won.

Ok, let's start:

Tier 0

Tier 1 Tier 1.5

Tier 2

Night March Yveltal/Zoroark (Quad Zoroark or Classic Yveltal with Yveltal EX) M-Manectric EX M-Rayquaza EX
  Vespiquen/Attackers (Zoroark, or Zebstrika or Yanmega) M- Sceptile EX M-Mewtwo EX
  Trevenant (Hammers or Ballons)    
  Vileplume/attackers (Vespiquen or Zygarde)    

Tier 0

When a deck is much more good than the rest of the metagame, it is considered as a “Tier 0”, which is exactly the case of Night March. This decks was proud of calling the attention of all people for it and now the is divided by 3 forms: Night March decks, Anti-Night March decks and Anti Anti-Night March decks.

In others words, we have the Night March deck, the decks that can do well against Night March and decks that do well against Night March counters.

Night March can beat anyone.

Anti Night March must play a specific way to beat Night March. In most of time this way is Item lock or a bunch of Non EX Pokémon.

And Anti Anti-Night are decks pretty strong, with a lot of damage and HP, but when paired against Night March, it’s a piece of cake for Night March.

Night March

You already know everything about Night March and what this deck represent to the game right now. If you don’t, no problem, it’s just the best deck in format so far. This deck ins incredibly strong and consistent and if your opponent don’t have a good start, probably Night March will punish you hardly and take the win. This deck has answer for every form of tech in the mega and this is why Night March is almost perfect.

It’s good to know, that different of past worlds, where some decks like Pyroar or Gothitelle/Accelgor did well at US nats but it disappear at Worlds, now the thigs has changed.

In 2013 players came to worlds afraid of Gothitelle/Accelgor. The basic solution for this deck was to put some ways to avoid the lock, like putting 2 Keldeo EX in a Darkrai EX deck or simply choose Blastoise/Keldeo, that already runs 3 copies of Keldeo.

Conclusion: just changing some cards, every deck could have a solid chance to beat to beat Goth/Gor, you just needed to modify some cartas and train hard against this matchup.

The best trick of Goth/Gor was the surprise factor and the impact that it did to decks that didn’t expect that deck.

In 2014 the Pyroar deck was in the spotlight. This time the solution was even more simples than 2013, you just need to play some evolution in your deck. With this concept in mind, the most popular deck at Worlds was Yveltal/Garbodor deck,  most of these decks with 3-2 Garbodor or techs like Super Rod to retrieve a Garbodor Line.

Conclusion:  The solution to beat Pyroar was so Simple, that some players already expect that most players were play techs to beat that deck, so they came up one step ahead and played with a Anti Anti Meta deck, which was Virizion/Genesect, an Auto-loss for Pyroar but with good matchups with everything across the board.

In 2015, Seismitoad EX decks was in the spotlight even with a big appearance of Wailord deck, but the game have a huge change with Trump Card ban and because of  that it opened a hole for players to play something different at worlds, like Night March.

With the Trump Card ban, Night March became a Tier 1 deck and because of it some Night March counters appeared as well, like Landorus/Bats and Donphan. Anyone expected Archie/Blastoise, so this deck had a very good path to use your full potencia and surprise your opponents.

Now in 2016 Night March is the deck to beat, but differently of past years, you can’t counter Night March with just some adjusments, and to tell you the truth, even with a entire deck maybe you can’t counter it. That’s why I think this year all players should pay attention about Night March. It isn’t a deck you can just ignore, mainly because there is nothing in the game that can win consistently against it.

Tier 1

Tier 1 are decks that can play well against Night March and  still have solid matchups across the board. They are not strong as Night March, they don’t have the same flexibility to escape of various situations and probably they are not so consistent like NM, but they are good choices for Worlds, mainly with you hate Night March.

Yveltal Zoroark

When I talk about Yveltal/Zoroark, I’m referring about all decks that have focus in Baby Yveltal/Zoroark and maybe Yveltal EX or Gallade. Right, Yveltal/Zoroark is the deck that I like most at the moment because it plays well against Night March and Trevenant and still have good matchups across the board, with just few bad matchups. With the Steam Siege, Captivating Poké Puff has come and it brings something special for the deck. Anyone that already tested Poké Puff knows what Im talking about. Poké Puff is the kind of card that you don’t like so much in theory, but in practice you can’t put it in words.


1 Druddigon

In my opinion Druddigon is a must in every Yveltal/Zoroark because Zoroark have a inconsistent damage and Druddigon brings a fixed 90~110 damage to hunt Shaymin and keep trading prizes against Vespiquen and other Zoroark decks.

2 Yveltal EX

Yveltal EX come back to the party. Now with big decks like Waterbox and Metal/Genesect in the meta, Yveltal EX is a must to resist a One Hit Knockout and big damages at the same time.


Vespiquen can be paired with a lot of attackers, the most used actually is Zoroark or/and Zebstrika. I would like to put Yanmega as well because it can do a consistent damage with no energy since turn 1 with Forest of Giant Plants. I like Zebstrika and Zoroark for what these Pokémon represent in the metagame, mainly because they can deal with Trevenant. 

2 Zoroark Break

I don’t like Zoroark Break so much and you won’t  use even a single copie in most of games.  So it is strange to put 2 copies in the list, but the reason to play Zoroark Break is because it really work against Trevenant. It’s easy for Trevenant to Control the damage of Zoroark and Vespiquen can’t hit a big damage with a huge item lock in the early turns. Baby yveltal just hit for 60 and you need to start doing a 2 Hits KO to get the victory, otherwise Slient Fear or Tree Slam will destroy  you faster than you, so the best option for this is Zoroark Break. With 140 HP to resist some attacks and hitting 140 + 20 20 on the bench damage just for 1 single energy is big.

2 Level Ball

These 2 copies of Level brings a HUGE consistency for the deck, mainly if you have to choose the best attacker for specifics matchups. For example, against Greninja I need a bunch of Vespiquen as soon as possible, so Level Ball is perfect. 


I like very much this deck because it is much more consistent than Vespiquen/Zoroark and you can hit hard since turn 1 with Yanmega Break. The real problem of this deck are Item lock decks like Trevenant and Vileplume, but Yanmega can do well the job, more than I thought before testing it. If you have a good turn 1 against Item locks, you can play against these decks also.

Forest of Giant Plants and revitalizer are the star of the deck, because you can be much more faster in your setup. Another thing to know about this deck, that Double Colorless is used to much for retreat. You can pay a Double Colorless to retreat a Shaymin or a Unown in the beginning of the game and attack at the same turn with Yanmega, so you don’t have to worry about spending the attach of the turn or a DCE to do that, specialy because the deck runs Special Charge to retrieve DCE.

The last thing to say is about the 1-1 Ariados line. Yanmega Break just hit for 100 and you need 10 damage to knockout a Shaymin EX. You can drop this 1-1 line to put 2 Muscle Band, but Ariados you can use this Ability every turn and you can retrieve with revitalizer easily if it get KO. In matchups that Ariados isn’t needed, you can throw in discard pile to feed Vespiquen attack.


One of the best decks in format and real counter of Night March, this deck main weapon your T1 Item lock. Trevenant can beat any deck in format, even a Yveltal Zoroark or Waterbox can be winnable, just because item lock is too strong. Key cards like Delinquent, Red Card, Bursting Balloon, Team Flare Grunt and hammer can be game changer and it works amazing against any deck in the metagame,  so you can win against any deck.


I know that Vespiquen and Zygarde are so different, its almost impossible to compare both decks like the same variant, but the point is that no matter what Vileplume variant we are talking about, the main goal will be build a Vileplume as soon as possible. If don’t bring Vileplume to the board, decks like Night March will do those big and devasting turns to prepare yourself for the item lock in the next turns. That’s why I prefer Vespiquen Vileplume, because it works better in make Vileplume turn 1 with a little percentage of missing it. I already lost the count of games that I lost just because Vileplume was done in turn 1 and my hand became dead. But the other side of coin is after Item lock is done, the Zygarde Vileplume have much more control of the game to work in this scenario. In my opinion Vileplume is the best counter of Night March in the entire game, even better than Trevenant.


Waterbox still is a solid choice for Worlds but it has a serious problem since the day I created the deck, that is Vespiquen. Nevertheless the deck has Articuno, Glaceon EX and Aurous EX, the big truth is that the best attacker of the deck is Seismitoad EX and if you can’t with it against Vespiquen hurts a lot, mainly because Glaceon EX can be solved easily with Pokémon Ranger. Even with this situation I believe Glaceon EX have your spot in the deck, because with Fighting Fury Belt Glaceon EX have 210 HP and it is hard to get a Koed. Beside Vespiquen, Waterbox is a good call, mainly against Night March where the matchup is very close to 50/50 with a little advantage for Night March, all depends on turn 1. If Night don’t get that huge turns and throw away 9 NM in discard pile and Seismitoad get the turn 1 Quacking, Waterbox will be fine.


I think that have a lot of people underestimating Greninja because it did bad at US Nationals, but the reality is that this deck is incredible. Maybe this deck doesn’t work in big tournaments because Greninja get slowly wins or loss,  almost never in a Greninja matchup you will fast a game, you need at least 3 turns usually to get the first hit in the game with Ninja, so in a best of 3, it’s rare a player play the entire three games of the match.

Other big weakness of Greninja are Item locks decks, bacause the deck need a lot of items, mainy balls, to get a great setup.

Forgetting those problems, Greninja is very solid, consistent and it can play well against everything. If your opponent doesn’t have Garbodor or Hex Maniac, Greninja will be fine to go wild.

It’s good to remember that in US Nationals players are prepared for Greninja in General, using Garbodor or 2 copies of Hex Maniac, besides that decks like Waterbox and Darkrai/Giratina became famous in the meta and big fator of this happening is because these decks have good resources against Ninja. Now with Pokémon Ranger in format and the success of Night March/Vespiquen, it’s possible to see a different metagame, without Darkrai/Giratina and a lot of decks focused to win Night March and Trevenant, letting a free path to Greninja shine with your maximum potencial.

Metal Genesect

Another solid choice, this deck can play against every deck including Night March thanks to Bronzong Break and Aegislash EX. Even these techs, Night March have the advantage in general. Besides Night March it is a deck with great matchups because Genesect EX is a incredible card with a very strong and versatile attack.

Tier 1.5

Tier 1.5 are decks that are so good as Tier 1 decks, but the main difference is that the Night March matchup are worse. In other hand, they are decks that can play very well against everything that isn’t Night March. 

M-Manectric EX

If Karen was relesead, this deck probably could be the best deck in format, because it is consistent, strong, can play against everything and have a good lighting type. If you want to ignore Night March and have a good counter with everything that isn’t Night March, so this deck is for you. It’s good to know that this deck have a bad matchup against Night March but it isn’t impossible to get some victories, M-Manectric have 210 HP and N is always game changer.

M- Sceptile EX

The concept of this deck is pretty similar of M-Manectric EX, but it isn’t so consistent. The main difference  here is the 220 HP of M-Sceptile and this is great against Night March to avoid a One hit Knockout. Other big strenght is the grass type to beat Waterbox and Greninja and the Stop Ancient Trait to block Giant Shuriken of Ninjas.

Tier 2

Different of Tier 1.5, these are decks with a almost auto-loss against Night March, but it have great matchups against all the Tier 1 and Tier  1.5 decks.

M-Mewtwo EX

M-Mewtwo deck is a deck that sometimes appears in a Top, just like M-Rayquaza. This is a very Risk deck in the meta and I think the guy that choose a deck like this is crazy right now, but if you are lock enough to avoid Night March and Trevenant, so this deck becomes awesome. Against Night March is a Autoloss but against Trevenant you can still play against it.

M-Rayquaza EX

If before Steam Siege this deck had some chance against Night March because of Jolteon EX, now this chance is over. Besides Night March this deck is insane. Another bad matchup is M-Manectric EX, but it’s winnable, the matchup is very close besides the weakness, it’s something like 60/40 M-Manectric Ex.

Final Thoughts

I tried to tell every deck that can show a great run in a Worlds Championship. We could see that Night March is the best deck in the game so far but the format have a lot of options of deck to play, I personally believe that is a great spot to some rogues Shine right now. Of course I wish Karen could be released before Worlds, but in the end I satisfied with the meta.

The best moment of all entire season to play Night March is just now, because the deck lives the best moment with just a few and not so exact form to counter it. So, there is no reason to Night March disappear from Worlds. My biggest advice here is to prepare against Night March because it will be there.

Another advice is for Night March players to prepare yourself to play against mirror matches, there is a big chance that you will play more mirror matches than other matchups.

Ok guys, that is it, I hope you enjoyed this article and I wish a amazing Worlds for everybody. If you go to worlds to play, good luck. If you go to watch the Stream, I wish you a great show!


That’s all Folks! 

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